im only posting because qua wants me to


I was awaken by a gentle shove, opening my eyes and saw the early morning sunrise peaking it’s way through the gaps in my red floor length curtains. Upset that I wasn’t being allotted my usual 10 hours of sleep, then I heard the familar deep, rough but cultivating voice behind the wake up call. “Get up. Take a shower.” He called over his shoulder as he walked out of my room and closed the door, his tone was a commanding one. He wasn’t suggesting, he was telling me. This being the first time he had uttered anything to me besides ‘pass the salt’ in the last couple of days, I didn’t ask any questions and did what I was told. Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped up in a towel and flopped on my bed to hopefully rest my eyes for a more seconds while waiting for my next set of instructions. Before I could drift off completely, I felt his lips making a beeline from my collarbone to my ear, the scuffiness of his beard tickling the nape of my neck. “You’re wearing the Chanel No. 5, I brought you. You smell nice.” His voice much more charming than before, this was the man I fell in love with, since our latest arguement he’d gone missing. I smiled at the sentiment, remembering the day trip we took to the city holding hands, shopping at every store that would tolerate our obnoxious laughter and shameless PDA. Pushing to the back of my mind that, this memory seemed more distant than it actually was. I removed my towel and tossed it to the floor, and he matched my movements pressing my body against his and he laid on top of me. Kissing me softly at first then harder, his warm mouth tasted like mint toothpaste, until I couldn’t stand the thought of going another second without him inside me. Like the mind reader he always is he slid it in, causing me to gasp for air and grip tighter on his back. The intensity of his stroke increasing with the sound my moans. In the middle of heavy breathing and deep sighs of extascy he leans in and whispers, “I hate you, bitch.”