im outside today

so um changkyun spilled some good stuff today at melon radio. He said when he went outside to get some air at the post concert party mx and starship were having he saw wonho and kihyun hugging while crying.

when kihyun told wonho ‘good work’ both started tearing up and was hugging by THEMSELVES  and changkyun saw them IM CRYING 


i actually could not stop thinking about this……..

Changed Felix’s substrate today and I was out of coco husk so he got aspen. Think he was a bit confused by the change. 


sunny day

I’m sitting here in nothing but a comfy sports bra, my girlfriends Captain America underpants, body exfoliated, skin moisturized, smellin’ good , bathed in the gay light of the sun shining through the pride flag on my window, waiting for my clothes to dry and the lesbian love of my lives, my butch girlfriend, to come over so I can spend time with her. Mood? Lesbian.

hey uhhhhh why am i in this fandom again??

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