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I don't get when people say how much they love Russel.. Like he's the least interesting member of the band. It's not a race thing, it's just his character, like there's no likability there. He's underrated, yeah, but im pretty sure the reason behind that is obvious..

No no no no you don’t understand-

Russel is absolutely interesting. He’s a no-nonsense, intelligent, quiet and deep man who’s still alive after all the shit he’s been through.

This guy has suffered so, so much.
He was possessed by demons ever since he was a child. He got expelled from school for attacking the other students because of this, and was put into a coma for four years. Afterwards, he had to go to a different school in Brooklyn, and finally found some friends, who all loved hip-hop. Russel has said that hip-hop saved his soul. He finally found he belonged, and didn’t feel like such a lost cause.

But his friends were taken away, killed in a drive-by shooting. Russel was the only survivor, and his friends’ spirits entered his mind and body, including his best friend and soulmate, Del.

Russel literally has to take medication for his depression. He’s attempted suicide before, and cares so much for Gorillaz, especially Noodle. Russel is a caring, honest, reserved, sad soul with immense talent. He’s been through so much terror and misery, but still continues to fight back his inner demons and sometimes bitter feelings.
Listen to him in interviews. The way he talks is gorgeous. The things he says are amazing.

Russel is extremely underrated, but he is NOT any less of a character than Murdoc, Noodle or 2D. He’s brilliant. Really bloody brilliant.

There’s so much more to him than you think, I promise.