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the author of my immortal is saying its connected to a bad time in her life and she was kinda hunted down against her will and like… shes being really nice and up front about it, probably more than people deserve, but i wish people chilled out and let it be a mystery instead of tracking her down. 

shes moved on, shes just doing her own thing like everyone else. also shes a writer and like she shouldnt have to have that attached to everything she does from now on lmao…

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

This isn’t a simple Elentori repost.

This is me, showing you how sometimes, artists can let themselves be influenced by a peer too heavily. And that simple inspiration can become near-plagiarism.

I’m not putting credit, even if none of these examples are from the same person. I’ve made that decision so no one gets shit over this– though I’m sorry because they are all great pieces, and I know a lot of time and work were put into all of them. I’m not here to bash, or to try and lessen anyone’s worth and talent. Plus– this could have happened with anyone. These are simply the examples I have collected over the past few months.

Last disclaimer: All of the artists above have not repeated this very often, if at all, of what I’ve seen. In fact, it’s not always copying. Just being inspired very heavily (as seen above). And I can see how good they are: Their potential, and, above all, their obvious talent. All in all, I simply want to point out one last time that this is not against them at all. They have simply provided me with the examples I need to make a point.

And who would I be showing other pieces without calling myself out: I’ve done it too, and I include myself in everything I’m saying. It is because I’ve done it, actually, that I take it to heart so much.

Which is fucking embarassing to admit so bear with me.

In fact, even if you do recognize any other of these pieces, don’t give anyone trouble. Please just– don’t ever send good-willed artists hate. Chances are, they were having a nice day before you showed up.

So… it’s well-known there are many ways for artists to learn. To become better: And one of these methods is to copy others.

But usually, these studies remain in your personal folders. They are not to post and claim as your own. Or if you do post them: you’d share it for what it is, I’m assuming.

And this is where this trend gets a little dismaying. In neither of the original posts was there a mention that Elentori was the inspiration. Even though it is obvious to any onlooker. Not even hidden in the tags. And I’ve checked all of these blogs’ archives just to make sure that I was not mistaking the copying and the copied.

I’m not diminishing Elentori’s work either: She’s a great reference, and I don’t know a soul who dislikes her work or doubts her talent. She’s actually made a brand for herslelf and that’s why her style lifts from the masses.

But that’s exactly it: she has found her own style, and it’s working out great for her. And that’s what I wish upon every other artist out there.

There is no reason to purposely put yourself in someone’s shadow, just because you admire them so much.

So like Noah Bradley says in his art camp:

Study art from masters. The older, the better. And if they’re dead, that’s the best. There’s nothing else they could’ve taught you.

(This isn’t an actual quote, it’s just very much the message he gives from what I remember.)

I would change that a little: Copy masters (Master painters, Disney illustrators… and there are more) as well, and especially. Don’t just copy trends or trendsetters, guys. Find your own signature. Something that others will want to copy as well. Something that’ll be uniquely yours. Try different things. Dwelve in cartoons even when you’re into realistic things. Just to better yourself.

And here’s a thought:

Can we make it socially acceptable to be comfortable, as artists, to cite our inspiration? To say;; hey, I tried this artist’s style today. Here’s how it turned out!! Because there must be a reason why we don’t do it. And maybe it’s some untold social construct?

I don’t know. I just think we should move past it.


an ask in my inbox got me into the mood I need to draw the Beebot comic Ive been wanting to draw for a while 

its an uphill fight to feel like you’re doing fine, luigi

daddy derek hale taking a morning stroll through the woods with his kid :))) i dont think you should be telling your child about that, derek

I’m taking a break

I haven’t taken a break or missed a day from this blog for about 4-5 months and i’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately, so i’m gonna take a break for the next week or so. I’ll still be at flower city comic con and i’ll probably make a post with some more info about that on Monday, but for now @dailyshinycutiefly is gonna be doing guest art for this blog until I’m back bc she’s cool and good

klance headcanons in the canon universe

• i dont think either had a crush on the other at the garrison

• i mean, maybe lance thought keith was cute but just didn’t realize it because i feel like he thought he was straight at the garrison

• and maybe keith though lance was cute too but i feel like hes not really the type to get crushes on people at school because hes more focused on other things

• keith has always had sort-of long hair (except when he was like 5, he had a bowl haircut)

• i feel like before entering the garrison he had REALLY long hair and was like “i should cut this because why not” and just, fucked shit up, and thats why he has a mullet

• lance actually didnt have that many relationships at the garrison

• sure he had a couple short term girlfriends a few times but he was always more focused on getting good grades so he could move up classes and make his family proud

• inside red is one of the only places that keith feels safe

• even after the lion switch, red will still let keith in

• i also feel like blue would let lance in, she just HAD to completely shut him out in that moment because he had to go to red

• blue didnt want to let lance in because she knew if he came in she wouldnt want to let him go

• keith has never played a sport in his entire life

• this is why he is so bad at team-oriented things and always just wants to be left to do things on his own

• legit everytime i see “oh keith did (football, soccer, hockey, etc.)” im like, what kind of ooc bullshit

• he looks good in a hockey uniform though not gonna lie

• anyways

• keith doesnt really have taste for food unless its really really good so he doesnt mind the food goo

• speaking of the food goo i think it tastes like old tea bags and grass

• i feel like keith and lanve would have that thing where theyve both confessed that they like eachother but theyre just,, so awkward and are both waiting for the other to officially ask them on a date

• i also think that before they even knew they liked eachother, they were always in “this technically could be seen as a date” situations

• to them a date can just be hanging out in their rooms together

• which they do that literally any time they get

• they always hang out in lances room because lances room has actually been home-ified while keiths room looks like no one has ever lived in there

• when they finally sort out the altean pool, everyone learns that keith actually cant swim

• keith thought that he could swim because he thought it looked pretty self explanatory but then he gets right into the deep end and almost drowns

• keiths favorite thing to do to pass time is stare out the windows on the ship and just watch the passing planets and stars

• the thing is that he can literally be staring at it for hours on end and suddenly lance comes in like “wtf babe its 2am go to sleep” and keith is like “what :0? its only been like 20 minutes”

• lance loves to watch hunk cook food

• he especially loves it because a) hunk says some wild stuff while hes cooking and b) he gets to be the taste tester

• casual hand holding is a must

• there could be someone between them and they will just reach around and hold hands behind the person

• lance gets keith into the habbit of taking naps (which isnt really a good thing considering their current job)

• so they both stop taking naps (unless given permission to chill) but instead the move into the same room (they move into lances room bc keiths room can go fuck itself)

• theyll say their going to bed at 9 but then spend 3 hours just talking to eachother about random shit

• they always have something to talk about with eachother

• lance has a secret obsession with keiths hair (despite always complaining about it) and will always run his fingers through it

• keith also has an obsession with lances hair but not in the same way

• while lance likes keiths hair because its soft and fluffy and long, keith likes lances hair because its good for fidgeting with

• lance will lay between keiths legs with his back to keiths chest while talking to the team and keith will just absent mindly touch lances hair

• nose kisses!

• nose kisses before battles!

• nose kisses before going to sleep!

• nose!

• kisses!

• 🅱️ls

• keith goes to lance or shiro for comfort depending on what type of comfort he needs

• one time in their late night talks they started talking about the future and where their relationship will go

• (after dating for a few years) their like basically engaged without either of them having ever asked

• anyways, back to that late night talk

• lance brings up kids and is like “oh yeah, you probably dont want any kids :(” and keith just stares at him like boy the fuck

• “lance i have never really had a family but i desperately want one, i want 10000 kids”

• ok im definitely gonna make a keith and lance as dads hc post after this




lots and lost of ‘about to kissus’  :^)  especially without his glasses to see them crystal eyes U_U


Read the next rules to be able to participate if your interested in the raffle °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

-Must be followers cause It be so weird to do it for someone who just rebloged with no interest in it and just did it for fun and I had to waste time on that.

-Reblog to enter (๑꒪▿꒪)*

-No nsfw no them deng “sausages or winnie the poh drawing” here

-Go nuts on the colors the more you add the more I love it ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

-Simple mecha, furries, anything CRAZY lookin is very enjoyed so ask if you wish that but not complex mecha 

1st Prize  1 Winner :

-Background of their choice if you want something complicated I’ll try my best but warning I dont have much practice with it

-Full colored character, 1 or 2 max can be in the drawing

-Can be colored in to techniques black shadow or the other one your choice

2nd Prize 1 Winner :

- Full colored character with no background 1-2C. (same technique to choose From the 1st one)

3rd Prize 1 Winner:

-Up from hip perspective 1-2 characters (Same choice from the 1st one From technique)

4th Prize 1 Winner:

-Chibis 1-2-3 characters with no background

Winners will be choosen the 15th of november, I’m also probably going to be busy with school Work, and other events (mangafeeeeest) so the drawings might take time BUT they will be done dont worry about that, the winners will be choosen randomly im literally just gonna go poking around the reblog section and find someone, blinded.  Thats all, thank you very much for 1000+ followers!! and good luck ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

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anonymous asked:

Hey guys! I wanted to know how was the fifty shades darker movie? Was it decent or was it really bad like some people are saying?


I actually have intense complicated thoughts on Fifty Shades.

I’ve been obsessed with the rise and fall story of Fifty Shades, mostly because I’m a fanfiction writer myself and super - SUPER fucking familiar with the community and it’s inner workings. 


The tale of HOW and WHY Fifty Shades even hit bestseller is amazing. AD I SEE IT HAPPEN EVERYDAY ON AO3. Like, keeping your fanfic chapters to a couple thosand words, updating weekly, and commenting on comments for your fic to up the comment count (something I refuse to do for this very reason) is a VIABLE method to staying on the top list of any fandom on any fanfic hosting website. Even if you only have the same 10 people commenting on your fic, fic you comment back, 20 comments per chapter nad have 60 chapters? Thats 1200 comments! FUCKING INSANE. I see it everyday. I think every fanfic reader/writer knows that ONE STORY thats ALWAYS on top, for this reason alone, even when (JUST LIKE EL JAMES) the writing is horrendous. 

So! When I researched all of this once the book was released and had all that controversy about BDSM I was both suprised, impressed and horrified. Suprised that a fanfic had even MADE it this far. Impressed because, you got to give the girl kudos. Having her original fanfic readers comment and rate her book on amazon with copy pasta reviews and skyrocketing her to #1 is ingenious. It is, from a marketing stand point its amazing. And of course, I was horrified and dissapointed that with all the fanfics out there, it had to be this one. Not only was the writing terrible, but its a terrible terrible representation of the bdsm culture and community. 

Do not misunderstand me; The Fifty Shades books are horribly written and super problematic. 

The Movies: 

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And here it is! The self project i gave myself! And if your smart, i drew these Sans’ with the face expressions of and now im gonna write it in order.

Undertale sans by @undertale Underswap sans by … someone help me find out  Cross sans by @jakei95  Geno sans by @loverofpiggies  Outertale sans by @2mi27   Dream sans by @dreamtale-au  or joku    Ink sans by @comyet Gaster sans by @borurou   Reaper sans by @renrink    Heavenfell sans by @heavenfell-au   Fresh sans by @loverofpiggies   FoundAbove sans by @nightstorm02 Nightmare sans by @dreamtale-au or joku  Epictale sans by @yugogeer12  Ania(skeleton) by @ania-da-peasant   Huntertale sans by @huntertale-au        Plundertale sans? by @plundertale-au  Cat sans by @owosa                                    Swapfell sans by … someone help me find out                             Memoryfell sans by a good friend @burebu-luxiu

and thats all

Hey Guys! :D So literally two days ago I posted and shared this painting, which is,,, now Thomas’ twitter header??? aaaand I am stiiill recovery like???


W o a h h h h

Aaanyways at the time I was working on another screenshot redraw because, before I decided to do a full painting, I wanted to do about 3 or 4 drawings with the sides, and thaat didn’t happen. (I blame the backgrounds, it got me carried away) So I decided to post the art with Thomas and Patton by itself because… it was going to forever bother me if I posted two digital paintings on the same post rather than three. Yeaaah if it’s not in 3s or 4s then what the point yknow?

So I figured that I would post this another time and yeah it’s kind of pretty soon? but I just finished this in the past few hours and Im anxious to get it out of the way(lol)

Also… the first piece didn’t show up under the tags I tagged it under. I was suuper bummed about it, but then… Thomas saw it and retweeted my art and PUT IT ON HIS FREAKING HEADER AND IM NOT OVER OMYGOD AHH

OK I got that out of my system sorry. Anyways I think im probably gonna stop here with the in a heartbeat au. Its uh. Getting pretty hectic cuz Ive been sort of overworking myself. I hope you guys guys dont mind :) This is getting too long. Love you bye! <3

What’s this? A real art?! Preposterous!

Sometimes I do things that aren’t fanart! This is my art class final. We were revisiting our first unit ever, from two years ago, which was a self portrait unit.

So yes! It me face! We had to complete these in-class, and it took me about an hour.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

P.S. based on the full photo in this thing!

music history: a summary
  • baroque: yay for harpsichords!!! counterpoint is awesome!!! let's all be happy and honor our lord and savior j s bach!!!
  • classical: more happiness!!! sonata form!!! alberti bass!!!! also there are 80000 more rules now lmao
  • romantic: i have so many emotions and so much angst im gonna take it out on pianists by writing feelsy etudes with impossible runs and also break pianos if im liszt

Does the face of a person ever just randomly pop into your head and you can’t help but smile (internally or externally) You probably either: A) Relate this to irl B) Or are like me, hopelessly in love with fictional characters

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hidden relationship w/ idol!yuta (requested)

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request: Hii can you pls do Hidden relationship with idol!Yuta? Thanks :)

a/n so i’m guessing you guys really enjoy my hidden relationship scenarios bc i have a johnny and a doyoung one coming up as requested!!! other than that i still have a lot of other stuff in my requests but still feel free to send some here! i probably won’t post another one of these till next week since its project week so i’m gonna be focusing on school :( but please do support my other recent scenario for mark! thank you very much! (this got really long im so sorry)

genre: slight angst, fluff

  • ok so you’re ncts stylist 
  • so you’re always on the go with them and shit and you’ve actually grown pretty close to them
  • especially yuta
  • so yuta ,,,, he’s a flirt everyone is aware of this ,,, at first he tried to flirt with you whenever you do his hair
  • but then after a while, he’d actually talk about pretty interesting things which made u think like ??? oh he’s not just some stuck up flirty idol
  • then yeah you two eventually grew closer which led to him asking you out on a date
  • by date he means ,,, sneak out at 2 am and eat ramen at a convenience store
  • but that was fine with you. you understand his situation 
  • so you’ve pretty much only been dating for a month and since cherry bomb promotions have been going on, you can’t really risk getting him in trouble so you both agree to tell everyone about your relationship after promotions end
  • so yeah yuta’s actually such a good bf
  • he treats you like a goddess, he literally praises the ground you walk on
  • you, on the other hand, manage to sneak lil cheek pinches while doing his makeup
  • you’re always like “i don’t even have to do your hair it looks good no matter what”
  • you’re just a hidden power couple ya know
  • yeah ok so one day you’re just styling ncts hair and stuff and fixing their clothes for a music video
  • and johnny’s about to do his take and the other stylist is like “hey y/n can u do some final checks on johnny” and ur like yeah sure
  • so johnny’s sitting in the chair next to yuta’s and so yeah you’re doing final touch ups on johnny
  • and then he’s like “y/n ur really pretty”
  • and you’re like “oh thanks dude”
  • he’s like “are you free after the shoot we should go for some lunch or something”
  • you glance at yuta and he’s staring and u already know hes jealous bc hes so protective of u
  • you’re like “sorry johnny but ill pass i kinda have something going on later”
  • and he’s like “aw are u sure you can’t cancel that? its just lunch”
  • then he turns to yuta and he goes “bro don’t you think she should go out for lunch with me?”
  • yuta’s like “idk bro i mean she did say she already has plans tho” and he looks MAD
  • johnny’s like “aye do you have a boyfriend y/n”
  • you’re like “uhhhh yeah”
  • yuta’s like :333 dat me on the inside
  • johnny’s like “oh crap who’s the lucky guy!!!!!!”
  • you’re like “oh just some guy you don’t know him”
  • johnny’s like “oh well sorry for trying to get at you then man i didn’t know" 
  • ur like "nah its fine jaehyun tried to ask me out once too anyway”
  • then he goes off to film his take and thats when u realize YUTA DOESNT KNOW ABOUT THE JAEHYUN THING
  • yuta’s like “so jaehyun tried asking you out??”
  • you’re like “yyyyyyeeeeaaaaah”
  • “and you didn’t tell me?”
  • “yeaaaahhhhhh”
  • “was it before or after we started dating”
  • “after”
  • yuta’s like “if it was before would you have said yes”
  • and you’re like “wtf kind of question is that ofcourse not,,,, i had a thing for you”
  • and he’s still kinda insecure but he has to film so he leaves before he can say anything else
  • and you’re like no bby don’t feel that way :(:(:( 
  • so they’re taking a 10 minute break and you sneak yuta out back of the warehouse where theres no people
  • you’re like “yo you’re probably feeling insecure bc u think i would’ve dated your other members if you didn’t ask first aren’t you”
  • he’s just silent and looking at u
  • you’re like “well i wouldn’t have dated your other members anyway i always had a special thing for you bc you’re an amazing guy and the only one who can make my heart go like 💖💟💗💕💘💓💕💞💜💞💕 this and i only love you”
  • yuta grins and goes “you love me?”
  • you’re like “i said all that and thats all you got from it?”
  • he’s like “thats the only thing that really matters”
  • then he pulls you into a really tight hug 
  • like he’s literally squeezing your soul out
  • then he whispers “i love you too by the way”
  • and you pull him into a kiss
  • its cute bitch listen he smiles into the kiss isnt that fucking cute 
  • then when you pull away you see something in your peripheral vision 
  • you both turn to see the members staring at yall in shock
  • they’re faces are literally like :O
  • then doyoungs like “did i just watch a scene from a fucking drama or was that real life”
  • donghyucks like “HYUNG YOU’RE DATING Y/N??!?!??!!!!!?”
  • and while they’re all in shock their manager follows and goes like “you two. we need to talk”
  • you’re like “aw crap we’re so screwed”
  • so yeah the manager talks about how your relationship is gonna have to be lowkey. like really lowkey. and you both agree bc its better than being split up RIGHT
  • so after that scary talk yuta’s like “that was unexpected”
  • you’re like “that was really unexpected. and its only 2 pm.”
  • then yuta’s like “true. so can i get a kiss again”
  • you’re like “fuck off” but you pull him closer anyway and as you’re leaning in THE MEMBERS COME IN
  • taeyongs like “are we interrupting something”
  • jaehyuns like “oh damn i remember i asked you out once y/n im so sorry”
  • johnny’s like “I ASKED YOU OUT THIS MORNING”
  • and the members are laughing at this and so is yuta
  • you’re like “its okay really johnny”
  • and everyones just laughing while you’re reassuring johnny that it isnt a big deal
  • yuta puts his arm around you and he’s like “well atleast you guys know now. keep your hands off my lady.”
  • and donghyucks like “thats so gross and cheesy get out”
  • you’re getting shy so yuta pinches your cheek using the hand thats resting on your shoulder
  • everyone cringes on the outside but they actually find it REALLY cute
  • so everyone goes back to minding their own business
  • then yuta whispers “so how about a date after filming? or do you actually have plans?”
  • you grin and go like “only with you” :)
  • the end

what she says: i’m fine

what she means:  i love dickbabs so much, but can dc please stop creating angst at the expense of JUST barbara gordon’s happiness. if dick is allowed to be happy and move on, why does babs have to be the only one left upset. as a whole dick grayson has not treated babs with a lot of respect since nu52 started back up  ( ditching her after proposing they move to chicago,  lying to her about being dead, coming into burnside and causing trouble between her & her new bf, ditching her on their date, choosing raptors side over hers ) i love them both so much but can we !! please !! stop !! throwing !! babs !! under !! the bus !!  i just want to see her happy with or without dick.