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Comfort- part2

Jackson x Series x Part2 x Abuse x Violence x Smut x Fluffy x Comfort - Jackson(or any other got7 members) is not abusing her, her boyfriend is- Jackson isnt her boyfriend!

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You hated facing Jackson. You just felt so ashamed and guilty.

“It was my fault.” Your voice was soft and weak, just as your soul was.

Jackson stood up and wrapped his arms around you. “It was never your fault, and it never will be. A man should never touch a woman in this way, and you don’t deserve this. You deserve so much better. You deserve the whole world.”

Jackson continued holding you tightly, trying to protect you from everything bad in the world. He was pretty sure if he wasn’t holding you, he would be out killing the guy right now”.

-I want to thank Erica ( @got7imaginations​) for the inspiration from her game to write this Jackson series- credit goes to her! Thanks doll <3-


“Tell me what happened”.

He begged you, he needed to know. He wanted to know. Cleaning up your wounds and bandaging them up he looked at you. You were so beautiful even if you were being abused, you were still beautiful to him.


You wanted to tell him what happened, even though you were scared of your Boyfriend finding out and hurting you again. You just didnt know what happened exactly, he just came home and a flip switched.

“He wasnt always like this” your voice so weak.

“Y/N. Its okay”.

His voice was calm and comforting. His body was between your legs as his hand gently held your face while he applied ointment to your eye.

“He just came home from work and just hit me. I-I dont know why though. I never know why”.

You turned away from him unable to look him in the eyes. But his thumb softly tilted your face towards him. 

“Y/N, was it the first time?”.

You hesitated before closing your eyes and shaking your head ‘no’. His face changed again like how it looked when he took your glasses off. He held you by the waist and put you down on you feet. 

“Their is another bruise” your voice faintly spoke.

He lead you back to the living room as you took a seat. You took your blouse off, turning sideways revealing a red wound on your upper back close to were your bra strap was. 

Jackson’s jaw was clenched as he sat across from you to cup your red bruised face. “Did he do this to you too?” he asked. You just looked away scared to tell him this was your abusive boyfriends doing- even though he already knew.

You hated facing Jackson. You just felt so ashamed and guilty, blaming yourself for upsetting him those nights even though you never knew what you had done.

“It was my fault.” Your voice was soft and weak, just as your soul was.

Jackson stood up and wrapped his arms around you. “It was never your fault, and it never will be. A man should never touch a woman in this way, and you don’t deserve this. You deserve so much better. You deserve the whole world.”

Jackson continued holding you tightly, trying to protect you from everything bad in the world. He was pretty sure if he wasn’t holding you, he would be out killing the guy right now. He was so angry that a man would ever hit his girlfriend or any female for that matter.

“I dont want to go back please dont let me”. Tears falling down your cheeks as you gripped him tighter than before.

“I promise. I wont let you go back Y/N” he said as he placed a kiss to your forehead.

He stood up, taking your hand as he led you towards the bathroom. He grabbed a fresh towel off the rack and hung it on the shower rail. 

“Im going to let you wash up okay. Just call for me if you need anything”.

He turned on his heels as he walked out but you grabbed his wrist-scared.

“Please stay. I-Im scared”.

He nodded before giving you a quick embrace. He then turned the tub water on, waiting for it to warm up. He then turned around to cover his face from looking at your naked body.

“Its okay, I wont look, you can get in”.

 As you slowly stripped of your clothes. You then climbed into the water as you winced from the pain. You sat down in the tub reaching for the washcloth he gave you. You soaped it up as you scrubbed your body, except your back which you couldnt get to.

“Jackson. May you p-please scrub my back”.

You turned your body around so only your back was visible to him, he carefully took the cloth out your hands as he scrubbed your back so carefully. He kissed the wound gently and rinsed you off before stepping away and turning back around, sure not to look at you.

“Thank you”

You and Jackson had been close since you both had been working together in the same department for a few years now. He was your partner for almost every project and you guys would hang out alot. Sometimes you came over his house or he came over yours. Jackson started to develop a small crush on you, but he never approached you about it, speaking that you had a boy friend.

Ever since you had gotten with your boy friend you were always distant and closed off- but he never knew about the abuse. He just knew he wasnt right in the head. It didnt take a genius to figure out your boy friend had a weird vibe from him.

He never knew or would have assumed he would hit you or be hitting you. He never understood why guys hit women, they were suppose to respect, love and cherish them. He just got so angry when he saw your beautiful soul so broken. He felt like it was his fault even though he had nothing to do with anything.

He wanted to hold you in his arms forever and never let you go.. but you werent his. But he wanted you to be. He wanted you all to himself so he could show you a life without abuse, or betrayal but a life full of promises and romance. He wanted to treat you like no one has ever treated you before.

You got up to wrap the towel around your body gently not to brush over your still sore bruises. Jackson turned around as he brushed your soft cheek with his hand. He intertwined his hand with yours leading you out of the bathroom and to his bedroom. It was a pair of underwear, and deodorant on the bed and a long oversized white shirt laid out as well.

“It was my sisters underwear, she left them here. Hopefully you can fit them. Ill wash your clothes out tonight so they can be dry tomorrow morning. Ill sleep on the couch tonight okay”. He gave you a smile before leaving the room to allow you to get dress.

You couldnt help but let out a soft laugh as you got dress. You slid on the long shirt gently, making sure nothing grazed your bruises. After you got dress you sat on the bed, thinking as you ran your hands through your hair. A small tear fell from your eyes as you heard a small knock on the door.

“May I come in?”.

You quickly wiped your cheek, removing all evidence from you crying.


He walked over to you, sitting down on the bed next to you. His hands found yours as he rubbed his thumb over the center of your small hand.

“Y/N. Im not going to let him touch you again. As long as your with me your safe okay? Now stop worrying”.

You nodded. You couldn’t stop worrying, every time you spent away from your boyfriend it was like he was going to find you and hurt you again. You were panicking inside, your heart beating so fast. You were scared he was going to find you with Jackson and hurt both of you. 

“Jackson. Can you stay with me tonight”.

“Of course. If you want me to. I will”.

You laid down, pulling the duvet over your body as Jackson slowly laid next to you. His hands behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling. You sleepily layed your head on his chest, your eyes closing as sleep came over you. Jackson studied your movement, unsure of how to respond. 

‘You walked down the street as you held your bag close to you. You passed the crowded streets as you fumbled with the keys to your apartment. You were late and afraid that he was going to be home when you got in. You opened the door looking around- he wasnt home. You sighed in relief as you quickly put your bag down and kicked your heels off.

“Where have you been”.

You turned around to him standing in the door way of the bedroom. You swallowed the lump in your throat as you stared at him nervously.

“I had to work a little later” you lied.

You couldnt tell him you were helping Jackson with his errand or he would ask you to many questions and hit you.

“I called them and they said you left early. So where have you been and if you lie to me Y/N…” he paused to laugh, “Just know I know”.

You swallowed again before trying to distract him by slowly taking your clothes off. You watched his eyes trail down towards your bra and your legs which were exposed to him. He walked towards you putting his hand on your face. Your eyes staring into his then he slapped you making you stumbled backwards and trip over your bag.

“How stupid do you think I am. Your fucking him arent you?” he yelled.

“N-no its not like that”.

But he wouldnt let you explain, he was grabbing your hair as he pulled you into the bathroom. Screaming as he harshly grabbed you pushing you into the tub full of hot water. Your hands swinging everywhere, panicking as he held your head under the water. The hot water burning at your skin as you kicked around. Water splashing everywhere, your vision going blurry as you heard his voice.

“You cant run from me Y/N”.

Screaming as you opened your eyes. Jackson quickly waking up as he put his hand gently on your shoulders.

“Y/N. What happened?”.

You tried to breathe and relax but you were to paranoid and scared of him finding you.

“He will find me”.

Your bottom lip trembling as you rocked back and forth. Jackson sat across from you as he held onto your shoulders looking into your eyes.

“Maybe he will find you. But I promise he wont hurt you again. I wont let him touch you anymore”.

You nodded your head as he pulled you in for a hug. His hugs were so comforting and warm. You never wanted to let go and you didnt want to go back to sleep either, Afraid of seeing your boyfriend in your dreams. Afraid of him finding you- or waking up and Jackson wasnt there.

“Y/N please go back to sleep. Dont stay up and think about him. Just rest please” he begged you.


You smelled the homey smell of pancakes and the french vanilla coffee in the morning, almost making you forget where you were. You heard yelling and you thought to yourself ‘who is he talking to?’. You slowly got out of the bed and peaked out the door, sighing in relief as you saw two boys at the table discussing something.

You saw Jackson’s eyes land on you and he stopped talking asyou slowly walked into the room, knowing he would call you in the room if you turned back.

“How did you sleep?” he asked you handing you a plate of food.

“Good” you replied with a smile.

The two boys eyes trailed to you waiting for them to be introduced, but the first one introduced himself. Something about him looked so familiar but you couldnt put your hand on it.

“Im Mark. Y/n, you probably dont remember me but we have met before” he smiled.

His hair was fiery red and ruffled up,you smiled nodding as you sat down beside Jackson. You were nervous and still shaken up from your dream. Something definitely seemed off about these two men, who cares if they were extremely good looking- more so suspicious. 

Jackson cleared his throat. The other boy fixed his suit before introducing himself. He had light brown hair and a professional look to him which made you wonder…..

“Im Yugyeom”.

That name sounded familiar.

You always felt weird about meeting new people after you and your boyfriend got together. You were uncomfortable with everything. Even compliments made you hesitant, not knowing if you were going to get slapped for even thanking the guy.

“Y/N. Its okay to be nervous. He wont find you here”. Jackson’s hand touched your thigh, assuring you everything was fine.

You just had a gut feeling that any minute he was going to break down the door and grab you and hurt you again. You couldnt go back but you felt like you didnt have a choice.

“Y/N. Can you tell me about him” Mark asked you.

You looked up confused as you barely touched your food, just sipping your coffee slowly. Why was he asking you questions about your abusive boyfriend?

“Your boyfriend I mean. In order for me- I mean us to protect you we need to know important things about him..” he explained.

You looked over at him and Yugyeom studying them. Until you noticed Marks badge poking out from under his shirt, which made you panic. You then noticed a card on the table- therapist.

“What Mark is trying to say is..” but you cut his off before he could finish.

“Yo-your a cop arent you…”, “get out”.

You shook your head before getting out your chair and eyeing him harshly.

“I said get out. Both of you. Just go. NOW” you yelled.

You watched them get up and leave the door and you turned back towards Jackson.

“I trusted you. How could you call them”.

Tears fell down your cheek as you left him, walking into the bathroom and locking the door behind you.  

“Y/N. Please”.

You slid down the door, holding your head in your hands as you sobbed. He thought you were crazy and you trusted him. You trusted him with your life. How could he betray you like that? You werent crazy right?

You heard glass shattering and gun shots as you heard a familiar voice.

“Where the hell is she”.

 - - -

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