im probably going to get yelled at for this

Types of Mercy players
  • The Hanzo™ main: Really wanted to be a defense character but the team needed a healer. Picked Mercy because they thought it was easy. Dies a lot and blames the team for it.
  • The newbie: Well-intentioned but not too skilled, picked Mercy very fast, jumps into danger way too much, dies a lot but never complains. A cinnamon roll. Goes alone to the enemy spawn room just to heal a lone Genji.
  • The Baymax: Plays it safe and stays behind the tanks at all times, has never had a blaster kill, ultimate always ready, patient and silent. Your personal healthcare companion.
  • The wife supporter: Always pockets a Pharah or Zarya, probably reblogs tons of pharmercy on their tumblr. Knows how to use the blaster but prefers to boost their friends. Has an odd thirst for blood. Has yelled "GO GET EM BABY" during a match at least once.
  • The veteran: +200 hours of Mercy. Has seen some shit. Uses their rez from inside buildings. Doesn't call for help when someone's attacking them, kills the enemy with the blaster instead. Everyone's at least a bit afraid of them.
The Gang At Costco

(has this been done before..? let’s find out)

-K Darry is takin them all to costco as a treat for being decent boys for a week

-This was a bit of a…


-Darry’s got a fuckin grocery list probably… he’s ready to buy bulks of coffee and shit

-they roll in and they’re already l o s t

-alll of them


-Darry got no chance

-steve and soda are havin’ some good old bro time

-fucking shit up together probably 

-they’re climbing those giant shelves and hitting on any girl under 35

- a n y g i r l 

-steve falls off a shelf while screaming 


-soda runs over like omg my best dude are you alr

-steve like “bitch im fine let’s go bother more girls”

-Johnny and Ponyboy are lounging in some chairs havin’ a grand old time. 

-both smoking, both don’t get yelled at s o m e h o w

-Pony sees the books and is g o n e 

-Johnny getting so much social anxiety it’s not even funny

-Johnny looks for pony for awhile then gives up and finds the teddy bears and chills there 

-Dally finds him and is like ‘wtf’


-Dally is laughing his damn ass off at this blushing kid

-”wanna fuck shit up johnny cake”

-”hell yeah”

-They take trays of free samples and are just being lil shits 

-Two-Bit is interviewing random people 

-Soda says “two bit, mickey-”


-Darry is just like “i dont know any of you and none of you are getting rides home”

-Darry is a grumpy dad

-he finds pony and johnny and they hop in the cart with some sort of book and are just chillin’

-Two-Bit bought 20 hot dogs no doubt’

-Soda hops on a cart and him and steve are racing 


-”these are shopping carts, steve”

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In honor of JK's birthday will you write him a cute little au of whatever you like?

i couldn’t think of anything but surfer!jungkook so uh,,,, here you go!

  • refers to his board as his “baby”,,,,,literally if jungkook is on the beach and he’s not in the water practicing he’s probably somewhere waxing the board and checking it meticulously
  • “why don’t you just date the damn thing” “jimin, don’t even bother asking him that. he already is”
  • jungkook: doesn’t deny this fact LOL
  • training is year long and jungkooks goes from board-shorts to wet-suits and let me tell you something: it’s a sight to behold and a lot of his fans are out there to take pics of him no matter what the weather
  • there was once a storm coming in and jungkook came out of the water, board under hand, shaking his wet hair 
  • the fans had yelled out that he looked cute,,,,and instead of getting all sheepish like he usually did,,,,he started signaling for them to go inside 
  • “i get it! im handsome or whatever, but go inside because the storm is going to make the tides rise!!!!”
  • moral is; jungkook is a sweet boy who worries about others yet would probably insist on going to practice even if he was sick,,,,,
  • cue jin chasing him down the beach, getting taehyung and jimin to capture his board just so jungkook will go inside and rest like he had a cold what does he think he’s doing getting in the goddamn water
  • also “sidewalk surfs” aka skateboards
  • will never admit it to anyone,,,,but when it’s night and the ocean is calm he likes to watch it because there’s something about it that make it feel like home,,,,,,,,,BUT you won’t catch him being sentimental nope no way,,,,,
  • and of course you know jungkook, how can you not, he’s in your parents surf shop every other day along with local life guard hoseok and the seafood restaurant owner seokjin
  • they’re always loud and cheerful,,,,especially after jungkook comes back from competitions. hoseok always swaggers up to you behind the counter and motions to the gold around jungkook’s neck or the trophy in his hand and he’s like “impressed ;)”
  • the two older man had notoriously been known for trying to hook jungkook up with someone,,,,,all of his friends all meddle in his dating life,,,,and for a while you’d been the target of such teasing too
  • seokjin just thinks you and jungkook share the same “vibe”,,,,,,,also you’re partially convinced he wants you and jungkook to go on a date to his restaurant LOL
  • but you don’t know,,,,jungkooks cute,,,,,,you’ll give him that
  • but you can never read him,,,,he’s shy no matter who he’s around,,,,,,so you don’t know if there’s genuine interest from his part
  • (although he never shows any signs of disagreeing with jin’s statements about your vibes or,,,,,letting hoseok brag for him,,,,,,,,,,)
  • but one afternoon as you’re putting up new merch in the windows, jungkook comes inside the shop
  • you’re surprised to see him alone and you’re like what’s up, where are the other guys and jungkook nervously looks around
  • “they’re not here? you haven’t seen them?”
  • you frown,,,,because something seems wrong in his voice,,,,and you’re like no,,,,why?? jungkook rubs his temples and sighs “my board,,,,i went to get some water from the fountain and left my board on my spot in the beach,,,,i thought jin or hoseok or maybe even jimin took it as a joke but,,,,i can’t find anyone or my board,,,,”
  • your frown grows and you tell jungkook to wait a second,,,,you grab the keys to the shop and turn over the ‘open’ sign, leading him outside so you can lock the door
  • “ill help you look for it, maybe some of the kids are playing a prank on you or something. hang loose, we’ll find your board.”
  • jungkook gladly accepts your help, you guys search the beach up and down, the cabanas, the snack shacks, everywhere
  • “have you checked jin’s restaurant?” 
  • jungkook shakes his head and you two set off to ‘seokjin’s surf’n’turf’ which looks surprisingly closed even though it’s a weekday,,,
  • you go around the back to see the door to the kitchen is open and jungkook goes in first as you follow behind
  • calling out jin’s name, jungkook awkwardly shuffles through the dark kitchen, you stay close behind when suddenly the lights turn on and you jump
  • clinging to jungkook’s broad back you hear someone yell ‘surprise! happy birthday jungkook!’
  • peeking out from behind you see jungkook’s friends standing in the doorway to the restaurant. jin has a big cake covered in fondant surfboards and a shark drawn on it in icing, hoseok is holding balloons, and thankfully taehyung and jimin have jungkook’s surfboard safe and sound
  • you can feel jungkook’s shoulders relax as he goes “you guys didn’t have to steal my board though,,,,,,,,”
  • you feel slightly out of place,,,,,,but jin notices you and grins
  • “looks like jungkook brought his significant other to the party!”
  • jungkook’s cheeks turn a fiery red and you blink because,,,,,what,,,,is that supposed to be you?????
  • hoseok hollers that he KNEW it would happen at some point
  • and you’re like wha- what are they,,,
  • but then you realize, your hand is still clinging to the back of jungkook’s shirt and you’re relatively close to him and jungkook turns as you let go and seems to look like he wants to say something
  • but you hear someone go ‘give him a kiss, it’s his birthday!’
  • everyone else chimes in in agreement and you’re like,, ,,,,,,, and jungkook isn’t moving,,,,,,just staring back at you with wide eyes
  • without anything but a hail mary thought you lean in and press your lips to his cheek, leaning back you look around in embarrassment and you hear wolf whistles and claps
  • jungkook,,,,still frozen,,,,,finds the strength to only say one thing: “w,,,wow”
  • you blubber out that you’re sorry,,,,you didn’t-
  • but jungkook shakes his head and says that,,,,,he’s happy,,,,,,,the best gift he could have gotten
  • you two shyly smile,,,,,standing there like teenagers in love until jin goes “im tired of holding this cake let’s all go eat it and you two can do the mushy stuff later”
  • you and jungkook blush,,,but as everyone piles into the restaurant to dig into the cake, jungkook offers you his hand and you take it,,,,,
  • it feels right,,,,and cute,,,,,,,,
  • but you also 100% shove cake in his face like you just confessed to each other but you’re like i have to do this to you and jungkook is like ,,,,,,,,, i knew i was right when i decided to like you LOL 

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Craig, does Tweek sometimes have bad temper?

CRAIG: He just yells a lot and then gets really quiet after.

In the Notes of a History Post

The OP who found something cool/interesting/funny that they wanted to post

Thousands of people commenting “OMG this is sooooo funny!!!”

People tagging their friends saying “this is you”

That one skeptic who reblogs it just to say “I doubt this is true” but doesn’t bother to fact check

Someone bitching about white people

People responding to said person by saying how unnecessary their comment was (they may or may not be right)

Even more people jumping on the discourse wagon to earn more Woke Points™

One smart person who isn’t hardcore into history that bothered to fact check. They are drowned out by the distant screams of “fuck white people”

Someone trying to relate it to Hamilton

Obligatory reminder that “these people owned slaves”

People adding on their own anecdotes, all with varying degrees of accuracy

Other people trying to correct OPs post despite the fact that OP was right, but didn’t go into detail

Someone else complaining about eurocentrism, even though the post came from a European history blog

Someone probably ends up talking about George Washington’s dick

People yelling about glorifying slave owners and getting mad at historians

and finally

Actual historians and history blogs desperately trying to do damage control to stop the spread of bullshit with varying degrees of success

So this story happened a couple of days ago, but I keep replaying it in my mind. I’m working self check out at my store, dealing with the usual people not paying attention and blaming the machine because they can’t follow simple instructions.

I see a man possibly in his 20’s trying to buy alcohol, they way our store works you have to ID anyone who looks under the age of 40, not to bad, while I know most of the people I ID are over 21 but a I would rather be safe then sorry.

I ask the customer for his ID and this is how our conversation goes.

Me: Hello Sir may I please see your ID

C: Sure *digs around in his wallet, can’t find it* Shit I think I left it at my house

Now side note, if someone doesn’t have their ID it doesn’t matter how old they look, I’m not allowed to sell alcohol at all.

Me: I’m sorry sir, if you don’t have you ID I can’t sell this to you.

I go to grab the wine and this guy gets real close and yells in my face


I don’t know what happened but I was pretty much dead inside at that point and without missing a beat I go.

Me: And I’m 20, I’m glad that we established our ages. You are not allowed to buy alcohol without an ID and I’ll refuse to sell it to you for the rest of the night. Have a lovely weekend.

I just turned around and left. I never felt more angry in my life, and me saying that was probably the best feeling all day.

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park wink as your bf please? thank you💖

Originally posted by 01line

thanks for requesting!!

-definition of a gentlemen

- the type to hold the unbrella over u when its raining even if he gets wet, makes sure that u are walking on the side farthest away from cars, walks u home when its late bc hes scared of u walking alone

- secretly likes seeing u in his clothing so he leaves a lot of sweaters hanging around in hopes that he would see u one day wearing them

- once he saw u wearing his sweater and he nearly f A INTED

- help this poor boy

- he thought u were so cute and swore his heart almost stopped beating

- u were that cute

- going out shopping to buy matching items

- once suggested to have matching sweaters

- but u quickly denied it LMFAO especially when he held up a mustard yellow sweater and ur like


- so instead, u guys get matching phone charms!!! or lanyards w matching keychains!! ooo or those little plushies!!

- jihoon loves to buy u tiny matching keychains bc he thought it would be cute 

- but tbh u have a lot so u give some away to the members LMFAO 

- and then all of u are matching!!

- lots of cuddles!!

- likes to cuddle a lot when u two are laying down or spending time together

- when u guys cuddle, likes to give u kisses on ur neck or shoulders

- or just peppering ur face in kisses if u were on his lap bc he loves to spoil u

- so cute ok

- anyways, he likes to give a lot of hugs!!

- doesn’t matter what kind, he will hug u anytime

- but lowkey loves backhugs bc he likes to rest his head on ur shoulder and then u guys do that little waddle u know

- clingy af but knows when to back off lol

- likes to cling on to ur arms when ur purposely ignoring him or something

- ‘’why are u paying attention to ur phone?? pay attention to me instead!!”

- likes to hold hands a lot!!

- doesn’t matter if ur hands get sweaty lmao he likes to cling on to ur hands

- claims that he will love u even if u got sweaty hands lol

- date time!!

- the two of u like to go out on dates to find those aesthetically pleasing places lmao

- like cafes

- latte art!! jihoon thinks its so cool and so do u ngl 

- also, long walks in the park!!

- especially if he sees that there are people walking their dogs bc he lOVES dogs

- the type of person to stop and ask people if he can pet their dog LMFAO

- the two of u also like to have picnic on rlly nice days and invite the rest of wanna one

- mostly bc it gets wILD

- but gets jealous when he sees u having long convos w someone else and he’s not apart of it 

- the type to pout at you and get grumpy bc it should be him making u laugh not seongwoo >:(

-and karaoke battles w the rest of wanna one

- the night ends up w u and jihoon escaping bc it got too wild u were both scared that u guys would get kicked out LMFAO 

- the type to replace the shoelaces on ur shoes to different colors and tie them for u

- ‘’there!! we match now :>’’ 

- enjoys taking selfies w u and posting the cringiest captions or pick up lines lol

- also the type to judge u if u take those aesthetic pictures of ur food

- but then u end up judging him bc he does it too

- ‘’do u have to do that every time we go out?” 

- ‘’uhm excuse me?? YOURE DOING IT TOO WTF’’ 

- ‘’…..’’ 

- also the type to nap in ur lap when the two of u are watching a movie

- and demands that u play w his hair

- ‘’why are u paying attention to the movie?? aren’t i more interesting??”

- cue him pouting cutely at u ndjknfds

- and ur like

- ‘’,,,u loser’’ and u finally look at him

- and he just gives u a cute little grin and ur like

- dying

- how can a person be so cute??? the world may never know,,,

- also likes to give u lots and lots of kisses

- his kisses are, in general, the softest and sweetest in the world (in ur opinion)

- also the type to pull u close to him while he is kissing u because he likes the feeling of holding u close!!

- likes to put lots of emotions behind it bc he wants to convey what he feels through it

- gets flustered and stutters a bit when u two pull away bc he’s still relishing the feeling of ur lips on his

- and he’s like

- ‘’wOW’’

- ‘’how did i get so lucky???”

- jeojangs u a lot

- jihoon: look!!


Originally posted by woojinsus

-fights can be kinda rough w jihoon

-bc u two are still young, there can be misunderstandings and u guys get angry easily

-usually jihoon gets very defensive once u argue w him

- if it’s something dumb, he’ll scoff and roll his eyes but probably say something that makes u even angrier lmfao

- if it escalated into something more serious, u would be the type to walk out first

-mostly bc u know if u get jihoon angry, he would lose control of his filter and would say whatever what was on his mind

- and as mad as u are, u didn’t want this to go to the point where it could end up really bad

-’’u can yell as much as u want but im leaving before i will say something i regret’’

- and u just leave like boom

- but despite the harsh argument, he would be the type to go find you after cooling down 

-and wouldn’t leave u alone bc he hates when u guys drag on the argument, especially over something petty

-making up is mutual tho, the two of u talk it and see what terms u guys can agree to and fix

- in the end, the two of u reunite and spend the rest of the night cuddling away

-because really, who can resist park jihoon??

-especially w his puppy eyes that are steal your heart away? 

Got7 Reaction To You Getting Randomly Hyper/Playful

Request: hi ! could I request got7 reaction to their s/o randomly getting hyper/playful? thank you! 💓

A/n: I’ve been so dead lately, I’m so sorry about how inactive i’ve been and hopefully I can start to finish my requests!~Joy


Originally posted by tuanpumpkins

“You’re too cute Jagiya!”


Originally posted by suga-pills

“Jagiya, let’s be cute and hyper together!”


Originally posted by crying-in-korean

*Heart explodes from cuteness overload*


Originally posted by pepi-junior

Get’s super happy seeing you all hyper.


Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

“Jagiya, please let me sleep I don’t want to get out of the house I want to sleep, let’s go out later” 


Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

Is always hyper so when you suddenly became playful he started to grin “Welcome back to the fun side”


Originally posted by zenithzinc

He would probably try to calm you down so you would stop yelling or running around while he was trying to practice.

So….it was my friend’s 21st birthday party last night…

- I got there and Raychel was immediately like “Molly are you planning on drinking?” and I was like “Yes duh” and she, deep-voiced, goes “Good. You deserve it. You deserve the world and I deserve to see you get it”

- I forgot that I hate chocolate vodka and got a spiked milkshake at the restaurant

- People were just. screaming about anime. Everyone else in the place must have hated us

- “the asshole is my enemy and needs to be punished.”

- “So…my girlfriend like, bought chloroform?” “Have fun with that.”

- I literally forgot to get her a present whoops

- birthday girl, on her third drink: “Listen I know we’re going  back to my house to drink after this but don’t worry!!! I’m not gonna get that drunk tonight, it won’t be bad”

- l m a o

- we get to her house, immediately start doing shots. I hadn’t touched anything yet bc there was a bottle of electric blue shit and I knew damn well that was going into my body but I was told to wait until people got back with sodas for mixers

- but this guy Patrick who I went all thru grade school with goes “Molly, you’re a real man”, hands me a bottle of whiskey and was like “I feel like my entire childhood was leading up to drinking whiskey with you” and honestly I couldn’t argue??? I felt that way too

- a wholesome experience I’m sure all of our old teachers would be so proud to see us finally bonding and getting along lmao

- Jacqui wanted some whiskey and we’re like “you had two margarita’s at the restaurant maybe not” but she didn’t listen and after she took a shot I had to hide the bottle from her to stop her from having any more lol

- Jacqui, drunk “Mollllly you’re my wiiiiife!”

- Raychel (bd girl) also drunk, across the room “But she’s my alpha husband what the fuck!!!!”

- I was not fucking looking when Raychel’s drink was mixed but it was like. Emerald fucking green. I know it had the sour apple shit vodka in it but idk what else. And then they added food dye and cake glitter so it turned into a galaxy drink holy shit

- Jacqui mixed the blue stuff with sprite and I took a sip and it tasted amazing??? So then I poured my own and I don’t know if I used too much alcohol or too much soda but it tasted like draino I literally had a brief Heather Chandler moment

- Kept drinking it but that’s besides the point

- Now, we need to talk about my alcohol tolerance. It’s high. It’s strong.

- So almost everyone else was drunk out of their asses and I’m sitting there like???? What the fuck???? I want to be intoxicated???? This is hell???? Like at this point I had to have had??? A total six or so shots of vodka and the whiskey and I was FINE and mad about that lmao

- That’s my thing it takes me forever to get drunk and then I get really drunk and blessedly never have hangovers so I can’t really complain I guess?

- But when this happens the logical next step is to drink more lmao Raychel started insisting I share her ridiculous drink with her

- That thing….tasted like everything Jesus died to save us from.

- Also I think I ended up drinking more of it than she did lmao

- Pocket full of sunshine started playing and half the room got turnt while the other half watched in confusion

- I kept trying to take selfies with Raychel and in ever one??? She looks inhumanely gorgeous???? And I look like a goblin???? What the fuck

- At this point I was finally getting drunk so Raychel gave me her phone going “you have my favorite face in the world take so many selfies for me!!!” and….bitch I did. I had that phone for about three hours, barely put it down, loved every single one of my angles for the first time in my life, and I honestly do not know how many selfies of me she’s going to find later lmao

- “I once made an art piece out of my pubic hair but like I lost it in someone’s apartment”

- Garrett, who’s apparently never drank before, whisper-yelling in horror “I took a lot of shots….On purpose!!!! ….I’m sorry,”

- He got very wasted very fast and then went upstairs to sleep lmao

- Raychel started crying telling me I was pretty and I was like “Thanks but you do this when you’re sober so I don’t believe you??” and then her friend who barely talks to me comes over and is like “Honey listen I’m the least drunk person her and you’re gorgeous” and it eventually spiraled into “Molly, CHRISTINA AGUILERA thinks she’s ugly. Lady GaGa- BRITTNEY SPEARS CLEARLY HAS SELF ESTEEM ISSUES EVEN THO SHES A FUCKING SEX ICON. So you’re- OH my God!!! Adam Lambert probably thinks he’s the ugliest fucker in the world!!!!! So you’re beautiful!!!!” and like honestly? Feeling good rn

- To counter this I spent like half the night telling Patrick’s shy and quiet girlfriend Maura that she was the prettiest person I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t leave this poor girl alone she was adorable omfg

- Raychel, the one who ‘wasn’t going to get that drunk’: *spinning wildly, holding 13 conversations at once, constantly yelling about the pubic bone and the vulva, crying about plastic babies in a glitter tube*

- UPDATE AS IM TYPING THIS: Raychel has announced that she found a total of 438 pictures and videos on her phone OH MY GOD @PAST ME

- And that’s only on her phone I got a lot on my phone too and other people had cameras out lord knows how many were taken

- So when I’m drunk I feel a little lightheaded but ultimately fine until I like move a limb and it’s like ‘holy shit my head isn’t connect to my body’ like. so fucking dizzy. At one point I stood and was like ‘who wants to bet I can’t walk to the bathroom’ and someone decided to walk me there lmao

- Someone made glitter bombs out of eggs and we threw them in the street while angrily screaming things like “I LOVE MY FAMILY!” and “WHY DOES EVERY ACTUALLY NICE GUY I MEET HAVE A SMALL DICK!”

- Raychel gave me a tiny ball of clay and I really treasured it but then it broke apart I was so sad

- “Burt Macklin is a fucking bitch!” “Don’t talk to the kitten that way he’s the prettiest cat I’ve ever seen!”

- Jacqui got a slice of cake and then remembered she cannot eat when she’s drunk so I ended up eating. just a lot of cake

- My Little Pony songs were playing on the tv???? I’m still not sure how that got started

- Screaming about Alaska Thunderfuck

- I bet Patrick he’d be the first to puke but he left and I think I threw up in the bathroom???? I’m not 100% positive I did but the fact that I have doubt means he wins unfortunately

- There was one guy there I don’t think I actually got his name but he gave me a great hug when he was leaving. You know when like a bird lands on you and you feel like you’re special and have been chosen???? That’s what the hug felt like lmao

- Someone pulled buffalo chicken dip out of thin air which is my weakness and she told me to have some but like. I put one dipped chip in my mouth and knew it was a mistake. I felt it in my stomach. I hadn’t even fucking swallowed yet it was literally just in my mouth and my body was like ‘bitch can you take a break and let me live!’ omfg

- Since Raychel finally dumped her boyfriend I had no qualms about telling her I didn’t like him and she asked why and I was like “he tried to mansplain Greek mythology to me and he wasn’t even right!!!” and for some reason that made at least five people loose it.

- At the stroke of midnight, Raychel, pointing to the crucifix in the living room. “JESUS….HE’S HERE. HE’S ALIVE.”

- At some point I apparently started drunk texting a few of my friend’s that weren’t there w h o o p s

- Me, trying to explain myself to them this morning “You know, that Easter wine just really gets to me”

- I was stuck in the ‘coming down’ stage for like a million years. Like, still clearly drunk but Not As Bad

- And I was trying to get better before I texted my mother for a ride so like. I spent so long chugging water. I literally don’t think I’ve ever had that much water in my entire life. Raychel’s father and sister kept getting it for me as I continuously told them they were life savers. But it barely helped omfg

- Was definitely still a little wobbly when I woke up for water at like 6:30 but all good now and the hangover skipped over my soul @my genetic makeup bless you

- Fun night though!!! But now I’m off to an Easter family party so…we’ll see how that goes lol

Thoughts from a strictly patented child

Reminder; I’m almost 16, a junior in High school

I want the world to devour me.
I want life to consume me.
I want to know what it’s like being the one telling the story.
I want to feel the adrenaline rush flood through my veins and pour out of my laughing and smiling mouth from sneaking out once.
I want to know what it’s like to live.
I want to know what it’s like to not have anxiety screaming at me inside my thoughts daily.
I want to be able to talk to my mom about things.
I want to not lie to my parents.
I want to not feel like I’m having a panic attack when I hand over my phone to my mom even when I’m not hiding something.
I want squeal when I get a cute text from my crush.
I want to tell my mom about the boy I’m falling for.
I want to feel freedom.
I want to know what it’s like to breath without getting screamed at.
I want to know what it’s like to gaze at the stars at 2am after a hike up the mountain with my friends.
I want to know what it’s like to tell my friends yes without having to say sorry probably not.
I want to tell my mom the boy I think im falling for has just asked me out on a date.
I want to tell my mom everything going on in my life without being yelled qt.
I want to not feel terrible and cry over wanting to live.
I want to not punish myself for thinking maybe if I bend this rule I coukd do this.
I want to not cry myself to sleep at night bc my mother is literally refraining me from the outside world.
I want to know what it’s like to live.
I want to feel alive.
Please. that’s what I want. It sounds like at lot. But it really isnt, so please.

pidge ends up getting really into those cook off shows, like binge watches them back to back on netflix, and decides that holy shit she should totally start a youtube cooking show. shiro, being the upstanding boyfriend that he is, goes along with it, even if he’s a bit nervous. they end up making the most basic ass shit, but somehow it still always ends up in ruins. 

  • “today we’re going to be making a grilled cheese sandwich”
    • somehow gets stuck to the ceiling when pidge decides to flip it with ~Flare~
    • it’s been two weeks and there’s still bits of cheese stuck up there
  • “a favorite: instant ramen!”
    • too much water; overflows and makes a huge mess in the microwave, probably short circuiting it
  • “Kraft shapes are always a crowd pleaser”
    • pidge yelling at shiro Gordon Ramsey style
      • “pidge im just trying to boil water???”
    • pidge realizes too late that they’re Minion shaped and ends up accidentally spilling like the entire pot of noodles out of disgust and shock on Shiro’s foot after she drains them. 
  • “alright, so we’re gonna make one of those cute fruit baskets with the shapes!, Shiro hand me that knife.”
    • blood
    • blood everywhere
    • the second half of the video is spent in the ER waiting room with pidge basically vlogging about what happened while bleeding everywhere and shiro has to take her phone away because “pidge oh my god you need to sit still”
  • halfway through filming one of the videos they get an ominous text from hunk that just says “Stop.”
  • shiro finally puts his foot down because this is getting out of hand but pidge convinces him ok just ONE last video?? and bc he’s a sucker he agrees.
    • they try to flambé baked alaska and their kitchen literally goes up in flames
    • (shiro starts shopping for life insurance policies)

hell heah babe

ok so:

  • after s4 Matt wants to tell someone what Keith was about to do, but he doesn’t just wanna tell the whole group bc he knows that would only escalate emotions??
  • so he sees lance and is like “well they seem kinda close and i think pidge told me lance pilots keith’s old lion?? i can trust him probably”
  • after lance finds out hes not sure how to react?? at first he’s furious but he knows that yelling at keith from the get-go would be Bad
  • so he’s just kinda passive-agressive towards keith (like in s1) for like a few days and keith is just like ????? i thought we bonded?????
  • and then lance knows keith is gonna go on another mission kinda soon so he Has To Act Now bc what if something else bad happens
  • so he goes up to keith all like “hey man…” but this time keith is like “wha? im not angsty over piloting now, why u got ur Comfort Voice on?”
  • So lance tells keith that matt told him what he saw, and keith is immediately like “!! it was for the sake of the mission! It wouldve been worth the sacrifice!”
  • And lance is just. Dumbfounded by how much keith believes in that, like he cant comprehend that mindset?? And hes so confused so he starts rambling and along his train of thought he just blurts out “has nobody ever told you they love you??”
  • And as soon as he says that keith is like “of c-” and then he goes quiet and is kind of in shock?? Like holy shit???
  • So lance is just like “Keith?? I love you??  We all do?? You’re loved, realize that your life is worth more than any stupid mission!”
  • And keith just starts fuckin sobbing because hearing those words means So Much and holy shit he didn’t realize how unwanted he felt until right then
  • And lance awkwardly pats him bc?? Holy shit how 2 comfort,, and keith just fuckin hugs him tight
  • And they stay like that for a bit, eventually talk it out more,, keith feels a hell of a lot better though
  • And after that exchange lance realizes he basically told keith he loved him and like lance is aware of the context of it but he starts to question himself and is like “shit i??? Maybe actually love-love him?? What do???

:) @ryanthescienceguy here u go

send me headcanons for me to ramble about??

witch au head canons

@catnippackets​ made the best au ever so here’s my fuckin mass of headcanons for it im dying 

  • anyone: texts pidge at a time before 10am
    • Pidge: responds with a string of emoji magic that hexes them for waking her up
    • Keith: NOT MY CANDLES
  • Keith has too many candles. He doesn’t need any more than he has. But is he buying bulk tapers that are on sale? Yes. Help him. HELP. HIM.
  • Lance’s closet is full of bottles of water he collects places. Most aren’t labeled, he just can tell when he picks them up. He never blesses them himself, he likes the ambient energy the water gives off from the places he bottles it.

[this is HELLA LONG]

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Headcannons for the boys™ and how they would treat their s/o when they have a cold. (i'm so sorry i feel like this has been asked already)

get ready

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Drunk Barry!?

You were asleep on the couch when you heard the doorbell ring, it was probably the boys bringing Barry home they did go out for the bachelors party and it was 3am after all. You had rescheduled your bachelorette party to stay home and wait for Barry to get home.

You slowly got up and rubbed the sleep out your eyes. You were halfway to the door when you heard a certain speedster yell “IM THE FLASHHHH” , crinkling your eyebrows you opened the door to see a hyper Ralph,a tired Joe, an irritated Cisco,a humble harry and a Barry with sauce stains on his shirt.

“Hi guys,did you have fun” you ask as you pull you cardigan over you more

“It was…eventful though you might wanna get him to bed he’s all over the place” Cisco sits Barry on the couch and turns back to you.

“WAIT” Barry yells with a finger raised in the air

“Yes barr” you look at the wasted speedster and he sits there with his eyes closed for a minute then scratches his forehead.

“I need y/n I’m flash” he slurs

“Barry, y/n knows you’re the flash” Joe pats his back

“I think I got it from here guys”you giggle as you see Barry looking at your phone on the table with a confused expression on his face.

“Alright, goodnight y/n” they say in unison as they walk out the door

“Night guys” you closed the door and rub your forehead as you turned towards Barry

“You’re pretty and all but I’m engaged” Barry says as he almost falls off the couch and you hold in your laugh as you walk towards him

“Aw barr, I know” you grab his hand, once you pull him up you wrap your arm around him and start making your way upstairs to your shared bedroom.

“Hey lady you know a lot of things” Barry face you and just stares for a moment

“What did you eat Barr” you frown at the stains on his shirt but soon you meet your destination and sit him on the bed

“Chicken wings”he cries and you try to lift the dirty shirt off him and he instantly pulls away

“NOPE I engaged to y/n lady” he slurs again as he crosses his arms and shakes his head

“I am y/n, I have to get you into some clean clothes Barry” the speedster squints his eyes and smiles

“HEYYYY Y/N” he raises his arms and you shake your head but continue on lifting his shirt

“This is the first and last time you’re getting drunk i swear” you whisper to yourself and throw his shirt in the basket behind you.

You grab a clean shirt and sweats from the dresser, turning around you see barry on the foot of the bed asleep and snoring loudly.

You just sigh and tried your best to pull him to his side of the bed, he was heavy but you did something.

You changed into your short dark blue night gown and crawled in the bed, leaning over to turn the lamp off you felt arms around your waist and you smile and finally flicked the light off.

You snuggled more into Barry’s chest and his grip tightens a little, the smile remained on your face until you let sleep consume you.

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Just knowing that Chanyeol would go out of his way just to buy BBH (and maybe himself) some new shoes warms my heart. They got similar bracelets in 2014, same shoes from Gucci earlier this year, and they probably send each other mysterious Amazon packages just for the shoots and giggles. 

I am emotional bye.

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ITH characters as kids

note: i know in the musical it describes some of them as kids already but these r my headcanons ! just putting that out there

usnavi: ALWAYS cleaning because he was one of those kids. he felt bad when he saw his parents or abuela working so hard at the bodega or at home, so he always offered to help.

sonny: when he was real little he liked to pull pranks. he still does as a teenager, but he calls those days his “mediocre days”. pranks like shaving cream and feathers, putting salt in coffee, etc. everyone had just about enough of him.

nina: always reading. she learned to read by 3 and never stopped. everyone saw potential in her. during the summer, she would wake up early, read the first half a book, help clean around the house for her parents when they got home, then read the second half of a book. very productive.

vanessa: she would run away a lot. growing up with an alcoholic mother, she didn’t really call the house she lived in “home.” she would come down to the barrio and hang out with nina or usnavi, or get hairdressing lessons from carla and daniela.

benny: he got in trouble with the law A LOT. of course it wasn’t that bad, since he was real little, but there wasn’t a week where he didn’t run from the police at least once. that’s how he met nina, in fact.

pete: like vanessa, he ran away from home a lot too. when he was 6 or 7, he fled home and went down to the subway station multiple times a week just to go and look at the graffiti on the walls underground. it fascinated him.

carla: she was that kid everyone loved. everyone wanted to be around her since she was so sweet, but she was taken advantage of easily and walked all over on a lot. baby carla :,(

daniela: she was the one who seemed cool. everyone wanted to be around her as well, so that’s why carla and her get along so very well.

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tbh im working two peoples jobs, two positions that are probably the most involved out of the whole crew and have the most chores & bullshit to do. so it's completely unfair of you to yell at me before i can even finish walking in the door because one small thing wasn't done, even though i didn't have time bc i get kicked out at 1130 bc im a minor. its already a lot of physical stress on my bad wrists (going to a doctor soon) but this is just adding 100x more stress lmao. all this shit for $8/hr