im pouting

sherlock is the most ridiculous man?? in an endearing way?? i could think of so many things he could plausibly do like:

-attempting to make pasta for john then getting frustrated and dumping the entire pot in the trash when its not perfect
-shopping for fuzzy socks in the store and john trying to help but “no john, they arent FLUFFY enough!!”
-a bee lands on his shoulder bc hes wearing a purple shirt and he starts to tear up and whispers to john “he thinks im a flower”
-wrapping his entire body around john to try to prevent him from leaving for work
-buying like 50 bouquets of flowers for their anniversary and johns like “this is lovely but i have nowhere to sit”
- immediately dropping to his knees to pet any dog he sees
-“i require cuddling” “okay love” “right NOW” “heh heh okay okay stop pouting” “im not pouting….. but you could kiss it away”

During the holiday season, Jack draws the short straw and has to dress up as Santa for a couple of holiday skate sessions where kids come to the rink to skate, meet the players, and get their picture taken with Santa. Ransom and Holster find this hilarious because even with the beard and Santa disguise, it’s still so painfully obvious that it’s Jack.

The Santa jokes go on for a bit in the group chat before they get old. Then, Jack tells them that he’s planning to visit Samwell before every heads home for the holidays and they start right back up again.

Holster: you better watch out

Ransom: you better not cry

Ransom: you better not pout im telling you why

Holster: santa claus is COMING TO TOWN!!!

Holster: get it?

Holster: because jack is santa and he’s coming


Bitty: santa already came this morning

ok so @makapedia replied to my post about maka’s weapon form and said that she had Feelings about how it negates Soul and, like. Now that I think about it, YEAH. They go through this whole bit about becoming stronger as a cou- PARTNERS, and they go through so much progress and learn to have faith in each other and themselves and then WHOOP. DIDNT NEED HIM ANYWAY TROLOLOLOL
Damn. I see your point, makapedia.

(also sorry but i can’t reply to replies for some reason so this is the only way I can address your extremely valid point)

Supercorp convo (2)
  • Honestly, how Kara would out herself as Supergirl to Lena:
  • Lena: you know what'd be cool
  • Kara: (you and I together) what?
  • Lena: if Supergirl, in her hidden identity, works for my company. That'd be so cool oh my God what if my assistant is Supergirl and she just has this ability to completely change her appearance when she has to save lives I'm going to go call-
  • Kara: IM SUPERGIRL THO *pouts* *crosses arms*
  • Lena: ._.
  • Kara: o.o
  • Lena: *smirks*
  • Kara: ((((oh shittttt)))))