im posting another one in a second lol sorry

Welcome to yourbiaslikesitrough’s SECOND Forever Chingu’s post:

I was going to wait till I reached 2,000 followers but I currently reached 1,900+ followers so I decided to just go ahead and do another one of these hahahah ^^. Please dont feel bad if you are not on this list. I put forever chingu because i like calling you guys friends rather than mutuals and may or may not be following a few of you that i will be mentioning. im not too sure tbh LOL sorry. 

The people that I’m tagging have been so kind and sweet to me. They have all talked to me and made me smile countless amount of times & have made my dashboard filled with such beautiful posts. Although I may never meet you guys in real life, im glad to have met you all through tumblr. I will never let you guys go <3 .

Thank you for constantly showering me with love. Thank you for always leaving messages in my ask. Thank you for always reblogging my posts. Thank you for following me <333 I seriously couldn’t ask for better chingus. I hope you guys understand that not everyone I follow is gonna be on this listttt. So yeahh. 

Please dont feel bad if i dont mention you! i will definately have another one when another goal is reached! talk to me if you wanna be mentioned next time. ehehe. 


031226hug 100791-yixing almightychibi annalovekpop awkward-f4ngirl bemysugakookie bethenalgreen big-bang-is-one-of-a-kind
big-bang-is-vip blondragon  byunn-baekhyunn byun-baekliner chrisijiology cinnabyunbaekhyun cynk-pop deathbykoreanboys deerwifi dobuleader


eponinerin exo-makes-my-dildo-shinee exo-sexo fan-tao-tastical foreverwithdaehyunxo fuck-it-nugget gizibe-pls galaxynope gdgdbabybaby-gdgdbabybaby givenchyoongi gizibe-pls i-was-cut i-live-for-booty ibgkatdrgn imanexoticbabyig jiyongsmile jjongkeyk jonginisoo 


kingkashit kpopmoon laydae-rae minniebubbles mly20 mony200 mytaeminnie myeon-bokki myoppa-is-better-than-youroppa 
naui-cheonsa nnyeonghaseyo ohyahkkaepsooong oppa-loves-you oppa-touch-my-butt pyointherain parkaegyeol priscillaxangel


quemeeste sacredlullabys sarangheyowassup sehuns-angel
shit-hyung-aka-taehyung supsarahbear taosguccipanties


undergroundino xx–oneofakind yehet-is-not-my-style yonggukside 

I think that should be about it! If i missed someone! IM VERY SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER FOR ME TO DO. I REALLY HOPE I DIDNT MISS ANYONE. 

I love each and every single one of you guys. Those that I mention and those that i didnt. 

Dont be afraid to talk to me :) I’m always available <33333 I love you all Thank youu. 

If you want to see my other lovely chingus, you can check my First Forever Chingu post .