im overcome with emotions


I want:

  • Baekho to become more confident in his appearance… because he’s a babe and it’s not fair that even some fans make him feel bad about his appearance when he’s always a sweet ray of sunshine who’s always smiling for his fans.
  • JR to become more confident in himself as a leader. He’s so sweet and always gives his group his all but he’s always so hard on himself. I just need him to see him the way his fans see him: as the beautiful, loving, and hardworking boy he is.
  • Ren to be allowed to express himself more. This boy is glorious. He’s just to good for this world. And the world doesn’t even know it. He’s also so creative and kind, if any kpop idol could help change the world it would be Ren.
  • More music promotions for Minhyun. This boy loves singing and the world needs to hear him. I don’t know any idol that has a voice as lovely and melodic as Minhyun’s.
  • Aron to be treated with respect and not hated on because of mistakes he has apologized for. I don’t understand why people insist on hating him when he has apologized and even better: corrected himself! 
  • NU’EST to be recognized as the talented and creative artists they are. They are always called “nugu” and told to simply disband because they are just a waist of money for Pledis. But, even with all of this hate, the boys continue to give it their all. They haven’t sold out and they keep pushing themselves to make music that not only pleases the public but also makes THEM proud. They have so much love to give, so much potential to be great, not only as idols, but as musicians. They only need to be given the chance. 

Please love NU’EST.