im pretending

the omgcp fandom really has trouble fathoming the fact that jack spent the entirety of his time at samwell deeply in the closet. he wasn’t out to anyone. he wasnt out to shitty or any of his teammates, or bitty. jack zimmermann went through all 4 years of college surrounded by his favorite people in the world, completely aware of his own sexuality, and told absolutely none of them that he was queer. 

this isn’t a story about a private man who prefers to keep his private business to himself. this is a narrative about a terrified, world-renowned athlete who grew up in a homophobic environment and has been conditioned to tell as few people about his attraction to men as possible. it’s about a young, queer addict who’s burdened with an anxiety disorder, who was planning to go the rest of his life without telling another living soul that he liked men. and i firmly believe that if he hadn’t met and fallen in love with bitty, he would have gone through with that plan.