im procrastinating nanowrimo

a lot of time love is described as this kind of magical thing where you meet the one person in the entire world for you, and you would die for them and it’s like you’re destined to be together and you can’t live without them and your entire life has been leading up to this monumental relationship with someone

but it’s important to know that sometimes love isn’t really like that

sometimes it’s thinking it’s cute when they laugh about something that isn’t funny, or liking how they look when they wear oversized hoodies, or getting butterflies when they text you a picture and say ‘this reminded me of you’ 

because love isn’t always fireworks or heat or passion

sometimes it’s calm, and safety, and knowing that you’re exactly where you want to be

not where the universe intends you to be

not where you’re destined to be

but just where you want to be. because there’s nowhere in the world you’d rather exist than here, with this person, right now.