im only gonna go out for one night

tbh filling my blog with Tangled content is really truly just going back to my roots because I remember my very first Tumblr blog I made at age 13 in 2010 when Tangled was released and I used that blog for Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and general Disney stuff but MOSTLY Tangled.

Like I’m cleaning out my childhood room this spring break and just days ago I took down the Tangled shrine that’s been on my dresser for 7 years. Only an original release Pascal plushie is coming with me.

so I’m going to wondercon in anaheim next friday or sunday and I’m gonna make a cass cosplay for it. I have total faith in myself bc one time I started and finished a kaneki cosplay the night before a con. just ordered a wig im gonna have so much fun!!!!

ok im gonna talk abt someting im so fucking happy about (ish)

in 2017 so far, ive kissed more people than i had ever kissed in my life previously (by like infinite amounts) 
and its fantastic for my brain because i was convinced no one would ever go near me in that kind of way for so many years, but last time i was out drinking i danced with a 10/10 and we made some people feel uncomfortable but also like i dont care i had fun and im only a little bit embarrased about the hickeys but still

and im going on a night out with a 9000000000000000000000/10 over easter and im so excited because im not nervous about whether anything will happen because its not that big of a deal in my brain anymore? idk im just living and its fucking amazing xxx