im printing this and putting it on my wall!

Fluffy boyfriends going to see the cherry trees together :’)

(still love that Atsushi’s kimono its purple 💜)

Edit: tysm to @freezingdreamer for the precious fic Linked Hands! ;-;

happy belated birthday jjhoa ;w; i loved eva’s design so i decided to draw her!! thank you for being my mutual aaaa ;ww;;;



So I ordered this over two months ago, but I finally put it on my wall tonight! I’m sososo happy to add another Reylo fanart to my collection! It’s also the first canvas one I’ve purchased and I think this was a good choice for the centerpiece of this wall. 

Thank you Nadia @frozenmusings for such a beautiful piece (and putting it up to buy without much hassle!).


I WAS ABOUT TO GO TO BED AND DECIDED TO CHECK TUMBLR ONE LAST TIME AND OH BOY IM SO GLAD I DID IM ABSOLUTELY LOSING MY SHIT AT THIS i let out the ugliest snort and woke up my cAT I THIS IS MY FAVOURITE THING EVER I FEEL?? So blessed. What did i do to deserve such good content…thenks mather for my life… going to print these on photo glossy paper and put them on my wall this is how much i love these little marshmallows im. Crying thank you for evzrything
P…… make them do a Triple Kiss………im dying

So I’m actually the customer here but like I guess it’s a fuck other customers story???

Basically I’ve worked in several different retail stores for years now one of which requires pants to be folded so specifically and precisely it was horrible but whatever.

Well I’m in a certain alternative pop culture store and im looking at one of the many shirts on their Tshirt wall because I didn’t see the print on the wall and one of the sales people came up to me after i pulled out the shirt to presumably help me and or put it away, well I’m talking to her telling her I’m looking for a present for my friend and as I’m doing this I’m folding the shirt and placing it back in the pile.

Well this lovely girl and probably tortured soul realized what I did looked at me incredulously and asked if I worked there because it was folded so perfectly. I was like no but I’ve worked in retail and the fold lines are pretty clear. She looked ready to cry and basically said people usually just make it worse or pull out half the pile looking for a shirt and my pile looked like t hadn’t even been touched. She also told me I was one of the nicest people she’s met that day.

So like fuck other customers I guess


a story by @constellation-forests

Once  upion a time was nmy son neil. I olove him so much. Slook at my brave son. Go steal a pocket mean you fool.heck yeck. Anyway one day he was walkign down the stereet with totodile named jimmy and his sneasel named destroyer the 54th when suddenly a boy wlaked in front of him. He looked exactly like him except he was made of unnataral colors.

“Hello” sai the boy “iam rachel kiki. For years, i have hunted you down. I have looked for you far and wide. You see, my purpsed ahas always been to desrtory you. Our father? He has always loved me more. I have always been the better twin. How was i born, you ask? Why do i exist? Well you see, arceus choked on a carrot and when he coughed it back up, i was born. I was born from that carrot, neil. You know why your name is silver? Beause silver is worse than gold and my fucking brain is made of gold. Yeah you heard me right. My mother.fucking.brain. Its fucking golden. Thats just a nother reason why im better than you. Im so fuckking cool. Im so damn cool that beartic can live in my aura. Youre the opposite of cool. Youre like llukewarm. A lukewarm, sofgfy loser. Thats what you are. Thats what you get wfor being so awful. Thats what you get for being a loser. Im gonna kill you now ok? Im fonna fucking. Kill you. Any last words?” rachel kiki said with a smirk.

“You motherfucker” neil said and shot him in the face with a machine gun.

The end


my walls…!! my camera quality is so bad, but it looks really good in person

(if you cant tell what they are: two pokemon prints/posters above my bed, a hxh print, dragon age print, and splatoon print beside my dresser, my nnt wallscroll over my desk, and my saw poster by my cat scratcher.)

Oh whats this? another art piece? yes! im really proud of this drawing, requested by @/spoopytemmiepop on instagram to print out and put on my billboard!
this took me literal ages to complete, i had to fix the lineart multiple times (after the color and line art color was finished) and i redrew the legs two pen sizes too big so i had to redraw that AND ive been listening to the same 23 songs over and over in the same order so yea. i would make a background, bt of course its going on my wall so i wont make a background.
my back is in so much pain but it was worth it!