im posting this b4 i forget

dont ask me why im posting shit out of order but i posted snippets of my 1920′s  au on @ask-seokjinnie and i might as well get this comic out of my system before my dumb ass forgets haha (also @saltyauntsuga wrote an impeccable drabble based on the au + these pics !!! its so gOOD BOI I DIE BLESS U BELS)
context: paperboy jungkook gets it On with Bangtan Sound’s fan favorite flapper/jazz soloist b4 he is promptly cockblocked by his detective friend seokjin 

shinee as tumblr bloggers
  • jonghyun: funny animal vines & pics of his dog; makes late night real deep posts but deletes them the next day so no one actually knows..
  • key: fake deep aesthetic blog
  • minho: mainly a sports blog but he tried writing fitness advice posts b4 but it was too much effort
  • onew: the best. just a perfect balance of humor and photos and nice things. he doesn't understand why he has 100k followers. he just writes random thoughts & every1 reblogs it.
  • taemin: forgot he even had a blog