im probably forgetting people im sorry

look how soft dan’s selfie looks :((

thank you guys so much for 1.5k !!

i remember when i had barely reached my first hundred, and all around me i saw people with five hundred and seven hundred and one thousand, and i never dreamed of getting past two hundred. and here i am, making my ff for 1.5k! i love all of you so much, and i can’t believe my blog has grown so much in only two months!

if your url is bolded, it means you’re in a net with me!
if your url is italicized, it means you’re one of my favorite people and ily !!
(everyone on this list is fantabulously amazing tho ://)

and to all the anons who’ve kept asking me for blog recs: here you go!

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soooooo i just hit 4k followers on this hellsite and i thought to celebrate i would do my first follow forever !!! why any of you follow me is a mystery to me bc im obnoxious as fuck but thank you anyways !!!!

while i would love to tag all of my mutuals i follow an insane amount of people and i probably have well over 500 mutuals (that’s so many oh my god who am i) !!! so ill just be tagging mutuals i talk to or that im always seeing in my notifs !!!!! if i forget anyone im so sorry but im kinda stupid so it’s to be expected !!

my loves:

@hoteldumorts - olive i loathe you but we’ve been friends for so long and i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have you to make up a billion malec headcanons with, talk about MY matt daddy, or make fun of for being in love with shakespeare 

@clarygaywood - rina !!!!!! u were my first friend on here and even though ur mean to me for changing my theme every day im so glad we started talking !!! ur a gorgeous ass makeup hoe and my life would be meaningless without ur 300 second long snapchat rants :-)

@spacelightwood - chlo ur so brilliant and beautiful and u have the cutest accent in the whole world !!!! im sorry i just lost our snapchat streak i suck but i hope u can forgive me :( and ur drunk like 99% of the time, ur probably drunk right now, drink some water and go to bed :)

@magnusragnor - omg elle we just recently became friends but i don’t care you’re literally ALWAYS in my notifs and i love going and looking at your tags on my posts !!!! they are always so sweet and i can’t wait to get to know you better !!!!

special mentions:

@alecsagitta @willjtudor @lightwoodes @aleclightgay @hufflebee @fluffyjimon @catharinaloss @softshumjr @magnnusbabe @alberto-rozende @nightfallgoddess @blissfullybane @champagnemagnus @quiverquincy @thelushfiles @jacehvrondale

more lovelies:


@alec-s-arrows  ⭐️ @aleclightgay ⭐️ @alecsplushpillow ⭐️ @alexandargideonlightwood ⭐️ @alightwood ⭐️ @alishawainnwright ⭐️ @battlemagnus ⭐️ @broodingalec ⭐️ @creativeclary ⭐️ @darthlightwood ⭐️ @deamaia ⭐️ @doddario ⭐️


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@patronuass ⭐️ @patronusmagnus ⭐️ @plantdaddario ⭐️ @pure-magnus  ⭐️ @raph-bane ⭐️ @rnagnusbabe ⭐️ @simonlevis ⭐️ @simonlevvis ⭐️ @simonlewhiss ⭐️@softdario ⭐️ @sunlightwood ⭐️


⭐️ @thedownworld ⭐️

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Could I get a hand-holding sprite edit of Davepetasprite, Jade, and Karkat with Davepeta in the middle? I'm Davepetasprite and I miss my bf and gf!!! I had white skin, short fluffy green hair with orange tips, green eyes, and lipstick, pointed ears with blue and red studs in them, and orange and green freckles! Karkat had messy hair and a black sweater with red accents &no symbol, and jade had wavy hair and a blue and white striped blouse and a long jean skirt! Thank you so so so much!

TG: my apartment has suddenly become a hotel why are people staying in my house
TG: im sorry this took longer than what you probably wanted but i finally got it done and i really hope you like it
TG: also im sorry about the lack of pointy ears i just
TG: i dont ever do ears on sprites my guy
TG: BUT i still put the studs there dont worry i didnt forget that
TG: blease enjoy your girlfriend and boyfriend and i hope you find them soon!!


tagged by @stariousfalls to do 9 selfies from 2016 ! >:o tysm !!

tagging (but only if you want to!) : @kinikxluna @chanthehuman @theawesomeadventurer @tateratots @tropicoola @itsonlyfi @teal-girl @thewinterwulf @galactibun @heteromarceline @elasticitymudflap @thecooler @eva-chi @p-uppystars (and whoever sees this and wants to do it go ahead !)

Joushi’s Follow Forever

In honor of, well nothing in particular… here is my lovely people I will never ever unfollow because reasons. You all have perfect blogs, or just an amazing person, or both; probably both. Thank you for being awesome! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

@almightyone | @ancorae | @aobans | @arukemeia | @crookedexpectations | @e-r-w-i-n | @hokyoku | @izyas | @jigo-ku | @konayukii | @merciful-wishes | @norunir | @panayoo | @pomacusk | @rabiscosetal | @rainnoir | @shitsaekki | @shuriin | @symbelmyne | @yechiru | @yougei | @zetsuubo           


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hi dad. im sad ;-( my only friend is probably just gonna forget about me soon and i'm too anxious to find more. what do

Married with kids all in a days work. but uuuhhh im really sorry :-( It might just b anxiety? but the best advice i have for u is to join some discord servers, so youll still be able to talk to people and it wont b spooky 1 on 1 ya feel?? its just kinda chill. My dm’s are always open too if u ever want to talk. But im sorry bb if they would do that 2 u they don’t deserve ur friendship and i know youll find ppl who will treat U right. ily, sorry if this isn’t helpful

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hello! i just read your face tutorial and it's really helping me so far, but what would you say are the most defining parts of patrick, pete, and andy's faces? sorry if i'm bothering you, i'm just having trouble identifying them. thanks!

Im going to Respond to this Publicly to see if this is something people would be interested in? 

If so, ill try and make a small tutorial for all the guys. (if i dont do it in like, a WEEK remind me because i WILL forget, im the worst) 

But here have some quick descriptions that are probably Mega unhelpful 

all the guys have main features that make them easy to draw once you get the hang of it. 

Pete - Round cheeks, flat wide nose. big eyebrows. Big Teeth (if youre drawing his teeth for some reason) very wide smile.

Andy - Strong Jaw, Round nose. over arching forehead, very thin eyebrows. (its an odd face, don’t forget the beard, its a totally dif color from his hair, whats up with that?) Voice is made of little tiny butterflies, a very important detail. 

Joe - he is easy since its just Big eyes, Big hair, Big nose. and he has a very flexible face (does that make sense to anyone but me? no? ok cool) constantly looks sleepy/annoyed

Patrick - his head is like a chubby rectangle (worst description ever i know) Bow shaped lips and round eyes. Smile made from actual sunshine(He honestly dosent have any crazy features so it makes him almost harder to draw)

i really really really cant believe that ive actually got to the point where i can do a celebration for 1.2k followers like thats???? that blows me away honestly i love you all so much and ive never made a follow forever before so i thought it was time :)

s p e c i a l  m e n t i o n s :

honestly you might want to skip this because its unbelievably soppy but this is for the people who have befriended me during the past two months since i became more of a book blog than tv and honestly you guys have made me so happy. i spent almost four years on this blog without talking to many people and now you’ve all made me feel so welcome and i am so so grateful for that. you make this whole experience worth everything, so thank you so much for deciding that you wanted to be friends with the mess that is me. this is so much soppier than i normally am honestly im so sorry i just love you all and i know im probably forgetting some people but know that if ive ever spoken to you more than once then i consider you a friend:

@kczbrekkr: jud i dont even know what to say about you because there are no words. i love you so much, you’re my bffl and you’ve made me so happy just by being there for me and complimenting me and honestly you’re perfect. i could write paragraphs and paragraphs on why i love you but this is getting long as it is and i just want you to to know that one day we’re gonna meet just so that we can hug bc youre my bffl and thats for life i love you<3 i could 100% compliment you for years, i could write so many more paragraphs but that’s going to have to wait for a different time

@transandrew: sur its weird to think that at first i was nervous to speak to you bc you seemed so cool and i really wanted to be your friend and honestly im still so surprised that you want to speak to me because??? i am not interesting and you’re actually pretty cool even tho you are a nerd but honestly i love your discourse and im honoured to be your friend

@neiljostm: kyle i am so glad that you called me out when i sent you an anon because without that, i never would have gotten the courage to speak to you and im so glad that i did because even though youre an asshole by nature i am as well so i feel like we fit and ily

@thedreamtwats: ronan i love you honestly the fact that we started talking because you told me you stalked through 50 pages of my blog is still incredible to me and i mean we’ve definitely shared some incredible gossip (i mean mostly from you) and youre like the cutest person ive ever seen

@andrewinyrd: syeda your allison/neil friendship headcanons give me life and im so happy that you love them as much as i do. i dont think i ever thanked you enough for helping me through that night and letting me rant and threatening to punch somebody for me before even knowing who it was. also for sending me one direction gossip the day after youre incredible

@wesnenski: agent p your art is incredible let me first say and your head canons are to die for. we bonded over your phineas and ferb reference and you just keep making me laugh and supporting me and i love you for it

@vintersins: nana we havent been talking for very long but honestly i love you already and im so glad that youre enjoying tsoa but i have to admit honestly i was so intimidated by you before because you seemed so cool and now im actually talking to you im still so surprised

@anndrwminyard: bianca youre so sweet and im so glad you got me back into goodreads but also i hate you for it because now im obsessed again just like you said but ily anyway<3

and now to the actually follow forever because that was so so so long oops:

mutuals / favourites

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+ blogroll just in case i forgot anybody!!

i realized the reason i never know if i’ve replied to people via messenger on here is bc i had 12 chatboxes up so…. probably shouldnt do that and maybe i’ll actually see who i need to respond to 

ok so here’s what happened lol
my sister and I had first row seats and were super close to the field it was awesome

ash let two goals in during warm ups and was really funny about it, also the haircut is better in person lol

when romania scored the own goal, the american outlaws started chanting “thank you romania” and everyone around me we like “savage” but it was nice

tobin was an absolute beast and so was crystal, they were literally breaking ankles

again, crystal dunn was amazing tonight like always and the crowd was literally blown away by her

alex morgan got so mad when she was called offsides and kept yelling at the ref for like 2 minutes. she also gave the ref that famous amorgs™ angry face and it was really hot tbh

christen called for ali and kept saying “come on ali, over here ali” and I was like same

when press knocked down that romania player, they replayed it on the big screen and she literally gave no shits and a few of the other players were laughing at her response

when ali tried to score the whole crowd went wild and when she missed everyone was chanting her name and telling her it was ok and it was beautiful

tobin and christen were always by each other and I just knew that a preath™ connection would happen sooner or later

when moe took the pk, everyone around me kept yelling at her that it would be alright if she missed and when she scored we all went crazy

also, these players are so much more attractive in person and so much more fit, but they all look smol except for mewis lol

I saw becky up close after the game and she was so beautiful and stayed for a long time

however, it was my girl ak who was the last player to leave the field. I didn’t get to meet her, but she is so beautiful and also super vocal on the field

anyway, im probably forgetting things but overall that was a lovely experience and im also more in love with christen press so there’s that

so, here’s my first follow forever-kind-of-thing bc i love yall so much

mutuals bolded // cute nerds (people i talk to) italized

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Thank you for 3k, guys. I don’t know why you’re following this little clusterfuck of a blog I’ve got going, but I’m glad you’re here. I really appreciate it.

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I think you need to get your head out of your ass Nd get a life. You need to focus more on your own life then 5 SOS cause you Will never known the real them ever. You are just a by stander to them. Thy are just a few guys that sing trashy songs

I don’t usually answer to stuff like this but I’m kinda moody now so I’m gonna

First, you have no idea what my life is like and how much I focus on it. I go out with my friends, I hang out with my family, I do a lot of things with my life, and even if I didn’t, I don’t see how that affects you and gives you the right to tell me what to do with it.

If I want to spend my day relaxing and blogging about my favorite band, I sure as hell am gonna do so. I’m not a by stander, I’m a fan. I don’t know what you thought, but a fan is someone who supports an artist, not someone who pretends to know the real them.

And I don’t know why you thought your opinion of them being ‘a few guys who sing trashy songs’ was even wanted, no one asked you for it. If you have nothing nice to say then keep it for yourself unless someone asked you differently.

I’m not someone who is completely obsessed with a band to completely forget about my personal life and real people in it, I don’t think I’m gonna marry a band member or have them fall in love with me, I just love the band and the music they make. Your negative comments are unnecessary.

so i started this blog at the beginning of may this year and since then my life has changed so much- ive met so many incredible people through this blog and these fandoms and i cant even begin to express how grateful i am to have you all in my life. also im almost 317% sure that i forgot about 285 people so im really sorry if youre not on here when you should be im just very forgetful and stupid but i still love you all still!!!!! everyone on this list is dear to my heart and a pleasure to see on my dash everyday and probably either a good friend or someone i love talking to or maybe a blog ive followed for a while and always loved seeing or a blog that im in lOVE WITH and always admired from afar woops and even if youre not on this list i still love you very very much!!!!!!!! thank you to everyone for being absolutely amazing!!!

a→ d:

amillionlittlesnowflakes | annasheart | barefootbby | berksome | berktoburgress | briannathestrange | broadway-aradia | browneyedtrickster | caged-angel | cool-and-creative | deaniethebeanie | dreamberks | dreamdorks | dreamwurks

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HEY GUYS so I hit 1k followers omg what why would you follow my trash blog ?? anyways I’ve never done one of these before so why not (also yes I an aware there is not a banner bc i cannot be bothered apparently oops)

First I just wanna mention my tumblr friends @hidden-pixie and @audreyleonard-18 (i love u guys) and @existantial-phantrash (i don’t know you that well yet but ur v cool👌)

…and now here we actually go :


@adorablehowell @actualphan @aegyohowlter @allforthephandom@amazphil @amazignphli @amazingphil @awkwardphotosofdipper@blue-eyed-boss @booper-dooper @booperdoopererryday @cat-whisker-phandom @celestialhowell @damndanhowell @danandphilhq @danielbear @danisawildfire @danisnotonfire @danisnotontinternet @danisontnonfire @danny-howell @danthrusts @danyphil @danzhowell @earthbooty @eclipsehowell @flusteredphil @fuckyouseptiplier@funwithphotoshop @glowinghowell @guyliner-appreciation@hellajaphan@helpiliketoomanythings @howelles @howellesters @howltrs @how-gay-can-you-get @huskyphan @i-cant-phanthom-this @impracticalhowell @intensefandoms @jacksepticeyegifs @just-a-touch-of-phan @koalaphil


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im probably forgetting people aaa so sorry if i did D: ❤❤❤
1000 follower milestone appreciation post

Well, I did something like this for my 500 milestone, so it only fits to do it for 1000 too :)

1000 ! thats like, so fuckin many. thank you all for helping me reach this incredible milestone. here are a few people i want to thank for helping me out over the last seven months. oh yeah ! today is my 7 month anniversary ! thats cool too~

(and if im forgetting anyone, which i probably am, im so sorry !)

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I know everyone says they don’t like giving those free promos but I do it all the time so here it is! I made this blog June 27, 2013 with the URL bye-byebitchess and I was clueless as to how just joining a simple website could actually impact my life. I recently just reached 1300 followers and I’m so fucking thankful for that. This list is in 4 parts.

So, first off, the people on this first list are my best friends and #1 huntys so here’s the squad!!!

rachreilly + nedakalantar + candiestewart + elissaslater + victoriarafaelis + victoriarafaeli + livefeeds + vetoing + tallarejaei + danieledonato + ripamberborzotra + jennshitty + donnythompsonvevo + drunkelissa + kaysars + morgangel + rav + rhinejames + bastiansschweinsteigers + davidisbeyonce + reillyroyalty

This next list are the other blogs I love to death. I have a lot of fun with you and you’re also some of my best friends on here :*

brittanymartinis + galehawthorne + thedanieledonato + pousseys-washington + youarejanelle + bombshelljanelle + queenrafaelis + yourbbfavisproblematic + junsongs + garyglitters + kingrances + soulscriptxd + chimacus + itsmichisandi + thenicolefranzel

BBTC was so fun and these 8 people were honestly my faves and some of them are my mutuals that I’ve gotten to know really well <3

thereecepagani + eatyourfuckingfrootloops + jodirollins + jasewirey + thequackpack + @otev ally :o + gregsexy + dingusfrootloop

This final list  is the people that I’ve gotten to know through blogging experiences and I probably just really like you.

jocastas-bible + ryancrobert + jenjohnsons + danielle-reyes + rachelandbrendon + nicolexfranzel + rennymartyn + jocazta + icaurus + initiat3 + unemployedracist + gaylorswifts + @swiftsamatomy (it wont let me tag you :o ) + obsessedbb16 + thewhackshack + elisserslater + elissaslaterr + janellespolyesterhair + thekeytothehohroom + thatssoaustin + bigbrother-forever + get-to-steppin

One last honorable mention to the fallen, my wife, my everything, Kelly. May #Delly R.I.P <3 and blkandsaint hey :*

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hello friendssss (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

sorry for spamming you/forgetting you im sorry i dont like making lists and shit because i love everyone but ya :^( but anyways; its never too late to jump onto the bandwagon of making people happy so hello these are they people that make my dash amazing ((some of the many!!)) btw ya thats me am i pretty heheheheheh eh hueruh

fyi; its organized in alphabetical order/ if they edit/gif or not!! (tell me if i get anything wrong yes because ill probably get it wrong yea since im looking at if they link to their edits)

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alexburrowsishot benngeron bieksas bundle-of-bollands captain-crosby crosby-juice danhammerhamhuis hawkeytime in-lupul-we-trust jamiejellybenn jeffsinner kane-and-toews  kess-my-ass ketnep lack-attacks lackstamkos  luon-go lupestroops mayray-lack-kostka reimerboy sealcat thomashertl toewseh visentinempire

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bbieksa colbornes crosbye darthtulip gauncer glovehand goalieglove hockey-fever hunterrshinkaruk jeffskinnr joetoews jordanschroeders  jonathndrouin lcehockey mulanies nordiquebec officialblackhawks riemsdyks sedintwins sheercompulsion sidcrosbys so-hockey-eh stoutant thecanucks thepittsburghpenguins toewscrosby 

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