im procrastinating on everything

Okay, so Bitty is procrastinating by scrolling through Youtube and today it starts with husky puppies playing in the snow for the first time, but he ends up watching this contouring video where it starts off with this super cool music riff and shots of the mountains? It’s a really nice shot, but the voiceover sounds really familiar. Like, really familiar.

He spends the next couple seconds racking his brain until Derek Nurse’s Doppelganger’s face shows up “without makeup” and Bitty is transfixed for 6:43 minutes as Totally Not Nursey, Right puts a timer on and does a five minute face in real time. Five minute contouring. It’s mesmerizing, honestly

Then, the guy finally talks on screen and holy mother of the baby lord

So, he watches more as this guy who he’s pretty sure is Nursey combs and fills his brows and gets rid of dark circles and blemishes, uses a dark brown shadow as eyeliner and a pale pink shade in his inner socket and on the bow of his lip for an every day look. There are costume tutorials and filling in spare patches in facial hair, skin care routines, and reviews of products. Bitty’s like !!!!!! because he’s 100% sure this is Nursey but, like Nursey might not want the team to know about his tutorials and outfit videos because Bitty gets it, it’s the Hannah Montana glamour of it all and also yeah…….:/// and it might just be an open secret like his own vlog is???? 

He scrolls through Nursey’s instagram–well, his makeup instagram. It’s not the account that Bitty already follows, it’s his Youtube username, finelines, and it’s kinda…….ridiculously…popular??? It was featured on Buzzfeed apparently??? There’s those flat lays of Nursey’s outfits, lines of poetry, swatches of eye shadow and lip products and screencaps from videos, etc…. 

And while Bitty’s sure that someone in the Haus has seen his own videos, no one ever confronts him about it, so he’s just gonna let Nursey do his own thing while Bitty himself spends the rest of the afternoon watching dozens of videos in bed and maybe orders….some brow product online….like Bitty has blond brows and he would like some definition, thanks Derek

And then Nursey compliments Bitty’s brows once the product’s come in and Bitty’s had a few tries and watched a few videos and !!!! everything is goodt in the Haus

in 2 weeks i’m going to be finally done with exams and finals and all that shit i’d also be done with high school and i just can’t believe it??? like i’m the youngest out of 5 and all my siblings have already finished collage this is just so surreal like I’ve always just been in school and this is so weird and i’m super excited and terrified at the same time 

about mesmer magic

disclaimer: this is just silly speculation on my part and by no means is supposed to be taken seriously

ignoring game restrictions, what if mesmers got to pick what insect their illusions shattered into?

maybe instead of default butterflies, some mesmers choose to have dragonflies or ladybugs or fireflies

maybe you want your illusions to shatter into a swarm of angry wasps as an intimidation tactic

hell it probably doesnt even have to be an insect

imagine fighting an illusion and it just falls apart into like,, i dunno feathers or leaves or ribbons. wouldnt that be Aesthetic™

god now that i think about it theres probably some mesmer out there running around shattering into pocket raptors

anyway feel free to add ur own spins on mesmer magic id love to hear em

A Quick Peck On The Lips

-credits to the rightful owner/creator of the gif  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Can you do a Stuart x reader where Stuart and reader are best friends and go to high school together and she gets cat called all the time and Stuart gets mad and tries to fight everyone who does it to her. One day he gets so sick of it and when someone cat calls reader he punches the guy in the face. Readers breaks up the fight and Stuart accidentally says ‘stay away from my girl’

Character: Stuart Twombly from the move “The Internship”

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It’s easy to make lines funny when you’re playing them to Andre. And the way that he’s playing that character, which is really quite deadpan and grounded, makes me want to be more annoying. I feel like at best, I’m America’s younger brother. My comedy is basically founded in annoying my sisters because I was the youngest and I wanted attention, so I’m bouncing around in a circle like a little yipping dog and poking at them and thinking of different ways to say the same thing over and over again until they finally laugh. And I’d say that is pretty indicative of my comedy career and style. So to have Andre there, who is as we say in episode, basically a statue, like an unmovable object, it’s fun. It makes me want to up my game and try and find cracks to sneak in through with silliness, and break the veneer. And I will say, I have made him break a couple of times. It’s been wildly satisfying.

Andy Samberg

@gladosyoucame breaking news buddy you are actually andy samberg

guys im sorry i suck so much when it comes to getting things done, I have several excuses but theyre all lame….anyway, I have finally picked a winner for my giveaway! I have already contacted them and they have replied

Thank you to everyone who participated and for following me! (even though im an idiot who procrastinates and puts everything off for forever)

anonymous asked:

its 4:30pm and im thinking about how I gotta clean three rooms and do laundry tonight before my 16 hour shift tomorrow. Also how I was meant to send something to someone in the mail for like two weeks now and I still havent done it and Im procrastinating everything by playing disney emoji blitz on my phone

wtf how is a 16 hour shift real ??????? damn son,,, here i am getting anxious over just an evening 5 hour shift lmao RIP you

send me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about/what you’ve been up to !!!

a summary of my weekends
  • What I say: I'm going to study and do my homework
  • What I really mean: I'm going to leave an open textbook next to me and pretend do be doing something productive but really I'm just on Tumblr procrastinating and doing everything besides my homework and studying