im pretty happy with this one i think friends

every time I listen to Sign of the Times I remember staying up until midnight and listening to bbc radio 1 just to hear it play for the first time and crying uncontrollably when it finally did. I don’t think I’ll ever find the right words to express what this man means to me, but I’m so glad he exists and that I got to hear one of my favorite albums sung live yesterday by someone I look up to with every ounce of my being 💌


send these to ur special ones :-)

Today I went to the farmers market and I bought raspberries and local honey it felt really nice and it’s been really nice this year because I live in really close proximity to all of my really good friends and they all take care of themselves well n it makes me want to treat myself better and im grateful I have that sort of thing in my life I guess I think I have felt pretty vulnerable lately and my friends are letting me and we talk and listen to one another idk I just feel like alone in a way but also like the energy in my life makes me feel not that way and it’s really soothing I think I could be happy

*waves* hi all, you lovely bunch you, how are you all doing, i hope all is well.

guess who created a new studyblr ;) not many people know me tbh, but anyways, fun facts about me:

  • i dont like capital letters and idk why
  • i love maths, like, really really love maths
  • i also love classics, classics is the bomb
  • i dont like water, i know it doesnt have any taste, that is the problem
  • nicki minaj, yes, twenty one pilots, yes
  • sometimes i have no common sense but i have learnt to deal with it
  • after many years, i have finally embraced my beauty, both in my personality and looks, im hot af ;)

sooooo that sums me up pretty nicely me thinks, please i beg of you ALL, slide into my askbox so we can be friends, one big happy family, yes indeed, also like and reblog so i can check out ur blogs <3

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 
↳Summer Road Trip (pt ii - 2014) 

L i s t e n 

The Mowglis-The Mowglis / Believer-American Authors /Boomerang- The Summer Set / Crazy Lucky- Better Than Ezra / Back Home- Andy Grammer / Classic-MKTO / She Looks So Perfect-5 Seconds of Summer / Ain't It Fun- Paramore / Hit It- American Authors /Rude-Magic! / All Summer Long-The Rock Heroes / Ain't No Rest For The Wicked-Cage the Elephant

My dream is that, one day, I can be a pretty, happy girl who’s surrounded by love, with friends in all parts of my life who see and treat me as I am, and who are willing to be open with me for support, with us making each other feel better! And I won’t be self-conscious about myself and my appearance anymore. I’ll know who I am and present as such. And the bad stuff is present, but manageable still. I have people, and… I’m not held back anymore. I can be on a constant track to betterment
And I’m already partway there! Just a little further, a few more years at most… then I’ll be better off, I’m sure of it
Honestly the thoughts, “what if I had just been born a girl”, “what if my parents had just accepted me"… and so on, will always plague my mind, it’s just. A matter of trying to overcome them
There’s gotta still be an image I can aspire to, right? And it can’t be too far off from the one I’m so upset I never got to be… I can still come close, can’t I?

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So recently I went out for dinner with a group of friends, including my crush, and one of his friends told him privately that I liked him. I didn’t know at the time but a couple days later he told me he did and said that my crush seemed happy, but didn’t elaborate. My crush had also been sick recently so I haven’t been able to talk to him at all. Im pretty hopeful but in the back of my mind I keep on thinking that it would be too good to be true if he liked me back, but either way I’ll be happy

nothing is too good to be true! you deserve to be happy and in love!

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Lace marble sea satin 💖

I can always couojnt on you to pick the mst interesting ones lol :’)

  • lace: how would you describe your best friend(s)? there’s two people i consider my best friends, one is so pretty like, I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful like not even on a picture i dont mean just irl im not even kidding. She’s so kind and wants everyone to do well i don’t think she can even be jealous. A few times she cried cause she was happy for me like..ugh i love her okay, and we really understand each other and she’s always been there for me okay i’m getting emotional. The other is so fun to be around, our taste in pretty much everything is the complete opposite and we make fun of each other’s music/movie/fashion choices all the time but have the best laugh together and want pretty much similar things from life also we both love hockey, i havent seen her for a while but during big games we’re always on the phone laughing okay im done, you asked

  • marble: what do you look for in a partner? intelligent but humble, why is that so hard?? likes children, understanding, preferably blonde youknow

  • sea: what music, art and/or literature brings you peace? hmm classical music, ohh and certain folk songs, not the squeaky annoying kind tho. Art, Repin, i love Repin and you know it, Tolstoy ofc. 

  • satin: what never fails to make you happy? children, 100% of the time
Thursday, December 14, 2006

be my unholy, my one and lonely. (the inside of my head, unfiltered).

computer broke. back broke. love broke.

but the ship is gonna look pretty at the bottom of this sea.

my memory is a steel trap.

your face has been filed away- to be scrutinized later.

to be despised.

to be loved.

to be sought.

to be dreamt of.

i am the inside of “i dont care”.

right in the middle.

staring at you.

i have you read before you even say your name.

except when im wrong

and my whole world tips on end.

“i loved everything about you that hurts”.

everything i love about you is a mess- is the reason you cant get through your days.

i keep the tv on loud in hotel rooms so i dont feel alone.

i wear scarves and hoods cause theyre the only poker face ive got left.

in my head i smash mirrors and break palm readers’ hands.

i love to write of sex and bodies pressed against eachother- but i am not a closer and never will be, i cant get my mind to shut off long enough to make moves. id rather remember the smell of your hair and the way you faked like you were too drunk to drive home.

id rather break you down.

i dread human contact but cant stand to sleep alone- two parts of me that are constantly at war with each other.

every single mirror is a trick mirror. not just the funhouse ones. we see what we want.

i wish i could live a billion years just to evolve beyond love.

only the science of that doesnt really add up, and besides i am addicted to it.

if you cut me open i am the single most regular person that has ever existed.

it scares me.

it electrifies me.

i have put my belief in god in a sort of holding pattern- i close my eyes hard and want to believe. just because this cant be it. but im not ready to commit. keep flying. one of these days were gonna run out of fuel.

the famous < the infamous.

i want to become better than i am.

i want cures instead of houses.

and hope instead of hype.

only its all so big that i dont even know where to start.

birth and death are just the bookends, no one explains how to find happiness in between.

my mood changes before i finish whole sentences. hence the fragments.

if anyone ever knew the whole truth im pretty sure they would lock me up and throw away the key.

i dont like to talk or play certain songs because they are just an unhappy blur in my life when somewhere inside of me i was sure id be dead before anyone ever heard them.

i wish jimminy cricket was my best friend.

i think hed keep me on track.

its no fun hating someone who hates themself so much more.

youre just an amateur.

you cant complain about your back and then jump off of high things.

well you can but then you just look silly.

my attention span, my temper, my faith and my height are all pretty much just short.

if i ever really had three wishes i am sure id waste them on ruining three peoples lives.

disappointing people is my thing baby, find a new gig, this town aint big enough for the two of us.

i have a love/hate relationship with being forgotten.

i fall asleep on the keyboard all the time, i think it is of some comfort to me.

i cant wait to meet the person i will want to grow old with.

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Hi. Im having a pretty shitty day, it was my birthday yesterday and i was sick with a fever and my best friend forgot about it and now we're in a big fight and i was wondering if you have any established/domestic stories (but without kids) that are fluffy or perhaps ones where one thinks the other is cheating but with a happy ending? Thanks love xx

Hey there! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you and sorry you’re having such a bad day. Hope this can help. Let me know if you need anything else sweets!

Six Letter Word for Romance by TroubleIWant

In which Stiles ships Derek/nice things almost as hard as I do


Stiles definitely starts off thinking it’s fucking hilarious that Derek-sourwolf-Hale does crosswords and cares about scuffs on his furniture.

But at a certain point, and he can’t pinpoint exactly when, “fully functional adult couple” somehow becomes a massive fetish of his. Derek in sweats and bare feet, nudging his glasses up his nose while he does the Sunday crossword? Unff. Derek filling out forms to get some renovations on his property approved? Oh God, yes. Derek putting away groceries and bitching that the corner store was out of the right type of Greek yogurt? Take me now, Stiles thinks, worrying at his lower lip with his teeth.

This can’t be normal.

the other shoe by stilinskisparkles

They’re lounging on Derek’s bed one afternoon, Stiles halfheartedly trying to make headway on an essay, and Derek’s supposedlyhelping. Instead, Derek’s spent the last eight minutes mouthing lazily at Stiles’ shoulder, and Stiles is five seconds from giving up completely.

All In by estellabystarlight

It was just after nine a.m. on Sunday morning. Sunday was Stiles favorite day, without a doubt. They never made any plans that started before early evening unless there was an emergency or his Dad wanted company. The whole day was usually spent with just the two of them. It was especially nice this morning, the sun was shining so bright it seemed to light up every dust mote in the entire loft. Derek had woken him about an hour ago with kisses to his chest that had turned from sweet to insistent as he had made his way down Stiles’ body.

No Refunds or Exchanges by badwolfbadwolf

Stiles is the newest deputy in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, and has maybe just been a little in love with Derek Hale since Stiles had made a fool of himself in front of him at the SD summer picnic a few years ago. Being married to him—only for the sake of not getting deported—is going to suck in new and unusual ways.

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are you still doing the ship thing? if so can you do pynch?


you mean the questions right? i think that’s the only ship meme i’ve reblogged lately

  1. Who is the most affectionate?

    i think in public they’re both like reserved and stuff but in private i like to think that adam is the one who ends up cuddling up next to ronan first. probably ends up falling asleep on him. ronan carries him to (their) bed

  2. Big spoon/Little spoon?

    they switch but usually it’s ronan as the big spoon bc he’s taller

  3. Most common argument?

    i don’t think they would argue that much??? maybe over money things bc ronan would try to help adam out but adam would want to make his own money and stuff. but also like??? opal basically being their daughter “you were supposed to drive opal today” “that literally was not the plan” “that literally was”

  4. Favorite non-sexual activity?

    omg this is gonna sound so cheesy but like??? just spending time with the raven gang (+henry just in case people don’t assume he’s included)

  5. Who is most likely to carry the other?

    ronan carries adam on his back everywhere. adam complains for like 5 minutes before he realizes how tired he is and just rests on ronan as he walks with gansey and blue and henry

  6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

    adam loves ronan’s tattoo and his eyes, how both can be so sharp and yet so kind. ronan love’s adam’s hands and mouth, how rough and worked his hands are, the way adam’s cupid’s bow forms

  7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

    adam realizes the true gentleness in ronan (not that he didn’t before, but now he really sees it). ronan is kept awake now for a different reason.

  8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

    honestly probably just “parrish” and “lynch”??? ronan stops calling him “poor boy” or whatever he called him i don’t remember lol

  9. Who worries the most?

    everyone thought it would be adam but nope it’s ronan. he worries if adam had enough sleep, if adam is feeling run down and overworked, if adam just needs to escape the world for a little while. once adam got like the common cold or whatever ronan literally would not leave his side to make sure he was okay. (when ronan inevitably got sick, adam was like “i told you this would happen” but takes care of him too)

  10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

    i think they both would tbh

  11. Who tops?

    aaaaaaAAAAA i like to think they switch a lot bc yeah ronan tops sometimes but also like. adam topping the fuck out of ronan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Who initiates kisses?

    ronan does, actually. have i mentioned that he’s in love with adam’s mouth???

  13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

    adam does. under tables when they’re with others, across tables when they’re sitting across from one another, when they’re lying in bed together

  14. Who kisses the hardest?

    ronan does, definitely 

  15. Who wakes up first?

    adam does. sometimes he gets up and prepares a very low key breakfast or tidies up kinda, sometimes he just stays in bed with ronan until he wakes up

  16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

    ronan. always ronan. once adam stayed over monmouth on a school night and obviously stayed in ronan’s bed. ronan somehow convinced adam to stay in late so gansey had to get them five minutes before they had to go to aglionby

  17. Who says I love you first?

    ronan. it’s soft and quiet in the middle of the night and murmured against adam’s ear. they’re both half asleep and adam just mumbles “so do i” before kissing him gently and holy fuck im crying

  18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

    im laughing what if it’s ronan leaving messages for adam for when he works and they’re like aggressively supportive like “kick this fucking day’s ass” and then there’s just like “get milk”

  19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

    i think ronan does. actually definitely ronan.

  20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

    i hc that matthew is like obsessed with adam already so he’s pretty happy that now adam and ronan are a thing. matthew asks abt adam every time ronan calls him. declan thinks that adam is good for ronan, and is also really glad that his brother finally found happiness.

  21. Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

    honestly i don’t think either but i am also for drunk dancing in like kitchens and living rooms

  22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

    probably adam since he lives on his own and such

  23. Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?

    ronan at first used them ironically but then started to genuinely use them on adam

  24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

    i feel like both would do this. like. in class. when they’re with friends. when they’re trying to talk on the phone. fun times.

  25. Who needs more assurance?

    i??? honestly don’t know tbh im sorry omg

  26. What would be their theme song?

    “colors” by halsey is my go to song, but also “wanna be yours” by the arctic monkeys

  27. Who would sing to their child back to sleep?

    ronan quietly sings the squash murder song to opal. opal sings it all day in the barns with adam around. adam walks out and drives home.

  28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?

    all i can think of is this post

  29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

    do you ever think that both went through stages where they worried that they weren’t good enough for the other and that they would eventually leave

  30. one headcanon about this OTP that mends it

    adam makes ronan the happiest he’s been in months. declan is the first to notice.

you think that
i am your worst nightmare,
too bad i don’t really care 

i. novocaine // fall out boy ii. born to die (remix) // lana del rey iii. the love club // lorde iv. knee socks // arctic monkeys v. dead hearts // stars vi. bad blood (remix) // bastille vii. waiting game // banks viii. misery // paramore ix. i’m on fire // stateless x. seven devils // florence + the machine xi. no friends // san cisco xii. seven nation army (remix) // the white stripes 


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Hi I was wondering: is it normal that I always laugh at every thing, even bad stuff I smile kind of like a coping mechanism I guess but weird. Also, im the "happy person" so im always happy and positive and I feel like it's keeping me from having real close friends cuz I get along with everyone cuz I like pretty much everyone but last night when I had bad news that I needed to talk about, I could think of no one to turn to. I think I'm doing something wrong...

Actually there is a theory of emotion that suggests that emotions are largely physiologically felt. For example, it’s really hard to imagine nervousness without imagining sweatiness, an unsettled stomach, etc. Take the physical aspect of emotions away and a large part of the psychological aspect also dies with it. This works the other way around too. When we force ourselves to smile even when we don’t organically feel the emotion, studies have shown that just fixating your muscles into a positive expression can significantly improve your mood. As for obtaining a supportive social group, this could pose as a challenge when you’re not used to being overly open with how you really feel. Perhaps you could try explaining to someone about how you smile as a coping mechanism. That could potentially open up a safe line of communication.

this time 8 years ago, one of the greatest people on earth started their amazing profession -
it was pretty dorky i have to say, but if phil chose not to vlog for the first time, i don’t think any of us would be here rn and so im eternally greatful. Not because he has united us all in our weird phandom, but because he lives a happy life with his best friend
happy philsvideoversary u cutie patootie
and jeez it’s gonna be very emotional in 2 years time..
p.s im so proud of u bby for getting through so much - you’re a true inspiration mwah

INTP Confession #670
INTP personality random rant

I’m a 20 year old male and I just found out that I have an INTP personality. I have always felt kind of weird and different from everyone else my entire life. I have a high IQ and I’ve always been very intelligent and excelled in english, history and science, but struggled to actually get good grades in school because I just hated doing work and being there. I actually failed most of my classes senior year, i would stay up all night making beats or just looking things up online and then drive my car somewhere random when i was supposed to be in school and just sleep (yeah i was pretty fucked up) I was popular in high school and had tons of superficial friends and a few good ones that are still my friends to this day. sometimes i dont even like them that much anymore though because i notice alot of stupid things about them that i dont like hahah i went to all the parties and did all the “cool kids” bullshit even though i’m extremely introverted and could be painfully shy and awkward. I’ve always been told how good looking I am and have had tons of really great looking girls like me, but I’ve never had a been in a relationship for more than a month and have never even had sex because I’m just so fucking weird and i feel like nobody is on the same page as me. I honestly think i could end up being forever alone lol. I actually feel like the only time i can be the super outgoing person I wish I could be is when im drunk. It’s as if all I feel comfortable doing now is being alone thinking about theories, ideas about the world, analyzing people, researching things that interest me, playing video games and actually just analyzing myself constantly and trying to figure out exactly why am the way i am. I also think out loud to myself when im alone, its almost as if my out loud voice is my conscience and its like speaking to my brain. its like im teaching myself and figuring things out with myself. that probably sounds crazy but its really not I actually believe its one of the reasons i have such a clear understanding of myself and other peoples thoughts and emotions. whenever I’m in social situations or basically whenever a person is in my line of site or hearing, I constantly analyze them to every little detail and try to figure out what’s going on in their head and what kind of person they really are and what they are trying to hide. pretty much every time i meet a person i get an analysis of them in my head very quickly. i cant help it, this ends up making me not able to become good friends with most people because I just end up thinking that their either stupid, crazy, backstabbing, immature, etc. on top of that it’s really hard for me to get a job and keep one because people always seem to think im mad all the time because of the expression on my face… its really hard for me to do that super happy “hi how are you guys today!” enthusiastic smiley face look to random people i don’t know. lol damn im done i have way to much in my head i want to just type here and yeah i know that the grammar and punctuation is messed up, but if you’re INTP than you should be smart enough to be able to read it and understand what im saying haha and i know this is pretty much just a bunch of random things about me but i’ve been up all night and dont care. I just felt like sharing this, maybe someone else with this personality type will relate to something in here idk ,peace out