im physically tired

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I love your art you are amazing and I hope you have a great day !!!

Thankies ^ w^ X3 im having great day everyday! (well, except im physically tired lol)

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pietro maximoff

How I feel about this character: Okay Aaron Taylor Johnson was a big crush for me at the time so I kinda loved him just cause of my love for the actor. I was an X-Men fan way before spidey so when I heard “Quicksilver” was gonna be in the MCU I was screaming. His role in the MCU was kinda boring tho :(

All the people I ship romantically with this character: He had like 10 minutes screen time, I ship him with living

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Wanda, Cap, Hawkeye

My unpopular opinion about this character: His powers were kinda lame in the MCU. Like he should be sooo overpowered but oh well

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: He lives and Fox gives the x-men rights back to Marvel Studios :)

send me a character and I’ll talk about them or something

@ kevin feige, joe russo, marvel execs, the entire infinity war cast, god himself: it’s 3am, i stayed up for the entire panel, and all i’m asking for is the infinity war trailer. that’s it. i’ll never complain about a marvel movie ever again. i will not make another comment on the incredible hulk (2008) or thor: the dark world (2013). i will speak highly of each and every film marvel produces, i just need the  trailer– 

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have u heard abt all this redkatherinee shit going on ? they drew a super transphobic pic of junkrat and it was horribleeeee

yeah its been kinda hard to avoid so ive blocked nd reported and i urge anyone w common sense to do the same thing


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Can y’all stop pretending that Bro Strider was an A+ guardian now?

The Strider hug was great and everything but I’m deathly afraid that it just means the fandom is going to skip over these lines and it’s too fucking crucial to me and other abuse survivors that you pay attention to how fucked up Dave’s childhood was

I’ve watched the HS fandom deny again and again how awful Bro has treated Dave despite the fact that Hussie outright stated that Bro was in no way a good person and ugh the fandom tried to erase this and I’m still furious about it so can we please talk about this I’m afraid the hug is going to overshadow Dave’s monolouge because it’s too sad and heavy but that’s what makes it so important

i’ve been tired lately…

im back (momentarily)!!

hi hi hi lovelies!!

i just got back from vacation last night n i went skating this morning so im v tired physically but i feel better mentally so im gonna be back in studyblr for maybe a few days?? or as long as i feel ok haha n school is starting soon so idk how busy im gonna be :/

i hit 6k a lil while ago (wowow ily all sm thank uuuu <33) n im not sure i wanna do anything?? but if any of u have any suggestions, send em to me n i’ll think about it :)

xoxo lily

i just want someone to hire me to do nothing. with good pay and benefits

that’s all i want out of life pls