im pretty sure my heart stopped

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OK my girlfriend's prom was today and she sent me pictures and oh my god she looks absolutely stunning like im pretty sure my heart stopped several times im so fuckhjng gay

This sounds like the best ever tbh. Good for you!!!

~midnight thoughts

i lay in this bed
and all i can think about is your curious fingers all over my body
i feel the heat radiating off your body
we are pretty new at this
so i wonder if i can touch you
here and kiss you there
im not sure if my heart is beating because im anxious or nervous
maybe both
you unbutton my pants and pull them off me ever so slowly
revealing my slender yet shaky legs
your hesitant hands sneak under the black langerie i wore just for the occasion
this sacred part of me feels as though i have a heart beat
curse these stupid hormones
i feel so scared yet comfertable
my soft moans seem to fit the mood though i feel stupid
suddenly you stop
i roll over and move my hand on your pelvis
ive played so many scenarios in my mind
trying to mentally practice so i dont make a fool out of myself
i hop on your lap
and start running my hand up and down up and down
im not sure if your enjoying it so i do it faster
and then almost as if magic had just occurred
you said those three words

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So recently I moved out of state with my girlfriend of 8 months, I've loved this girl with every beat of my heart ever since I first met her. But lately shes just been mean and distant, we never have sex anymore, she barely even cuddles with me. And if that happens its just because she sees that it bothers me and she feels bad. Shes also been hiding messages from me and im pretty sure shes talking to this guy from her work. But denies anything. I cant stop thinking about all this... Any advice?

Sorry, but I don’t think she really has strong feelings for you anymore. It does depend on the person, as if she is a private person, it might be okay that she’s hiding her phone, or if you are a extremely jealous person, it might be okay as well.

On the other hand, it seems more likely to me (as an outsider) that she either doesn’t feel as strong feelings as she did before for you (if that makes any sense) and possibly found someone else that arouses (?????) stronger feelings than you do OR she’s cheating.

I suggest you talk about it with her. Even though you (or her) may get hurt in the process, I think it’s better knowing the truth (and possibly fix things that may have been going wrong in the relationship).

i know i should stop using the same graphic as my theme background for just about everything, but i’ve been too excited / too busy to sit down & sort out some new graphics for belle, so, this one again it is ! & i’m pretty sure you all know what’s happening here. that’s right – a plotting call ! hit the little heart on this post, & i’ll drop into your ims, & see if we can get a plot going ! i’m happy to work with canon, happy to discard it & go for aus, in all honesty, happy to do anything you want ! &, being perfectly fine with following duplicate muses, i’m also perfectly happy to plot with other belles, if they’d like to ! so, if you want to plot, you know what to do ! ♡

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Mama I have friends in k.i.d.h.e.a.r.t.s and they're really sweet (I don't allow their interaction I just message them) but I miss allowing them :( mama will we ever be allowed to interact with them again? I don't want to leave you but I miss them a lot!

I’m not sure if we will. Kid-hearts are always posting stuff that cause drama and I’m afraid we won’t be able to get along. I do my best to make the drama stop but it’s actually pretty hard when the both side are not looking for the same thing, at least that’s what it looks like… Since all the time I talk to them, they go and post the convo and put a caption that makes us look bad, that’s not okay. I also dislike a lot this tumblr fight, drama is so bad and no one should have to deal with this, it’s actually pretty tiring and I just want to focus on my babies, so I hope someday we will be able to get along! But for now? I have no idea how to make this works alone. I don’t talk about drama, I don’t post anything about them, I treat everyone nicely… I’m waiting for the day they will do it too! Until that day, there’s nothing I can do. I don’t know how to work together with a community that keeps always posting things that start drama just because they have this need to blame someone (even tho it’s a 15-year-old child that they call “manipulative kid”, actually this is gross) for the fact that a lot of people don’t allow their interaction, because as I can see, that’s why they do this. If someday they stop and actually try to fix this, I’m open to that. I also did bad things I think, I’m not so good in my reactions probably because of some stuff, but it’s actually normal to make mistakes when you are under too much pressure, I’m everyday working to be better and better! And that’s what matters, right? We need to always try to be better! We need to apologize and I keep doing our best! 

I hope we will get along, my child! I’m sure your friends are really really really nice! I also knew some nice people who are kid-hearts and we get along! Even tho I don’t talk with them too much now! I think we can only make it works when the kid-hearts mods start to care more about how make it works and not how to blame someone for what happens. I want to work in a negotiation with them, so if it goes well, maybe we will allow them, but if it doesn’t… I’m afraid we will need to not allow them forever. 

And wow, this is the first time in a while I talk about the drama! It makes me really anxious! I really hope someday everything will be fine! Because when I say I want to help all of you I mean it! Helping kidhearts would be great too! I’m sure there are a lot of cute children there!

And don’t forget that I love you and I will always do my best to make all my children feel happy and safe!

Bring Colour To My Skies

A/N ALSO KNOWN AS TRXYE PART I. YES. THIS IS LOOSELY BASED ON HAPPY LITTLE PILL. AND BY LOOSELY I MEAN REALLY REALLY LOOSELY. idk. but yeah. here’s the thing. take the thing. enjoy the thing. -Gray 

Alex sighed as he stared out across the ocean. It was inky black in the darkness, except for where the moon was reflecting off the waves. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been sitting here; it could have been hours. 

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im pretty sure my heart has stopped entirely i can’t believe this i can’t believe that naruto actually genuinely thought sasuke was sexy enough to be in his sexy jutsu and then, because he thought sasuke was sexy, got him to take his clothes off because he’s sexy. how gay is that. my dudes. please. listen to me. how gay is that