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Messrs Prongs, Wormtail, Padfoot and Moony  🎶

Marauders during exam time

James Potter: “No, don’t speak to me. I’m trying to pass here.”

Remus Lupin: “Well if you revised all the material as you were given throughout the year, you wouldn’t have to cram now.”

Sirius Black: “Both of you just stay quiet for half an hour. [five mins later] No I can’t concentrate. Prongssss speak to meeee.”

Peter Pettigrew: “It’s exam time?”

Remus/James frienship headcanons

(Does this brOTP even have a name?)

- James was the first one to talk to Remus when he got on the Hogwarts Express.
- Remus had never in his life been more grateful that the first thing James asked wasn’t about his scars, but rather “you don’t happen to have a sock I can burn, do you?”
- James gave Sirius The Talk™ about hurting Remus way before he gave it to Remus.
- James took Remus’s side more often than not when he and Sirius had a row (both because usually Remus was right, and because he knew he needed someone to keep Sirius on check so he didn’t let his tongue too loose).
- Remus asked James for quidditch theory lessons just so he could understand what him and Sirius talked about, and James’s eyes swelled up a bit that day.
- Prongs was usually the only one Moony allowed to approach him first during full moons, even before Padfoot.
- There were only two things that really (and I mean /really/) made James angry: Sirius’s family, and anyone who dared say anything remotely rude about/to Remus (Peter too, but mostly Remus). People knew better than to mess with either of those subjects in front of him.
- James was the one to give Moony his nickname.
- After a failed attempt to ask Lily out, James would make a joke out of it, but Remus would be the only one to later find him frowning at himself in the mirror. He would put a hand on James’s shoulder, look him in the eye and say, “it’s got nothing to do with the way you look, mate. Just give it time.”
- Where Sirius and James understood each other without words, James and Remus would be the opposite. They used SO MANY words. They could have hours-long conversations using complicated phrases and long, old-english words just for fun.
- James would literally kill for Remus. He almost did, once, but they don’t talk about it.
- Remus would die for James. He almost did that twice. No need to say they don’t talk about that either.

For @captofthesswolfstar

‘it makes me look cooler’ Sirius didn’t know why Remus felt guilty, the full moon was over and he liked the new addition to his eyebrow quite a lot.

It’s Lily Evans’ birthday today and so I decided to add on to my previously posted headcanons about her in honor of that so here we go

  • She always had some kind of plant life in her hair? not on purpose and not ironically, her hair was just so thick and long it would pick things up if she went under a tree or laid on the ground and she wouldn’t know it. In fall she’d have leaves, winter twigs, spring flowers, summer grass. One time she and the Marauders went to the sea and she got seaweed stuck in it and Peter had to sit for a half hour taking it out while she threw sand at Sirius. 
  • Had a lot of old jewelry she’d inherited from her grandmother and wore it a lot, especially the really heavy old silver rings that family legend said the fairies gave to her great great grandfather when he did them a favor
  • The rings came in handy once when she was off school grounds with James and some Death Eater tried to attack her (she punched them in the face and broke their nose and two teeth. James had never been so proud)
  • Would always lay in the middle of the couch so she could put her feet in one persons lap and her head in the others
  • Taught little Gryffindors how to count in between the lightning and thunder so they could tell how far away the storm was
  • Was the only one Remus would share his chocolate with because one time he refused to and she cursed the rest of the boys with period cramps for the rest of the day
  • (Sirius ended up on the Common Room floor crying, Peter gorged himself in the kitchens, James had to cancel Quidditch practice, and they all threatened Remus on the pain of death until he gave in and Lily reversed the charm)
  • Had a tendency of dancing in the rain and then getting sick and laying about moaning the next day
  • Was known throughout Hogwarts as the one you went to if you needed help staging a protest
  • or any kind of help, really, because if Lily Evans should be known as anything, she should be known as the little girl who wanted to save the world and grow old and happy with her husband and son, but only got to achieve one of those goals
  • James: what?! and you all know?
  • Sirius: ya
  • Remus: yep
  • James: what?! why didn't you tell me?
  • Lily: im sorry i didn't think you could keep it a secret
  • James: what?! i am an excellent secret keeper, i have kept all of our secrets
  • Sirius: what secrets?
  • James: oh no no padfoot, im not gonna tell you because i am an excellent secret keeper
  • Sirius: *lower* tell me later?
  • James: *lower* you already know

Request: Hey, love! Can you do 7,1 and 5 for the fluffy prompts, please? I just really need Remus cuddles right now.


You and your, not sure if you could say boyfriend, Remus Lupin, were very much an awkward teenage couple, the kind who wasn’t sure whether to hold hands or not, or whether to do couple-y things. Despite being 6th years, and knowing each other for about 10 years, the two of you were the definition of a middle-school couple, not even having your actual first kiss yet, and being embarrassed to peck each other on the cheek (even though you had done that for years) and to hold hands.

It was really awkward transitioning from best friends to potential significant others, the first few innocent dates you had gone on were tense, and you two sat as far away as you could from each other without it being too awkward. It was as if the two of you were 11-year-olds again, who had finally had their first crush; blushing and running away whenever anything had to do with them. 

It had finally gotten less awkward, and almost reverted back to your friendship (you guys were very lovey-dovey best friends, almost acting like a couple already), except this time the two of your feelings were open, instead of lingering in the air. However, everything had a different feel, as if somehow this were a dream. It was as if you were weightless, the two of you hardly being seen without smiles on your faces. 

And so, as all new couples you found yourself cuddling into each other, just enjoying the others company and the lack of excitement in the castle. It was an Autumn Saturday, and the two of you had opted to stay inside, to avoid the chilliness, the warning of the fastcoming winter. 

You had made the mistake of taking off your fuzzy socks, and now your toes were freezing, as you were laying down on Remus’ arm, resting your hand on his rising and falling chest. The covers seemed to be doing nothing, as the two of you were still very cold, and it was hard for you to join Remus in slumber if you were cold.

“I’m cold. Come closer.” Remus whined sleepily, as he brought you closer to him, his eyes still closed. You snuggled into his chest, enjoying the heat radiating from him, as you intertwined your legs, his pant legs riding up, your toes coming in contact with his bare leg. He hissed, as his eyes shot open, looking at you with a pout. “You’re feet ‘re cold.” He grumbled sleepily, upset at having been woken up.

You giggled at his face, finding him adorable, before you kissed his nose. “ ‘M sorry, Love. My feet are always cold.”

He pouted a bit more, pulling you closer to him, swinging his leg over yours, his lanky body, clinging onto yours. “They shouldn’t be ice cubes, Love.” He murmured, burying his nose into the top of your head, kissing you lightly on the crown of your head.

You snuggled your face into his chest, taking in his scent of cinnamon, chocolate, sweaters and books. You squeezed your eyes shut, a happy sigh escaping your lips as you snuggled into the warmth he was emitting.   “You’re really soft.” You say, your voice soft spoken, looking up at him, a smile on your face, as the corners of his lips curled up.

The two of you laid there for hours, not talking, just enjoying being so close to the other. You would speak occasionally, but mostly you were cuddling up to each other, trying to stay warm, as the brisk Autumn air entered the room from the cracked open window.

You two were talking when you both looked at the clock and realized that dinner was happening, and you guys wouldn’t have much time to go down to eat. Groaning, you cuddled into Remus’ side, trying to hide your face as you tried to melt into a puddle.

Remus was staring at your actions, a small loving smile on his lips, as he shook you gently, trying to get you to move. “If we don’t leave now, Love, we won’t have dinner.”

“I don’t wanna get up,” You whined, hiding your face even more, “You’re comfy.” 

He laughed a bit at your reluctance to leave, before placing a small kiss on your forehead. “Okay, Love. We’ll stay.”

But you hadn’t heard him, because you had dozed off, little snores coming out of you, making Remus smile, as he placed a kiss on your head. “I love you.” He whispered, before dozing off himself. Little did he know, you had heard him and felt the same way about him. 


‘… my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal … my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them … he was younger than me, and a much better son, as I was constantly reminded.’