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i was so tired last night i actually thought these were good

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Everyone assumes that Killua is gonna be a Blacklist Hunter when he grows up......but can't you see Killua as a Gourmet Hunter? Hunting down rare and delicious chocolates with his boyfriend the Contract Hunter ;) (for some reason I can't see Gon doing anything else....he will just live his life taking him from one adventure to the next)

this is honestly so fckn magical. thank you for sharing this with us, friend

killua is picky. his sweet tooth is legendary. lucky for him, gon’s work takes them to the most remote and forgotten corners of the world. the varieties of foods and treats he’s tried on their travels is unparalleled. 

gon doesn’t usually indulge like killua does. he likes salads and simple, respectfully prepared meat dishes. 

they avoid going to restaurants because killua gets fussy and has been known to cause quite a scene… 

when killua finds something he likes he stocks up. their luggage is heavy and gon carries most of it.   

“gon you gotta try this. it’s so good… god, it’s pleasing me more than you have in like, a month.”

“…killua. that’s not fair… i’m so tired! this job is really hard!”

“yeah, yeah. it’s fine, anyway. i’ve got this now so i don’t need to bother with you anymore. you’re off the hook. god, ahhhh- it’s so fuckin’ good-