im probably forgetting people im sorry


tagged by @stariousfalls to do 9 selfies from 2016 ! >:o tysm !!

tagging (but only if you want to!) : @kinikxluna @chanthehuman @theawesomeadventurer @tateratots @tropicoola @itsonlyfi @teal-girl @thewinterwulf @galactibun @heteromarceline @elasticitymudflap @thecooler @eva-chi @p-uppystars (and whoever sees this and wants to do it go ahead !)

Joushi’s Follow Forever

In honor of, well nothing in particular… here is my lovely people I will never ever unfollow because reasons. You all have perfect blogs, or just an amazing person, or both; probably both. Thank you for being awesome! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

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