im posable


I finally took my second smol Sans outside and made some good pictures! 

Handmade posable doll, his limbs (including fingers) are bendable, 5 inches tall. Made from polymer clay and copper wire. This one has canonical pink slippers, no fur at the hood + I got inspired and made him a ‘bad mathematician” t-shirt from absolutely awesome Insomnia comic by @wilyart

More pictures under the cut :3

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WOW holy 1300+ notes over one night! Thank you, guys!
Here, take another pic of winking Sans :D
(his eye is not photoshopped, there are eyelids that come separately)

I’m working on a video tutorial right now, the footage is almost done, what is left is the script and voicing part. So yeah, soon everyone’s gonna be able to make their own smol Sansy!