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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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Small Talk

This is a b-day present for @sncwbaz (go wish her a happy birthday!)

In which Simon texts the wrong number

(set in the summer before Carry On)

Italics is Baz

Bold is Simon

(Bc = because)

(Idc = I don’t care)

Can u believe it?

They were holding hands, P!

Sorry, who is this?

Oh shit, sorry. Wrong number

Not a problem.

Do u ever wonder why things happen to u? And why u have to take responsibility of things that are beyond your control or knowledge?

Why are you still texting me? And yes. On a regular basis.

Bc Im bored

Why are u replying?

What happened to P? Ignored you?

Busy w/ her boyfriend

U didnt answer my question

I guess because I’m a disappointment to myself.

What? Why? 4 texting an interesting stranger?

For wasting my time. Come on, interesting?

I slayed a dragon once

I didnt want 2, but I guess thats sth unusual

Uhm. Sure. A. Dragon.


Told ya :)

What else?


Once I ate 30 scones in a row

and I puked them 30 s later


Your turn. Tell me sth about u

I’m a vampire.

Hahahaha, nice 1

Tho u kno, they do exist

I know. I am one.

WICKED. So, u kill ppl?

No. I’m not a murderer.

Srry g2g

Care homes suck, they wont let me use my phone :(

Oh. That’s sad.


Morning vampy!

Call me that again and I swear I’ll kill you with my own fangs.

Touchy, arent we?

Don’t get into trouble for texting me.


No way. Just wouldn’t like you to blame me if you got grounded or something.

Im grounded 24/7 so no worries



Cant wait to start school next week

Me too, actually.

We must b like the only 2 teenagers on earth willing 2 go 2 school

Why are you guessing I’m a teenager? I could be a teacher.

Shit. True

Are u?

No, silly. I’m in A-level.

Omfg me 2

Do u live in England?


Cool! I live in London

Star Wars or LOTR?

Why do I have to choose?

Lets ask random questions 2 kno each other better!

Okay. Lord of the Rings, then.

Rembrandt or Van Gogh?


Day or night?


Coffee or tea?

Tea. W/ scones.

Outside or inside person?

Definitely inside.

Basketball or football?

Football. But Im not v good

Rain or sun?


Do you spit or swallow? (gum)

This question is disturbing

You said RANDOM. And I’m disturbed.

Im still not answering


U kno what? U really wanna kno sth abot me?


My girlfriend just left me


And I dont even care

Sorry about your girlfriend

Well dont b. I have much more fun texting u

Anyway, g2g

Text u later

Until later, then.


Wow. Eloquent.

Whuts goin on on taht baeutiful miiind?

Im on ur magickal mysstery riiied

Are you drunk? Did you just quote John Legend?

Funny spelling of MAGICKAL, though.

I leik u sooooo much.

I’m flattered, but sorry. I’m hopelessly in love with my roommate, actually.

And you don’t even know my gender.

Fcuk taths tru

I didtn think abot it

You didn’t think?!

Deos it mutter?


Answeeeer mee!!1!

R u madd?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. But there’s still my roommate. So, sorry.

I’m a boy, by the way.

its ok

im a bloke 2

i wish my roommate were liek u

my roommate is irky af n sooo posh n strong n graceful n ruthless n tall n smart n bloody perfect u dont understend

That’s a lot of adjectives.

Are you sure you don’t like them?

No I haet him!


n he hats me 2

he pushed me down the stiars!

Go to sleep.

ok ill do it only bc u tell me 2

Good night.

niiiiite ily!! ilysm

Hey, srry about yesterday!

I was pretty pissed…


But don’t worry. I understand.

So, I was thinking… would u like 2 meet?

I kno it sounds weird but I really like u and it would b great if we could, u kno, talk face 2 face?

Well, sounds nice. What do you suggest?

Theres this b-day party 2nite at a friend’s of mine from school. Her name is Anna, shes pretty rad

Anyway, is the only day im allowed to go out

I’ve got permission from the Queen

The party starts at 7

Okay, send me the directions and I’ll be there.

(You’re lucky I love driving)

ill wear worn out jeans n a red jumper

Good. I’ll wear a dark green suit.

See you then.

See u later

Too many people wearing a red jumper.

Wait ill go to the entrance







Baz wait! Dont go

Pls come back





About u being hopelessly in love w/ ur awesome roommate?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the word “awesome”.

Glad u stayed yesterday?


Glad u kissed me?

YOU kissed ME, Snow.

I rlly want it to b monday already, so we can b 2gether again

Just because we snogged doesn’t mean we are TOGETHER

I want 2 try

Im terrible at this


Yes, fine.


Yes, what?

You can be my terrible boyfriend.




I have 2 go get everything ready

Cant wait 4 monday!!

See you on Monday, love.




Ari: Hope you like this! <3 </p>

I also posted it on AO3, here’s the link.

blank notes

heavily inspired by !

• soulmate au where u only hear some certain musical notes/beats and ur soulmates hears the other ones
• the music is only complete when u two are really near each other
• ur at an event after school at the auditorium that u didnt want to go to but ur friends forced u and theyre playing songs so it just kinda ticks u off bc
• u hated music bc u dont hear everything and it just sounds off all the time
• u sneaked out to get your stuff from ur classroom and go home earlier than everyone else
• u kinda enjoyed seeing the hallways emptier than usual (bc u hate ppl) and decided to walk around
• u happened to pass by the music room which u’ve never gone to bc of the said circumstances and ur like,,,, bit CH is that good music i hear
• u think ur delusional but ur soulmate might just be there and u decided to look inside
• u quietly opened the door then the music suddenly stopped and u thought yeah whatever im just hallucinating bye
• but u hear a mellow but manly voice speak “is someone there??”
• “hi…” u said bc ur a little shy then u slided inside the room and u see him and ur like oh my gof Fuck he’s so cute,,,, and he’s SITTING BY THE PIANO what does this mean
• he stared at u for a moment bc he’s baffled too,, u looked away bc it feels awkward and u dont know what to say. u just cant ask ‘lol r u my soulmate’ bc its too fast and u arent really sure
• “…u can watch if u want to” he said and u said ok then u settled down at the nearest stool even though u wanna go near to make sure that this moment is real but ur a klutz and u dont wanna trip and fall so
• u notice his hands shake as he placed it on the piano. he looked like he’s hesitating to play but he did
• both of u are surprised but he’s obviously more shocked as his eyes are wide open
• ur anxious and dont know what to say so u asked “are u here often to play??” bc if he’s always there then how come you’ve only heard his music now and he answered “no it’s actually my first time playing here. i only play at home” and ur like hmm ok that makes sense,,,
• u take the awkward silence as an opportunity to hear the melody better and ur like wow music has never sounded so good,, i could listen forever
• u looked at how his delicate fingers continued to touch the black and white keys and thought that,,,music is so amazing . u already forgot how much u hated it back at the auditorium
• u saw him smile and it just?? melted u?? bc he looked genuinely happy???
• u feel all mushy inside and bc u have no self control, u asked him “how could u play so good when u could barely hear music?” he halted and changed his facial expression when he heard what u said and u thought oh shit did i say something wrong i dont deserve to have a mouth sometimes
• it took a while for him to say something so ur like, u know what i think i should go but then its all ok bc he smiled AGAIN and u dead fam u all melted inside then he said “it’s just that i.. i feel the rhythm and it’s like i know it by heart. i could not hear music by all means, i feel it instead. and it makes me happy”
• “…i also felt like i could find the missing connection through this. someone who would make me hear all the tunes in the world, and i did. i found you.”
• you’re in awe . u’ve never met someone as passionate as him before and it just,, made u speechless
• he broke the ice and asked “what’s your name?” “..i’m y/n” “i’m jihoon. it’s a great pleasure to finally meet you y/n”
• he plays again, this time with much more enthusiasm. u listen and u realized, ur still in ur own little quiet world, but just better.

heavily inspired by !

Since my master post got a lot of attention i’m going to make one with fun facts on the members! here we go this is gonna be long.

Kim Youngbin (11/23/93)

-he likes to play korean chess
-strict when need be but also very cute and surprisingly funny
-mismatched eyes. Said they were his charm in one of the earlier neon lessons
-sucks at basketball but does that stop him? no
-he’s caring. he scolded hwiyoung in d.o.b once for doing the move not the way he pictured is and then went to comfort him when he cried, saying they’re gonna debut together since they’re all apart of the team.
-he’s an angel and loves his members a lot before they debuted he did everything to make sure they all debut together
-he dabs…a lot…i mean most of them do too but..
-another quote that made me cry was when he was like “I want to debut for the happiness of our 9 member’s families. Let’s succeed with debut since we’ve been struggling and trying hard”
-HE LOVES EVERYONE SO MUCH i love him he’s an angel
-he gets shy and flustered and its so cute??? thanks
-he’s the thrill junkie in the group imo he was always hyped to go on every ride in spectacle fantasy 9
-selfie king thanks 

Kim Inseong (7/12/93)

-eldest member
-VOCALS he has such a sweet voice wow
-He’s learning english with Jaeyoon and he’s very good at it tbh if he keeps it up he can be fluent in no time 
-he has great taste in movies he recommended three when they did their q&a thing in the fan cafe and i watched one that caught my eye (bc of him) and it was literally one of the best movies meaning wise thank u inseong please recommend more 
-HE CALLS HIMSELF A FENNEC FOX BC HE THINKS HE LOOKS LIKE ON can u say furry…im kidding i love him 
-also used the fox filter on snow when they did that video of all of them…using snow filters…self explanatory i guess but yeah
-usually adds cute drawings to his signatures
- really doesnt act like the eldest tbh but he is dont let that fool you 
-hes a happy little baby 
-he’s always next to Zuho and holds hands and HONESTLY they do that for me thanks 

Lee Jaeyoon (8/9/94)

-vocals!! during their hour long v-app he sang and I melted his voice is like honey just like he says 
-he’s so extra but in a good way
-he’s the best at girl group dances in my opinion along with Dawon 
-Learning english with Inseong, his english is also fairly well!!
-amazing body proportions 
-glowing angel
-can be a meme i guess
-he has amazing self confidence i wish i have
-He’s from busan and love to let people know that he’s from Busan
-manly busan man Jaeyoon
-he’s scared of big rides someone needs to protect him 
-he has cute squishy cheeks 
-we need to hear him sing more please

Lee Dawon (7/24/95)

-was in AOA creams MV as the main man there…the only man in the video but u know what i mean yeah ok 
-he said in one lesson that he strives to be the worlds best vocalist and he’s there ok he’ll get there i believe in him and you should too 
-happy virus and mood maker
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in the one hour v-app thing they had at the very end of it he did a high pitched scream and honestly so relatable 
-always. screaming. 
-but a ball of sunshine even if u don’t stan him u stan him 
-he says he’s a fashion enthusiast i agree 
-the MOST extra member but thats what people love about him and i do too 
-and flirty tf he knows how to give fanservice y’all Dawon stans are lucky
-he loves eating and i support that 100% he should have his own eating show with inseong ok thanks i’ll petition for that are u guys in?
-he has a soft looking smooth face like tell me ur skin care routine 
-he tries to make everyone happy and comfy even if he’s not happy he’ll be the type to make sure the people around him are
- loves making people laugh stan this sunshine

Baek Juho (7/4/96)

-Stage name Zuho idk why they changed it it’s the same pronunciation but yeah if he’s happy with it so are we
-MY BABY MY WORLD MY ANGEL i love this dude…so much can u tell who i stan..
-visuals…for days
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-deep toned rapper 
-his voice is so beautiful like..imagine waking up to his raspy sleepy voice wow sorry
-literally a lyrical genius 
-he writes most of his own raps can you say TALENT? 
-sharp nose is his charming point and he likes to let people know he’s happy with his nose which i love like yes be confident baby 
-people (FNC and members) call him tsundere but i don’t like using that so pretend i didn’t just write that
-members say he’s the most boring dsflak
-he trained the longest..6 years along with rowoon
-both him and rowoon where in a FNC show way before NEOZ SCHOOL was born 
-cheekbones!! he has really sharp and strong features
-invented wearing headbands…
-he says he has the broadest shoulders of the group and that he’ll show them off once he’s more comfortable 
-a BTS fan !! i bet he’s excited for their comeback, and excited they get to promote together wow 
-meaningful lyrics 
-the members woke him up once in DOB by dragging him out the hotel room and fed him a piece of bread lfakf
-bc he’s the hardest to wake up that part was so cute 
-just a shy bun whom i’d lay down my life for if he tells me to 

Kim Rowoon (8/7/96)

-like i know i said everyone is the visual but thats bc they are ok but the title belongs to him if u understand what im trying to say
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in CYH he played a baseball player and u can tell how good his proportions are in the uniform wow he can pull off the uniform better than anyone ok 
-he feeds the members and cleans the dorm
-basically the caretaker of the group
-so he’ll be a good husband to whoever he marries !!
-he’s so sweet a literal angel thank u 
-his hight intimidates me he’s a whole foot and inch taller than me he can LITERALLY step on me
-but he’s gentle so there’s no need to be intimidated he’s a gentle giant with a warm heart
-FT islands biggest stan, biggest minhwan stan 
-when he met him in dob he was so cute and flustered
-nice butt but u didn’t hear tht from me 
-he could literally be a model i’m WAITING
-trained the longest with zuho
-alone with cleaning the dorm he also nags the members to clean and put their clothes away. 
-during dob he and two members made a picnic for the group i support
-also accidentally hit chanhee’s nose and he has a nose bleed he felt so bad it’s like a father who was playing with his son i,- 

Yoo Taeyang (2/28/97)

-I have a mini playlist on YT with his predebut videos i might make a post abt them bc wow he did that
-his smile is the literal sun? No pun intended with his name his smile is just !!
-dancer !!
-he choreographs along with youngbin!
-big eyes and is proud of his eyebrows and honestly me too when will i ever
-went to that famous dance school that literally all the best idol dancers went to like zelo 
-usually sings the chorus, or the beginning, his voice is beautiful
-before wanting to sing he played guitar and i think he still does!
-calls himself sexy charisma like ur 6 please 
-loves chanhee
-prolly the biggest chanhee stan next to me bc im chanhee’s certified mother 
-cHANHEE SAID HE RARLEY GETS SLEEP BC HE WORKS THE HARDEST AND THAT MAKES ME SAD like you’re a hardworker you deserve some rest please :(
-his hard work pays off he’s an amazing dancer ?? and singer one of the best honestly he’s just full with passion 
-the selfie with him in the pink sweater is my favorite 
-i think he can beatbox or am i just making that up?
-lmfao like in January people gave him shit bc of his name since taeyang from Big bang has the name like? there’s thousands of taeyangs stfu let this sweet boy live.
-a little shy awkward baby 

Kim Hwiyoung (5/11/99)

-a baby
-a little awkward but not really but yes
-he knows he’s handsome y’all he prolly uses that to his advantage
-i already said this in youngbins thing but he cried when he got scolded by the leader bc he though youngbin was mad at him :(
-he’s sensitive pls handle with care
-doesn’t look or act like his age? he’s really mature for his age
-there’s a selfie of him sleeping with a kitty…my favorite
-he loves cats
-like so much he used to add a cat face at the end of his signature idk if he still does? 
- can u say Jumin Han
-^ im kidding please
-in an episode of DOB he volunteered to bungee jump first and the members called him courageous bc he is !! 
-he talked informally to the eldest members in a episode of DOB he really did that nice
-nice arms 
-beat chanhee in arm wrestling he was so proud 

Kang Chanhee (1/17/00)

-cutest nose and smile ever please
-played sunwoo in signal and was in other dramas as a chil mostly
-when he was little he was friends with moonbin of astro and chanwoo of ikon!!
-with those two they were in an epsiode of star king with DBSK and played mini DBSK
-he’s literally been in the business since childhood thank GOD he debuted he deserves this 
-his goal is to play in a movie!! let him do this please..
-forces the members to be cute. He did that with Youngbin in a DOB episode i love him 
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-other than signal he was also in hwajung and to the beautiful you
-has amazing facial expressions on stage 
-i already said this but his nose is so cute :(
-I need to protect him im his #1 mom 
-before the group name change like even before dob he had an interview with a magazine bc of him being in signal, and he said “the other members and myself will try our very best to debut together because that’s our dream” and i cried
- that was before dob so member changes were more speculated 
-every other member is a chanhee stan 
-if u don’t stan him u still stan him bc u gotta? 
-everyone’s son
-since he’s been exposed the most he’s one of the more popular members!!
-he loves chicken and ramen if u buy him chicken he’ll prolly ask u to marry him 
-when he sleeps he kicks off the blanket he’s a baby bean
- he loves to dance and is really good at it! he says he’s lacking but he’s training hard to meet everyone’s expectations please love him 

okay u nerds sit around and lemme tell u a story of boueibu’s origin and creation process !! !!!!! but jokes aside thank u guys so much for all the nice comments on my past boueibu translations / informational posts they make me rly happy and i love seeing u guys being excited over them !! 

just a reminder if you have any queries about boueibu feel free to send me an ask bc im always up for answering your questions !! + they make me happy bc im trash

ok so lets go all the way back to 2013 to start off with-

before boueibu even aired there were heaps of rumours about it being extremely similar to free! and it being the male version of pretty cure ;; but in reality what the producers said were completely different.. after the airing of ‘ixion saga DT’ which takamatsu shinji (the director of boueibu) was in charge of, pony canyon as u may already know, a very renowned company in japan for the anime it produces asked director takamatsu if he wanted to create an anime that will be well-selling. now pony canyon is in charge of all the boueibu soundtracks and etc 

(x) (rough) translation : “because i wanted to create the idea of ‘basically spending their daily lives loosely in their clubroom’ and under kawahara san’s order, the ideas ‘boys transforming’ and ‘for women’, the three ideas were combined to make this plan. written on april 2013.”

pony canyon’s kawahara san’s orders were ‘boys transforming’ and ‘female-friendly’ whereas director takamatsu probably wanted something in line with gintama and daily lives of highschool boys so something relaxed loose and chilled… im so glad their ideas were combined lmao

its actually revealed later that this is their second planning but from these plans we can understand that they were in fact originally targeting boueibu to be ‘BL- like’,, although its already extremely intentional bl imo aha

a rough translation of the planning-

original anime plan バトルラクラスタ-

battle lackluster (title needs to be worked on)

the protagonist who is beginning his school life in some all boys school is invited by a senior student with the eyes of a dead fish to join a club that basically does nothing called the ‘earth defense club’ as they are lacking new members. but later found out that they really are an organisation that defends earth. 

the unproductive daily lives of high school boys 

the defense club consists of four unique seniors and a problematic teacher dispatched by the earth defense institution. the characters effortlessly spend their daily lives in the clubroom. when theres a problem, they tranform into battle lacklusters and fight their enemy organisation that desires world domination. 

an earth defense club consisting of ikemen (good-looking) high schoolers 

the main story is ‘targeted for women’ and an earth defense club consisting of good looking high school boys that defend their planet therefore in other words a ‘male version of sailor moon’. the battles and their daily lives will both be illustrated along each other and during their daily lives, each characters’ ‘lukewarm relationships’ (in many contexts) will be shown. 

school background + promised battles

the main story is not only their earth defense battle backgrounds but also their school background including this ‘do-nothing club’ or ‘earth defense club’ and an illustration of the daily lives of these high school boys within this so called club. each episode’s beginning section will show the carefree lives of these boys in the clubroom and the ending section will be comprised of the ‘transformation scene’, ‘catch phrases’, their burning ‘killing move’ within these ‘promised’ battles. after everything is over, they always visit the ‘karaoke’ to sing a song. this will be the ending of an episode.

may look routined but a developing story

the main story follows a routined format like an anime predominantly targeted at children and slowly unfolds the story throughout the episodes. why was the protagonist chosen? what are the battle lacklusters? who are their enemies? their objective? etc. each episode, an important element can be hinted leading to the next episode.

ok first of all… battle lACKLUSTERS?? ???,,?? earth defense institution??? ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME 

so this is basically where boueibu began… we can see that some things were kept whilst some other things were completely trashed like fucking en yufuin (the senior student with the eyes of a dead fish im guessing) going out on his way to actually ask someone to join the club imc yring..,,, by ‘lukewarm relationships’ did u mean bl ????? ???l the extra bit at the end about them visiting a karaoke lmao that was obviously changed to a bath but i noticed that pony canyon did somehow keep the karaoke element bc as i added before pony canyon is in charge of all the soundtracks and if we look at the cd covers of boueibu theyre all in a karaoke aha ;;; tbh boueibu is nothing like pretty cure its definitely like sailor moon 

(x) another rough translation : “i aimed for it to be something like sailor xxxn so i could make the producers laugh but since kawahara p hasnt watched sailor xxxn since they lived in another country ‘usagi? what’s that?’ (bitter laughter)”

u dont even know how much i laughed at this tweet omg poor takamatsu but anyways these are the original character plans for the battle lacklusters and all i can really say is…,, its basically chaos-


tsukino sabaku (hakone yumoto - battle lover scarlet)

a first year student who entered binan high school this spring. a handsome boy with girl-like features. joins the ‘earth defense club’ as recommended by mizuno as the club is lacking new members. but as the club was really the secret headquarters for an actual organisation defending earth, tsukino transforms into lackluster moon and fights their enemy.

mizuno tadakuni (yufuin en - battle lover cerulean)

*laughing bc this is an actual name of a famous figure in japanese history

a third year student with the eyes of a dead fish, earth defense club’s president. a master at doing things at his own pace and being carefree. always seen spending his time in the clubroom. transforms into battle lackluster mercury.

hino shohei (zaou ryuu - battle lover vesta)

*means to be well known for being a player in the japanese entertainment world

a long haired second year student with a flippant personality and enjoys playing with girls. an expert at playing around, is able to turn any situation into some sort of a play. calls himself popular but doesnt give out that impression at all. transforms into battle lackluster mars.

kino kuniya (naruko io - battle lover sulfur)

*this is a bookshop name boueibu

a cunning second year student with excellent accounting skills. an expert when it comes to business and thinks of everything as cash. transforms into lackluster jupiter. 

aino kusabi (kinugawa atsushi - battle lover epinard)

a third year student with a man-like personality. holds the principle ‘live for love, die for love’ very deeply. transforms into battle lackluster venus. 

uh director this definitely makes boueibu look like a parody of sailor moon im crying but as u can see some of these aspects have been kept like ryuu not being popular with girls so after all the planning they gathered all the staffs and worked with diomedia nice nice happy ending !! !! after a meeting with producer sekiyama san and the president of diomedia kohara san it was finally decided that the characters would be named after bathhouses lmao

and that is how boueibu came into being..,, 

oh wait but i also have the very first illustration of boueibu-

(x) translation : “an illustration created at the very beginning of the plans. chizuru(the chief designer), im sorry for uploading this.”

im peeing just looking at this i mean yumoto looks the same but look at rYUUS GLORIOUS SCARLET HAIR AND ENS BLUE HAIR im guessing the one with the green hair at the very back is…. io?? i cnat even tell who atsushi is lmao

anyways this is the end of this post (there is ofc more to come ww) but i hope u guys enjoyed this and feel free to add anything yea !! !!!!! 

wanna chat? pt 1

on ao3 (shocker)

sorry for the writing dry spell D: i promise that i’m working on tangled ribbons, i’m pretty close to finishing the chapter. but i needed to chill out last night and that somehow became………………..this? 

ok but be honest, we’re all impressed that i didn’t do this like several months ago

it’s pretty obvious but:
the real ladybug™ = alya
flour power = marinette
drop the bass = nino
Adrien Agreste = hawk moth. no jk that is indeed just adrien (boring)

enjoy the weird

8:57 PM

the real ladybug™ added flour power, Adrien Agreste, & drop the bass to this group

the real ladybug™ renamed this group “squad up”

flour power: What

the real ladybug™: i cant believe i didnt think of this before

drop the bass: bruh
what up with this skpye shit
discord is where its AT

flour power: ^^^

the real ladybug™: tf is discord
and one google search later i find ur all bigger losers than i originally thought

drop the bass: dude discord is like 100000x better

the real ladybug™: shut ur face memelord

drop the bass: adriens the one you should be calling memelord tbh

Adrien Agreste: Honestly. I’m a little offended

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My response to the post on “30 questions to test your personality”

If you could have one breakfast for tomorrow knowing it’s the last day you will live, what would that be?

uh, maybe pancakes (but not american) and eggs? with apple juice and tea

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you like as a dinner guest?

assuming i can only pick one person, i’d probably say someone like emma watson or amandla stenberg

Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?

um, yes. I hate talking on the phone, and i wont do it unless i have to, and unless it’s my bff i will rehearse what im gonna say. idk why, i guess it’s an aspect of my anxiety and fear of losing control over the conversation? 

If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else about your life, what would you want to know?

i’d want to know if im gonna stop feeling like im wasting my life

If you knew in one year you would die suddenly, what would you change about the way you are living your life now?

I’d rather not know, i dont think i would be able to handle the knowledge, and i might even plan another date to die on just bc i would want to not be powerless? i’d probably travel and go to concerts with my friends, and family. also i’d stop caring abt other peoples opinions and i would stop attending college bc who has the time?

Do you think your name affects your personality or choice of career?

um, i think  it might affect the way others see u? Like i know my Iranian uncle has had some issues with his last name in airports and stuff? I also think you can have a privileged name, and if u dont have that you’re probably forced to care about stuff like social justice a lot more bc you might be a victim of some form of oppression. 

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

idk? a lot older than i am. 

If happiness was the national currency, what job would make you rich?

Being an author of books with diversity

Do you push buttons more than once and do you believe that makes it work faster?

I do sometimes, but i don’t believe it’ll make anything go faster

Would you want to be friends with yourself?

dang im trying to be it’s really hard. but i would like to meet my clone/doppelganger bc i feel like there’s a lot of stuff that i want to talk about but not with anyone else 

If you won a million dollars (or some large sum of money) would you quit your job?

if it was enough money to keep me going for the rest of my life yes, i would. I’d start studying a lot of the things i actually care about and travel where i wanted to and i’d go to concerts no matter where on earth they took place

Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?

yeah, but not like mysteriously an time-loop-y

Are you really wasting time if you’re enjoying it?

im definitely wasting time 

Would you rather lose all your money and valuables or all the pictures you’ve taken?

oh my god. i guess the pictures? i dont take a lot of pictures, and i have some stuff im really incredibly fond off. 

Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a long-term memory?

horrible short term, which is what i already have. I wouldnt be able to handle not knowing stuff long term. like i treasure my memories a lot

Would you rather go back to age five with everything you’ve learned or live now with everything you’ll learn in the future?

im not sure. i dont like being self aware.. on one hand what if I caused a butterfly effect but on the other hand would I never be able to learn anything new again?????

Are humans better at construction or destruction?

i think we’re all sorta fascinated by destruction. When u learn to get the same thrill from creation is when you’ve found a good headspace

What is a year of life worth? What about a day?

how do you messeaure a year? listen im rent trash. It’s all about love, and that includes self-love. If u dont have love (not necessarily happiness, but love), then nothing is really worth anything. 

Are emotions necessary for human survival

from my own experience, no. you can function perfectly fine when you dont feel anything ever, emotions just makes living so much more purposeful. 

What is the TLDR version of your life?

a mess trying sort out their brain

What should they teach in high school but don’t?

how to adult. finding a place to live, how to pay rent/find good internet/your options besides going to university. 

What inscription do you want on your gravestone?

idk if im gonna have one, i want to be buried in one of those urns that grows into trees, so hopefully i’ll be in a forrest. i havent really thought abt a hypothetical gravestone tbh

If you had thirty seconds to send a message to the entire world, what would you say?

we have to be better than we are right now - please try to remember that everyone is human, and deserve support, respect and basic human rights, even if and when it impacts those more privileged. 

If you could ask a single person a question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would it be?

listen i dont know  either one of those  but  do want to know if aliens exists. 

What is honor and does it matter?

idk, i think honor can often lead to stubbornness 

Do you see yourself as the hero or the villain in your story?

Is being open-minded a virtue if it allows destructive ideas to spread through society?

hmmm i think u just need to be open minded in the form of being accepting of others, and trying to show respect in your interactions and disagreements 

What questions would you ask your future self?

Was it all worth it? Did you have a good life? got any tips on how to make us happy?


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i will literally give you the deed to my very soul if you will expand on your dark!sportacus/robbie rivet au bc i am fucking s h o o k and h o o k e d. like anything goes, more art, headcanons, anything i beg u

im actually working on more art for the Role reversal au! DOn’t fret anon. I just dont want to show anything till i ink + color it. E.sportacus’s full design is on the way.

In terms of hc’s i can give you some cause i thought about this more then i should:

Robbie rivet is very much like normal robbie. He can build machines and gadgets at break neck speeds and disguise himself in a flash. Unlike normal robbie who does all this in his underground bunker rivet can build anything, anywhere. And doesn’t have to haul a trunk up to the surface to hold extra costumes like normal robbie. The satchel he wears works like infinite space.  He does still have the bunker but also tunnels under the city for quick travel. He uses his periscope to keep an eye on E.sportacus and the kids. 

Rivet also carries a wrench and when needed and an incredibly large hammer. But he’s still like normal au robbie and hates over exerting himself and is nowhere near fond of sports.  He’s incredibly fond of sugar and it’s to a point of considered weakness over how easily distracted he can be by cake.  Dropping everything just to get at the confectionery. He’s also an insomniac unable to sleep and always trying to create something to finally get rid of E.sportacus for good.  (not killing him but getting him out of town and leaving the kids alone)

Rivet can still be awkward around people and be snappy/ overall grouch.  he genuinely cares for the kids that live in town though. And he’s incredibly proud of Pixel and how much the kid loves to build. He tries to encourage the kids to be creative and that being # 1 isnt important unlike the original robbie.  He sits around and teaches them science, theater, a lot of other non sporty activities. Even helping them with homework.  But he tires himself out easily and sometimes ends up taking naps when the kids are playing. 

He despises E.sportacus and eventually starts to care/like his villain but it takes a lot of time. and a lot of work from E.sportacus because his personality is turbojock.

E.sportacus unlike the original who loves to have fun and keep the kids healthy is about the adrenaline rush and being Number one at every thing to the point of cheating. He doesn’t see the point of doing things if he cant be the best at it. He’s also incredibly boastful about his trophies and achievements. HE does incredibly dangerous stunts and almost gets the kids hurt from it.  HE also constantly tries to egg the kids into doing shit like hitting baseballs into other people’s windows and skipping school. HE only thinks of himself and is the kind of guy who will shove you into a locker for kicks. Very rude boy. 

E.sports also never calls robbie Rivet by his full name. He calls him robbie rotten or nerd, loser, pansy, etc. Anything to get on Robbie’s nerves. Cause whatever he breaks, robbie fixes. 

so i was looking through my old writing in my wattpad account ((lmao i knooww dont judge me)) and i saw this in my drafts and i thought what the hell why not post it on tumblr?! so yeah…here’s something i wrote earlier last year let me know if you liked it or not! (also i did proof read this but idk how well i did that soooo if u see the name Leia that’s bc i changed it to (y/n) but i might’ve missed one or two im not sure lol)
word count: 2600

The quiet buzz of bugs that littered the park and the occasional sound of cars driving past could be heard as (y/n) walked down the street back to her sister’s house. She didn’t mean to be out so late at night but she just got too caught up with the party that she went to. And, no, she didn’t drink. Not one sip of alcohol entered her mouth but being around her intoxicated friends made her feel like she’s done one too many shots as well.

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bts ships

Anonymous said: hi! i’m fairly new to the bts fandom and i was just wondering what are the ships in bts and the most popular ones? thanks for answering if you do!! love you and your blog!!!

ANON UR SO CUTE PLS OMG THANK U ILY TOO but anyways this post isnt about me…. its about the beauty of ships…. now this is gonna be long…. i dont know the most popular ships really but ill just tell u my personal favorites (with an *)! gifs are not mine!!

*NAMJIN (namjoon x jin):

Originally posted by namjinkiss

also known as my parents. namjoon taking on the manly father role whilst jinnie is the loving mother to bts and me. they are married and no one can tell me different just look at how he’s looking at him in the gif im screaming and they even have the same last name. you know who shares last names? married couples and family but theyre not family bc theyre married and meant to be together forever

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nct dream!best friends au



-mark would be the CUTEST best friend ever

-he’s practically your brother dude

-at first people thought you guys were siblings bc you guys did everything together

-walking to school, walking home to school, going on bubble tea adventures together, EVERYTHING

-people also thought you guys were dating but you laughed in their faces


-*cue a single tear running down mark’s face*

-but like, if mark asked you to be his fake boyfriend/girlfriend, you’d do it

-you care about him man!!! youd do anything for him

-if someone flirts with you and you seem extremely uncomfortable, cUE MARK SWOOPING IN AND HELPING YOU OUT

-”ayyyyy, baby who’s this?” -mark, as he flings an arm around your shoulder

-you were just like “????? LOL WYD” but then you realized he was helping you out and went along with it

-you can call mark at like 4am and ask him to help you out with anything and he’d be over in a second


-he lives like, right beside you

-or he did live beside you, before he left for korea ;-;


-when he did live in vancouver, you guys were neighbours and he could literally climb into your bedroom through your window

-he only did it once tho bc he almost fell and he’s not about that life

-he raps random things under his breath and youre literally the only one who can understand him

-he raps to you and asks you for your opinion omg!!!!

-you guys share food a lot

-like, if he has food, it’s automatically your food too


-and he walked up to you, saw your bread and took a bite out of it before saying hi

-a bunch of your friends were there too and they were like “??? um r u just gonna let him do that to you y/n”

-sometimes it backfires tho

-like, hear me out man

-one time, you ate this AWFUL piece of mochi

-you took a bite and was like “oMG MARK U GOTTA TRY THIS IT’S… SO GOOD!!”

-so he was like “omg ok!!” and took a bite

-he started choking and screaming about how bad it was

-if youre really clumsy and shit, you and mark are literal messes together

-you destroy EVERYTHING together

-in stores where there are toy sections, youre the type of people to turn on a toy and run away bc you cant turn the toy off

-you guys are also the type of people the bump into the shelves and knock everything down

-BUT if you arent a mess, you look out for him a lot

-whenever you walk together, he’d trip but you’d grab the back of his shirt and yank him back up before he meets the ground

-you two would be crossing the street and he’d start walking into oncoming traffic but you’d pULL him back and yell at him about safety and shit oh my goddd


-he’s so touched bc omg you care about him!!!

-i gotta end this it’s getting too long omg


-hae is basically your mom

-he gives you the BEST advice in the SASSIEST ways

-you like taking him shopping bc he gives good fashion advice

-he is BRUTALLY honest


-”uh unless youre trying to attract old sugar daddies born in the 80s, i dont think so honey”

-youre a HUGE sweetheart to other people but when youre around hae, youre a completely different person

-”oh omg, hi jaehee!! how are you today???” -you to a classmate


-your parents consider him as their son

-theyre always like “why arent you more like haechan y/n???”


-you put his contact name as “demon bitch” 

-he put yours as “demon sidekick”

-when he buys food for himself, he buys food for you too

-you never question it

-”hey lmfao nice shirt it looks ugly” -hae, as he casually hands you a sandwich

-”lol thanks, it’s yours” -you, taking a bite of the sandwich

-you guys roast each other CONSTANTLY if you havent noticed

-hae trips one time and you started laughing really hard and screamed “NICE FUCKING JOB NERD”

-to be fair, hae teases you for all your spelling mistakes and typos

-you texted him “yo where are yuo”

-and he responded with “idek man where’re Y U O”

-”stfu dude you know what i meant”


-fuck dude it bothers you so much lmfao 

-your parents let him into the house one time but like, you guys didnt discuss any plans so you didnt know

-he barged into your room with a bottle of nestea and flopped down on your bed and pulled out his phone like it was his fucking bedroom lmfao

-the first time he did that, it scared the shit out of you but after awhile, you got used to it so all you do when he does that now is just carry on with whatever you were doing

-you’d be like on your laptop at your desk and he’d walk in 

-and you’d say like “hi dweeb” and he’d respond with “sup bitch”

-you guys can go to each other’s houses and just stay on your phones for the entire duration of the visit

-you guys would show each other dumb videos and dank memes during those silent visits tho lmfao

-you guys like sending memes to each other

-you’d send a meme to him at like 3am and he’d respond with more memes instead of questioning you

-when you post selfies, he’s alway the one to comment “SLAY QUEEN HOLY FUCK” or “ew ur walls are an ugly colour” there’s literally no in-between

-i feel like you two are snapchat hoes and use it all the time together lmfao

-you guys probably sing badly really loudly all the time

-like, hae’s voice is life man but he’s like, SCREAMING the lyrics with you

-you probably try to do lyric pranks on hae but he is not about that life

-you guys roast each other and shit but wont let anyone else do the same

-you guys tell each other EVERYTHING

-like, if someone says shit about you to hae and hae ‘promises not to tell’, he’ll tell you as soon as he sees you in person

-”this bitch told me that they didnt like you, so theyre dead to me now”




-everybody’s always like “omg how is jeno so happy and positive all the time??? he never cries or is sad!!!”

-but youve seen him cry countless times and everybody else hasnt spoken to his sad soul at 4am :///

-he doesnt want you or anyone else to be sad so he stays cheerful all the time!!

-just seeing his lil smile can make your day 10000 times better

-he’s not confrontational at all but you are lmfao

-he literally has to hold you back

-like, you wont fight someone if they insult you 



-nobody messes with jeno man

-someone made the mistake of bullying jeno one time


-listen here i dont condone violence but bro,,,

-anyways, you were like, the last one to find out

-everybody knew EXCEPT you

-jeno made SURE that you wouldnt find out

-you found out anyway and DECKED the guy messing with him lmfao

-he had a black eye for like a month

-you got really mad at him for not telling you but you couldnt stay mad bc he said he didnt wanna bother you ;-;

-jeno isnt one for violence but he’s scarily good at revenge

-like, he can ruin lives for you man

-but he promised not to just for u ♡  

-jeno stays over a LOT

-his parents treat you like youre their child and your parents treat him like he’s their child

-you guys probably link arms while you two walk together omg

-you guys probably take aesthetic af pictures of food (ONLY FOOD!!!) and post them on instagram

-when you guys go out, you guys just go out to cafes, bakeries, restuarants, food/drink related places

-your instagram feeds are just food and candid pics of each other lmfao


-i bet my left foot you guys watch kdramas together

-your families go on vacation together a lot

-it’s like a big joint family man

-you guys have a running thing where you try to take the UGLIEST pics of each other

-jeno probably makes a lot of dumb jokes but they never fail to make you laugh

-he’s such a sweet lil bunny all he wants to do is be your best friend and hug you ;-; ♡

wanna chat? pt 6

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5 | pt 6

i’m taking a fanfic break but i don’t reeeaaaaaalllllllllllly consider this fanfic so it’s ok. and i’m taking a break from my short stories which got…dark.

anyway. i mention this weird commercial a bunch and it’s this one that i keep seeing late at night?? and i wrote down random comments i had on my phone and BOOM! alya.

also???? what is this plot doing in my crack????????? why is there even the smallest bit of plot and continuity what’s happening

enjoy? i don’t know?

3:15 AM

rockin’ the beats: you think lb and cn will let me tag along to punch hawk moth in the face?  

the real ladybug™: sign me tHE FUCK UP

3:27 AM

the real ladybug™: u think i could start outsourcing ladyblog stuff 2 ppl who dont have curfew cuz like
this is cramping my groove

rockin’ the beats: ‘cramping your groove’??????

the real ladybug™: ye cramping my groove
got a problme with it m. off the chain??

rockin’ the beats: fuck you

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so like. hanamatsu. it's great, they're great, it's two dank memers in love. no one really gives them shit for it? they're fucking tall and scary af when not memeing. but then someone dares. just a snide comment here and there, disgusted looks, annoyed rants. they dont give a flying fuck about it, though, bc lol really man? you'll be gone next year who cares? but then iwaoi. oh god the iwaoi. they used to get the shit. childhood friends that were wayyy too comfy with each other (1)

(2) and ppl used to think they were dating, which they werent (YET). just really really close, those friends where their presence is like a comforter wrapping you in contentness and shit. anyway, lately this third year had stopped giving them shit and they’re both a bit like ???? bc tf?? tf is going on??? iwa is suspicious but is like nah dumbass, take the blessing, but oikawa noses around, figures out that third year asshole is giving shit to their friends instead which is UNACCEPTABLE

(3) and obviously he immediately goes and wrecks asshole third year. completely. utterly wrecks him. it started out small, with things slightly misplaced, unlocked lockers, things that can be explained away. iwaizumi catches on at some point, and he helps. oh god, he helps. iwaizumi is fucking vicious when he’s pissed, okay? so iwa takes over the messing, makes it bigger, just fucks with asshole completely. flickering lights, kool aid in the shower heads, the whole thing. and meanwhile

(4) they move onto his reputation. oikawa slyly sighs about this “senpai, he’s good on court but he’s not nice outside of it. he’s really mean, please dont mess with him!” to his fangirls, which puts into motion a giant cold shoulder move. then iwaizumi joins in, to the guys of the school, which is like. holy fuck, asshole, he’s so screwed, literally everybody is wary of him, his rep is in tatters, he’s jumping at every shadow (iwa is v good at this pranking business) and worse of all

(5) he doesnt know why its happening. mattsun and makki know, though. they approach their friends about it like a month or two after it started, and after an arguement about “hey look its our problem, what if he finds out? its fine guys srsly” they finally give in and. oh god. they join in on the war. this point, it’s a fucking psychological warfare. asshole looks completely insane, he’s messing up on court, and then he blames them. the four second years that he’s been picking on since

(6) the very beginning. how does he know it’s them? obvsly they’re in it for revenge! revenge for what? and then the whole deal comes to light, oikawa may have convinced iwaizumi to give him a black eye so that he can accuse asshole of bullying him (which he has, mainly verbally, physically once too long ago to use). asshole gets expelled. they’re fucking celebrating this shit, right? hell yes, and they all go out for ramen, oikawa pays. its the beginning of a TRADITION.

(7) and it becomes common for them to just hang out. wrecking people brings friends together like nothing else, right? an outing every other week, to every week, to every couple of days, to walking over to someone’s house and living there for a couple of hours. it’s so gradual, though. you know those friendships where it just clicks, all natural organic friendship right there? like that, except the click happens over a long period of time and it’s like oikawa’s always been stashing candy

(8) underneath mattsun’s bed, and makki had always a couple of shirts left over at iwaizumi’s, and they’re all so comfortable with each other i want to cry??? they get into so many shenanigans during that time and it always brings them closer together, and movie nights become a thing after someone figures out that makki hates thunderstorms and can never sleep in them. forecast says storm that night? dw mom, dad, we’re just going over to makki’s for the night see u tmr, and then they discover

(9) that oikawa’s idea of a movie is either terrible alien movies or volleyball videos. im serious. iwaizumi has a whole box of volleyball cds under his bed that oikawa kept on leaving over. so movie nights arent only just thunderstorm only, but really often to shove good plots down oikawa’s (and mattsun’s bc he only watches chick flicks) skulls. and then it’s like a goddamn spiral, they just learn more about each other and the closer they get the more they do to learn more to get closer to

(10) and its like quicksand, quicksand and laughing gas and a good dose of insomnia wrapped into four friends-that-are-maybe-more. by the end of their second year, there are gay rumors about all of them, all involved in different ways, and none of them realize it. no more “oikawa, iwaizumi, we get that ur gay af but no pda!!” jokes, no more “holy fuck hanamaki keep it in ur pants you can bang matsukawa later” taunts, just the expectation that each person would know where the other three are

(11? i lost track) most of the time they just laugh it off. mattsun’s dating makki, both iwaizumi and oikawa are single (although oikawa goes on dates with ppl sometimes) (always dumped bc spends too much time with volley or his best friends), it’s just nothing at all. it’s like they’ve always been this comfortable with each other, there isn’t some hidden sex/romantic/etc motive. when iwaizumi first realizes, he looks up queer platonic relationships immediately, yknow? he thinks thats it and

(12) he offhandedly mentioned it at some point, to which everyone was like. wait. holy shit. wAIT. “are we dating, then?” oikawa asks, and they all stop to actually consider this to which the answer is: mattsun/makki in a possible queerplatonic relationship with iwaizumi and oikawa, who are sorta begin dancing around each other? oikawa spills first that he’s pretty sure he’s in love with them all, iwaizumi only romantically loves oikawa, but they’re all just?? love each other so much?????

(13) and like you get the idea/??? i can literally go on forever and i hate the character limit and im really sorry for the spam but. hanaoimatsuiwa. i bleed for this ship. h el p. now i want to fic this too and like. my poly kawa with setters vs captains. my fluffy kagetsukihina and asayamanoya. i have too many feelings about too many ships and i blame this blog for encouraging at least a third of them.

now that im calm from the onslaught of hanaoimatsuiwa feelings, im pretty sure most of my asks were completely ridiculous…? did i type things right?? was everything misspelled and put in wrong sentence structure? were there too many asks? im really sorry about the spam.


KAGETSUKIHINA/ASAYAMANOYA/SETTERS VS CAPTAIN ANON, YOU’RE BACK WITH MORE STUFF!!!!! (we need to have a shorter name for you, i had to go back to the last post to copy that in)



(”its like quicksand, quicksand and laughing gas and a good dose of insomnia wrapped into four friends-that-are-maybe-more” i love this, i really love this)

anonymous asked:

how did you desing fay as a character? do you have any steps kinda thingy to desing my own? i really like your art and art style btw

UHHH I started with his personality, and then I fit how I think he would look according to that! It’s hard for me to explain bc I have a very random way of designing my characters… I just kinda get an image in my head of how i think they would look like?? and I don’t really have any reasoning for most of my choices LMFAO 

If you’re not sure how to start I think it’s good that you base your character off something? Like an idea or even an object! e.g. I WAS TALKING to @cosmosmoonstars​ a whle ago about OCs and they have a rly cute OC named melba based of a teapot, and I think that’s really cool!! I’m sure your OC will grow and change as you go along, so don’t worry too much about getting everything right the first time!! Fay’s changed quite a bit since I first made him (maybe not terribly obvious bc his design is relatively simple HAHA)

I think it’s more of my art changing than anything but my art of him used to be a lot more inconsistent SO I GUES SMY POINT WAS that I took a while to develop fay into a consistent design and I think there’s still a lot more for me to expand on SO!! IT’S OK TO START SIMPLE AND LET YOUR CHARS GROW!


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wait-imlost  asked:

yay! can you do a svt blog!au

hello hello hello there!! This is really late so i hope it cuts it ;; anw this is gon be a series of svt!blog aus and im starting with junbabe bc why not

* ok so jerry wen junhui mf king of china is a casual tumblr user
* Ykno, the type to just use tumblr bc everybody else has it and he gets to post pics of himself looking v hot without judgement unlike ig
* probs only do reblogs n nvr puts anything in the tags.. like eVER
* has a picture of himself as his header and uses the mobile tumblr theme with black n white as theme colors yesyes v classy
* Lmao did i say classy??? Ok i lied he reblogs the shitposts that his friends joshua n vernon post on the daily
* so how did u meet the magnificent wen junhui? welp kids it started when u were looking for cool peeps to follow and u somehow stumble upon this jun blog thats on ur tumblr discover page
* So u hit em up with a “i like wen junhui u like him too wassup”
* and after that u stalked that persons blog and all u see r pups n svt reblogs?????? And sum rly good af junhui shitposts ok basically uR SHOOK
* but then u dont see any tags so :( no clue ab personality
* So after a couple of minutes the person replied and said a cute hi with an equally cute gif awwwwwwww
* So u guys talked ab svt and wen junhui and u guys freak out ab him and stuff and decide to tag each other to share the blessings
* Little did u kno that was the actual junhui n u were professing ur lov for him EVERYDAY wOW
* so back on junhui
* Ok so he met u online and he was like????? Shit someone wants to be my friend on tumblr i betta check em out
* He was also v confused at first so he asked tumblr pro!joshua what to do in a situation like this where hes disguising as a fanblog n a fan wants to be friends with them
* So he befriended u n stuff but promised the Hong^tm to nvr reveal himself to u n now ur basically bffs with him n u tag him stuff u think he should see and he goes by the name June as a disguise
* One day u did one of those selfie tags n u tagged him on it and the moment he saw that he was like ,,,bOI SHE GORGEOUS IM WEAK
* He messages u n says shit like “hey wanna hear a joke?”
* You: “do u even need to ask”
* Him: “r u a mint”
* You: “i can feel the greasiness already but why”
* Him: “because were MINT to be 😉😉😉”
* Basically everyone likes u both and sometimes u get anons asking if u n june are a thing?¿!
* And it got u were like,,, do i rly like him??? Am i falling for him?? gtgtgGTGTF BYE
* Junhui gets those anons too and he just laughs amd ignores them all bc its obv he likes u and the whole tumblr community already knows ab it
* I mean bro everytime u n june talk,, he makes u fall so much but u try to control urself bc u hvemt even seen his face yet n ur falling wtf babshshha
* Even the lil things he says r so cute like “i hope u had a great day”, “tell me when u get home”, “be safe”
* Basically best bff/potential bf ever
* So one day u decided to ask him to skype u n he was like,,,, uhm bro maybe we can do this another time n u were like nah june its all good i look disgusting rn too
* But he keeps on saying no so ur like :((((( but i wanna see u n talk to u :(((
* But all he does is sENDS PICS OF HIMSELF n ur so confused bc why is june suddenly spamming u with pics of junhui ur so ??????¿¿¿¿?!???¿
* “Dat me”
* N u laugh so much bc he cheers u up by using his lame jokes
* Some month later, its ur bday n someone dropped a video on ur submission box n uR SHOOK BC IT CAME FR JUNE
* “….ok im wen junhui not june but also jun ok i used that as a disguise bc i cant run around tumblr saying that im junhui .. R u mad at me :(((”
* And honestly u were laughing and screaming n so many emotions r running thru ur head rn and all u can think of is “fuck im bffs with junhui n he told me he loves me,,,, goodbye to my main bias, hello irl bias junhui”
* So after u calmed down u were both pree chill on it and u guys r still bffs, its just dat he confessed he likes u but ur not ready for a relationship yet
* Junhui is such a gentleman,, and every convo with him on skype includes u ranting ab school n him looking v tired but happy to see u
* U dont tell this to any mutual on tumblr tho bc its junhuis golden rule
* imagine how many sasaengs would literally kill to b u rn
* In every interview junhui does n they ask him ab friends, he always mention this girl overseas (u) that he loves talking to everyday
* “Yo minghao can u tell junhui to call me back? I just rly need to tell him something”
* Minghao: “hey jun ur babe called n wanted to say sonething to u, but first, $5 per word”
* Junhui: “..ill call her myself”