im only sixteen

ok so i told you guys that my hair is turning white really slowly but what if it turns completely white by the time im like, 20. imagine the possibilities. i could dye it any color i want and not have to bleach it, i could cosplay white haired characters and people would be like “dude your wig is so good where did u get it” and i’d be like “its not a wig” and dramatically flip my glorious white mane and leave. im coming to terms with this. this is gonna be amazing. im gonna have anime hair oh my god


NAYEON: You know how Jiwon doesn’t have much self-confidence. Even from the beginning, she was already expecting her ending. It was a pity since she always did well. 

JIWON: I don’t want to show myself crying so I acted like that. But the past is going to be the past, and I think the future is more important.