im pretty shit at most things

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wAIT WHAT they make up his lips? how's that?!?!?! what's the difference ?

i’m not quite the taem lip expert like my dear wife @sataeminism but basically

taem’s perfect square philtrum is one of the most beautiful things this sad earth has been blessed with and far too often it is covered up with make up like

i tried to find better pictures but ahfdjtghf im bad @ this u can basically see a lot of this in the danger mv. basically they cake on the makeup and hide his pretty philtrum bc why???? why do it??????? shit makes me so mad my dude that philtrum is the only perfect thing on this planet i mean scroll back up and look at it for a second that is a perfect square i bet the area of that square is 1 (get it bc he’s ace and ace is the … 1 ….. in a deck of cards ……. ah .. not my best work)

on the one hand im entirely against impractical armor designs and i most definitely feel that women in fantasy works deserve much better than this

but on the other hand im super gay and i love girls and looking at girls and girls with really pretty bodies and!!! idk!!!!!! some of my friends have made me feel like shit lately for supporting “problematic things like that” and i feel like a horrible person!!!

i like badass lady warriors, i like boobs, i know its bad but please let me have this if only for self indulgence

semi-hiatus notice ( or something idk )

hey howdy hey everyone; sorry for the sudden absence for the last two days, but things have gotten pretty strained irl and my moods been on the iffy side for most of the time i’ve been away

that said, I’ve barely touched any of my drafts, nor looked at my IMs for more than five seconds; so pleasssse don’t think I’m ignoring you or anything ( I love u all mmk )—at best, I have no idea when I’ll be up for coming back here, since I wanna sort out life first and all that jazz; this goes for pretty much all my blogs at this rate

BUT WHEN I DO, I wanna make sure the threads I have are still things people wanna continue?? so if we do have something in the works, please like this post so that I know which drafts to keep and which ones to kill off.

so until theeeennnnnn….see ya later~

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hey, i love your art!!! your fahc is pretty much my favorite, especially meg and gav. would it be possible for you to link reference photos that you use for stuff like meg's dresses (if you use specific references)? thanks and keep up the great work <3

well tbh i kinda just think shit up for stuff like megs clothes? like especially that most recent mavinseg thing i did, bc i just thought itd look cool tbh just, imagined a dress with a highly impractical slit cut in it that im pretty sure wouldnt actually hold the dress together but

i bullshit everything my dude tbh, im sorry


Hello my beautiful followers!
Haven’t posted a lot of personal things on here an I was thinking of maybe turning my page into more of a blog. Now I’m not sure how many of you read what I write or if anyone’s really interested in reading about my personal life. I guess I would just be telling you about my day, more or less. Things I learned, experiences I had, triumphs and disasters of my everyday life. Im a low end drug dealer. I’m no kingpin. Most of my customers never by more then a 20 sac. That’s where all the craziness happens. At the bottom of drug slinging food chain. The junkies. the dope game sees some really crazy shit. I guess what I’m getting at is as my followers are you interested to know what it’s like to live the life of a female “drug dealer” addicted to meth an heroin? I mean, things get pretty interesting..

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ooohhh first crush stories-cath: she transferd in 5th grade and she was the most beautiful girl in school, the boys were drooling over her. she decided to be my friend (holy shit). we has so many sleepovers in the summer. i was living. i s2g i almost exploded when she touched my face to do my makeup i was so shook. im pretty sure i dreamed abt kissing her and my heteronormativity was like "its a friend thing!"(turned out to be a gay thing) yeah i was so fucking gay for her how was i so blind

this is so gay cole oh my god. “it’s a friend thing!” my ass. you’ve been gay since the start sweetie.

its sleepover friday, talk to me


cool stuff

1. there are train stations like in 1 which i honestly think were a pretty nice thing to have

2. Saint’s Row wasn’t even finished yet at this point

3. markers for Piracy and Guardian Angel, Trail Blazing was called Human Torch

4. Parachute Shop??? oh thank god they didn’t make us buy that shit

5. Ship It! was called High Tide Ride

6. There was another store that sold music called Aural Fixation in the Suburbs Expansion but it got replaced by another Scratch That

The gmw fandom is full of like 12 year olds like god help my soul. The corbrina video was the most sarcastic shit i’ve seen in my life and im pretty sure is a way for the actors to tell you to stop shipping them in real life or at least stop rumoring things like with Peybrina and Cowan.

So I Woke up with a Thought...

Okay so I think the entire fandom is pretty much in consensus that the next Gravity Falls episode is going to be a flashback episode. Alex all but confirmed this to be true.

But we’re also supposed to meet Tad Strange soon too - a possibly square-shaped demon never recorded in the journals (that we know of, but then again why would he be, when the Author so vehemently distrusted Bill? Why make two demon deals? I’m getting ahead of myself). 

We’re also supposed to meet a character that is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic, who the fandom would LOVE to have voice the Author but let’s be realistic here. If the Author is back from the portal, I’d rather he be a recurring cast member that lives in the Mystery Shack with everyone else, than a character who will probably come and go for a voice actor like Weird Al who can’t stay on and record voices all the time.

But what if… Tad Strange exists not in Gravity Falls, but in Glass Shard Beach New Jersey? What if Tad Strange is a demon the kids encounter when they are younger? What if Tad Strange is the reason the “original mystery twins” even become the original mystery twins, aka enlightened the original twins to the existence of the mysterious and the weird? What if one of the Stans made a deal with Tad Strange? And it makes drama between the Stan Twins?

Also what if Weird Al also voices someone in the past? Not the Author himself, but his dad, or a best friend? THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES IN A FLASHBACK I CAN’T WAIT.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: we most likely will probably never get a teen titans season 6 because it's all wrapped up and shit and goddamn that show ended nearly 10 years ago how is this even possible and unless its like finding nemo or some shit where the sequel comes out 10 years later, im pretty sure its just not gonna happen but like the sad thing is though is that it could happen, and it has the grand probability of being a success i mean like with new technology and social media we have whole new ways we could air and share, like it could even be a webseries and it would make money almost definitely, although i doubt theyd start off from where season 6 left off but they could make a spin-off once ttg! has ended, and despite how ttg! has a younger demographic and how low rated it is, its making a shit ton of money and cartoon network is not going to take it off the air any time soon and they cant make a new teen titans show if ttg is still on, and we're also probs not gonna get a teen titans live action movie any time soon either because the rights are sold to tnt for the tv show but think about how cool it would be with all the upcoming dc movies and how fuckin dark they are and shit and we could see the squad in real life but intermingling with batsy and the joker gah, but dude even with the cartoon, think about it this way, once ttg! ends, all the kids that watched it will be older so theres an even bigger audience to bring back a spin off show or a "season 6", it could have a new art style like honest to god i dont care, its more than likely not gonna happen but what im saying is that someone should really consider it because they could be rolling in dough and ILL FINALLY GET TO SEE A SEASON WITH A STARFIRE ARC GODDAMNIT


im a little less than a hundred followers away from 2.5k, and hitting 2.5k before the new year would be the most amazing thing ever!!!

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