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A = Aftercare 

Since sex is kind of rough with Jun, he’s pretty intense, aftercare is very important. Making sure muscles aren’t pulled, and if he’s had you in a particularly stretch needed position, he’s curled up with you and massaging the spot he’s had you bent. Affection is spewed a lot after sex, letting you know he really cares for you, and showers are taken before crashing back in bed.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

He’s entirely obsessed with your thighs, being able to hold you to him and control your movements when he’s thrusting, feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers, and even see the marks his digits made the day after. For himself, he’s the massive tease and his fingers are his tool of choice, they’re his favorite, making you squirm just from his digits.

C = Cum 

I see Jun as being one of those nasty fuckers that likes to cum on you as a symbol of marking you. Hickies aren’t exactly a thing he can do to you, at least, in the place he wants to, so 9/10, he’s cumming on your stomach or chest, and seeing you all fucked out and covered in his cum, really his favorite thing.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Being the semi dominant he is, he’s used to bossing you around in the bedroom. One thing he’s always thought about and prob will do is having you laid out, all ready for him, and have you get yourself off as he tells you exactly what to do as he watches. The dominance of controlling your movements even as you do it to yourself, is something he thinks about a lot.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t see him having much experience, but he’s fairly knowledgeable on the subject, and he’s pretty eager to get started on you. Eager to please, and having a fresh slate to play with, he’s easily got the hang of things and by the end of play time, he’s a master. 

F = Favorite position

Jun likes a lot of positions, and puts you in several before he’s done, so they aren’t numbered as a #1 and on. He’s a classical man, he likes good ol’ missionary, doggy style is a very favorable, spooning, you riding him is always a special treat that he’s particularly fond of.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Jun’s the clown of your relationship, but in the bedroom he’s someone else. Kinda like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He’s really focused and in the zone with you, it’s almost like these no air in the room when he’s with you, he just has such a powerful presence. He saves the fun for outside the bedroom.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I don’t see him being groomed much, unless you tell him ‘yo dude…shave ya dick’, he’s not one for manscaping or anything. If you’ve got an issue with hair like me you gotta bring it up. Otherwise, he just lets the jungle thrive.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He’s developed a bit of a character during sex, he’s really a different person in the bedroom as opposed to the Jun you’re with every day. He’s pretty intense in the bedroom, while he worships the hell out of your body, it’s not very lovey dovey at all. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

The boy can’t even be alone in the bathroom, I think he’d be very hesitant to whip it out, without like…sending a mass text like ‘im jerkin it if you come in im kicking your ass’ which isn’t happening. So he’s very quick about, just to get the arousal out and gone, lord knows when someone’ll decide to pick a lock.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Jun’s a very visual guy when it comes to kinks; it’s what he sees that turns him on. Good lingerie or some outfits(nurse, maid, etc) are a big turn on for him. He gets into role playing a bit, so costumes and outfits are a real essential to him. ‘no those aren’t my halloween costumes from over the years, jun bought them for me to fuck me in’ kind of thing. He’s rather dominant, that’s for sure, but he’s not overbearing. It’s obvious he’s in control, but calling you names or spanking aren’t a common, but he likes to be called sir occasionally. Sprinkle it in during sex and it drives him crazy.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

[See Risk] He’s not keen on being caught, or walked in on, since apparently locked doors mean nothing to SVT. Bedroom is standard, it’s good, it’s reliable, etc. And it’s pretty obvious that if you and him go into the bedroom and shut the door, it’s ‘don’t bother jun’ time. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Playing into his kink, really all you have to do somehow let it be known that you’re wearing his favorite lingerie, or start touching on his thigh. Starts the arousal pretty fast.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

While he does like role playing, doctor and nurse, all that good stuff, Daddy is one that goes right out the door. Call him daddy and sex is over for the night, he’s not playing with you. Wax was tried once, pain isn’t his thing, so that’s off the list too. He doesn’t like things with you or him that cause pain, spanking and belts, are a no go.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Master of foreplay and teasing, his fingers and tongue are his #1 tools. Oral is one of the times he lets you dominate, he gladly lays down and lets you ride his face. On the flip side, while he is kind of a horny toad, and his sex drives it up, he’s not easy to go, boners aren’t just popped, you going down on him is practically a step in sex, just adds to the foreplay and you get to have control for that time, which is always fun.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Typically, he’s very erratic and fast, boarder lined rough, but not unbearable. He’s really precise with his thrusts, he knows exactly what buttons to push, and how to work your body.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He’s not very favorable with quickies, he likes to tease you to hell and back, and he misses out on that with the time crunch, so they don’t happen very often. You can probably count on one hand how many quickies he’s had, they’re not really in his good book. Jun likes taking his time, building the pleasure, and toying with you for ages instead.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He’s not particularly into the whole exhibitionist kink, he’s not keen on being caught so locations are played with, but only if he’s 100% sure you’re not going to get walked in on or seen. Aside from that, he’s pretty game to anything, positions, role plays, etc, he’s down with the discussion and if you both decide you want to go through with it, it’s on.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
His stamina is pretty average, 5-10 minutes is his limit most times, and one round is usually it considering how much he draws cumming out. But after a nap, he’s ready to go again. Sex several times in a day isn’t uncommon with him, just not one right after another. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Jun’s a man of few likes, that aren’t just the two of you in the bedroom. He’s not too keen on anything making your body buzz aside from his body, so toys are kept to a minimum. A few scarves are favored instead of handcuffs, and a couple, various vibrators are around sometime, but that’s about it. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Jun is unforgiving in the bedroom. He’s very in control, and that gives him the special power of teasing you to the ends of the Earth if he wants; and he does. With the help of scarves, he’s got you pinned and at his mercy, that he doesn’t have, and edging you with his choice bullet vibrator, letting his hands work down below and mouth focus on your chest till it’s covered in his mark. You won’t get away without a good 20-30 minutes of solid teasing from him. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Jun’s more of a grunter, imagine this with me, Jun in the midst of thrusting into you with all he’s got, sweat covering his skin. He’s propped up on his knees, looking down at you squirming with each thrust, jaw tight, eyebrows scrunched in focus, heavy breaths and small grunts of satisfaction leaving his clenched teeth. yeah.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The first time you two adventured into a more…interesting position, not used to the stretch, obviously you got a cramp because? bruh, you pulling leg muscles I didn’t know I had. The same word was used, and he immediately freaked out and lowkey started crying because he ‘hurt you’. Took you 20 minutes to calm him down, and get back into it. Poor baby, just loves you too much.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Similar to Joshua, Jun’s more slender and long in build. Nana says guys that are little on top(shoulders) aren’t insane down below. He’s pretty wild in bed, so it’s a slight makeup for not being the biggest, Jun’s a bit under the average, 4-4.5″ and more slender in girth, but that whole motion in the ocean shiz is real, y’all, don’t worry.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Nana took one look at him and said he’d hump your leg if you said okay, so I’m running with that. Jun’s got an above average sex drive, he’s a lowkey horny toad that he can’t even hide from you because he’s so clingy. He’s up and running at the drop of a hat, so you’re in for it. Good luck.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Jun sex is pretty exhausting, if anyone ignored the fact you’re butt ass naked, and dicks and titties are out, someone’d think you just ran the mile in 8th grade. Legs are incapable of working, and everyone’s out of breath, sweating like you just got caught in the rain. If sleep doesn’t immediately follow sex, it’s probs a risk of passing out later. So kinda as the last step of aftercare, sleep always follows sex. Few minutes after you’re done and clean, and you’re both curled up in bed.

chuggyvanessa  asked:

How do you stay motivated when people drags you down ? My father was a good artist but he always makes my art being like shit... Well not only my art he treats me like one... and i never improve, im always scared to draw stuff i cant... do you have some advices ? Tips ?... something That could help me or others in this situation ?

Hi! To be honest, there is rarely any family who would support your artist carrier from the get-go. If any of you have that family, please go up to them and tell them you love them. Now here is the thing: a lot of parents don’t know “How” to support their artist child. And to everyone’s surprise, they think being harsh on you is the best support, thinking that if you can’t even stand this, there is no chance for you to survive in the actual professional industry. But here is one thing that a lot of parents miss out, every artists are super insecure inside, especially as a student. We get critics on our 5 day paintings and 8 hour drawings 24/7 and will keep comparing ourselves to those who we look up to. Most of us are already super harsh on ourselves. But guess what, they will never know until you tell them. Have a conversation time with your parents, tell them that what you need is someone who will fully support you, encourage you on your path and that it hurts to get negative feedback(different from constructive advice) from those who you love the most.

My family, who are very supportive now, has gone through similar things. And I had times when I had to hide my drawings under my text books because my parents thought I wasn’t doing my homework and all I do is drawing comic book characters(although I always did art after I finished my homework and got A in every classes I took). Their words very often hurt my feeling as an artist but we all learned and taught each other how to make things work out.  Let them know that it hurts, tell them that all you need to hear is: “Good job, keep on going. We are all here right behind you.” And that this alone will give you so much power and confidence to march on.

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hey sarah! so youve become rlly popular and i want to know ur secret. im an art student and have been for many years, ive had an art account for 5 yrs and im STILL stuck on 200 followers. i didnt want "fame" i just wanted my art appreciated. it was special to me but without motivation i deleted my account and dont draw except for my coursework and art projects. aah it hurts when you try to be appreciated and no one cares :-(

Hey!!! Tbh I don’t think I’m that popular but ayy;;;
It’s been one year that I’m drawing on this blog and I know how things work here for artists, so I’m going to talk frankly

Some people might tell you “you only need to post quality drawings to get noticed uwu”. Well thats not true. Here’s why

You see you have on tumblr the “popular” section and the “newest section”. Most people only go to the popular section. So when you’re a new artist who doesnt get a lot of notes, your drawing will only stay in the “newest” section. And like I said only a few people look at it.
But there’s something else, if a post has a lot of notes, a lot of people will reblog it because it has a lot of notes. If another post doesnt, a lot of people will hesitate to reblog it. It’s a thing, when something is popular we kinda want to be part of it “if its popular there must be a reason so I want to reblog it”. Lets not forget that reblogging something means that the post will be on someone’s blog. People dont want to have a “bad post” on their blog. And for a lot of people good post= a lot of notes, which isnt true.
So how to get noticed? Well you need someone who’s popular to reblog your drawing. Thats it, thats how things work here. Most of the time your followers see you as a support person. So if a popular blog reblogs something, more people will see it and more people will reblog it because they trust the person they follow. “If they reblogged this then it must be nice”, so people wont be scared to reblog.
Also a popular blog often has popular friends/ mutuals yknow, so they might all reblog and bam you get noticed.

So basically it’s luck. I always said that it’s hard to get noticed here because its just luck. You might be the best artist on this planet, there’s a lot of chance that you wont get noticed. And you might be a not-so-good artist like me and get noticed (i mean it was easier for me because I draw “humourous” stuff but yeah).
I can’t give you a way to be popular because it’s just luck. I see so many good artists who only get like 20 notes. So really it’s not because you don’t get noticed that it means you’re not a good artist, dont forget that.

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do you have any tips for someone wanting to start their first webcomic (who can't spend any money)? and any site suggestions?

hey! here’s my advice! I cant really speak for others, but heres stuff ive learned based on my own experience.

1. Remember that in order to make something  (whether it be a webcomic, novel, animation, game, fucking anything with a story) YOU have to be your own #1 fan. Don’t worry about how many people like or read your story/comic. The reason you create it should be for YOURSELF, make it because YOU wanna see what happens. I know it can feel a little discouraging if you start a comic (and for example post it on some site) and it only gets 1 or 2 viewers, but believe me, the more you create and show how passionate you are about your creation, the more others will SEE THAT and become interested!

2. Following that, YOU HAVE TO LIKE YOUR STORY. If there is even a single scene that you arent at least somewhat excited about drawing, you probably will stop making it at that part and lose motivation altogether. If it isnt fun to make, change it into something that is!!! There were parts of sparklecare that i felt bored by, so i just changed them into something id be excited about drawing! I think a lot of creators might disagree with me and say boring parts might be necessary, but even so, at least add something to those parts to make yourself excited again. If you’re really excited to get to the middle of the story but the beginning is boring to you, you won’t ever get there!!!

3. Do not feel obligated to work on a schedule when you start out. I know I use a schedule because there are lots of regular readers and such, but don’t stress and wear yourself out over a deadline, do it when you want to. Sometimes schedules can make art feel more like a chore than fun, and that often can also slug your motivation. HOWEVER, IM NOT SAYING SCHEDULES ARE ENTIRELY BAD! In my case, having a schedule actually has helped me regulate lots of other areas of my life- working on schedule is also a pretty valuable skill for the art industry, and getting used to the routine as an independent artist can prepare you for future projects later in life! All I meant was, if you aren’t in the perfect emotional state/don’t have the energy, don’t feel like you absolutely HAVE to work on a schedule!!!


For a comic that is just starting out, you can always go the easy route and host it on tumblr. Despite its limitations, its easier for people to keep up with and a good way to stay in touch with your fans! It’s also cool because if you start on tumblr and move to another site, your current followers can stay up-to-date if you post a link to new updates on your tumblr. I don’t really have experience with other free hosting, but I hear smackjeeves is pretty good? For paid hosting, I currently use WordPress with hostgator!

Those are all my biggest tips ^^

utaustarpuff  asked:

Golzy, I'm a big fan of Gztale, and if you don't mind me ask(if you mind then stop reading) do you still like Undertale? Or are you giving up on it? Since these days you've been making less and less Undertale/Gztale stuff, or is because of some other reasons, sorry if I get the reasons wrong if I did get it wrong.

Sorry if im lacking making undertale art.

Like i said one of my reblogs, i still love undertale. But the thing is this year im having stresses with school assignment and finals that will be on this november.
Im still working on the plot with gztale and i have future plan for my original comic which is really pour into my heart to make my orignal story happen.

The only thing is the stress im having. I drew less undertale art because i got into many fandoms (old and new like eddsworld, batim, attack on titan, MysticMessenger, etc etc).
Its not because im getting tired on drawing undertale, i just wanted to draw something new, because i cant just filled my 10 sketchbooks with only undertale and shove it to the interview for college and university.

New fandoms always helps me draw new thing and motivates me to write something interesting themes and genre for my future story.

Other than that, I need to improve my lifestyle to interact with people, like family, friends and relatives. So i wont be that awkward and offended when talking to different kinds of people. Either they are socialise, spicy mouthed, shy, etc.

Also improving my focus on studies for finals. The finals in Malaysia is much much important to me because its the key for my future. So i cant just spent 24/7 on computers without studying and draw without any knowledges.

Like i said, i still love undertale. Just give me a time to solve all of this school stress, once i finished my finals, i can proper my schedules on working this and that.
Ok? :)

A-Z NSFW: Hyungwon

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Aftercare 
Sex with Hyungwon doesn’t end with needing any insane aftercare. There’s not need for like..ointment and band aids, aftercare is mostly just cleaning up together, and cuddling afterwards.  

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Without just being vulgar, Hyungwon favors his fingers. The long, slender digits are his personal choice in weapon against his lover, he can play you like a fiddle, and he’s well aware of it. As for his lover, he’s got a fixation on your thighs, particularly because of how he can pair them with his fingers, when he’s got your legs wrapped around his hips, and his finger tips are digging in to the soft skin and knowing there’ll be matching prints the next day, is just his favorite thing.

C = Cum 

Hyungwon’s a man, he’s not a messy boy or anything, he’s got everything on lock at this point. He’s weirdly precise when he finishes, either it’s 100% in a condom during sex, or he’s got a thing for painting your chest when he cums.  

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Keeping secrets from you are very minimal, the relationship is fairly open and comfortable, that there’s no stress to keep anything hidden but he’s got a few things under his belt. Most are just him being a little shit, like secretly nabbing a pair of your panties, or that’s he’s taken care of business right beside you in bed because he “didn’t want to wake you”, and bs like that. Nothing to flip over, but not exactly something he’s going to tell…

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He’s definitely been up to stuff, and has a fair grasp on how things work. He’s already dipped his feet in the pool, Hyungwon knows his way around the block, he’s got it. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. 

F = Favorite position
Generally, he’s a pretty intimate lover, and likes complete contact, and access to your lips, and eye contact is fairly common, missionary or he props himself up against the headboard as you ride him, those are his two go to positions. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

With Hyungwon, it’s really 50/50, there’s not so much of a serious tone during sex but it’s heavy with affection. If I have to choose, goofy is more his route, there’s not pressure or certain way you’re expected to behave, he’s surely more jokey during sex than putting on some intense role. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
He looks like he’s not insanely hairy, so he doesn’t groom too much unless his lover brings it up. He probably trims a bit here and there but on the norm,, Hyungwon leaves it be. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He’s rather intense in the bedroom, Hyungwon portrays his emotions pretty hard when he’s in his comfort spot. He’s pretty vocal during sex, not so much into the showing off, there’s not going to be some weird set up like in a romance movie, but skin on skin, eye contact, and whispering sweet nothings certainly get the point across. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
I swear most of the time, quickies are just going to be a result of ‘fuck im hard what do i….hey babe, wanna come her for a sec?’, but on the sad day he’s left to his own demise, Hyungwon’s more than likely to end up calling you. He may have to deal with his problem on his own, but who said he has to do it alone? In short, 8/10, jerking off actually ends up being phone sex. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Hyungwon’s a simple man, there’s not many insane kinks to him, he’s fairly tamed but he does have a couple. He’s got quite an edging kink, on your part, he loves toeing with the edge of pleasure and pulling you right away from it, only to lead you to the cliff again, and take it away, over and over until you’re nearly yelling at him and so sensitive it’s nearly impossible to do it anymore or you’ll just cum. At that, you can add he likes over stimulating you. He’s a light dom, loves seeing you all fucked out and a whimpering mess for him. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Hyungwon’s one that likes the privacy of the bedroom, and while he does play around with locations, nothing beats the comfort of home. Aside from the bed, Hyungwon’s one that enjoys a nice soothing bath with his lover perched in his lap. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Hyungwon’s pretty put together, and just a slight touch of his thigh isn’t going to unravel him. Most of the time, sex stems from being left alone for more than 5 minutes and follows making out and touching, heavy petting with you whimpering in his ear is what get’s him going, it’s not an easy task though. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Hyungwon’s usually pretty open to things when it comes to sex, most things don’t turn him off, just don’t get him as excited as other things. But he stands firm on pain and kinks, he’s not here for any daddy/oppa thing, and an incident with pulling his hair a bit too hard set some boundaries with pain during sex.  

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Going down on you isn’t Hyungwon’s strong suit, he’s more skilled with his hands than his mouth, but his abilities aren’t unpleasurable. A bit sloppy, but none the less, it gets the job done. On the flip side, unless it’s a quickie and you’re just helping him taking care of a hard issue, oral during sex isn’t his favorite, he gets close too fast, and doesn’t want the mistake of cumming early because of your mouth. So unless it’s just a blowjob for the sake of a blowjob, he’ll normally pass. 

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
At this stage, Hyungwon is more sensual, unless he’s in a special mood, he’s usually has a pretty steady, average speed and strength pace, nothing too mind boggling but helps in his edging thing, his pace is easy to build pleasure and then break you down before you can cum.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Quickies aren’t a huge favorite of Hyungwon’s, but he’s not opposed to them, he takes what he gets with no argument or complaint. Quickies vs proper sex is almost 50/50, they happen way more than you’d expect when Hyungwon doesn’t really care for them. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He isn’t particularly shy with you, Hyungwon’s a free guy with you. He’s down to play and try nearly anything that he doesn’t have a firm no on, and you bring up. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Hyungwon’s pretty average, one round is it with him, but knowing that he tries and draws it out with foreplay and teasing you to hell and back. As for legit sex, he can bust out about 10-15 minutes, and he’s down for the count. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Small toys are a thing, I don’t see Hyungwon getting fcking chains and whips, more things for stimulation and teasing, like bullet vibrators and those little feather toys. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He’s such an incredibly teasing bish in the bedroom, nothing tickles him more than having you on edge and crying out for him, and then ripping all the pleasure from you. And then starting all over again. He’s a meanie. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

Hyungwon’s insanely vocal, he’s talkative during sex, he’s one that’ll moan about how warm you are, how good it feels, fuck move your hips like that again baby, the whole shabang. He’s not loud, but no doubt, he will be heard. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

[See Risk] I can honestly see this little fcker making it a game of how many places you can bang in without getting caught. It’s like a game of chicken, but his wieners out instead. “Living room, check. Closet at the studio, check. Burger King bathroom, check.” 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Listen, I don’t trust small boys, there’s always something going on in their pants you don’t expect when you look at their scrawny self. I don’t trust Hyungwon. I feel like he’s one of those guys where it fcking grows…a lot…and no one knows how it happened. Shit be looking like a thumb then all of a sudden it’s a banana. Dicks are magic, I’m telling you. He is rather skinny, so he’s not insanely thick, but I think he surpasses the average by a bit, pushing more 5.8-6″. 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Hyungwon’s fairly average, he’s not  humping your leg or anything, but he’s certainly attached at your hip the majority of the time. Hormones have settled, so he’s not too wild, but he’s not exactly tamed. If you snap your fingers, he’s up and ready to go. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
You could say Hyungwon just passes out after sex, he falls alseep so fast. You have a 5 minute window of opportunity to get cleaned up before he’s out and you aren’t going to be able to wake him. Busting a nut might as well have been a tranquilizer for him. Zzz

cornflakebox  asked:

Hi Lissa! I love your work and your stories. I hope to work as a story artist myself, and I was wondering if you could give me some tips! Thanks a bunch!

Answering publicly, because i get this question a lot :)
Sorry to anyone who’s asked this before and gotten an abbreviated answer (or no answer, sorrysorrysorry!), it’s a big thing to sit down and write and i want to be as thorough as i can. But i hope this helps anyone who needs it!

Story tips, wow.
I’ll try and list as many as i can! I’ll try to keep it from getting too ramble-y because man, there’s just so much to talk about! I know i’ll leave some out anyway, because there’s stuff i forget all the time. I’ve had the benefit of learning from some really awesome people and goodness knows i’m still learning from them.
I’ll try and get the biggies :)

NOTE: These are all coming from my experience working in feature animation at one studio. Different studios will have different cultures and ways of working, and i understand that boarding for T.V. is a whole different animal from boarding for feature, but i think most of these should apply to visual story-telling across the board.

And as always, these are TIPS not RULES :)

Always think about your character, what they are doing and why they are doing it. This applies to camerawork too. THE CAMERA IS THE INVISIBLE CHARACTER IN EVERY SCENE. Just as a character wouldn’t do something unmotivated, camera moves and shots need motivation too. What are we looking at? WHY are we looking at it? HOW are we seeing it? How is it making the AUDIENCE FEEL? That’s the core of any visual story-telling medium, and in a time-based medium like film you get a whole other level added on.

- Related note: we should always be with the main character. this doesn’t necessarily mean always LOOKING at them, but we should know what’s in their head, what they want, how they feel about what’s going on at any given point in the story. Usually they are the anchor for how the audience is supposed to feel about what’s happening. You lose them, you lose emotion.

“Entertainment” doesn’t always equal “comedy”; it equals “What i’m watching makes me feel something”. I’ve found that entertainment often comes from specificity. Think about how you do ordinary things, how people you know do them. Say you have a scene where your character is cooking breakfast. How does she do it in a way that no other character would? Maybe she does a little dance while she’s making an omelette if no one else is around. Maybe she NEVER gets a clean break in an egg and always has to pick bits of eggshell out of there. Maybe she’s out of milk and has to sub in yogurt or something and just prays it doesn’t make her omelette totally gross…
(…sorry, i’m digressing, this is just… a description of me making an omelette.)
Think about specifics, make your character feel real, no matter if they’re making an omelette or falling in love or fighting giant robots.

- All that being said, you also have to be CLEAR and ECONOMICAL with screen time. Consider how much time you have to convey an idea. Sometimes you have time to linger and do fun character stuff. Sometimes you just have a few shots to convey a plot point. Learn to gauge what a scene NEEDS and try and see it in the context of the story as a whole. (note: there are usually still ways to get character specificity in these quick beats. try and find them!)

Clarity is important for drawing boards too. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to be detailed (and in many cases it SHOULDN’T be), it doesn’t have to be finished… as long as it’s CLEAR. This is probably the big difference between storyboarding and illustration; story is NOT the place for making pretty pictures :)

- Hand in hand with the last point, is for story you need to be able to draw clear and FAST. Sequence turn-around can be quick (i once had to do three passes on one scene in a week), and in the course of working on a project most of what you do will be redrawn many, many times. Don’t be precious, don’t be afraid to kill your babies.

As a lot of these tips have probably implied, drawing is only a part of storyboarding. You have to understand story structure and film making. There are a lot of resources out there for this. Robert Mckee’s book, simply titled “Story” is a good starting point for understanding story structure, and Bruce Block’s book “The Visual Story” is an amazing breakdown of all the elements of visual story telling as applied to film (but really it applies to anything). I also always direct people to Mark Kennedy’s blog. Mark is a head of story here at Disney, amazing board artist, teacher, and all around good dude. His blog is a masterclass in itself, and he covers a variety of topics from drawing to composition to story:

This is a big one and functions on many levels; you have to work with a team; you have to be able to give notes constructively and not get offended if your notes aren’t taken; you have to remember that you’re working to support the DIRECTORS vision, not your own; you have to be able to take the notes you’re given and not take them PERSONALLY; you have to be willing to throw out all the boards you’ve spent the last week working on and start over if the production requires it; you have to be willing to see your sequence handed off to a different artist who will probably re-draw most of it.
You can’t have an ego because almost NONE of these things are actually about you. They very rarely have any bearing on your ability as an artist. This is just how the process works, and at the end of the day almost no one will actually see the thousands of drawings and all the hard work you’ve done over the course of about two years. They say “all story no glory” and it’s absolutely true.


If you’ve gotten through all of this and aren’t totally terrified… then maybe story is for you :)
Also, to reiterate; many studios work differently. Some places will give you more creative freedom as a story teller than others. I’m really fortunate to work in a place where i do have an amount of creative freedom and feel that my voice is heard and my opinion is valued. But no matter where you work, all of these things can always, always ALWAYS be applied to your own stories. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a big studio or paying the bills as a barista or are still in school, you can ALWAYS tell your own stories :)

Above all, work with confidence, listen to criticism without letting it own you, find the truth in it that will help you be better. And draw draw draw! :)

Im going to be thinking about this all day and flipping out when i remember things i’ve left out.

Part 3: Another 10 Animated Movies Beyond Pixar

Part 1: Animation Beyond Pixar
Part 2: 10 More Animated Movies Beyond Pixar
Part 4: Some More Animated Movies Beyond Pixar

Before you start: I’d like to apologize for the terrible quality in a few of these screenshots. A few of the older/less successful movies are impossible to find in HD. With that, let’s get started! I hope you find something cool!

Sword of the Stranger (Stranja Mukōhadan, 2007)

It’s easy to forget what a good action movie looks like, and even easier to forget that there used to be action movies with actual grit, where the characters aren’t too clever to be fooled or hurt. Sword of the Stranger is both a good action movie and is absolutely caked in grit.

You won’t find many technical innovations in this Sword of the Stranger, and though the styling is beautiful in an austere way it’s definitely not a piece of glittering eye candy. That said, you will immediately be absorbed by its interesting characters and engrossing plot. It’s a testament to the power of good character development and satisfying plot progression/resolution, traits that animated movies often stumble over.

A young boy living among monks escapes as his home monastery is burned to the ground. Pursued by a band of elite Chinese warriors with mysterious motives, the boy runs across a disgraced samurai and strikes a deal for protection.


The Painting (Le Tableau, 2011)

(This movie is currently available on Netflix US!)

Part of the reason many 3D animated movies are terrible is their sheer banality. Too many of them are about small animals doing something silly for poorly-established reasons (coughDREAMWORKScough). That’s why it’s so incredibly refreshing when a small studio goes for novelty, and turns their creativity towards describing a fascinating premise.

The Painting is an undeniably gorgeous movie, where CGI is turned towards emulating different styles of paintings in really successful and interesting ways.

An unfinished painting sits, abandoned, in an artist’s tiny cabin. Inside the painting the figures have created a stratified culture made up of Alldunns, Halfies, and Scribbles. The only thing that sustains the Halfies and the Scribbles is the idea that their creator might return to complete the painting, but hope is fading fast. With mounting oppression from the Alldunns a Halfie, a Scribble, and a sympathetic Alldunn set out to find their creator, to ask him to finish their painting.


The Story of Mr. Sorry (Je-bool-chal-ssi I-ya-gi, 2008)

(This movie is currently available on Netflix US!)

Korea’s animation industry is weird. There’s a huge talent pool that regularly produces amazing work, but almost all of it is in the service of American TV shows. Stuff like Young Justice and Legend of Korra are largely designed and animated in South Korea. There’s very little by-and-for Korean animation available, and what is available is often indie (which means that giant talent pool usually isn’t involved).

The Story of Mr. Sorry is one of those indie movies. A dark fantasy animated with cut-out drawings (which, if anything, are vaguely reminiscent of Monty Python, no anime-styling here). The movie is cerebral, sometimes very literally. In tone and substance it’s a bit like Being John Malkovich, kind of quirky, depressive, and willfully weird.

A timid young man is shrunk to the size of a spider and works as an ear-cleaner. While cleaning ears he discovers that he can delve into peoples’ subconscious.


Heavy Metal (1981)

I love this ridiculous movie. Here’s what you need to know: Heavy Metal was produced by the publishers of Heavy Metal magazine, a British sci-fi/fantasy comics magazine started in the 70s that still runs today. Heavy Metal magazine publishes an extremely specific form of fantasy comic, which is a bit hard to describe. Imagine if Conan the Barbarian fought cyber-goblins in the old west.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s almost nothing good about this movie. Choppy animation, horrible voice acting, bad action, bad storytelling. Critical fails all around. The second thing you’ll notice is that it’s so completely, wonderfully ridiculous that you have to keep watching. There’s also an inexplicably good soundtrack with cuts from Black Sabbath, Devo, Grand Funk Railroad, Blue Oyster Cult, and many more. All of this has made Heavy Metal kind of an animated version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film has always had a cult following, but it really found its audience once it started being used at midnight movie screenings, with people acting along to the ridiculously juvenile stories.

I’m not even going to try to describe the story here. There’s an orb that invades a house for some reason, then a lady who rides a flying horse-thing has to fight a cyborg, then a nerd turns into a body builder so he can beat up horny orcs… It’s just great.


Waltz with Bashir (Vals Im Bashir, 2008)

This is an incredible, sobering movie, and an impressive re-entry into feature-length animation for Israel. The style is impeccable, looking exactly like someone brought an inky, moody comic book to life, in spite of frequent photographic & 3D-rendered backgrounds & effects. Equally-impressive is that not one frame of the movie was rotoscoped, even though you’d swear it was given the incredibly natural movement of the characters.

It’s also a documentary.

Filmmaker Ari Folman meets an old friend for a drink. While catching up his friend relates an disturbing, war-related dream to Ari, which in turn makes Ari realize that he has blanked out his entire time as an Israeli soldier during the 1982 Lebanon war. Later that night Ari has an inexplicable dream regarding his time in Beirut. Unsettled, Ari begins talking to friends, members of his old combat unit, war journalists, and psychiatrists in an attempt to understand the dream, which seems to be related to the gruesome Sabra and Shatila massacre.


Roujin Z (Rōjin Zetto, 1991)

The early-90s were an odd time for anime, sort of a lull between the giant anime boom of the late 80s and its resurgence via licensed manga properties in the late-90s. It’s always fun to see what an entertainment industry does when the public stopped paying attention. Usually because lots of really innovative and strange ideas manage to seep through the studio filters in that situation. That was definitely the case with Roujin Z, which is somehow an action-comedy about a bedridden old man. Smart and darkly-funny, Roujin Z plays out like the most satisfying kind of satire.

In the near-future the Ministry of Public Welfare unveils its new innovation in senior-care: a robotic, artificially-intelligent hospital bed that can bathe, clothe, feed, and entertain its occupant. However, not everything about the bed is as it seems, and when it goes haywire it sets off a mad-dash between government agencies to contain the situation.


Fierro (sometimes Martín Fierro, 2007)

Based on a pair of epic poems by Argentinian writer José Hernández, the story of Martín Fierro is considered an indispensable touchstone for Argentinian national identity.

The titular (and fictitious) Martín Fierro is a poor goucho, an everyman who is unjustly conscripted by a Spanish governor to defend a frontier outpost against native attacks. Fierro’s fearsome sense of independence and open rebellion against his Spanish commanding officers made him an instant folk hero in 1890s Argentina.

That sense of national pride really comes through in this production, with a lot of gorgeous background paintings and a really lovingly-crafted score giving the movie a suitably epic, sweeping feel. That said, there are a few problems. Fierro’s simplistic character designs and oddly-placed comedic bits give the movie tonal problems, which the dramatic soundtrack can sometimes exacerbate. It’s sometimes unclear if Fierro wants to be a grand saga or a silly spaghetti western.


Aya of Yop City (Aya de Yopougon, 2012)

Aya of Yop City depicts a version of Africa that is almost never seen in the west: A peaceful, rapidly-modernizing society with an emerging middle class. It’s based on a series of graphic novels by Marguerite Abouet, who in turn based the series on her own experiences growing up in 1970s Côte d’Ivoire.

This is apparently Abouet’s directorial debut, and right off the bat it is an amazing piece of visual storytelling. I actually wasn’t able to find a subtitle of this movie, but the art direction is so spot-on that I managed to glean most of the movie off of character interactions & tone.

Though the figure-movement can be a bit stiff, everything else about Aya absolutely pops. The character designs are simple but immediately charming, the backgrounds are lovingly rendered for every scene, the score is infectious, and the movie never once feels slow or boring. If this is Abouet’s debut then she’s clearly a fierce talent.

Told from the perspective of Aya, a young adult in the middle-class neighborhood of Yop City, the story follows the travails of Aya’s neighbors. Adjoua, one of Aya’s closest friends, has just discovered she’s pregnant. The father seems to be Moussa, the only son of one of the richest families in Côte d’Ivoire, and he and Adjoua are quickly married. However, when the baby is born Moussa’s domineering father starts doubting the parentage. Meanwhile Aya’s other friend, Bintou, has started dating a rich Parisian man who isn’t what he seems.


The Thief and the Cobbler (1993)

The Thief and the Cobbler can be viewed as the ultimate cautionary tale for animators. It stands as testament to the fact that no matter how great the creator’s pedigree, how beautiful the film, or how many amazing actors are on board, no film is safe from studio meddling.

It had a notoriously long and troubled production time, starting in 1964 and not seeing the light of day until 1993, having passed through several major production studios and ending up at a cut-rate production bond company. What was intended to be the masterpiece of veteran animator Richard Williams was drastically and haphazardly recut into a direct-to-video yawn. And it’s really our loss, the original animation in The Thief and the Cobbler is absolutely peerless. The amount of beautiful fluidity, or amazingly genuine idiosyncrasies in movement ascribed to drawings still hasn’t been equalled by a major studio.

Thankfully, TTatC got a second life in the animation underground. For years a workprint copy of the movie was circulated by animation fans, and to this day you can still find recuts of the movie on the internet, each one claiming to be closer to Williams’ original intent than the last. The best-known of these recuts is probably Garrett Gilchrist’s “The Recobbled Cut”, released in 2006. Seek it out, it is worth the effort.

The story: The Golden City is an arabesque paradise, ruled by the good King Nod. An ancient prophecy foretells that the city is guarded by three golden balls on its highest spire, and if those balls are ever removed the city will fall to warlike race of one-eyed creatures. If this should ever come to pass the city’s only hope is, “the simplest of souls with the smallest of things.” Meanwhile city-life is moving along predictably for the young cobbler Tack, until a chance encounter with a thief puts him in the clutches of the city’s scheming Vizier, Zigzag, while the thief absconds with the three golden balls.


The Triplets of Belleville (Les Triplettes de Belleville, 2003)

As the first French animated feature to make a splash overseas, The Triplets of Belleville has become many peoples’ gateway to Francophone animation. And no wonder, it’s a wonderful example of the power of visual storytelling, relying almost entirely on pantomime to communicate its story.

The first feature-length film of Sylvain Chomet (who you might recognize as the director of The Illusionist, another wonderful animated movie), TToB blew everyone away when it first debuted. Somehow it manages to be moody and light, silly and touching, & downtrodden but upbeat all at once. Moreover, in spite of its novel story and ample world-building, it moves along at a very brisk, immensely satisfying pace. You never once catch yourself counting the minutes, wishing the story would move along. That’s an accomplishment in a medium that often inspires self-indulgence.

Madame Souza has trained her grandson, Champion, for years to compete in the Tour de France. However, in the last leg of the race Champion is kidnapped. It’s up to Souza and her chubby dog Bruno to save him. Things look grim as the two follow Champion’s trail to the overstuffed city of Belleville, but a chance encounter with three aging music hall singers may provide the help they need.

hey everybody! parker here! im gonna make a lil post about SPACEPALS :-) its been quite a long on-going journey with several changes and tweaks along the way, and for some, this may be your first time seeing them! either way i feel its necessary to explain who they are and where theyve come from:

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I’m sorta high on coffee, so Lord knows how this is going to turn out. I also can’t make graphics to save my life, so. SO. You all get this thing? I mean it’s got Amon on it, so you can’t really go wrong. Unless you dislike Amon. In that case I’m sorry. ( Also are u lost, this is a blog for him. ) 

I thought 123 followers was a– sorta amusing number to do this on? Like a weird follow forever. Because I’m a child. And I love you all, so didn’t want to wait much longer. 8′>  

Anywho. Hold on to your hats boys, this is gonna get sappy.

The squad - A.k.a the people I consider the closest to me. 

@bacieciambelline - YOU. You are the biggest ray of sunshine I know, my very best friend. I would do anything for you, expect from maybe eat spicy curry for your entertainment. I’m so grateful I’ve known you for 7 years, every single moment spent together has been one of sheer and total joy, be it watching Spongebob at 4 in the morning or simply talking about spatulas and hoses. We’ve had countless laughs, across places like TinierMe to Club Penguin. I will cherish our friendship forever.

Basically. I love you, Feli. Thank you for being in my life. I hope it never ends. ♡♡♡

@just-a-simple-otaku - MY AMON LOVING PARTNER IN CRIME!!! You are an absolute sweetheart. The nicest person on this site. I’m so grateful you messaged me on my main account, I truly am. And you’re so gifted. Your writing, your art, everything. Also screaming about Amon and your OC gives me life? They’re adorable? Even if it’s hurting me? Why is this happening, why– And omg our ocs interactions are amazing too. I want to draw them sassing each other. 

But honestly, ilu so much? This friendship has been such a blast so far, here’s praying we continue to meme it up for a long, long time. ( Yee! ) ♡♡

… I need to put these all under read more I’m so sorry. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! Do u have any advice for someone suffering a severe case of art block? I find that i cant mentally get myself in that headspace where i actually WANT to achieve something. It doesn't help the fact that im an animation student in the thick of the semester where theres deadlines left, right and centre. Any advice from ur own experiences would be more than appreciated!

hi!!! hey buddy!! thanks for asking me im honestly flattered that you would come to me w this and also, strap in pull up a chair lets talk for a minute

first things first, lets get this out of the way: i always have art block. i love drawing, i’ve loved it for my whole entire life ever since i figured out i could do it, but it’s always hard for me. every second, every time. im eternally grateful to have as many followers as i do here (thanks, everybody) because i have spent the majority of my life just occasionally scribbling off something i was vaguely interested in and only recently have i had the pleasure of other people being interested in those things. this is a huge motivator for me, which i know every third artist on any social media platform will tell you is “””””””not why you should do it, do it for yourself”””””” etc etc ad nauseam. but it works for me: knowing that i can draw something, even if it took me twenty minutes, and someone out there will appreciate it. i love that. but i don’t think i have the natural ability or ambition that i think a lot of others have. it’s a lot of work for me, it takes a long time, i’m constantly berating myself and wishing i could improve faster and screaming at my devil hands for not eating what my brain cooked up.

SECOND: i never finished my stint at art school (which was ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO at this point), so i may not be an excellent authority on this subject. deadlines and pressure are not my strong suit. i don’t handle them well, given the information detailed in point one. you did ask, though, so i’ll answer you as well as i can

ALL THIS TO SAY: the way i get myself to Want To Do Things is generally to literally fucking force myself to do it. whether this is trawling inspiration blogs for something that catches my eye (i maintain my own regularly for occasions like these, so i have a handy resource to go to when i can’t think of anything i even want to draw), doing a few rounds of life drawing, going through old art and attempting to redraw something i really liked but know i could do better now, or honestly The Extreme which is getting myself fully and emotionally invested in some form of new content (which i do uhhhhhhhhh a little too frequently) – find something, anything that stirs you. then draw! even if it’s crap that you’d never show anyone in your entire life, even if it’s sketches you’ll never finish, i mean jesus christ i have like 900 unfinished .psds that are unintelligible half-formed shapes that only vaguely resemble something that inhabits planet earth. the only thing i have ever found that works is to just keep going, even when it sucks, until i can break through it JUST enough to feel like i’m not scribbling on a wall with crayola markers and my non-dominant hand. that’s all it takes, usually. if i can do a little bit, i can convince myself i’m capable of a lot, and that’s huge.

one more thing, and i’ve said it a million times and i’ll say it until i die: i think making things that you enjoy, regardless of their quantity or quality, is the most important factor in keeping yourself motivated and in the game, and it shows when other people see what you do! it shows in the pride you take in your work! i mean, i know objectively that a lot of things that i PERSONALLY make are not good or polished or professional in any way, shape, or form, and they never have been, and i’ve never operated under the illusion that they were. but i like them, and i like thinking about them and sharing them with other people who enjoy them and respond to them, and i think that’s a good, symbiotic relationship. if you aren’t invested in your own work, if the things you CAN make even when you feel like your garbage dumpster hands can’t make anything worthwhile, don’t make you both proud to have been the one to do them and ALSO inspired to do better than your own good good self the next time, you’re gonna feel like nothing you do is worth it. do stuff that matters to you and you’ll feel better about it because it isn’t just an assignment or a deadline, it’s something you care about. and you wouldn’t be asking me this question if you didn’t care, so i believe in you

(ps if any pals or fellow animation majors would like to tag in and field this question you’re more than welcome – my expertise is not particularly valuable in this situation xoxo)

anonymous asked:

What's the silliest au idea you decided not to post? Only if you want of course, but you talk about writing stuff only to delete it all the time and im so curious now

The Lads as street magicians with actual magic. They busk on the streets of Los Santos, flashy tricks and slight of hand, enough to draw little crowds and get a couple of dollars from the few generous people in their hellhole city. Enough to distract from the way they’re robbing the less kind-hearted souls blind right before their eyes.

Its a neat trick, hiding their abilities in plain sight, enduring some sneers and shoves and attempts to work them out in return for a tidy profit. They don’t take too much, don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves, can’t risk getting caught out; you never know who’s a big name in this town. Never know who’s armed and dangerous, and the fear of pissing off one gang or another is all too real.

So they don’t make bank but they’re doing ok, they’ve gone from the streets to their own apartment; a shitty one-bedroom hole-in-the-wall but it’s not nothing. They’ve always got enough to eat, they get to play with their powers in broad daylight and they’ve got each other; who could ask for more?

But then, of course, come the Gents. The Gents who all trained their magic through the proper channels, came from families or communities where the existence of their abilities was an open secret, but have gone rogue for their own enrichment, joined up to take the mundane criminal world by storm. So when they walk past a couple of kids performing with real magic they notice, when the kids try to relieve them of their wealth they notice, and the Lads? The lads scatter.

It’s not a response they all agree with, flight over fight will never sit well on Michael or Jeremy, but it’s smarter. It’s what they’d agreed on, in the face of police or gangs or any kind of threat, get out, get safe and regroup. Undignified maybe, but better to keep their powers hidden and live on to fight another day.

But the Gents are no normal civilian adversaries, they have no problem keeping up, so when the Lads find themselves unnaturally corralled and cornered in a secluded alley they have themselves a little showdown anyway. The Gents think its cute at first, little baby sparks with their pretty, harmless powers trying to come up against 3 high level professionals, alright good luck kids. It’s not like the Gents are looking for a fight anyway, are curious more than anything, and waiting for the boys to exhaust themselves should be a piece of cake.  

Except the lads haven’t made it out here on their own for this long without perfecting some mighty strong attacks and repellents, have been practising on each other every day, and the only motivator better than fear for yourself is fear for those you love. They’re vicious, dirty untrained magic, wildly instinctual and impossible to predict, a maelstrom of impenetrable chaos. It’s impressive, unusual and creative and inherently difficult to combat, and hello hello the Gents could absolutely use that kind of edge in their endeavour.

(this is where some actual substance would go but instead i gave up and threw it out..)





Not gonna lie, when I started this nonsense about…a month and a half ago? I really didn’t expect to get too far with it. I have a nasty habit of starting things, deciding I’m not happy with them, and moving on to something else, but somehow this gorgeous community has held my dumb brain in the best kind of vice grip. 

Before this, I had really been stagnating creatively: I hadn’t even tried drawing or writing anything in over a month, and just sort of spent all my free time wallowing in video games and youtube videos. While I still do some of that, a growing love for the precious idiots in Team Skull led me to dusting off my tumblr account after not touching it for ages to see what sort of stuff the site had on them. I stumbled across two particular Guzma rpers, and my mind was made up on the spot.

One bizarre but wonderful burst of creative drive later, this blog came to be, and somehow a hundred people (or roughly a hundred) decided to stick around and watch the nonsense. I really can’t thank each and every one of you sillies enough for every little bit of support, no matter how minor it seems: every follow, like, ask, and started thread just means the world to this wee OctoMun–and if it was the type to admit to that sort of thing, I’m sure it means a lot to the Muse, too. Right?

“…I’m not cryin’ y’all are cryin’.”


So I don’t really know what I’m doing with this, but hey! Time for the obligatory thanking of individual folks! But don’t forget, absolutely all of you–even those I don’t mention–get love and virtual hugs from OctoMun~ <3

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SoraMafu 02/06/2015 Chatting Namahousou

Soramafu warning: THERE IS A LOT OF CUTE SORAMAFU IN THIS POST. If you don’t like it, i’m sorry. Mafu is there so it’s bound to happen :c Thank you to kazuian for everything i am nothing T_T literally trash lol

Also, i’ve received the second part of that DQMSL event from kazuian and and and i haven’t watched it yet but yeah. It’s almost 3am so maybe i’ll watch it tomorrow. I had to stop myself from watching that first.

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anonymous asked:

HENRY X FEMALE MU OmmG -inNternaL scReaMinG-

    He smiles.

    It was weird to Robin at first – the way he smiles and manages to dig through his quick mind for whatever he can pun from his environment. Henry was… peculiar. Back when he merged with the Shepherds, he did verify himself beneficial with his dark magic and murderous tactics. Upon victory within the battle he hinges amongst his crows, he cackles with that fire in his violet eyes, shouting, “Murder, murder!” The tactician would keep her distance from him.

    He smiles.

    She distinguishes his speedy reflexes when it derives with magic and his dark spells, effortlessly capable of lifting any that have been casted towards the units, reclaiming that he did this, “To keep the war at bay!”

    Robin would only gawp at him in astonishment at such objectives, scolding him for his ways and his ideals of mass murder and war. “Don’t you have a heart?” she inquires, aiming an accusing finger at Henry, “War’s the one thing we’re all trying to end here! You keep encouraging it!”

    “Haha! But you’re so skilled in the battlefield, Robin! You were born to be in war!”

    He smiles.

    Apart from the battlefield, Robin at times thumps into the white-haired mage, typically around dinnertime, or when he’s with Ricken and elaborating his teachings (and being a bad influence on the poor boy). She notes his interfaces – wide grin, spell book in his arm, and directing his finger as if to prove his words true. One of these bump-ins, the tactician lets herself hover around one of their gatherings, and listens.

    “Argh! I can’t do this, Henry! How in the world can you do it so… simply?”

    Henry chuckles – loudly – and waves his index finger. “It’s aaaall about practice, Ricken!”

    Ricken sulks for a second, and finally brightens with an idea. “Hey! If you were able to make me more ‘manly,’ can’t you just whip up a spell to make me an expert at this stuff?”

    “No can do!” For emphasis, Henry flips a few pages of his tome. “Can’t mess up magic with dark magic. And proving yourself manly… well that’s not going to work if you didn’t put the effort into dark magic, yes, yes?”

    “Hm… I guess you’re right…”

    Robin glimpses from her habitation behind the small tent, and catches herself grinning at Henry’s words. His ideals weren’t the best, but his purposes to help those around him demonstrated otherwise. Dinner that night comprised of Robin poking with Ricken about ‘that new spell’ Henry educated him. It was a work in progress.

    He smiles.

    It does not take long for Robin to start opening up bit by bit to Henry, as she has begun to grow fond of his attendance. Although her recollection is vague on her past up to when she awoke in that field, Robin succeeds in explain to him how she encountered Chrom and the others.

    “Your outfit resembles Plegia,” he points out, dragging his finger down her arm. “Mhm, same material as well.”

    “I know nothing of my past, Henry.”

    He pleats his tome under his arm, and claps once, effectively making Robin jump in shock. “Perhaps I should whip up a spell so that you’d get those memories back! How about it?”

    After taking one good look at the campsite they’ve been settling in for a while now, she turns back to a smiling dark mage. Did she really want to know what was of her past? Who she was? What she did before meeting everyone?

    Henry blinks, puckering his lips fish-style after he saw Robin had been voiceless a bit too long, hoping to get her to laugh. “… Robin? Hello? Whoo-hoo?” After that fails, he waves his hand over her face, which pales, with dilated pupils as her gaze crowds forward.

    Henry’s smile weakens for the first time in what seems like ages, snapping his fingers in front of her. “Hey! Robin! Cut it out, will ya? I haven’t even casted the spell yet!” The concern in his character is apparent.

    The tactician breaks from her thoughts, swallowing. She acknowledges the fact that sooner or later she would have to face her past, since running would not last. Her vision finally centers on Henry, who was not smiling, but was tightening his lips instead, spell book in his hand and ready to cease her hypnotic stance. “Ah… Let’s not do that, Henry.”

    He closes the book, eyeing her shadily. “Why?”

    “I’m not ready yet.”

    Robin then apprehends that she recognizes nothing of his past – although she believed it would be rude to question it. Her curiosity gnaws at her, but she would have to wait for another time…

    He smiles.

    “My parents always sent me away to this prestigious elite school for magic,” Henry mumbles after Robin efficaciously manages to open up. “I was always there. Never really got to see my parents!”

    All she could do was gawk as he ended off his exclamation with a smile. Even after this, he smiles? “I’m so sorry, Henry.”

    “Haha! Don’t be! I became skilled in magic because of this! All of the rigorous training and hard work paid off!” He tugs up his sleeve, and displays a clear scar on his arm for her to see. “Punishments were common in there… And I got them a lot!”

    Her gasp fills the atmosphere, and her hands immediately hold his forearm to touch it. She frowns as he recoils. “Henry…”

    “Silly Robin!~” He jerks himself up, pushing the tome to her for importance. “Gotta keep war going!”

    She actually feels sorry for him.

    He smiles.

    Robin is well-aware of his past, and now knows why he’s always able to smile through anything. His lack of expressing emotions was to blame for the chastisements he had forgone in the past. After talking with others, who agree that his smiles are forced, she tries to get him to feel any other emotion. She heard that Olivia managed to budge his emotions a bit.

    “Do you ever get angry?”

    “Why should I?” Henry’s puzzled gaze only agitates her.

    “How about sad? Upset? Worried?”

    He laughs, and there’s that same, hollow smile. “You’re funny, Robin!”

    “I’m not trying to be.”

    This leaves him muted shut.

    He falters his smile.

    Out in the open field, concluding another battle, Robin is devastatingly wounded, and to his horror, she bleeds. Her painful coughs, uncomfortable writhing, and her struggle to draw breaths has him feeling something that isn’t happiness.

    “R-Robin…” He shakes her a bit after he kneels down next to her, shocked to see how much blood she’s lost. For the first time, seeing blood disgusted him. Observing someone in pain sickened him. Watching someone die repulsed him.

    Coughing once, her brown eyes settle to his worrisome face. Blinking slowly, her hand barely raises up to grasp at his sleeve. “H-hey… You’re…”

    He ignores Chrom’s orders to back away and let Lissa and Maribelle take over to help her. Blobby and wet fills his vision as her hand weakens her hold, and before he knows it, he does something he has not done in years.

    He cries.

    As he’s forced away by Lon’qu and Gaius, Henry finally lets tears roll down his cheeks, pain ebb against his chest, and break that hollow smile. “ROBIN!

    “… crying…”

    Her eyes close, zoning out, her name being yelled out being the last thing she catches.

To Young Artists,

(Especially aspiring professionals that want to make art for a living,)

I’ve been part of online art communities for almost ten years now, and I’m hoping to impart a little nugget of knowledge I’ve only recently come across in the hopes that it will save you all some trouble in the long run.

Being an artist online is difficult, especially when you’re young. You’re putting out your best work, and it’s often met with silence. You reach a new artistic milestone, you think “this is it!”, but no one notices. And then, when people finally do notice, you feel like you need to do more of that. Nothing but that thing that those few people liked, because if the audience likes it, they want more of it, right?

And then that gets tiring, and you’re not drawing for yourself anymore. You pull back. Your fans drift away. Your audience is gone again.

It’s really, really difficult, especially when you’re in a community that constantly bombards you with work you can’t even begin to fathom from artists with skills you think are unattainable.


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anonymous asked:

im working on this DVa telling Lucio she's pregnant thing in canonverse and I need some ideas to motivate me to write it, can you help? ;a;

Sure! Would some headcanons suffice? Also apologizes on this being so damn late. It got lost.

Expecting and pregnancy headcanons:

+Lucio and agreed to talk about kids till’s career as a soldier finished which would have around 24 yrs of age. When Hana’s 24th birthday rolls around they figure they’re having too much fun and decide to put off the conversation even further.

 +During those years, and Lucio definitely get more relaxed with their birth control.’s 27 and Lucio’s 34 when notices she hasn’t had her period in 6 weeks.  

+Stealing a little bit from @ribbonshalosbunnyribbit kids, but does find out she’s having triplets (I just love that idea of them being surprised with that and it fits with their animal motifs), but you can choose which genders the kids are. craves lots of yogurt when pregnant, along with other sour or acidic foods. She puts yorgurt on everything , she definitely gets some weird combinations. She also has bouts of energy where she feels the need to get up and run, start cleaning, or arranging her video game collection alphabetical order, this also helps her through her nausea (which goes into the 2nd trimester poor baby). does get a bit more moody. There will be moments where she can’t stand Lucio touching her and then the next minute she needs Lucio’s embrace. 

+Lucio is ecstatic when he finds out the news Hana is expecting. He also laughs like a madman when he finds out they’re expecting triplets. And while he’ll never tell Hana, his manly pride grew 3x sizes that day.

+Lucio dotes on Hana like a mother hen, always checking up on her. Also because of his medical background he’s always keeping her on schedule for her doctor’s appointments and taking her prenatal vitamins. However he’s never offended by her moodiness, he understands. He will drop whatever he’s doing to hug her when she asks for it.

+If you don’t think Lucio sings to Hana’s tummy every night, I don’t know what to tell you.

+Also if you don’t think Lucio didn’t beatbox to the babies’ heartbeat at the ultrasound appointment, I don’t know what to tell you.

+Lucio is the ONLY person in this world to get Hana to do pregnant yoga. Hana absolutely hates it, Lucio’s the only one to make it bearable because he does it with her. He’s also there to remind her that it’ll help with the multiple births. absolutely gets *ahem* more sexually aroused easily and more often when pregnant. This is probably only thing of’s pregnancy that exhausts Lucio since she often gets the urge in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Usually his mouth and/or fingers do the trick when he’s especially tired. Also really likes the feeling of having sex while pregnant, it’s probably the only thing she’ll miss.

+As the due date draws nearer: between the two of them Lucio is actually the most afraid of being a parent. He definitely gets some panic attacks in, not many but they’re there. on the other hand is pretty chill. She’s the only one who can convince him that he doesn’t need to quit his music career to be a good father. She can tell he’s having a panic attack when he starting off into to space too much, that he’s stewing in his own panic inside his mind. So she’ll put down her tub of Greek yogurt and lead him to the couch and have him rest his head on her tummy and listen to the babies ‘ heartbeats while stroking his locs. 

+Hana’s water breaks 3 weeks earlier than expected. She’s actually in the bathtub when it happens, the only way she figured out her water broke was when the tub water started to become murky. 

+Lucio is ON IT. He’s had this stuff on lock and had Hana in the car on the way to hospital in the most swift fashion. has a high pain tolerance.  She’s definitely in pain and uncomfortable, but she’s not screaming. She’ll just stare really intensely at a wall and grip Lucio’s hand. Lucio can tell if she’s had a really bad contraction when she grits her teeth. 

+ The birth and labor is about three hours. The first two babes come out smooth as you like, but it’s that last one who’s a breech baby. Mercy has to gently push the baby back inside so they can rotate themselves, which is the cause of the extra labor hours. exhaustedly jokes that the third baby has inherited Lucio’s rebellious nature.     

Some Tips on Making Original Characters

Not sure if this is the best place to talk about this since i dont really have much notoriety here, but a lot of people on DA found this helpful, so I’ll copypaste it here too! I got rid of the part where I used my characters as examples though because the images werent showing up here |D

(Disclaimer: Most of this stuff are things I’ve experienced and observed over the years and I’m just sharing my thoughts and opinions. I’m in no way a professional at character/story creation)

Also keep in mind that this is mostly advice for visual artists and not really writers. I’m not a writer so these things I’m gonna say may not apply :’D

Whenever I tell people that my original stuff is what gets the most feedback on here they always seems shocked because well, lets face it, original ideas dont get as much love on the internet than say fanart or whatever’s trending on the web. |D Because of this a lot of people often give up on thier own ideas and kinda just stick with what works for them or what gets them most feedback. But those people who I can see are passionate about their stories and characters and dont give up on them are the ones that I see having successful comics and even careers producing their own work! even though the road to notoriety is a hard one, especially if you’re working on your own thing.

Now my original stuff isnt THAT popular, but it definitely gets a significant amount of more commenters and interest than my other things, even if those things are much better drawn. It doesnt get as many favorites of course, but I think its because most people favorite for visual appeal. Plus, people seem to like my characters enough to draw giftart, request rping (even though 95% of the rp requests i get nowadays are ppl tryin to get into Sky’s pants |D) and make plz accounts from their facial expressions, so I think that counts for something! I personally dont think my characters and comics are very good, but people are enjoying them, so thats good enough for me!

Now it didnt used to be this way! Before NO ONE gave a shit about my characters or whatever it was that i was creating. |D Maybe I’d get a comment or two if I was lucky. But i didnt give up on them because well I couldnt! I’ve had these characters since childhood and I’ve grown up with them, so in many ways they’re like my children. Before DA I drew HUNDREDS of pages of comics, but I didnt care if no one read them because Ienjoyed them (and maybe a few others irl close to me). Its only when I started posting comics here (and therefore I could communicate my character’s personality and actions better than just a standalone drawing or written description) that I noticed a sudden influx of interest in my characters. While I’m flattered by the attention and it keeps me motivated to keep posting comics here, what really drives me is the love I have for these characters.  I guess what I’m getting at here is don’t make characters for people’s approval, make them because you love making stories.

I’m mainly gonna touch on how to make your characters more interesting to newcomers and not so much on character design itself. Thats for another journal lol

Make your characters DO things:
Im just gonna lay it down here right now: people wont care about your OCs UNLESS you make them DO things. (‘Do’ is a word I’m gonna use a lot here) People cant get excited about your character if all you have is a standalone drawing of them. If you do get a lot of feedback on the first pass its probably because 1) you drew them irresistibly attractive or 2) you already have a lot of followers and they’ll praise anything you’ll do. But if you dont have that skill or luck, you need to GET people excited about them. Put them in a comic! Make them solve a problem! Draw cinematic scenes with them in it! Drawing them in a blank space with no expression (or boring expressions) with no context (no matter how many times you draw them) isnt gonna get people excited about your character.

Even though I’m a character creator myself, its actually very hard for me to get invested in people’s characters. (at least online) The only times I can find myself getting interested in peoples characters is if:

1) the character is in a comic, animation, film, illustration, some visual medium and I can see their actions and judge their character. SOMETIMES I can get into characters from books and writing, but im not much of a reader and words dont get me as excited as visuals (sorry writers |D)

2) we roleplay and i see that the character is well developed through their words and actions, and the relationship between our own characters is well done and believable. This doesnt happen often but i have had good roleplaying partners in the past!

I guess its because the stuff im studying includes character development, so I’ve learned to judge whether or not a character is well or poorly done, and therefore its harder to win me over with OCs unless they’re done well. :’D This is probably the reason why adoptables arent appealing to me. Sure sometimes the design looks nice and usually the creator will put some kind of lore for the design to entice people to buy it, but it isnt enough for me to spend money on it. To me a character isnt a character unless you give them life, otherwise its really just a design in a blank space. I know obviously not everyone thinks this way and its probably because I’m not in the adoptables fad that I’m not seeing something, but thats just how I view them.

Not only that but make them interesting:
Alright this one is a no brainer. |D But a lot of people do have a hard time getting people sucked in to their character’s world. So lets say you made a comic, drew a bunch of stuff with your characters doing stuff and people still arent showing any interest in your work. (granted that you’ve been showing people your stuff and that you’re not totally unknown) Then theres probably one or two things wrong: 1. Your characters and story arent well developed or 2. Your art skill isnt conveying the right mood, expressions and atmosphere to get people sucked into the world. Even writing a novella on the character’s backstory and giving them 1000 personality traits doesnt do anything for me because I havent seen your character do anything yet. I dont care if your character’s whole clan was killed off. I dont care if your character was enslaved for 100,000 years. I dont care if your character is a half demon half werewolf half neko pangenderfluid polysexual transsquirrelkin penguin princess. If they dont DO anything interesting to get me to like them, all of those labels and traits are meaningless. Not saying that backstory isnt important, they do help give your character depth, but they wont be that important in the long run as your character grows and develops. Many reasons why I dont roleplay anymore is because of too many mary-sues and poorly written characters (among other things) and it can be frustrating |’D You may notice that I often dont like writing essays like this in my character descriptions because I just dont think theres a point until AFTER people get interested in the character first. Maybe I’ll write a paragraph about their personality, basic info and background just to hook people in, but I want to let my character’s actions show people who they are first.

My characters do need a lot of work in terms of development and design, thats why I’m making these comics so you guys can see that! Eventually I do wanna make a serious comic with actual thought and effort put into it, so right now these stupid silly comics are like testing the waters of comic making x’D

As for improving your art skill, people might not think this is a very important factor, but if you’re not good at conveying emotion with words (like me) you need to rely on your drawing and coloring skills to convey the mood you’re trying to get across effectively. (especially important if you want to be a comic artist) Amateur artwork can be distracting from getting the emotion across because we just see too many mistakes rather than focusing on what you’re trying to communicate to the audience.  I cant get invested in a character if the artwork just isnt at the level where the expressions, mood and environment arent communicating to me clearly. My favorite style of artwork is those 'cinematic’, illustrative types of artworks that kinda implies a story. Kinda like scenes you’d see in a movie. This is the type of artwork that gets me sucked in and want to know more about the character, because the emotion and expressions on the character are displayed clearly and the atmosphere of the environment is done so well to get me immersed in the world. If I wanna get invested in a non-serious story, funny comics and silly stuff can win me over, but I tend to be more picky with those. Not with the art skill so much but the actions and expressions of the characters, as well as the dialogue. I love comedy but it needs to be done well, otherwise I’ll just think its plain dumb |D

Even when I draw commissions for people I try to add these elements in to get me more engaged with the character and the drawing. Most of the time I have no idea who this character is or what they’re like, so I oftentimes have to get inside the commissioners head to see what they’re trying to get across with this scene or I have to invent a personality trait for the character to get myself more invested in this drawing. When I do this, the artwork tends to turn out better than if I had not.

How to start:
As artists, we always want people to get interested in our own ideas, but it can be hard because the things that we know about our characters and stories are completely new and foreign to others and you need to realize that people usually wont be interested at first glance. Dont force your ideas and characters on people to try to get them interested, that will just turn them off more. Instead just put your stuff out there and let them come to you naturally. Its kinda like becoming friends or falling in love, just let it happen naturally and the bond will become stronger.

If you’re new to this character making stuff, try these things out:

1. Watch shows/movies or read books/comics with your favorite characters. See why you like these characters so much and try to find out how you can make your characters just as likable. This is where most people find inspiration to make characters, including me!

2. Get inspired by people and the environment around you. Most of the time you’ll know someone that isnt like anyone you’ve seen before in tv or media. Use them as a model for a completely new character! Dont always rely on the internet for inspiration, since so many things have already been copied from something else.

3. Make a LOT of characters and weed out the bad ones. I made a LOT of characters in the past and many of them I didnt like AT ALL. I didnt completely scrap all of them, but I did try to improve them. Try to make every character unique and different, you’ll get more invested in them if they’re not cut-outs or stereotypes.

4. Try roleplaying with people. I know that sometimes people dont like doing this because they have to deal with a lot of frustrating rp partners, but if youre a newbie at making characters, this can help! It can help you with your writing and character development skills (granted that you have a good rp partner of course xD). I personally never did this when I was developing my characters, but I have seen people make great characters that started from rping.

After you’ve developed your characters to the max and your art style is on point and you think your stuff is pretty gold, but your stuff STILL isnt getting the feedback you want, just be persistent and dont give up. If you’re really passionate about what you do and you work your ass off trying to improve no matter what, eventually you’ll get a small (of maybe even really large!) following of people who will see that in your work and will adore the stuff you do. And sometimes thats all you really need to keep going! Will your audience keep being interested with what you’re doing? Maybe. Thats really up to you and where you want to take your stuff. I eventually want to take my stuff to a more serious route and I’m not sure how that will end up (not to say that I wont add some humor of course haha) but we’ll see!

Feel free to share thoughts, ask questions or correct me if I said something wrong, especially if you’re an actual professional at this stuff. :’D