im posting a lot of selfies

since trans day of visibility is coming up in a few days (march 31st), i figured i’d make a list of advice for cis people commenting on/reblogging people’s posts/selfies?

  • do definitley like and reblog and tag and comment on our posts!! its what TDOV is for! show your support for the community by showing us some love
  • dont post any selfies if ur cis. today is not about u
  • if ur gonna comment about how great someone looks, great!!
  • just make sure u use the right pronouns/descriptors. most people put their pronouns on their selfies, but if they dont its easy to check their bio to see if they have them! 
  • also dont say stuff like “wow ur prettier than I am!!” bc that implies that u think cis ppl are more attractive as a default, so its insulting and patronising
  • if the post is one with pics from multiple stages throughout someones transition, pls dont say “its not fair u get to be hot in both genders!” because thats cissexist n transphobic and adheres to the “used to be a X” rhetoric and erases people with fluid genders and implies that cis ppl inherently deserve to be hotter/better 
  • go thru the tdov tags!! spread some love to all of us (not just conventionally attractive and/or passing people)
  • its not only selfies either. lots of ppl post some really cool content so dont miss out on that either

thats all i can think of rn. feel free to add on if u want

EDIT: okay so lots of people have said things along the lines of “im going to post selfies and theres nothing you can do about it” or “i want to post selfies anyway” and like. cool. whatever. im all for celebrating urself with selfies. just,, dont make this day about you okay? like keep out of the tags and dont make it an ally thing. and to the people who want to post selfies just because its a trans ppl day and for no other reason: fuck u

team voltron on tumblr.hell

alternatively titled: this has probably been done before but whatever

coran: he has a blog that only consists of bad puns. he reblogs them and also makes them. his follower count is over 30,000. all messages in his inbox are puns. he has never received anon hate, ever. 

allura: her blog is a mixed bag of fashion, politics, action movies, and cute videos of animals. every time she posts a selfie it gets 10,000+ notes because she’s beautiful. she has over 500 messages in her inbox at all times, most of which are people saying they love her blog. every time she gets anon hate she always writes a five paragraph essay to completely disprove their argument, taking them down in style. every time she does this, she gains 100 followers.

shiro: his blog is just. filled to the brim with #relatable “i wanna die” jokes. one time someone came into his inbox asking if he needed a therapist. his reply: “probably but do i look like someone who knows how to take care of themself.” he also reblogs/makes so many absurd memes. you know, neodadaism. (i know you’ve seen the post.) he also likes to reblog pictures of dogs.

keith: he has a cryptid/conspiracy blog. one time he started bigfoot discourse and lost 20 followers. his title is “1800-gay-4-mothman.” constantly reblogs his boyfriends’ (lance and hunk) posts. he Does Not stop talking about how gay he is. one time he unironically made a post about how the one direction baby is fake (with sources) and it’s his most popular post. 

lance: his blog is all selfies, “i love my friends!!!,” and “i McFreakin hate myself” memes. every time hunk or keith posts a selfie he reblogs it with the tags, “IM BI!!!!! I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND/S!!!!” all the messages in his inbox are either 1) “you’re so handsome omg,” or 2) “i hate myself too let’s start a club.” occasionally he’ll make really sentimental posts about how much he loves his friends and family, but then follows them with memes. he also does some makeup tips which are really popular.

hunk: his blog is really really positive!! he constantly posts about how he loves his friends and every selfie he posts, he looks like the sun. he posts recipes and a lot of stuff about loving yourself and your body. he always posts about engineering too! every time there’s big news in science he is posting about it. he always reblogs his boyfriends’ stuff also. all in all it’s really positive, but like. sometimes when someone makes him angry there are so many vague posts. (usually about how he knew the person was up to no good and that everyone else should have listened to him.)

pidge: welcome to tech lesbian central, where the universe is gay and all technological advancements are lesbians. she makes so many posts about how the sun and moon are trans lesbians in love. one time she made a post about how she was going to start a lesbian hacker club. everyone thought she was joking. she wasn’t. 


mik @mikamee nd georgia @1honeybf tagged me for selfies so here we are girlies (ft. my fave filter) some1 pls send these to vernon 💌

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i dedicate this look to oh sehun thank you for my gay life 🌈


Pretty boy 💗was planning something totally different with makeup but then this happened,,
Camera quality sucks ass but its super boyish makeup with freckles and deep-set eyes
Also ft. Dan and Phil sweater!!

  • got7 as different social media users
  • mark's wattpad account:
  • - quiet, cozy
  • - books!!!!!!!
  • jaebum's twitter account:
  • - retweets only dog pictures
  • - started a fanpage for himself but forgot about it
  • jackson's tinder account:
  • - seKc af
  • - literally turns down everyone
  • jinyoung's facebook account:
  • - rants about his kids
  • - coffee & facebook @ 8 am kinda mom
  • youngjae's vine (rip) account:
  • - coco is cute
  • bambam's instagram account:
  • - lots selfies
  • - LOTS of chokers
  • yugyeom's snapchat account:
  • - mysterious guy vibes 24/7
  • - highkey hot asf

saturndream  asked:

Hi!! ive been on tumblr for a while (and following you for a while haha) and i just haven't been growing. im active and posting alot of my own pics but i havent gottan any new followers in 2 months! do you have any tips?

hello! first of all thank you so much for sticking around yay love yaaa! 💟 here’s a slightly elaborate (and quick) list of my tips to gain more audience:

1. ask ppl to check your blog! a little note that some people might find this annoying!! i find this okay bc i constantly feel the need to find and discover new blogs! however, that is not always the case for everyone. please do check the faq of every person before hitting up their asks!
2. make/post your own content. simple ones like cute photos, selfies, thoughts, etc. please do tag other people who can reblog it for you too! in my case, my tag is: peachisty! this really helps in gaining more notes i believe. this is because more notes = more audience!
3. get a nice lay-out, personalize it. dont just settle for the lay-out you took from the theme-garden. style it! literally the codes are everywhere in google! but if you have no idea where to start, feel free to hmu! i know lots of css stuff and im p much skilled with web designing so yeah :~)
4. choose your blog style and stick with it! in my case, it’s personal/art/positivity i guess? changing your blog style once a month doesn’t help tbh bc people want consistent content! and having literally super random stuffo is chaotic i believe?
5. get a nice, catchy url and dont just leave it around!!! dont change ur url everyday! my url is p much a gem so i dont rlly think i will ever ever change it tbh haha. i do have some saved ones that are centuries old btw!! if u dont have something in mind, feel free to hmu so i can give em to you
6. talk to your pals !!! may it be thru saying: “if u ever need somebody to talk to im here!” or thru posting updates about you or your day!! i think it just makes me feel safe and happy to read regular updates about ppl on my dash!!! i guess the same goes for other ppl!
7. make your own tag and reblog the stuff ppl tag you into!!! usually, your tag may be your url bc it’s easier to remember! i think this helpz bc u can gain pals thru exchanging of posts tooo
8. make a faves page! haha idk, but faves page made me discover tons of really cool blogs!!!!!! this assures u new mutuals too!!! mutuals that match your aesthetic! ;)
9. join networks. this did not entirely help me in gaining followers but it did help me gain friends!! this is bc networks treat each other like family!!! and idk!! that’s the very reason why i made tumblr tbh!! to meet new beautiful ppl that have the same aesthetics and passion as mine!! networks give u that! along with it, u can do group blog rates, follows, etc!
10. follow similar blogs! this is p much obvious! u follow similar blogs in order to have similar posts on your dash that u can easily reblog! also, if u have the same content, there is a huge possibility that the person will follow u back!!

last note: i want you to know that it is never about the amount of followers!! if you’re using tumblr as a platform to showcase your art: im pretty sure it feels more validating to have sum ppl recognize your talent but please do not entirely depend on it! dont stop making art just because you dont have lots of audience! the amount of ppl who sees your art =/= your skills ok !!!!! :0 at the end of the day… if you come to think of it… i can delete this blog and im back to 0?? i mean… do you get me? you’re still youuu! :)

i hope this helps !! good luck on your journey bb 🐝


hi again! im a nonbinary trans vietnamese post top surgery, nice to meet y'all! im recovering from an eating disorder and ive been taking a lot of selfies as a way to celebrate myself and my body. remember, you are the gender you say you are, no matter how you look

im always looking for more tpoc blogs and instagrams to follow. reply with your insta and i’ll check it out!
instagram: k1yuu
tumblr: @k1yuu