im posting this solely because of the fact that im going out walking

hi so i wrote out that priest au i was thinking about the other day

warning: this is LONG. this is SO DAMN LONG i’ve never written anything this long in my entire life. i hope it’s worth it??? props if you read all of it honestly.

tagging @bridegore and @klutzymoi because they said it was a good au idea (hope you don’t mind!) so here it is, way more fleshed out than necessary tbh

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how i imagine sirius’s disinheritance to go down (in bullet point form because im too lazy to actually write. like. with grammar and stuff)

  • so like, sirius has two types of anger
  • there’s the type of anger that makes him abandon his wand and throw a punch with a badly made fist just because he fucking feels like it
  • the kind that makes him lash out and snarl insults breathe through ragged lungs
  • but that kind of anger, for all of its apparent unpredictability, is actually utterly predictable 
  • it always ends up the same way: 
  • a nasty fight followed by a sullen trip to the hospital wing 
  • james can deal with this kind of anger, he gets it
  • but then there’s the other type

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anonymous asked:

between Jimin and jungkook, who is more jealous?

Between them who’s more jealous? Ahhhhh you mean Jeonlous?? Haha kidding. Hmmm *rubs chin* Isn’t it obvious? BOTH of them tend to get jealous,but everyone knows Jeon would win anyway.

Fun Fact: Did you know K-Armys coined the term 전위성 for Jungkook?

It basically means Satellite Jeon, because he’s been caught hovering over Jimin every time he’s on camera. (okay screw that he hovers off cam too) Uhm today’s Bangtan Bomb? Yes, that’s the most recent one. He’s like walking behind Jimin without any sole purpose and ended up beside him, silently watching Jimin and Jin’s cute banter.He’d even joined them few minutes later. he wasn’t even in the discussion to begin with, like cool bruh, but you don’t have to be there??? Stop being so obvious.

What about that time at ISAC when Jin and Jimin got handsy and started wrestling and he popped up out of nowhere? He just stood there with his arms crossed, tongue in cheek, glaring at them? Or when Jimin hit Jin too hard when they were playing, and he startled, turned his head towards their direction, and said nothing? Not even a “haha hyung, you lost!!!” or “What are you guys doing? Can I join in?”

Please don’t get me started on how much he’d openly expressed his dissatisfaction-in a non-verbal way of course-when Namjoon and Jimin had their moments.When they hugged during a fanmeeting and he went silent at the back? or when Namjoon hugged Jimin and he went from ‘Haha!!!’ to ‘The Hell???’ in approximately 0.00000001 sec? When Jimin called him he freaking ignored him like he hadn’t just heard him from over the MICROPHONE just centimetres away from him. Jeon, please! or SKT Ad filming? It was Mini Moni’s shooting but he HAD to be there, to, you know, monitor his bf /coughs loudly/

That time at Gaon Awards when Jimin sat on Hobi’s lap with Jeon beside him?Wow, that, good good time. It’s super-possessive-boyfriend claiming Jimin as his ON CAM, playing w the collar of his suit and slipping his hand underneath. THAT’S SO GAYY!!!!

Having said that, I think Jimin does get jealous, except he’s more in control of his emotions. Take Young Forever MV Filming as an example. I’ve been dying to make an analysis bc I have yet to find a post bout it, but I am a Lazy-Ass so it’s been left hanging lol. Okay so it starts around 2:41. They’ve finished filming right, and we can see Jin and Kook at the back. Jimin’s somewhere behind Tae.

Jimin turns around right when Jungkook’s about to hug Jin (see his foot guys see his foot)

Then the camera switches to the rest of the members before going back to Jin, Jimin and Kook.

It’s quite cold I bet, and maybe Jimin wants to be hugged by Kook too, because he deadass stops walking and stands there like a freakin statue until he gets bumped by Jin and Kook. Kook and Jin kinda ignore him so he starts walking back haha. It’s cute, because he’s so far from them initially, but he ends up walking with them.

Uhm that’s about it, I guess.

I swear It wasn’t meant to be THIS long but I live for SUPER POSSESSIVE BOYFRIENDS, JeontheHoverer, Jeonlous and SatelliteJeon, so I got a bit carried away. haha. Hope that answers your question ^^