im packing up all my stuff to go home

Chapter 8


Waking up in bed I felt my other side for Chris but came up empty . Sighing I looked over at the clock to see it was 11:03. I had a mini sticky note sitting on top of my phone .

’ Good morning beautiful had to go to practice this morning , I’ll txt you when im out

-Chris ’ I read out loud . Smiling , I balled up the paper and threw it away in my small garbage can .

Huffing I remembered I was going to Emily’s today . I sluggishly made my way to my bathroom .

After I did my hygiene thing I found a. Outfit. I wasn’t trying to be dressy or anything . Probably was gonna be inside all day .

Walking into my closet , I pulled out my LV duffle bag and packed three nights worth of clothes . Who knows how ima be feeling . I might not wanna go home .

Satisfied with my outfit and stuff I packed , I made my way downstairs to speak to Alexis before I head out.

’ she ain’t even here ’ I said in my head , as all the lights downstairs were off . The only light supplied was through the curtains from the sun shining so bright outside .

“ I’m fucking starving ” I yelled slamming the cabinet doors . This morning was just not my morning for some reason .

Thinking about Chris being at practice , I decided to get us both some mcdonalds and just call it a morning . Hopefully he don’t be upset with me popping up without a warning .

Getting inside my car , I started it and pulled off . Cruising down the street , the wind was strong , causing my hair to blow . Chuckling at how crazy it’s probably going to look once I come to a stop , I tried to brush it down .

Pulling up in front of the mcdonalds thats closer to school , I drove through the drive thru and ordered Chris and I’s food . With him practicing I knew a frappe would be bad for him so I just got him a blue powerade .

“ thank you ” I smiled at the boy who handed me my food .

“ no problem shorty ” he winked . Laughing , I drifted out of the parking lot and sped my way to school . One of these days I’m gonna get a ticket fucking around with speeding .

Unbuckling my seat belt , I got out of the car and headed for the back of the school with the bags of food in my hand . Using my chin to unlock the small gate , I walked through, using my foot to close it .

As I walked down the field , I squinted my eyes so I could search for Chris . Walking closer to the field I seen him clowning around with one of his team mates .

Finding a spot on the bench , I sat our food down and made my way to where he was standing . ” Look son , your shorty’s here ” His team mate tapped his shoulder .

Turning around the smile he had on his face turned into a big grin once his eyes landed on me . Picking me up , I wrapped my legs around his sweaty waist .

“ let me find out Jaylin a football wife ” scooter smirked . Rolling my eyes playfully , I waved him off . Chris walked off without telling them bye or that he was coming Back . Rude ass !

“ why you here with these lil ass shorts on ? ” he asked squeezing my ass.

“ I didn’t plan to come here but when I thought about you being hungry , I got you some food ” I said sitting down on the bench . Sitting beside me , he turned his body so that he was facing me .

“ Watchu got for me ? ” he asked taking off his shirt.

“ I got you two Big Macs with a large fry and a blue powerade ” I said pulling it out of the bag and handing it to him .

Kissing my neck , I guess it was his way of saying thank you . Watching him as he ate , I noticed his eyes were green , once again .

“ why are your eyes green ? ” I asked .

Tensing up ,” They change with the weather ” he said devouring his sandwich . Cocking my head to the side , that was the weirdest thing I ever heard but okay .

Taking my salad out the bag ,
I squirted the ranch dressing all over the lettuce . ” Did you enjoy our date last night ? ” he asked .

Smiling ,” I sure did baby . The sweetest thing any one has ever done for me ” which was true . Mark was never that romantic or nice enough to do something like that for me . It was vice versa.

“ what was your favorite part about it ? ” he questioned wiping his mouth with the napkins I had in the bag .

“ when you made me your girlfriend ” I blushed . Smiling at me , he leaned forward and kissed my lips .

“ that was my favorite part too .claiming you forever ” there goes that promising voice again . It almost sounded threatening to where if I left him , he’ll come for me . With that question sitting at the back of my head , I just had to ask.

“ What would you do if I left you ? ”

Chuckling darkly ,” for good ?” Nodding my head , he looked away from me .

“ I’ll probably haunt your ass down .& if you leaving me for another nigga , I’ll kill you both . When I say you’re mine forever , I mean it ” he gritted .

“ calm down , I was just asking ” I said rubbing my hands on the side of his face . Kissing my wrist , he let his lips linger .

“ how long you gonna be here ? ” I asked after a moment of silence.

“ All day , then Ima hit the gym until later on tonight ” he mumbled balling up our trash . I lost my appetite so my salad went to waste .

Nodding my head , he sat me in his lap and rested his head in the crook of my neck .” I’m tired baby ” he grumbled .

“ Are you aloud to take a break ?”

Yawning ,” yea “

“ well go ahead and take you a nap ” I said rubbing his back . Pulling me closer , he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep . I don’t see how anyone could sleep in heat . I know I couldn’t .

Snoring lowly , I chuckled at how fast he fell asleep . My poor baby sleeping like he haven’t slept in days . Kissing on his forehead , he pushed my head away .

Pouting ,” you don’t want my kisses ? ”

“ I’m trying to fucking sleep Cali ” he spat , calling me by my middle name . I kinda like how it sound when he say it so I’ll let it slide .

“ I’m just showing you affection ” I muttered softly . Kissing my chin , he mumbled ‘I’m sorry ’ before going back to sleep .

Sitting in the heat for three hours , Chris was still knocked , only in a different position and different setting . He had got hot and wanted to go to the car . Getting in the back of his range rover , he laid on my chest and went right back go sleep .

Tapping his shoulder , he groaned and turned over . Tapping him again , he slapped my thigh . Hissing in pain ,” nigga wake up . You gotta get back to practice “

“ I don’t wanna go ” he whined .

“ come on baby get up ” I said sitting up . Wrapping his arms around my waist , he held on to me . Sighing , he wasn’t trying to let me go .

“ coach is going to get on your ass and you won’t be able to play and that means my customized hoodies and shirts will go to waste ” I said trying to get his ass up .

Leaning up , he sighed heavily before opening the door to get out . Following behind him , I pulled him down and kissed his lips before he left my side again .

“ Ima miss you ” he mumbled into my ear .

“ Ima miss you too baby ” I smiled faintly . Kissing me one more time , he smacked my ass .

“ txt me later okay ?” He said with hopeful eyes as if when I left , I’ll just forget about him .

“ when you get out of practice you’ll have a lot of txt messages to smile about ” I winked . Chuckling , he squeezed my hands before heading back to the football field .


“ Bitch you lying ” I squealed .

“ nope , no I am not . I am in deed pregnant ” Emily smiled playing with her belly .

I got to her house about two hours ago and so far all we have done is eat and watch movies . ” Awww how far along are you ? ” I asked placing my hand on her stomach .

“ I’m about two months ” she giggled . Cooing , I was excited . I loved pregnancy . I thought it was the most beautiful thing to ever witness .

“ aww I can’t wait to rub your belly and buy cute little baby clothes ” I gushed , feeling all over her stomach .

I can’t wait for the day Alexis come home and be like ” Sissy I’m pregnant ” . I’m honestly going to be the most excited person on earth. My love for babies on a scale of 1-10 is 1,000 , real shit .

“ I hope I don’t be huge ” she frowned .

“ why not ? As long as your belly is huge and you stay small that is good . That’s what the doctors reach for . All the weight to be in your stomach area , no where else ” I informed . Thanks to Alexis , I knew a little something something .

“ I guess you’re right . I just don’t wanna be fat and shit afterwards ” she said .

“Exercise and healthy eating is the key ” I said

“ jay you’re the only one that knows so don’t say nothing ” she said with a stressful expression .

” you got my word baby ” I assured .

“ So about that date last night ” she said nudging my arm . Covering my face , I tried to hide my cherry red cheeks .

“ tell me what happened ” she urged pushing my shoulder back , clearing my throat , I ran down the whole night . By the end of my short story we were both wearing cheesy smiles .

Even tho I’ve only known Chris for a short period of time , he makes me happy and I could see myself getting really serious with him . Sometimes his aggressive side may come off too strong but it’s something I can handle .

” can you see yourself growing to love him ? ” Emily asked randomly . Staring at her for a brief second , I stood to my feet and walked to her kitchen .

Searching through her refrigerator , I took out the apple juice and poured me a tall glass . I was purposely trying to avoid her question because I didn’t want to talk about that right now for the simple fact I could see my self loving him .

Walking into the kitchen , she narrowed her eyes at me and crossed her arms . Rolling my eyes , I turned my back to her .

“ don’t turn away from me , answer my question , can you see yourself growing to love him ” she yelled .

“ yes Emily . Yes I can see myself growing to love him ” I yelled back , slamming my fist on the counter top .

“ You better not fall for him Jaylin ” she said shaking her head bitterly . Cocking my head to the side , I gave her the most ugliest mug possible .

“ I better not fall for him ? Who the fuck are you to tell me who to fall for ? ” I spat .

“ You’re too good for him . You better not fall in love . If so , you don’t have to worry about me being your friend ever again ” she said disgustedly .

“ you and nobody else is going to tell ME who to fall for . If I want to love him I can . And if that means you no longer be my friend then so be it ” I shrugged .

No one , and I mean no one will tell me not to fall in love with Chris . Or tell me that I’m too good for him . How would you know ? You don’t know nothing about us except for what I tell you .

“ you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into . He’s a hoe , he’s gonna fuck over you sooner or later and leave your ass alone in the dark ” she screamed angrily .

“ he wouldn’t do that ” I refused to believe anything like that . He just told me if I left him , he would haunt me down so she’s lying .

“ oh but he would ” she shook her head yes with a small chuckle .

“ Emily shut up . Shut the fuck up ” I yelled at her . At this point I was ready to fight her , not caring that she was pregnant .

“ you’re really funny jaylin . You see how Chris treated Naomi ? He would treat your ass worst . Then what ? You gonna be dealing with a heart break for No reason . Don’t fall for him ” she gritted .

Smacking her across the face , I was tired of hearing her mouth .” Stop worrying about Chris and I when Charles doing the shit you trying to tell me Chris is going to do ” I said in her face .

Silence . Silence filled the air as she let what I said sink in . Yea , your man ain’t no saint . I know what you don’t know . But I guess that saying right ,” what you don’t know won’t hurt ”

” what do you mean he’s doing the same thing ? ” she asked , trying not to cry .

“ you throwing it in my face about how Chris fucked with Naomi but Charles fucking with her now . At least Chris stopped ” I spat .

“ h-how do you know ? ” she questioned with watery eyes .

“ I hear shit . When you’re a hoe , shit gets out ! People end up all in your business . I on the other hand keep my mouth shut . ” I stated .

“ when did this happen ?” She whimpered , wiping her tears . Any other time , I would have been a good friend and wiped her tears but not today .

“ A day or two ago . Doesn’t feel good do it ? Telling me how Chris is going to fuck over me and don’t fall for him when you fell for some one who’s fucking over you ” I stated calmly with an amused smirk plastered across my face .

Never come at my neck and try to play me behind what’s mine . It’ll get your feelings hurt , and I won’t give not one fuck .

“ Leave jaylin ” she cried .

“ I ain’t going no where ” I chuckled . The truth hurts I see .

“ leave ” she yelled .

“ You can’t handle my mouth bitch ” I laughed loudly before disappearing up her stairs . If she thought I was leaving because I told her the Truth then she got me real fucked up .

You can’t tell no one how to control their feelings or what to do in their relationship when you don’t know what’s going on in yours . One thing about me is I handle mine .

None of my relationships ended because of cheating except for one and that’s because he just wanted to be dirty . He as in mark of course . My other 2 past relationships ended because I no longer wanted it .

I feel that sooner or later Chris will need someone on his side , someone to support him , someone to take care of him at his lowest and some one to love him when he can’t even love his self . And that person will be me . No matter what .


‘I haven’t talked to my sisters in a few weeks’ I thought as I was gathering my purse and wallet . Oh well , I shrugged .I’ll talk to them soon whenever I get a chance . It’s not that I don’t want to , I’ve just been really busy lately .

I do miss them tho and I also regret not going out to much with Alexis just to stay at home and fuck Dom . Rolling my eyes at the thought of him , I wanted to punch him in the face .

Between work and him , I really had no time for my sisters and that’s family . Speaking of work , I have to go in tonight so I need to hurry so I can get back home .

Walking into the walmart supermarket , I grabbed a basket to put all my Items in . I was in the store getting something to cook for Dom for dinner tonight cause nine times out if ten I won’t cook anything else for the rest of this week .

Scooping up one bottle of pineapple fanta, I say it down carefully in the basket . As I was going down the aisle , I seen little small bottles of Apple juice . Instantly thinking of jay , I grabbed 2 packs just for her .

Resting my foot on the bottom of the basket , I tried to remember everything else I needed . Taking my phone from my back pocket , I web from my notes .

Checking over the list , most of the stuff I needed were on the noodle aisle . Turning the basket around , I went straight to aisle 10.

“I think I’m going to make some shrimp pasta. Something simple ” I mumbled as I looked at all the different style of noodles .

“ That sounds good ” I heard someone say. I turned around to see this handsome young man. Baby when I tell you he was fine.

“ You talking to me ? ” I asked curiously.

“ No I was just saying out loud ” he said letting his New Orleans accent flow.

“ Oh” I said blushing.

“ Why you blushing ma. ” I really didn’t know. He ain’t even said nothin.

“ I don’t know ” I shrugged while hiding my face.

“ You ain’t gotta hide from me ” he said moving my arm.

“ What’s ya name?” Umm. Oh god what’s my name

“ Mariah.” I finally said.

Chuckling ,” well I’m august nice to meet you. ”

“ Nice to meet you too ” I said looking into his eyes.

“ You see something you like "he asked.

” I-I’m sorry “ i said embarrassed I didn’t even realize I was staring.

” It’s aight. Want a picture? He asked. Chuckling.

“ No I got a even better idea. ” I muttered takin my phone out of my pocket .

“ What’s that ” he asked clearly interested .

“ How bout you give me your number. & we can go from there. ” I suggested .

“ Aight ” he said reaching his hand out for my phone.

After he gave it back we said our goodbyes. Watching him walk away , my pussy got wet just at the thought of him inside ms .Smiling , I think I’m going to like him.


Since jay was over at Emily’s I decided to call raven and see what she was up to since we haven’t talked and I really miss her. Pressing the phone app on my iPhone I quickly dialed her number.

“Hello?” She said picking up on the first ring .

“Rae?” I asked like I didn’t know it was her.

“Lexi! Oh baby how I’ve missed you. Where have you been?” She asked .

“I’ve been really busy lately” I simply said, with a slight shoulder shrug .

“To busy to even call your bestfriend?” she asked sounding hurt.

“Actually Yes. We have a lot to catch up on” I said .

“Like?” She asked curiously.

“Just a lot. What are you about to do?” I asked

“Absolutely nothing.” She said

“Good come get me and let’s go somewhere.”

“Alright I’m on my way be ready hoe.” She said

“I will. Bye bitch” I said hanging up the phone ,not waiting on a response from her .Getting Out of bed I went into my walk in closet to find something to wear.

“I don’t know what to wear” I thought to myself as I started going through clothes

After searching for what felt like hours I finally found something comfortable and perfect. Some leggings,a shirt,and my black cat 4’s. I know I took all that time & did all that searching for this simple ass outfit but I was just undecided about a lot.

Cutting the shower on I stripped from my clothes and pulled my hair back into a straight pony tail. Admiring my body in the full body mirror , I smiled at how blessed I was .

Stepping in the shower , I quickly washed off . With raven being on her way , I had to get in and get out .

I haven’t heard from august since this morning , he must be busy with work. Now that I think about it I don’t even know where he works.

One of these days I’m gonna have to find out because they always calling and shit. It can be 2 in the morning , if they call , he leaves

Hearing the doorbell ring brought me out of my thoughts

“Coming” I yelled as I jogged down the steps. Opening the door I was greeted by a overly excited raven.

“Hey my baby I missed you” she said hugging me.

“I missed you too” I said hugging her back.

“You ready” she asked breaking free from the hug.

“Yea” I said grabbing my keys off the stand by the door.

“Where we going?” I asked walking to the car.

“No where in particular just take a ride,get high, and talk.”

“Just like old times?” I asked smiling widely.

“Yep just like old times” she chirped.

“We’re gonna need some food and lots of it because you know I’m already fat & when I get weed in my system I’m like 10 times worst.”

“You right fatty” she said pulling up to Walmart. Going thru the aisles I picked up every bag of chips,cookies,cakes,candy. I even got a 2 litter bottle of sprite and a jar of pickles. I was gonna be just that hungry .After we left the store and got all our snacks.We decided to go to this park.

Parking the car. We got out and sat on the hood of the car .”What you been up to lately?” Raven asked sparking up a blunt.

“Girl a lot” I said as she took a pull from the blunt.

“Like what?” She asked passing it to me.

“Well I kinda met someone and now he’s my boyfriend.” I said taking two pulls from the blunt.

“What? Wait who?” She exclaimed !

“Yep and his name is August” I smiled widely. That’s my baby .

“I have to meet him.” She said blowing O’s .

“You will I promise all of you will.”

“Wait is this the one who you posted a pic of like two weeks ago?” She asked passing the blunt back to me.

“Yes that’s him” I said making the smoke come out thru my nose.

“Oh girl he’s cute.” She said

“Then he stayed over the other night right him & his little cousin who jay likes. I think they’re dating now if I’m not mistaking. But why my mama had did one of her surprise visits.”

“She did What?” She asked as I opened a bag of hot Cheetos and a thing of white frosted cookies.

“Yes girl. Then she started talking about Mariah and how I should watch her & she’s not really my sister”. I said with a mouth full of food.

“Eww Lexi but I wonder why she said that. Yo mama never liked Mariah not even when we were kids. Why?”

“I honestly don’t know. She says Mariah is always jealous about my achievements & things I get. Like how I’m done with college. We’ll ya know she’s a stripper so I can see what she’s saying with that. But I really think it’s because she’s never liked Mariah’s mom. And she believes in those sayings like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” I said reaching for another cookie.

“We’ll just have to wait and see sometimes people can surprise you. “She said getting a pickle out the jar .

“Yea you right but anyways how is everything going in your life.” I asked taking another pull from the blunt.

“Nothing at all has been going on in my life. I got a new surround system. That’s about it.” She said causing me to giggle.

“What about when Dwayne stayed the night at yo house.” I asked

“Girl you already know how he is. He wants to fuck me and have me act like his girl but he can do whatever”

“I be Trynna tell ya. That’s my cousin and all but you shouldn’t let him do this to you.” I said.

“But he said he’s gonna leave Gigi and be with me.” She said with hope in her voice.

“Now I’m saying this because I love you and I care. He’s not leaving her”

“And why he not?” She asked with watery eyes .

“They have a child together,yea he’s a hoe but he’s in love with her and let’s it be known. They’re even engaged.” I stated as a matter of fact .

“I guess you’re right” she said sighing.

“It’s gone get better I promise. He’s just not the one. You just gotta find some body who loves you for you,accepts you & isn’t ashamed of you”. I assured

“Now I wished I wouldn’t have wasted the last 3 years of my life waiting and wanting him.” She said sounding broken.

“Yea I know what you mean” I said as my phone started ringing. Looking down it was august calling me.

“Hello?” I said into the phone.

“Baby come open the door I’ve been knocking for like 30 minutes now” he said .

“I’m not home. Why didn’t you tell me you was coming over?” I asked.

“I figured you would be here. I mean it is 11 o’clock at night. Matter fact fuck you at this late.” He spat.

“I’m with raven” I said simply .

“Who the fuck is that?” He barked .

“My friend” I said

“Oh well you need to bring ya ass home. Like now” he said into the phone .


“I’m high,hungry, & I need some pussy” he said the last part making me instantly wet.

“I’ll be at my house in 30mins?”

“Yea. Ima go get me some food you want some?” He asked

“Nah. I’m good. Just hurry up?”

“Yea. I’m not going far.”

“Alright” I said hanging up.

“We gotta go”

“But why?” Raven whined

“I’m sorry tu but my baby’s at home” I smiled big.

“Who jay?” She asked.

“No bitch August” I said with a small laugh .

“Well let’s go so you can get you some dick.” She said getting up.

“How you even—”

“How many times have we got high together? "She asked.

"You right. Let’s go” I said as I gathered up all our food. Pulling up to the house I saw August car which ima assume he’s sitting in because I didn’t see anyone standing by the door.

“Bye my baby” I said kissing her cheek. As I got out the car .

“Bye girl” she said pulling off.


“Bout time yo ass get here.” I said getting out of my car

“Shutup and come on” she said opening the door.

“let’s go upstairs” she said as i wrapped my arms around her waist from the back and I pressed my hard-on into her.

“You really beautiful you know that? "I asked as I pushed my lower half onto her more and trailed kisses along her jaw line and neck. Causing her to moan.

“Where you want me to fuck you?” I spoke deeply into her ear, still rubbing my erection up and down against her butt.

"The bed” she said as we walked in her room. I took off my clothes without any hesitations leaving me in only my boxers.

“I want you to ride me on that love seat” I said smirking . I licked over my lips as she modeled over to me, still in her thong.

“Stop teasing me man and come on "I said letting my New Orleans accent flow. She was taking her time sliding down my shit , teasing me. Once I was all the way in , she started bouncing up and down moving her , hips from side to side.

"Ima sit back and enjoy this” I said as she came back up slowly and then down fast.I held on to her waist as she slammed down each time , she was riding this shit like a bike.

“shit don’t fucking stop Keep it just like that” I growled smacking her ass.

“Fuck baby I—I’m not I promise” she moaned picking her pace.deciding to help her I picked her up into the air and slammed her back down .

“Baby” she moaned out.

“Fuck up ” i grunted as she rode me like a fucking pro.

“Baby can you fuck me now?” She asked clenching her walls .Picking her up we went to the bed and I laid her down.

“Hike your legs up” I said as I started rubbing my dick up and down her second pair of lips ,teasing her.

“Fuck me already” she said sounding like she was getting mad.

“Someone’s Horny , you gotta be patient baby.” I said chuckling .

“August if you don’t—” I cut her off by ramming into her.

“make me cum …please” she moaned .Doing as she asked I picked up my pace and started slamming into her with no mercy.

“I’m almost there.” She moaned loudly . I started moving my hips in an up and down motion . The tip of my dick hit a spot causing her legs to start twitching indicating she was close to cumming .

“Make me fucking cum already” she screamed . I nodded before pressing all the way down onto her stomach and ramming in and out of her .

“SHIT that’s my spot baby” she moaned.

“oh my god I feel you in my stomach” she moaned , clenching her walls .

“I. M. A. F. U. C. K. T. H. I. S. P. u. S. S. U. Y. U. P” I said with each thrust as I picked up both of her legs up and placed them on my shoulders .

“I’m about to cum” she panted

“Hold it” I said ramming into her.

“I can’t baby” She whined .

“Yes you can and you will Alexis.” I said as she came all on my dick.

“I told you to hold it right?” I asked

“I couldn’t baby I’m sorry.” She cried .

“Nope ion wanna hear that sorry shit Now ima fuck this shit up” I said flipping her over . Then I drilled into her without a warning not even giving her a chance to open up her legs. I grabbed a handful of her hair and kissed her hungrily.

“Want me to help you bust” she asked seductively .I shook my head up and down wanting to know what she was going to do.

She reached down and started rubbing her clit. I kept my eyes on her fingers as she tickled herself.

“ Shit , I’m wet” she said .

“rub that pussy” I said picking up my pace . As my speed increased , she started rubbing harder and faster.

“I’m so fucking wet for you papi” she said . Oh fuck.

“How fucking wet” I grunted still ramming myself in and out of her with no mercy . she didn’t answer , just smirked at me.

“H. O. W. F. U. C. K. I. N. G. W. E. T. I. S. M. Y. P.U. S. S. Y.” I asked with each thrust .

“Así joder húmedo papi” ..She said slowly and that did it.I busted deep inside of her before falling onto the bed next to her . Pulling her close I kissed her lips before she fell asleep.


“ you ready dawg ? ” I asked looking over at Charles . I was still feeling some type of way from not being able to take Jay out tonight .

“ yea man , just waiting on you ” he mumbled . Looking back at the duffle bags in the back seat , I took off .

“ the fact this nigga got us going way across town ” I mumbled dodging in and out of traffic .

” how he even know we can trust these niggas man ? ” Charles asked looking me .

“ we don’t . ” I simply said . This was A life or death situation right nah . we don’t never step in some one else territory with out knowing em .

” you got your gun “

“ fully loaded ” he mumbled examining it .

Huffing , ” here goes nothing ” .

Stepping out the car , I grabbed the 4 duffle bags full of coke in it . Throwing 2 to Charles and keeping 2 for myself we made our way up the steps .

“ who you ? ” some big buff dude asked guarding the door .

“ August sent us ” we never tell these niggas our name . This is strictly business . Simply drop off , take our money & bounce .

“ He’s waiting in the back ” the guard said opening up the door . I ain’t gon stunt this place look scary as fuxk .

” knock on the door nigga ” I whispered harshly to Charles . Knocking on the door , we waited for some one to answer .

“ Ahh , y’all made it . I was starting to think it was a set up ” the unknown face said , back of the chair facing us .

” Nah , we real over here homie” I mumbled .

“ drop the bags ” he spat .

Dropping the bags , his two body guards picked them up off the floor . Slamming them onto the table , they began to go through the bag making sure The actual product was in there .

“ You know young bloods , y’all got mighty nerve walkin up in my spot ” the guy said turning around to face us .

Mugging him , ” fuxk you mean ?” I asked . Ion care who you is , you ain’t finna disrespect me .

“ I would end your life as quick as you could say bye ” he mumbled reaching his hand down for something . Grabbing my gun , My instinct kicked in so I immediately starting shooting .

Charles had my back and took down the two body guards and the extra 4 who came running in .

“ Let’s get the fuck outta here cuh ” Charles yelled picking up the product .

Not only were we leaving with money but we left with our product as well . 9 times outta 10 August gonna make us do a double drop .

“ that shit was close ” Charles said letting out a breath he must have been holding for the longest .

” Where you finna go tho ? ” I asked backing out of the parking lot .

“ prolly go see Emily , I miss my baby ” he said cheesing . Shit I wish I had a ole lady to smile about .

Now that I think about it , ima see what’s up with Jay once I drop Charles ass off .

“ I’m dropping you off by your car or to Em house ? ” I asked before hitting the exit .

“ Bring me to my baby house ” he mumbled . Nodding my head , I went to Emily’s house .

Dapping me up ” thanks man , good looking out ” he said grabbing his duffle bag .

“ it ain’t nothing homie ” I said pulling off in the direction of jays house . Before I went I made a stop at in N out to grab me something to eat . A nigga was starving . Being nice , I even ordered Jay some food .

“ thank ya ” I said grabbing the food from the thirsty chick at the window .

“ this fuxking girl playing games, I know she see me calling her ” I huffed In annoyance .

Feeling my phone vibrate in my lap , I looked at the caller ID hoping it was Jay but it was just bitch ass Charles .

“ fuck you want ? ” I spat into the phone .

“ who pissed you off nigga ? ” he asked

” no body , Jay ain’t answering her phone ” I mumbled .

“ that’s because she’s in the shower ” he assured me .

Pulling the phone away from my ear , I looked at it with the meanest mug . ” how the fck you know ? ”

“ calm down bitch , I only know cause when you dropped me off her and Emily was sitting on the sofa you dick ”

“ she seen the duffle bag ? ” the last thing I wanted for her to know was I sell drugs for a living .

“ Nah man , she wasn’t focused on it . She said hey and went up the stairs ” he said . Letting out a relieved breath , I did a sharp u turn .

Pulling back outside Of Emily house I grabbed the food from the passenger floor and made my way to her front door .

“ yea dick that’s what I thought ” Charles said mugging me when he opened the door .

“ nigga shut the fuck up , hey em ” I waved .

Smiling , ” hey brother , I missed your Chinese ass “

Groaning , ” don’t start em ”

“ I’ll go get Jay for you light bright ” she said disappearing up the stairs.

“ Ahhh she called you light bright . ” Charles laughed .

“ nigga, ain’t shit funny . You ain’t to far behind me ” he went quiet .

“ that’s what I thought ” I chuckled .

A few minutes later Jay came down stairs with boy shorts & a tank top on .She was looking good as hell. Ass was sitting nice and plump while her Breast were high and perky .

“ Hey Mikeey ” she squealed making her way over to where I was standing .

“ damn girl ” I grunted as she jumped in my arms , almost knocking the food out of my hand .

“ sorry , I just missed you ” she said kissing all over my face . Only if she would kiss my lips .

“ I missed you too ,where can I sit this ?”

“ carry me to the kitchen ” she mumbled wrapping her legs around my waist . Carrying her into the kitchen I sat her down on top of the counter .

“ what’s in the bag ? ” she asked eyeing me .

“ food for me and you ” I smiled taking the burgers and fries out the bag .

“ mm thank you , I was starving but didn’t feel like driving ” she said ripping the package open .

” no problem shorty ” I chuckled causing her to tense up .

“ fuck you tensing up for Jay ? ”

“ Nothing ” she muttered lowly .

Sitting my burger down ,” don’t seem like a nothing to me , we keeping shit from each other now ? ”

“ Noo ” she mumbled quietly .

Scoffing ” well tf did I say that made you so tense Jaylin ? ”

“ you called me shorty okay ” she sighed . Looking at her confused , the hell ?

“ why would you tense because of that ? ”

“ because that’s what Chris call me ” she mumbled . Shaking my head , ion care about that nigga but I also don’t wanna call her what he call her .

“ what that’s your lil boyfriend or something ? ” I joked . But when she didn’t answer me , I stopped laughing .

“ you go with that nigga Jay ? ” I asked in a more serious tone .

“ Y-yes. "She stuttered.

” When the hell did this happen “ I was fucking furious now .She didn’t say nothing.

” Oh so you don’t fucking hear me “ I yelled at her.

” Stop yelling at me. “ she flinched .

” Well answer my damn question. “ I gritted , getting in her face .

” What “ she spat with attitude.

” When the fuck did this shit happen “ I gritted out.

” Yesterday “ she said looking everywhere but at me.

” Really jay? Really. “ I guess she got fed the fuck up.

” What the fuck you so mad for? We’re just bestfriends Michael damn I’m allowed to date ya know. “ she rolled her eyes .

Nodding my head in an up & down motion. ” You know what you right” I said before walking out the house making sure too slam the door behind me.

” know what , Ima teach her ass a lesson “ I spat walking back into the house . Emily and Charles had disappeared up the steps , leaving jaylin alone down stairs .

” I thought you left ? “ she said in a low confused tone . Without muttering a word to her , I slapped her across the face . Sending three blows to her breast , she hollered in pain .

” yo what the fuck “ Charles yelled running down the stairs with Emily hot on his tail . Running over to jaylin he looked at her face before looking at me .

” you real fucked up Michael “ he chuckled bitterly .

” get out “ Emily gritted , pointing to the door . Shrugging my shoulders , I gladly walked out of the house . Don’t put no other nigga before me .


” weak ass nigga “ Josh chuckled while sitting on my back . This was a new level for me . A 256 pound man on my back ? My body about to be sore as shit .

” nigga get your fat ass off of me “ I chuckled with him . Getting off of my back , I plopped down on the ground .

” I’m gone son “ josh informed with the peace sign held high in the air while walking out the double doors .

Standing on my feet from doing 109 push ups , I wiped the sweat beads that fell rapidly from my forehead . Taking a swig out of my water bottle , I pranced over to where my gym bag laid out by the gym doors .

Throwing it across my shoulder , I retrieved my phone from the side pocket . ” no txt from jay huh ?” I grumbled out loud . Clenching my jaw , I nodded my head in an ’ ok that’s cool ’ manner before busting through the exit doors .

I’ve been in the gym since 10 this morning trying to make sure I was ready for football season . Even though it’s months from now , I still want to be prepared . It’s a must that I be one of the best on the field.

Checking the time , which was going on 1:00 . I shot jay a quick txt saying I was about to slide through so I could her lil tiny ass. Shivering at the cool air , I walked faster to my range rover and hopped in.

Throwing my gym bag in the back seat , I put the key in ignition , bringing it to life . Before pulling off my phone made a short ding sound , alerting me on a new txt .

Jaylin had txt me letting me know she wasn’t home . Clenching my jaw , I hit ’ voice call ’ so I could call and see where she’s at . ” hello ” her deep voice blared through the phone .

” why your voice so deep ? Like you sick or something ?“ I asked with a twisted up face . last night she seemed normal , even tho I wasn’t physically I could still see and here her . Something Chris can’t and never will be able to do .

” it’s nothing “ she mumbled . Sucking my teeth I knew it wasn’t nothing and I knew she wasn’t sick . Her ass has been crying . For what ? I don’t know but I’m about to find out .

” don’t tell me nothing . The fuck you crying for ?“ I barked . She had no reason to ever lie to me .

Sighing heavily ,” Michael passed by over here and some things got out of control and yea ” she said as if she was leaving some detail out .

” Come on Jaylin , I’m supposed to be your ‘boyfriend ’ but you ain’t telling me everything . Where are you ? “ I asked . I forgot Chris made the big move and made her his girl well MY girl !

” I’m at Emily’s “ she sniffled . Gripping the steering wheel tightly , I sped through the nightly traffic just to get to her .

” why are you crying ? “ I questioned through clenched teeth .

” you’ll see when you get here “ she said before hanging up in my face . Mentally cursing her out , I continued to speed my life away . Hopefully a cop didn’t pull me over for me being a wild human being .

Swerving my car to the right , I slowed down at the recognition of Emily’s street name settled in my brain . Slowly pulling up in front of Emily’s house , I turned the car off , not bothering to take the keys out .

Walking up to her front door , I gave it two hard knocks and impatiently waited for some one to answer the door . ” fuck you want ?” Charles answered with a slight mug on his face .

” my nigga , you might not want to try me right now . You don’t know me like that “ I warned pushing past him. Niggas need to realize I’m not Chris . I would kill you , Chop you into pieces and feed YOUU to your mother . Don’t fuck with me .

” Jaylin ? Baby where you at ? “ I yelled once I got in the living room .

” I’m upstairs with Emily “ she yelled loud enough for me to hear . Jogging up the stairs , three steps at a time , I went into the room I assumed she was in .

My assumptions were right when , her wild curly hair came into view and I had a perfect view of her plump ass that rested in her Victoria secret pink booty shorts . My jaw automatically clenched at the thought of Charles being around her while looking like this .

Walking up behind her , I wrapped my arms tightly around her waist while leaving light pecks along her neck .” Hey baby ” she smiled softly . Trying to turn her body around , she held her grounds .

” Jaylin what’s wrong ? “ I asked trying to look her in her face , only for her to turn her back to me again .

” I’m fucking talking to you , what the fuck is w-“ the slight bruise that was scattered across her right cheek had me cut my sentence short.

” who the fuck hit you ? “ I asked . My chest started to heave up and down more and more as my anger level rose .

” Michael hit me because I told him we were together now “ she cried lowly . Pulling her body into mine , she hugged my body tightly while I kissed her hair repeatedly .

Not only was I trying to calm her down , I was trying to calm myself down as well. In a matter of seconds I would snap but I’m trying as hard as I can not to . With my anger getting the best of me as always , I pulled away from Jaylin .

” finish packing your stuff , I’ll be back up here in a few “ I assured walking out of the room . Walking down the steps , I could hear Emily and Charles talking in the kitchen .

” so y’all just let y’all bitch ass nigga hit my girl and not do shit about it “ I snarled , catching them off guard .

” we didn’t know he was going to h-“

” I don’t give a fuck . He still hit her “ I barked cutting Emily off .

” say nigga you got her fucked up “ Charles yelled from the other side of the island . Chuckling at his boldness , I picked up the nearest glass cup and threw it at his head .

” next time I won’t be so nice and I’ll use a knife “ I warned with a slight grin . The sight of his blood , caused me to sniff the air . Licking over my lips , I watched in excitement as his blood poured out of his head .

Clenching my fist tightly together , I was trying to compose myself . Just one little sniff of blood made me want to see more .” Where’s your friend ?” I asked Charles who was looking at me with a scared expression .

Averting my eyes over to Emily , she was watching me intensively . If I wanted to hurt her I would have been did it , so she had nothing to worry about . My focus and yearn was now on Michael .

Shrugging ” I don’t know where he is ” he stated honestly , wiping the left over blood from his face . Nodding my head , I yelled for Jaylin to come on . Someone else will catch my wrath tonight then . Someone will suffer because of Michael.

” Emily Jaylin is not a loud back over here cause it’s obvious you don’t give a fuck about her . Real shit “ I said , grinding my teeth .

” I’m ready “ Jaylin said holding on to the back of my shirt .

Grabbing her bag , I pulled her in front of me and lead her out the house . Opening my car door for her to get in , she crawled into the passenger seat . Once her seat belt was on , I closed the door and walked over to my side .

Hopping in , I slammed my door and started the car . Taking a glimpse at her face , I sped off of the street and on to the highway . Scratching at my pants leg , I was fighting the urge to touch her.

Placing her hand on the back of my neck , slowly massaging it , my body relaxed . Stopping at a red light I leaned over and kissed her lips . The way my body was craving her at the moment was crazy .

” I want you “ I breathed through a husky tone in her ear . Looking at me with glossy eyes due to the light from the moon shining directly in them , she hesitantly nodded her head .

The light changed green , signaling for me to go . Pressing my foot down on the gas , I quickly drove to my house as the want for her increased by the minute . Grinding my teeth, I was becoming impatient .

Turning on the light , Jaylin studied her purple bruise that laid beneath the small whelp . Kissing her bruise , she smiled faintly at me before turning the light back off .

” you gonna spend the night with me tonight ? “ I questioned , turning the car off .

Nodding her head ” yea ” . Getting out of the car , I opened the back door and retrieved her bags for her . Walking to the front door , I used my free hand to open it up . Dropping her bags by the door , I lifted her body up and carried her to the bedroom .

” I want you so bad “ I whispered in her ear before kissing it . Rubbing my hands up and down her sides , I planted them on her perky breast . Giving them a light squeeze , she let out a low whimper .

” what’s wrong ? “ I asked . Shaking her head , she muttered ’ nothing ’ but I knew it was something . Removing. Her shirt from her body , I stared at her slightly bruised breast .

” you let this nigga hit all on you , and you wasn’t gonna call me ? “ I barked in her face . Flinching , she covered her face as if I was gonna hit her .

Getting up from on top of her , I slipped back into my sneakers and jogged down stairs . Snatching my keys off the counter top , I left out the house with out another word.


” Get his ass “ I yelled in excitement as Rakiem continued to hit the middle of his chest with the bow and arrow . Everyone else around the room looked scared shitless while Rakiem and I had excitement running through out our system .

Taking a hit from the 6th blunt Rakiem rolled , I laughed whole heartily at the buster that stood before me . Niggas talk a lot of shit but when in a life or death situation they wanna cry like a ill bitch .

” you take a shot “ Rakiem encouraged , handing over the arrows . Smiling Evilly , I aimed for his eye ball

” please man , I don’t even know you “ some random nigga I got from off plank screamed as I continued to shoot darts through his body .

Emptying a clip into his chest , I watched as his body slumped forward and blood pour out . Dipping my finger in his blood , I brought it up to my face for a better view . Smiling at the sight , I pressed the button for one of my niggas to come clean my mess up .

” Damn boss , that’s 10 “ Sumo chuckled walking into my room . Shrugging my shoulders , It didn’t bother me that I just kilt 10 humans for no reason what so ever .

I didn’t know where Michael where abouts were and I needed to take my anger out on some one for the shit he did to jaylin . Not only are these people catching hell , but he will also catch hell when he’s least expecting it .By now I’m sure Charles has called him and let him know that I’m aware of him laying his hands on My wife .

” I don’t give a shit . I’ll kill 10 more if I’m up for it “ I spat while lighting a blunt . Puffing once , I let the smoke cloud my lungs before releasing it .

Letting out a low sigh , I threw my head back and thought about life . If my brother cyson was still alive , I probably won’t be as crazy and dangerous as I am now . If anything , I’ll be level headed and Humble .

Wiping a tear that slipped from my eye , I had to stop thinking about my brother before I became an emotional wreck . Putting out the blunt , I left it in the ash tray . Getting up from my chair , I stretched my body out . Hearing a few bones crack , I groaned .

” you done for the night ?” Sumo asked as I grabbed my keys .

” yea man , I’m going home “ I assured . Nodding his head , he patted my back . Popping a piece of gum in my mouth , I made my way to my Truck . Looking down at the time it was 2:00 Am , I wonder if Jaylin’s up .

Calling her phone it rang rang and rang until it went to her voicemail . Sucking my teeth I threw my phone in the passenger seat .

As I was driving I watched a nigga get shot to death . Slamming on my breaks, my body jerked forward , causing my head to hit the windshield . Thankfully , I didn’t injure myself or damage my shield .

Instant flashes of the night brother died clouded my vision . Shaking my head viciously , I tried to get rid of the images playing over and over in my head .

” you’re dead bitch “ Ryan yelled .

” No get out of my head “ I yelled . The voices were coming back and I couldn’t do anything about it .

” Look at you , any last words for your vulnerable ass ? “ He yelled pointing the gun to My brothers head .

Holding the side of my head tightly , I couldn’t stop the tears that was rolling down my face . ” get out of my head ” I screamed at the top of my lungs .

With the little strength and sight I had left in me I drove as fast as I could to my house before I had another flash and went crazy .

With the second warehouse being closer to my house , I got home in no time . Parking my car , I got out and briskly walked to the front door .

Punching in the code , the alarm didn’t sound off , thank god cause it would have probably scared jaylin in her sleep . Throwing my keys on the counter , I jogged up the stairs to my room to make sure jay was still here .

Busting through my door , she was sprawled out across my side of the bed hugging my pillow tightly . Smiling at the sight , all the bad shit I did tonight flew out the window. Taking off my shoes and clothes , I slightly opened her legs .

Pulling off her booty shorts along with her thong , she didn’t wake up but she tossed and turned . Crawling on top of her , I stuck my dick inside her opening . Grunting lowly , a low moan slipped from her lips while her eyes were still closed .

Resting my head in the crook of her neck , my body relaxed into hers . My crying had came to a stop and the voices were gone .Drifting off to sleep , I felt free from the world . I was in my safe haven and that’s all that mattered .