im only gonna go out for one night

everyones acting like shiro would hate being ‘6’ but lets be real he would’ve utilized the shit out of it when he was at the garrison

- some garrison teacher: where’s ur homework shiro: sorry couldn’t do it im only 4 years old can’t even read words that big yet

- 100% eats out of one of those portion plates w the dinosaur designs on them and refuses to eat his meals on anything else but that

- matt: shiro its ur turn to take out the trash shiro: im 4 matt, no 4 year old can take out the trash some stranger will lure me into their white van with a lollipop. i am a young, naive 4 year old.

- takes naps in the middle of class and justifies by saying he’s technically a child and children need nap time, then begs matt to carry him back to the dorm after class is over

- shiro: i need you to help me with this
matt: im busy rn
shiro: i will throw the biggest temper tantrum of any 4 year old out there and you’re gonna have to be the one to take me on a long drive to calm me down unless you help me now

- only watches cartoon shows
• sings along really badly to every theme song
• shiro: matt ur the buster to my arthur / 
matt: im going punch u in the fuckin face

- shiro: i can’t go to sleep matt tell me a story matt: once upon a time there was a 4 year old and his name was fliro, fliro lived with his friend pat at their boarding school the marrison. one night fliro couldn’t go to sleep and wouldn’t shut the fuck up, he annoyed pat so much that pat was forced to shoot him into space. fliro lived out the rest of his life alone in space and pat got a good nights sleep. the end
shiro: i didn’t like that story tell me a new one

- garrison guidance counsellor (im assuming they have at least one): so shiro we’re here to discuss your future—
shiro, covering his ears: I AM FOUR

- onesies.

- shiro, taking a long sip out of his juice box, wearing one of those hats with the flaps that r so long they’re mittens too: did i ask for ur opinion

I can’t believe I forgot to post this, but last night I had a dream that someone captured @hermanncos Mad Hatter and my Creeper and tied them back to back to a chair but Jervis was the only one actually in a chair with a back rest to it while Creeper was on a stool or something. And so Jervis is trying to figure out what the hell to do and then half way through Creeper just goes “Ok well lets go home then.” and he just stands the fuck up with Jervis and the chair still tied in place so he’s got his arms bound and Jervis still sitting in a chair on his back and he just walks out of the building and Jervis is all “YOU COULD HAVE JUST DONE THAT BEFORE?”

american dream / hong jisoo (m)

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genre; smut

characters; joshua/female, other mentions of female characters

req;  Hi omg could i request a joshua scenario when he comes home only to see you dressed up in a tight dress for a night out with your friends and he gets kind of turned on omg im sinning but thank you~

summary; you were gonna go out with your friends for a good time, but joshua can show you a better one

word count; 1,310

a/n; aah this has been sitting in my drafts for like a week but i finally got it done! it ended kinda weird but i hope you like it dear anon!

other notes; joshua tries to top, kinda switch, sex while on the phone, i apologize

Your phone buzzed, probably another text from one of your friends asking where you were, but even you knew you couldn’t leave without your house keys. Ready for a night out with your friends, you wore a tighter dress than usual, a black strapless one that ended around your knees. It was already late, and as you found your keys in between the couch cushions, you heard the lock click and the door open behind you.

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I’ve only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you, if you want.

(inspired by x)

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im scared im so scared i cut myself really bad last night and my therapist said if i ever cut again then ill be sent back to the hospital but i dont want to go back im scared theyre gonna find out and ill be in trouble hhhh no one has to know right? i can just hide it forever right?

awe hun, first off, I think you’re therapist is lying. The only reason you’d have to go to a hospital is because it needs stitches. 

How bad is it? can you easily pull the skin apart and see flesh? canyou see a thin layer of yellowish fat? or even worse, bone? if so, you need to get to a hospital and get it stitched (ESPECIALLY if it reaches fat or bone) 

You’re okay hun, you’ll be okay. I don’t think you should hide it, but honestly? i cant stop you from. It needs to be your decision to make yourself better. 

if its bad enough to need stitches, PLEASE go to a hospital, if not bad enough to need stitches, wash it, disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide (soap and water work if you dont have that). Any antiseptic. and the ntightly wrap it in something like gauze or cloth. 

stay safe♥

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Not only did Louis lose a fan voted award last night but so did One Direction. Honestly probably the first time the band or someone in it lost out on a fan voted award. The one d fandom is notorious for going hard, so I was pretty shocked. I think a lot of people are moving on and settling into life beyond the band and like im not gonna celebrate Louis losing an award cause I'm not an asshole lmao but it's definitely gotta be a blow to people who still consider the band on top of the world.

Why the fuck is 1d being nominated for awards???

A girl we can't understand p3

movie: the maze runner
character: reader x newt

also starring: none 

plot: the girl of the glades still holding on to newt but she needs a shower and he has to guard the outside for her he gets bored and decided to find out what he can see.

rating:  smutty ;)

part 3/?

part 1     part 2
(Y/N) your name

still newts pov

i walk over to the showers with Y/N still holding on to me tightly till we get there to the showers its just a small hut with a shower in it “thank you newton” she says before going in and shutting the door as soon as i can hear the shower running i lean on one of the walls just checking every few seconds theres no one around and yep no one so i just lean back a bit more on the wall a bit bored of this when suddenly i hear a creek of wood obviously the wall so i get of it and turn theres a small hole now in the wall bloody builders never build stuff that will last i will admit it’s tempting to know the only girl in the glade is in there and no one else is around but should i, i mean im the only person here she trusts if she catches me she won’t trust anyone oh shuck it i step closer and look into the shower to see Y/N naked oh my god she’s breathtaking she’s so beautiful “uh” i say accidentally wow where did that come from i continue even though i shouldn’t looking into the shower at Y/N “oh baby” i say immediately putting my hand over my mouth what the bloody hell my mouth is working on its own why the hell am i making those noises i don’t understand till i look down  oh god klunk small well not small giantly noticeably problem down there what am i gonna do she’ll notice if i don’t do anything about it plus how am i gonna do anything about it as soon as she’s done in there she’ll cuddle me and go back to the room and sleep hugging me all night when am i gonna get the time to sort it out i’ve only got one choice im gonna have to sort it out while she’s in there okay but i have to be quiet this time no noises i look back into the shower at her “uh” i say before putting my hand back over my mouth to make sure Y/N isnt gonna hear me and catch me before i slowly run my free hand over my pants just staring at Y/N imagining my hands are her’s till i see something shocking Y/N in the shower touching herself bloody hell she’s lent against the wall her fingers inside her her eyes shut looking very happy i take that as my cue to start my work too unzipping my pants and pulling down slightly my boxers stroking softly just looking at her do that to herself “newton” she says wait go back a sec what was that “newton” she repeats perfect oh if only it wouldnt be strange if she could see me doing what im doing as i can see her doing what she’s doing both of us imagineing each other okay time of pick up the pase a bit but this time bitting my bottom lip so i dont talk i’ll leave the sounds to her as we both contiueing what we’re doing to ourselfs “newton, newton, newton” she squeels yeah im right here love trust me if it wouldnt make you hate me i would open that door and do that for you i cant tell we’re both pretty close till she opens her eyes and kocks on the wall beside her “newton” she says “newton are you there” she says oh she’s actully calling me that time “yeah” i say trying not to groan as i say it but i can tell she’s struggeling to talk properly too “newton can help me with a thingny” she asks oh god what does she mean if she says go in and help her fine get the door open love “sure what” i ask 

“i left my towel at room can you uh- azoko” she says don’t know what that means

“do you want me to get it Y/N” i ask

“eny” she says oh but miss this no way i wouldn’t miss this if someone gave me detailed instructions out the maze

“sure back in a bit” i say of course im not going anywhere just make her think i’ve gone and she starts again and so do i ill go get it when im done both of us moments away from our highs “newton” she moans oh Y/N your so perfect 

“newton mba miangavy re” from all this time i know that means please 

“mba miangavy re, mba miangavy re, mba miangavy re,mba miangavy re”she squeals oh love don’t freak im right here i can feel myself struggling not to climax and i can tell so is she “uh newton, newton, newton” she squeals oh baby when we get back to the room im teaching you some more stuff i swear it and not even a few seconds later she reaches her high so do i at the same time “NEWT” she screams in pleasure well for once she got my name right when it matters “Y/N” i shout klunk i couldn’t stop myself as i got to my high “what” she shouts back obviously not realising what for of shout it was 

“i- uh- i couldn’t find it where exactly is it love” i say trying to cover up the huge screw up 

“i left it on the bed” she says well i might as well actually go get it now i just hope i don’t miss anything good.

My Experiences With the Signs

Aries: We unofficially dated for a while. It was super fun while it lasted. We went on adventures (our first date was the zoo and we hella flirted on the sky car thing). But he was moving away for college and I knew he’d get distracted so I broke it off before he left. I think it broke both our hearts. I havent heard from him since.

Taurus: Both my dad (not birth dad) and little sister. He is such a kind hearted man. Exactly the father id always wanted. My sis is 4 and very sassy but I think that just comes with being 4.

Gemini: He was SUCH a bad kisser, not even lying. Theyre incredibly hard workers and always seem a little lost to me.

Cancer: Such emotional babies. Appreciate honesty in terms of being yourself and saying what you really think. I know this really problematic one who makes jokes that are mean and I always call him out on it and he’s like “im glad you tell me your real opinion”. Theyre the ones who start crying and tell you youre soooo pretty when theyre drunk.

Leo: Quiet when they want to be. Wont hear from one for days but when they text you again its like they never left. Almost always seem to have a secret agenda though when they talk to you, like theyre really trying to get at something else. I dont work as well with these people. Games arent my thing. I need people to be blunt and straightforward to really follow whats going on, but then I AM a naive baby, so

Virgo: Literally the sweetest most lovely people oh my goodness. So cute. Mostly weeaboos. Ive pretty consistently had Virgos for best friends throughout my life. These are the people I go to when I need to vent because they listen intently and give advice. Even if they arent sure, they will sympathize with you and make you feel better. Also I kissed a girl once and she’s a Virgo. Hot. Awkward lil flower :* still hot though

Libra: I dated one for a very long time. Sort of in secret for a while, since my parents hated him. He was my first. I loved him at the time and things were great. But he constantly tried to tell me what to wear???? And how my hair should look and stuff???? What a poop. Anyway when I tried to break up with him, he told me I just wasnt trying enough in our relationship and emotionally backed me into a corner. I ended up cheating on him when we were on a break. With Aries.

Scorpio: Deep thinkers. Book lovers. So so sweet and misunderstood. I feel like they really want to talk but they want you to start the conversation and then just let them go and theyll talk and talk and tell you things you never thought of before. Very peaceful to be around. Getting stoned with them is so fun and you end up talking about souls and ethereal things.

Sagittarius: Another old best friend. I had a crush on her for a while. The rest of our squad agreed that it sucked to be single when she was single cuz everyone went after her. Lots of us look up to her still. VERY real VERY fun VERY loving and sweet. Will rub paint on your face and tickle your armpits.

Capricorn: Me. Others I know are dramatic when they let their emotions show. One is very rapidly becoming an alcoholic. Very “go big or go home”. If theyre gonna do something theyre gonna fuckin do it right the first time. Life is short, if they take a chance theyre going all out. If they have a passion or a goal they are SUPER into it and wont give up.

Aquarius: My bf so sorry if this one is biased. (We’re very much in love. Im going to marry him.) Anyway I only know a few. Theyre quiet at first, but if you make the effort to get to know them, theyll take it and theyll open up to you. You might hear things you werent prepared for. The bf and I used to go on late night drives and find a chill spot to park and just talk about everything. Including aliens and a lot of “what if"s. Now we live together and mostly tickle each other and play fight. “Tell me a story” happens quite a lot. It used to be “tell me a secret” but we uncovered all of those a while back.

Pisces: I only know two of them. One is a friend of the bf’s and she is SO very gentle and sweet. She’s smart and seems to love everyone. Scary stuff in the news really makes her sad. The other is my mom. My mom and I used to be best friends. For a long time she was a single mom and we were living in an apartment together and things were great and we were super close. Then I became a sassy teenager I guess and she ended up blocking me out and she’s become this “control freak” who emotionally manipulates me. She literally went behind my back to ask my friends what i was up to all throughout highschool. Gets mad at me for “not trying enough as a family member”. Literally refused to let me see my own sister for about 8 months. Which is a big deal because she’s so little. It meant i missed out on a lot of her early growing up. My mom has Borderline Personality Disorder but wont admit it. We dont have a good relationship anymore and it makes us both sad I think.

so I got asked this earlier and this is my ridiculously lengthy response about how the adoribull hate is bullshit and you all need to do some research

putting this under a read more for obvious reasons. please do not read this and tell me im full of shit because I legit have five tabs open with all their banters and interactions in relation to this ok I know what im talking  about

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Hen Night


I would like to request a newt x reader smut where reader goes to a bachelor party for Teresa’s wedding to thomas and newt sneaks inside the bachelor to make sure she won’t cheat thomas if she gets drunk. But he gets drunk and makes out with reader.

notes : sorry for the first bits , instead of “ i did the first part during a free period at collage when i had nothing better to do

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man, naruhina actually becoming canon was a hot mess but i’ll tell you guys the fun revelation of when i was pretty certain that it was canon

SO IT Was kind of a confusing moment!! i was very quiet but my mind was racing. i couldn’t really jump around (we were in the common room) so i kind of sat there for a while and blogged the words i couldn’t say

eventually my friends noticed me being goofy or somethin and trying to swallow down smiles and asked what was up. i was reluctant cause i’m really cagey about anime irl, but i eventually spilled 

“I… I think my OTP is canon.”

“Which one? The a-bay-miho one?”

“nO not not that one. Um…”

“Oh! The nay-roo-hina?”



ykno then i was really giddy for the rest of the night i think i only got 4 hours of sleep.

then ykno the trailer came out (which i watched sooo many times when it came out dang) and “saigo no monogatari wa, hajimete no ai.” and then kishi explicitly saying it’s of romantic love. i was like “………this movie going to be naruhina,,., getting a naruhina movie. holy fuckin shit..”

so yes i was an blissfully excited little weeaboo egg

[gonna get a lil negative under the cut about the end of the manga so if you want to enjoy my genuine giddiness about my lovely otp, stop here!]

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