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Promt: Second Lead syndrome - KLANCE

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If you look at him, you immediately know his colour’s blue.

It’s in his eyes, in the way he laughs like crashing waves, the way he walks, fluid like water and carefree like a summer day.

But right now?
Lance isn’t blue.

He’s green.

It’s a sickening mudded colour in his chest, sticking to his body like slime, refusing to let go.

He blames it on the way his gaze meets a pair of dark eyes across the room and melts, only for his heart to clench like a wrapped up package every time he sees him, sees Keith, a small dopey smile and eyes downcast, stance free, relaxed.

His green is liquid envy, he realises, envy for the person that gets to look at that smile, be it Allura after a successful mission, or Shiro after a long private talk between the two. It’s never his though. It’s never been turned to Lance, that smile that makes Keith’s eyes crinkle, the warmth of having his hands around Keith, the feel of gloved leather interlinked with his fingers.

Is it sick? The way his gut turns and lungs collapse each time he thinks of Keith and the way he changes around others, slowly opening up to anyone but him?

That’s not to say that they didn’t get closer-or so Lance thinks at least. Them not trying to bite each others’ neck off with every opportunity is a good enough sign, is it not?

With a sigh, he turns around, ignoring the dark gaze looking to him from across the training deck.

Keith was a protagonist.
And Lance was nothing but a second lead at best.

He started to despise the face that looked at him across the mirror.

It was the face same he knew, only now its eyes were puffy, darkened circles under his eyes betraying nights of tossing and turning without sleep, the engulfing feelings slowly keeping him up at night.

He started to grow cold, distant, his blue returning only pale and icy like glaciers threatening to sting the person that dared cross them; ready to turn a crimson red.

This wasn’t him. This isn’t who he is.

He hated this feeling, this one of inadequacy, of piles upon piles of insecurities that twist around his neck.

He couldn’t hate himself for loving Keith though. Even if the feelings drowned him, he couldn’t bring himself to despise the honey sweet pooling in his stomach, nor the way he dreamed of running his fingers through cotton candy hair, even when he teased and laughed at it.
How could he possibly hate the one feeling that still felt rational, comforting inside of him?

Lance sighed, dropping the towel he patted his face with back down by the sink, rushing out the bathroom without a second glance to the mirror.

He opened his door, gaze to his feet and a furrow between his brows, when he noticed another set of feet before his, black boots tinted with red.

Immediatly he looked up, locking eyes wth Keith, lips slack as if he was about to say something, before Lance caught him to the chase.

“Dude, what the quiznak?!”
Keith took a molent before shrugging, sheepishly bringing a hand to the nape of his neck.

“Sorry, I just-you were late for breakfast so..” his voice trailed off, eyes looking anywhere but Lance.

“Yeah, I was having a beauty sleep? Not that you’d know anything about that” Lance said, fruitlessly trying to lace his words with poison.

There’s no response from Keith, and for a minute it’s just the two of them, looking away from one another, Keith’s stance wavering, Lance’s arms folded and foot tapping.

“Did something wrong?”

Lance felt his breath hitch at the question, Keith’s voice sounding raw, defeated.

“You’ve been acting really cold and you snap at me a lot and I kind of feel like, like we’re back to square one. Did something happen?”

It was rare to see him, see Keith so expressive, so vulnerable.

Lance sighed but stepped aside, nodding for Keith to come in. He slowly did, standing awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“You can..” Lance waved a hand to the bed, waiting for Keith to take a sit.

Keith did, folding his hands over his knees as he sat on the edge of the bed, worrying the hem of his gloves between his fingers.

“Look, if you hate me or something, be upfront about it” Keith urged, looking up to Lance with furrowed brows.

Lance huffed a laugh, a bitter smile on his lips.

“I wish I could.”

“You wish you could tell me why?”

He shook his head.
“I wish I could hate you.”

He felt a shiver on his back, that same green flooding his heart finding its way to his mouth, lacing itself with his words.

“Everytime I look at you..whenever you’re talking with someone else and you laugh or smile, or when they put their hands on you and you don’t shake them off it-it sucks. It hurts.”

There was a tremble on his lips, his eyes fluttering, trying to hold back streams of tears.

“It hurts because I want to be the one to hug you. I want you to smile like that at me, to just..just be closer than this. But you’re like the main lead, the person everyone wants and few deserve.”

Lance looked to Keith, choking a laugh.

“I’m not even a second lead for you to fall for. I’m just the stupid side character that fell in love with you.”

There’s a moment where Keith just looks at him, eyes blown wide and mouth slack, before he cradles his head in his hands, a deep sigh falling from his lips.

“You’ve been pushing me away for so long that you could never tell”, he said, voice quiet in the silence of the room.

“Tell what?”

“That I’ve been in love with you for so long.”

Lance’s legs couldn’t hold him upright anymore, the robe over his pyjamas suddenly not enough to contain his shivers.

He took shaky legs to his bed, flopping down besides Keith.

“We..we really fucked up didn’t we.”

Keith laughed.

“Yeah. Yeah, we did.”

He turned his head to face Lance, his small smile melting Lance’s green, melting the pale blue and surrounding everything with warm red, enough to make his heart thud in his chest.

Lance isn’t sure who leaned in first, how he found his hands in Keith’s hair, how Keith snaked his way around his waist, lips a tangled mess, as if discovering each other for the first time.

They broke apart after a minute, hands never leaving each other.

“What now?” Lance whispered.

“Now we look at one another. Really look.”

And suddenly Lance knew.

This was no play, there’s no main nor second lead, no one to dictate who should end up loving who.

There’s no one that can make Keith’s soft smile not beam at Lance, to take the warm touch away from him.

There’s just them, two people re-discovering one another, maybe for the first time.

And Lance didn’t plan on looking away this time.


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