im posting this now and going to bed okay goodnight

Late night phone calls
  • Keith: Okay night.
  • Lance: Night babyyy.
  • Keith: Goodnight love.
  • Lance: Goodnight my sweet mulleted angel.
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: Goodnight string bean.
  • Lance: Sweet dreams stink boy!
  • Keith: Don't let the bed bugs bite fart face!!
  • Lance: Don't let your pillow smother you to death crusty ass desert face!!
  • Keith: Jesus Lance. Oh my god.
  • Lance: Okay okay- hahaha- I'm sorry. Good night sweetheart.
  • Keith: I'm hanging up on you now before we start up again...
  • Keith: Goodnight pumpkin.
  • Lance: Goodnight cabbage-