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I was having a pretty shit day until I read your happy headcanons. They're so warm and fuzzy! Keep 'em coming!

awww sorry you had a shit day, hope todays better tho… but this message was so sweet thank you!

i got a family headcanon thing comin soon to own on dvd and video, but heres some more fuzzy shit :$)

-mulder adn scully cuddle at any possible opportunity.
like big family gathering? dont bother with the extra chairs, ill just sit on top of mulder!
wow, humans really do waste a lot of water per day, maybe we should conserve more… and that leads to mulder and scully sharing baths and showers for the sole purpose of environmental conservation. the only purpose. whatsoever.
jeez, this hospital bed is so cold. i could use some more warmth but theres not a thermostat in sight… scully what are you doing? climbing into my bed! well this is a welcome surprise.

-in the very beginning of their relationship, mulder was very nervous about being with scully, thinking he didn’t deserve her, that he was bad for her, etc, and one of the arguments that he used was “you deserve someone who will take you to brunch, to art museums, for walks in the park” and scully countered with “why can’t you do any of that. what if i want all of that, i just want it with my spooky partner who will point out aliens in renaissance paintings.

and so at least once a month, they go out to brunch then to an art museum and a walk in the park. mulder always makes a point of taking her past every statue and painting of people kissing, and then sticking his tongue down her throat. “life imitates art. right, scully?”

-the lazarus bowl got them hooked on crappy movies. anytime the shittiest, corniest, obvious trainwreck comes to their local theater, they go, make out in the back of the theater and then go to dinner and make fun of the parts of it that they did see.

-mulder has a list of the best huggers in the entire world:

1. Maggie Scully
2. Dana Scully
3. That Big Bald Beautiful Man

-the only reason maggie’s above scully is she always lets him have like a five minute long hug because lets be honest the man is kind of hug-deprived and she always smells like cinnamon buns right out of the oven and her cardigans are so soft and shes his new mom now.

-scully carried mulder over the threshold.

-ok i know this is another lazarus bowl one but hear me out:

the sex files still happens because of that movie and anytime scully’s out of town, the two can simultaneously be found watching it miles apart.

-mulder takes a weekly pottery class and by the time they actually got around to getting married, their “wedding china” was made up entirely of his creations. scully adores it and if anyone other than mulder breaks a plate they need to vacate the area for at least 12 hours.

-when william was born, mulder tried to stick tiny little vulcan ear tips onto his son’s ears and scully almost murdered him right then and there when she saw him putting him in a star trek uniform onesie

-they’ve been banned from at least four different dry-cleaners in the dc area because of unidentified substances on their clothes. it was almost five but the last one was luckily convinced that it was their son’s spit-up not mutant goop (again).

-scully and mulder are regulars at the batting cages and years later, they’re still going to that same one, but they get there and notice their son with his (future) husband and they just back away and go get ice cream. they write a review of the venue for the newspaper. “10/10 would recommend. my husband took me on our first date there. my son took his on his first date.”

-mulders been kicked out of multiple flea markets for “harassing the vendors” about “ghosts in their products”.

-their dog’s favorite chew toys are mulders ties.

-they have a fireplace and since mulder’s no longer afraid of fire, they curl up together in the winter, wrapped up in the same, huge blanket maggie made them and they fall asleep listening to the snowy wind whipping past the house. if it gets so bad, the wind is literally howling, tiny little scullys will toddle down the stairs with their baby blankets dragging behind them adn crawl onto the couch between their parents.

-the uber-scully’s history projects are always really something, given that their father has a million different takes on every event in history.

-mulder adn scully call each other “honey” as a subtle reference to the bees they didnt let beat them.

-scully HATES cooking. like with a fathom. she never was good at it when her mother tried to teach them kids, and anything that she tries to make always turns to crap. so in those rare occasions when she does have to cook, mulder always waltzes into the kitchen with a cd player, drops it on the counter and grabs her hips from behind and dances her around the kitchen until the mood is lightened. their second child was conceived shortly after he pulled this shit.

-mulder kisses every injury scully has. paper cuts? kiss. rolled ankle on the stairwell? unfortunately it was only a kiss while he was down there.

-*mulder clutching scully’s hand, tears forming in his eyes as he whispers*: “i don’t know if my being here… will help bring you back. but i’m here”.
scully then wakes up and locks him out of the room. ‘im pregnant with your miracle baby and you’re commenting on me sleeping a lot????“

-if one is out of town, they’ll fall asleep talking on the phone. will’s learned by now to check the master bedroom before he goes to bed to make sure the phone hung up properly and they’re not gonna be charged out the wazoo for his parents stupid “platonic” relationship. to this day mulder’s convinced that the phone magically making its way to the stand is an x file. william doesnt correct him he finds it too funny.

-theres a bakery in the town they live in thats run by a little old lady who adores mulder and his children and his wife and helps him brainstorm romantic things to do for scully because she deserves it miriam, she jsut deserves it so much. the kids go there to do homework sometimes if its bad enough weather that they can’t walk home and the buses aren’t running. she always gives- “what do your parents call you, sweetie? uber-scully’s?”- always gives the uberscullys hot chocolate adn the coveted seat by the radiator.

-maggie is the one who taught the uber scullys how to play poker.

-his children always beg him to act normal for open houses and school plays adn shit, and so whenever the event occurs, mulder always wears his pink, Rob Petrie polo shirt and tells the kids to “go shovel the driveway, it builds character! you know kids school plays are a scam created by the government. drink a gallon of milk a day, william, it makes you grow chest hair adn that makes you manly. GO HYPER-MASCULINITY!!!” and they just have to stand there and suffer. “mom, dads being weird again we just said we wanted him to not talk about aliens.” 

-mulder always gets really cut if skinner doesnt like his selfie. mulder’s not 100% sure what liking is -“will is it just when he texts me and tells me he likes it?”, “no he presses a button and it says he liked it.” “but how do i know.” “uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh dad he doesnt even follow you.” “wait how do you know that?” -and now, out of sympathy for his godchildren, skinner texts mulder to tell him he liked the selfie.

-they have a big bookshelf of sci-fi books in the study and he and scully take turns reading them to the kids, but occasionally he’ll be reading along adn find that a cryptid is spoken about inaccurately and mulder will just close the book and they pick another one. how dare they.

-the kids know the story of “bad blood” by heart and each take a different side. will thinks scully’s retelling is mostly correct but he definitely thinks hartwell had buckteeth. 

-when their children were babies, scully would occasionally find mulder asleep next to the crib in a very uncomfortable position, with his hand through the bars and the lil uber scully is just clutching his finger for dear life.

-mulder has a thing about big fuzzy wool sock and anytime he gets them it makes his day

-scully broke the kids out of school once because a researcher that had been an asshole to her in med school had come to lecture in town and mulder was in a meeting with skinner nad she needed a mulder spawn with their father’s throwing arm to help her egg the guys car. 

-mulder cant explain why a fuzzy pink sweater on scully turns him on so much, but it does. he gets it even worse when she wears it while traveling. “you okay mulder?” “not really and i dont know why…” 

-william was so proud, he ran out of school and out to a payphone and called the hoover building collect just to tell scully that they read a paper she wrote in his science class and he didnt know how to tell the teacher that he could recite the thing from memory because dad had been reading this stuff to him since he was a baby

-both the uberscullies and mulder are those lemon people. like you go to a restaurant with someone, and theres a lemon wedge on the water glass. and then they take it off and eat it like an orange. but its a lemon. but they eat it. 

-at a school dance, once they played “walking in memphis” and the scully children just exchanged looks adn groaned knowing what was about to happen.

-at movie theaters or restaurants or anything mulder and scully dont share soda cups or straws or anything, no “hey mulder can i have a sip?” because hes a filthy straw-chewer and scully doesnt approve until its later that night adn she realizes what talents came out of that oral fixation.

-bill scully jr wears socks on the beach. 

-mulder, and the offspring who share his hair genes, have a longer hair preparation process than scully, but she doesnt complain because she likes stroking it so much. 

These are my favorite requests to do honestly

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Your nerves where going nuts as you wait for your husband to get home

You had not been feeling very good that morning and after a quick trip to see Dr.Ziegler you got the shocking info of your pregnancy

You and Gabe had talked about plans for kids but it was a fear from the start that it may be impossible what with his super soldier work done.

Not only that but the world you were living in was not exactly the safest.

You frowned a little preparing his favorite food and wearing an his favorite outfit on you. Maybe it’ll put him in a extra good mood

“Mi Amour!? What is that amazing smell?” he asked walking in the door and hanging his beanie on the coat rack

He walked into the kitchen with a big goofy grin on his face as he sees you. Wrapping his big arms around you “Carino you spoil me” He smiles making you giggle “Whats the occasion? I know i didn’t miss our anniversary” 

“Well Gabe. There is something i have to tell you” You blush a little nervously

“Hm? Sweetie you look nervous. Is everything okay?” He asks rocking with you in his arms a little

“Gabe. I love you so so much. You know that. And I know you love me. So when i tell you this i have the upmost faith you’ll be happy…But i found out this morning im pregnant with your baby”

Gabe looks at you almost in shock. His hands moving off of your sides and up to your cheeks “Pregnant. As in my…our little baby inside here?” He asks. his hand moving down to your stomach. His hand was shaking a little

You nod and put your hands on his cheeks as he tears up.

You gasp as you get lifted off the floor and spun around by a smiling Gabe

“Mi amour! This is wonderful!” He says showering your face with kisses “Me and you will be our own little family. There is gonna be another little pair of feet running around HQ” he smiles putting you down “And helll. Think about how jealous jack might be” he jokes

“Oh Gabe. I love you so much” 

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fatitty do you have the picture of the comment @ Liam on if where like the girl was like "im pregnant with your baby please respond" wjdygzk something like that but funnier bc I need it 😩😩


in my inbox give me a roleplay senario where im pregnant with your baby and involve my bf roles can be changed to anything you like im your gf or anything you want and the one i like the most gets a one on one sexting session with me…. ready……. GO!!!!!!!

annie: listen, paolo. I’m fricken pregnent with your god damn baby? im 22! AND IM PREGNANT? WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO I CAN BARELY AFFORD MY OWN HOUSE!

paolo: what.. im going to be a dad?.. annie, no.. IM AS SHOCKED AS YOU ARE AN. I-I DONT KNOW.. I-i will figure this out?..

annie: ..

paolo: m-maybe i’ll move in? i’ll get a job ill.. ill help make money i will support you and this baby. I love you annie.

annie: o-ok, i love you too

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Pls write Alex x Pregnant Reader😍

how about some headcanons as my fic requests are closed

  • when he finds out, he isn’t sure how to feel
  • it takes a few days for it all to sink in
    • he is literally the happiest
  • he will follow the doctors instructions to a tee
    • as endearing as it is, it gets annoying when he won’t let you do anything on your own
    • “babe, you can’t do any heavy lifting.”
      “alex, it’s just a vase.”
      “don’t but me. even though im pregnant, i will still kick your ass.”
  • trying to pick baby names
    • he likes audrey (he totally had a crush on audrey hepburn don’t fight me on this) for a girl and thomas for a boy
    • you agree on audrey with him but you like william more than thomas
  • waking up to a kiss on the lips and stomach
    • swatting him away because it’s too early
  • when you learn when the fetus’ ears develop and can hear you both start trying to sing to them
    • his voice is no better than yours but he tries and him singing to the baby makes you fall asleep bc his voice is honestly just so enchanting
  • he tries he best to make sure you’re comfortable, especially in you last two months of pregnancy
  • kissing your new stretch marks and trying to reassure you that you are still beautiful
    • he had noticed you kind of drifting away from any physical contact with him and always avoided being naked in front of him
      • you would go out of your way to avoid even looking in a mirror
    • he realized what was going on and cornered you in the shower
    • he got on his knees and kissed each stretch mark he could find

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the rfa gang's (+ v's) reaction to their significant other, mc, telling them that they are pregnant!


- honestly you didn’t even know when that had happened you were surprised that it even happened 

- but nevertheless that made you so happy and you were sure zen would be overly happy about it as well

- so you wanted to find an original way to tell him about it right 

- even though you were embarrassed you lowkey made a poem just announcing it wasn’t that much of an original idea but you still thought that was cute

- when he got back from work he just found a piece of paper on the dining table and started reading it


- it was absolutely adorable you were recording the moment with a camera and you yourself were tearing up

- he spotted you and just gave you a LOOK YOU WONT EVER FORGET IT 

- hugs and i love you’s were shared


- okay but you had no idea how he would react

- you were a bit scared to be honest you didn’t KNOW WHY but that didn’t change the fact that you were anxious about telling him

- you even told jaehee before telling him and she was so happy for you and just told you to go for it

- after he came back from work you mustered up all of your courage and decided to finally get your shit together and tell him

- he came back pretty late but you stayed up cause you had to tell him today no matter what

- both of you are in bed lights shut down ready to sleep and you just “i’m pregnant”

- since you didn’t hear anything for a while and it was all silent you just assumed that he was already asleep 


- you his hands move to your hips and just embrace you and he’s just whisper thank you with so much emotion Y’ALL


- now now now when you found out you were having twins you were the happiest person on earth

- you were SO excited to tell him

- you told saeran first though and both of you prepared a plan to announce the news

- he said he’d help you with everything and so you just asked saeran to make some kind of bug that would show up on his laptop and that would have a pun about you being pregnant

- THE NIGHT CAME he was in his room busy working and you were just getting all excited because you knew that at a moment or another he WOULD KNOW

- you started falling asleep when you just heard a scream and possibly a chair falling down

- “MC!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK”

- he’d run to you and HOW CHEESY AS IT SOUNDS but thats how he is WOULD TOUCH YOUR STOMACH AND BE LIKE “my precious babies”


- college was almost done for him, you didn’t want to trouble him or shock him with the news you thought maybe he’d say he’d stop uni and you didn’t want that 

- a few days away from his graduation you were just all in the living room , he was sat at the dining table  actually studying for finals for ONCE

- “have you eaten dinner yet mc?” “no” “you should eat you know” “oh yes you’re right now that i eat for the baby too” “wait what”


- you start nervous laughing hoping he didn’t hear what you said but he just i mean his jaw dropped and you knew you blew it (in a good way)


-“i-i-’m just so happy” he’d say in between sobs and hug you and IT WAS SO FUCKING CUTE DONT GET ME STARTED 


- you were so so so so surprised when you got the news it was just crazy 

- you told jumin first because you couldnt keep it to yourself you were so happy it was crazy 

- but you never really talked about having kids with V so you were quite worried i mean maybe he didn’t want any? 

- jumin just told you to tell him as soon as possible he was sure V would be happy about it

- also you felt like this was a good week to tell him because recently V had been extra caring not like he wasn't 

- he was the most adorable and caring and loving boyfriend you could ever ask for but this week HE WAS BEING EXTRA 

- so you eventually decided to tell him yes you were shaking yes you were a little bit nervous but you just went for it

 “uh v i am pregnant with your baby im sorry i didn’t tell you before truth is I’ve known for a week now but-” RUSHED

- he suddenly took you in his arms and you could feel the smile on his face

- “i knew it already”  your ass was on the floor literally WHAT

- he chuckled and explained that you left the pregnancy test in the bathroom but he didn’t want to pressure you into tell it so he was just waiting for you to do it WHAT AN ANGEL

- both of you cried it was a scene

a/n: if you guys want me to write a headcanon for mc and jaehee adopting a child just tell me and i will gladly do it!!

EXO's reaction on "Im pregnant with your baby"?

ooh~ such a cute request! ehehe~ (*≧▽≦) thank you hime-no-yuki.. 
Here you gooo~ Enjoy! :’>

Xiumin: *rushingly goes to a store and happily buys you food*

Luhan: “ooohh~”

Kris: Taken by surprise 

Suho: “I’ll definitely protect you both.”

Lay (ft. Baekhyun): *hugs you* “That’s great honey~”

Baekhyun: *plays with your tummy*

“baby~ daddy’s here~”

Chen: *happiness fills him*

Chanyeol: “Yeaaah~!” (ft.clapping deer)

D.O: “Really? Oh? I’m going to be a dad??”

Tao: "I’m really really happy~!“

Kai: *trying to contain his feels*

Sehun: He loves kids. "Yehet!” *excited*


Aren’t they cute? ❤(˘ε ˘ ) Hope you liked it~
Feel free to request again..

Note: We will still include Kris in our next reaction posts.. but for those who don’t want anymore, indicate it in your request(s). 
Request here~ <3 

He makes you feel insecure. Part two. Requested

……Everyone just looked at you in shock at what you had just said “oh gone all quiet now ain’t ya” you say still angry"what do you mean your pregnant? Tell me" Justin says turning you to look at him “IM. PREGNANT. WITH. YOUR. BABY” you say clearly “but I know how you feel about me now Justin so you live your life with all these so called Women but to the rest I’ll text you” you say and take one look around and walk off inside the boat to gather your things but then you realise that your in the middle of the ocean so you cant exactly go anywhere.

Sitting down on the sofa, you place your head in your hands and realization of what has just happend hits you making tears apear in your eyes, you hear the steps creaking so you look up to see Justin stood there “don’t even bother Justin just fuck off back to you girlfriends!” You say angrily wiping away your tears “I didn’t say anything she said up there, I told them all I was in a relationship, even told them that you wad going to be there and yes I said you wasn’t shinny but you know that’s what I like about you, actually its what I love about you even more so that your pregnant with my baby” he says coming closer and kneeling in front of you, taking a hold of your hands you try and pull them away but he doesn’t let you. “I didn’t say anything up there because I couldn’t actually believe what she was saying, I was thinking that the biggest amount of bullshit I’ve heard in a long while. Kendall’s told them to go so ken’s (random name) taking them back to the shore in the speed boat” he says and you finally look up at him in the eyes and you see that’s he’s telling the truth “why would she say something like that though?” You sniffle “baby I don’t know that’s why I was so shocked at what she said” he says sitting next to you and pulling you into him “promise me that what ever she said isn’t true” you say looking up at him “baby I promise on my life you’re not a hoe, you’re my girlfriend and the beautiful mother of my un-born baby” he says causing you to smile wide, leaning up and kissing him gently “shall we go back up to the top and enjoy the rest of the night?” He asks “yes but don’t even think about making me feel insecure ever again other wise not kids for you!” You say seriously walking up the steps “wouldn’t dream of it” he smiles.

Requests are always open (any kind!😘)