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One piece~

ahhh i actually don’t really have any ships that i highkey ship in op anymore so i don’t have a favorite. i used to really like zorobin tho. i still enjoy their dynamic but my feels for them are extremely lowkey now haha

Things I think about at 2:35am apparently -

The original High School Musical is the most consistent in terms of plot, characters, and story structure.

High School Musical 2 is the most fun to watch with the best overall soundtrack (even if its existence adds nothing to the overall trilogy).

High School Musical 3 is the most polished with the best production design and the best choreography of the trilogy thanks to a better budget.

All 3 films have their strengths and weaknesses, and honestly??? What an iconic trilogy???? Also, all 3 films pass the Bechdel test and have a diverse cast. Lord of the Rings who?????