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“Seem like yesterday;
We’ve grown a lot too;
The good things were always;
For others;
Wherever we were;
We cried and laughed a lot;
But it was all beautiful”
- bts, 이사 (move)
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The Eves in a Nutshell:
  • Code: Nemesis: I've been reborn as the Queen of Destruction, I summon Gundams and machine guns, I've soloed the hardest bosses, despite years of never-ending nerfs, and people STILL aren't intimidated by me. That is, until my buff finally arrived.
  • Code: Empress: I created Oberon, Ophelia, and Ferdinand because I thought they would be great assistants to me in battle and to restoring the Nasods. Nowadays, Oberon just brews coffee, Ophelia does Minecraft, and Ferdinand plays Flappy Bird, because I'm just not in the mood tbh
  • Code: Battle Seraph: IMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR- there, I did it. Happy?

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wow finally found time to do more of these here we go
a vague (of someone): how fucking Dare you treat my girlfriend like she’s beneath you while playing all coyly sweet. you really think she wouldn’t notice or even that *i* wouldn’t notice from the distance i’m at? you’re so, so obvious + you’re a two-faced snake like? you make me sick, you’re abusive + nasty + have such a martyr complex it’s gross. you don’t deserve the time of day from her so you should feel lucky with what you have but of course, being the entitled brat that you are you expect more. : ) also your makeup looks like shit but it looks worse when you refuse to close your mouth thinking it’s a #look to pose like a shiny ass carp like. my girlfriend applies her lipstick entire circles around your trash, it’s messed you think you’re better, i legitimately thought you were fugly as sin until i saw you without makeup + like , generally that’d make us help or ask questions but you Sincerely Are That Smug about how hot ur sephora brand looks are that you cop a fucking attitude when we even talk makeup ur not aware of existing bc it’s some personal affront or some nasty victim complex garbage? so yeah uh please do yourself a service and just. throw it all out or alternatively fuck off + die honestly ??????? :/// tbh ?????? like ???????? i hate u kys
a confession (of someone): you seem chill + like we’d have a bunch in common so it’s too bad you can’t communicate/listen very well? if things just felt more two-sided i think you could be a nice friend to have. as it is, i don’t think i’d talk to you again intentionally. 
an honest opinion (of you): nice trash possum who rly makes genuine effort in talking to me. i need 2 talk to u more. u seem chill + like u give mad decent advice + are a good listener? also v patient. glad 2 have as a metamour, would smoke w/ u n watch hamtaro most days. ur a mystery to me but a cool one. i like ur aesthetic. i don’t think we’re that similar interests/aesthetic-wise but i think we are personality-wise more-than-meets-the-eye-similar in a way that could make us rly solid friends. official napstablook. 10/10 would stab in a no mercy run.

This was meant to be something else? It ended up being a mega Arceus.. Was kind of fun to mess around with honestly. I dont think ill shade it, so im posting the flats here.  

I can see the ring around arceus detaching itself and slowly rotating around its waist like how Mega steelix has crystals around its head,,

Please do not copy/recreate for yourself

im all for people watching shadowhunters because they saw the malec kiss and want good representation but when you talk about it can you please not refer to it as horrible or shitty in the process. it makes the people that actually enjoy it feel like shit and it’s rude as hell. like im glad that the show has amazing rep and people are willing to watch something they don’t like just for that but like it’s not necessary to bash it along the way when all it’s ever tried to do is make people happy. some people actually really love the show and think it’s amazing. regarding acting, writing, directing, and every other way.