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whom else here gay and unstable

Okay really though I thought the ATLA fandom was bad about fighting over ships but I JUST started Voltron and joined the fandom and already the hatred and division between the fandom based on ships is blowing me away. ESPECIALLY between anti shaladin/shaladin and klance/every other Keith ship. Some of the posts I’ve seen are absolutely brutal and scathing. And on both sides. I just wonder, man…

Took me a while but here it is!

I had some friends who were passing through some tough times so I tried to do something to keep them motivated

sorry not sorry for Octavian

(inspired by x)



I could go into long post details about how much I LOVE Eugene and how expressive he is in the series… But I’ll spare you; for now! 

I categorize these as the “Puppy dog” expression range. From “kicked puppy” to “give him what he wants holy shit he’s too cute”. (which to be fair includes a huge portion of his expressions…)

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

I kind of want to doodle but, like, nobody would give a shit? And yeah, drawing for yourself is awesome and doing it for the sake of doing it is important, but I like to share the things I do and I feel dumb when I try to share it and there’s zero response. Like damn, sorry for being excited about something I fully acknowledge as being mediocre but I’m just trying to have fun with other people.


“Seem like yesterday;
We’ve grown a lot too;
The good things were always;
For others;
Wherever we were;
We cried and laughed a lot;
But it was all beautiful”
- bts, 이사 (move)
more; rb;

“Cishet ace women started the lesbian separatist movement in the 90s” would be the funniest thing I’d ever read in my life if it hadn’t been written with complete sincerity.

The Eves in a Nutshell:
  • Code: Nemesis: I've been reborn as the Queen of Destruction, I summon Gundams and machine guns, I've soloed the hardest bosses, despite years of never-ending nerfs, and people STILL aren't intimidated by me. That is, until my buff finally arrived.
  • Code: Empress: I created Oberon, Ophelia, and Ferdinand because I thought they would be great assistants to me in battle and to restoring the Nasods. Nowadays, Oberon just brews coffee, Ophelia does Minecraft, and Ferdinand plays Flappy Bird, because I'm just not in the mood tbh
  • Code: Battle Seraph: IMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR- there, I did it. Happy?