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This all spawned after watching the Daddy Juice video with the song seven nation army and Suicide Squad all mixed together.  whoever made that video THANK YOU :D  I think there will be another part by the way :) (edit: the video was made by @jaaxtellerasf :D )

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No one was sure why Natalie was with Juice.  Hell, they would have expected Happy more than Juice.  

The boys liked to joke that she was a little unstable.  She had an anger problem that could rival the Hulk only because she hid it.  And she only harnessed it when she felt it was important.

Like when they ran into her after seeing her around town, the owner of the white pit bull was on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood with a wrench dangling from her hand, blood dripping off of it.  The white pit bull was whimpering but nuzzling the back of her leg.

“Woah, Doll.  Put the wrench down.”  Tig held his hands up while she smiled and glanced down at the man.   They all whipped up their guns as she slammed the wrench into the man’s head again.

“What?  I saw him move.”  She shrugged and dropped the wrench, making her way out of the room.

“Where the hell are you going?”  Jax moved his gun so it was brought into view.

“Don’t worry about it.  I’ll see you boys at your next party, ok?”  She walked out of the room, but not before shooting Jax a small wink.

“Take the dog,” Tig said to Phil, who picked up the dog and walked out.

“Who the hell was that?”  Chibs said.

“No clue.”  Jax answered and they all shook it off, “clean up the body when we’re done Hap.”  

“Of course.”  Happy nodded and they continued to Dante.


Juice noticed her before the other guys.  He narrowed his eyes at the neon orange dress, seeming way too out of place in the dark clubhouse to be a regular.  The completely un-matching converse threw him for another loop.

“Who are you looking at brother?”  Chibs was hanging out with Juice for a change instead of going after a usual crow eater.  Juice typically hung around the bar or with Piney during clubhouse parties.

“Who’s that?  In the orange?”  Juice nodded his head in Natalie’s direction and Chibs narrowed his eyes as he saw her.  He jumped out of his seat and made his way over to her, Juice following quickly behind.

“Hey, lady!”  Chibs gripped her bare arm and turned her around.

“Oh hey.”  She smiled at him while he squinted his eyes at her.

“No wrench tonight?”

“Nope,” she smiled, “who’s this?”  She pushed Chibs shoulder to bring Juice into full view.  “Hi Sweetheart.  What’s your name?”  She walked up next to him and placed her hand on his chest, running her finger nails up to rest on his shoulder.  His eyes got wide and her smile widened.

“J-Juan.  Juice.  People call me Juice.”  He said.  She softened her smile and dragged her nails down his arm lightly, lacing her fingers through his.

“Wanna get me a drink, Juice?”  She said as she squeezed his hand and he nodded quickly.

“Yeah.  Yeah definitely.”  Juice started to walk with her towards the bar and Chibs stopped him.

“She’s the one from the dog fighting ring.”  Chibs said.

“Yeah.  I’m also a hired hit-man.”  Natalie smiled while both of their eyes widened again.  “That one was my own decision though.”

“You’re a what?”  Juice asked.  His hand stayed wrapped up in hers even though Chibs looked ready to bolt.

“I kill people for a living.  You realize you guys do the exact same thing, right?  Just with a group of people.”  Natalie raised her eyebrows.  She tilted her head and smiled at Juice.  “That a problem, Juan?”

He smiled back and shook his head,  Chibs rolled his eyes and walked away from the two.

“What’s your name?”  Juice asked as two beers were sat in front of their seats at the bar.

“Natalie.  Nat if you want.”  She held her hand out and smiled as his hand slides into hers.

“Nice to meet you Nat.”  Juice smiled back and took a drink from his beer.


The boys made fun of Juice once in front of her.  He was more tollarant of their jokes than she was.  Tig went so far to say she was the rabid lion on the end of the chain that only Juice had control of.  

“Juice, seriously, how do you keep a girl interested?  Especially one with bigger balls than you.”  Jax laughed while Nat’s eyes narrowed.  Juice rolled his eyes and took a drink from his beer.  Nat reached across Juice and pulled his gun from his pants and pointed it at Jax’s crotch before anyone moved.

“Say that again, Prince Charming.”  Her eyes trained on him to challenge and his lips lifted into a smirk.

“You’re just helping prove my point, darling.”  Jax said.

His eyes widened a little as she took of the safety and pushed it harder against him.

“How many girls are you going to be able to fuck when you loose the precious gem?”  Her head tilted and Juice sighed.  His hand slid down her arm and massaged her forearm.

“Nat, let it go.”  Juice leaned over and whispered in her ear.  She took a couple deep breaths and let them out.  Juice pulled the gun out of her hand and switched off the safety.  He tucked it back into his pants and took another drink from his beer.


“I love you, you know that?”  Juice tucked her hair behind her ear.  She smiled over him and nipped at his neck.

“I love you too.”

SasuSakuSara minific "Sleeve Octopus"

“…” No response. The flutter of a cloth in the air continued.
“Yes darling?”
“I can see you.”
“See what?”
“You. Now, stop it.”
“Stop what?” She was blinking innocently with her big emerald eyes. He let out a deep sigh.

“Just because I am reading a scroll doesn’t mean I don’t see what you are doing. Stop mocking me.”
“I’m not mocking you!”
“Don’t lie to me, Sakura. I can tell when my wife is lying.”
“Promise me you will stop.”
“Okay! Alright, Sasuke-kun, it’s just…” she moved aside a bit and he was able to see their newborn baby propped up by a pillow. Sarada was happily babbling and her baby lips were curled into something strongly resembling a smile. “-it makes Sarada happy. We are only playing, I am not trying to make fun of you. But if you don’t like it I’ll stop.”

It made his daughter laugh. His precious little Uchiha princess looked like she was having a blast watching Sakura’s performance. He sighed once again.
“Fine, you can do it. Just… only in front of Sarada when we are home, okay?”
“I promise!” His wife smiled warmly and turned her attention back to their little bundle of joy.

“Look, Sarada, mama looks like an octopus!” Sakura had Sasuke’s T-shirt with long sleeves on, left hand pulled only half-way into the sleeve. The fabric was loose and fluttered comically when Sakura moved her arm. “And thats also how papa looks like when he reaches up for something and forgets he doesn’t have his left arm anymore!” She laughed loudly at her own joke and Sarada followed her with bubbly noises.


So according to a special little blog on here which im sure will see this, Courtney Love killed Kurt AND Layne Staley. WELL by that logic i guess Courtney had Demri killed by faking a heart issue so she could get Layne to herself and when Layne didnt want her she got upset, so she waited, ended up killing Jeff Buckley by mistake thinking it was Layne, panicked….and went and hid for a bit, only to finally find layne in the early 2000s to murder him with a lethal dose of cocaine and heroin….by this time she was so hellbent on her feminism that she HAD to kill all the front leaders of grunge groups everywhere. No one could survive. Took a while, but she finally got Chris Cornell, hell she even threw Chester Bennington on the map for “fun”.

The real kicker is, axl-loves-izzy, what you dont know is Courtney Love actually was a time traveller from 1960s, upset that Charles Manson didnt get a record deal, he sent her to the 90s to become a rockstar for him and kill every man she had in contact. Shes his proudest accomplishment so far.

Special thanks to @x-aa for allowing me to use her art for the thumbnail!


He looked up to see Marinette standing in front of him. It was the middle of the night and he was sitting on a park bench, not wanting to go home quite yet. “Princess? What are you doing out so late, alone?” He asked.

“I… was trying to catch some footage of the Akuma fight as a present for Alya!” She exclaimed.

“That’s not safe,” He said, patting the space next to him as a gesture for her to sit down.

“I guess you could call me a rebel.”

“A pretty cute one,” he winked.

“You never stop flirting, do you kitty?”

“It’s im-paw-sible.”

“You’re starting to make me feel bad for Ladybug,” she joked, sitting down next to him.

“Why do you say that?” he asked.

“How would she feel if she knew that you were flirting with other girls?”

“Oh, but Marinette,” he said, leaning in towards her, “You aren’t just some other girl.”

She was a bit taken aback by his words. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She laughed, glancing away from his gaze.

“I’m sorry, did I fluster you?” Chat grinned, pulling away from her face. “I’m only teasing after all.”

“Are you hungry?”

“A little, why?”

“I guess I’m the kind of person who likes to feed stray cats.”

Chat couldn’t help but let his grin grow wider. A home-cooked meal is everything he wanted in that moment. “What’s on the menu?” He asked.

“How about we stop at the store first and you can pick out your favorites.”

“Really? You’ll make me lumpia?”

“Lumpia?” Marinette turned around with a question on her face. “What’s that?”

“Filipino egg rolls.”

That’s your favorite food?”

“I just want to eat it.”

“…Chat?” Marinette glanced over at him, “…Did you see this in an Anime?”

“What? No!”

“Reeeeally?” Marinette asked, skepticism bleeding out of her voice.


“Okay. I’ll look up the recipe online,” she said, pulling out her phone. “Let’s see… We’ll need meat, green onions, carrots, egg roll wrappers…” She quickly typed up what ingredients her parents didn’t have at home and started walking ahead.

“Wait for me, Princess!” He called after her. Several phones were out by the time they reached the store, recording Paris’ favorite superhero racing shopping carts with a random girl.

“Don’t you think we’re a little old for this?” Marinette asked, balancing herself on the railing of her cart as her feet hovered above the floor.


“Coming from the guy wearing a mask.”

“Touche,” He smiled, grabbing a package of ground turkey, “Would you prefer this, or pork?”

“Ground turkey will be easier to cook,” She said, comparing prices. “Anything else you’d like before we check out? Some chocolate, perhaps?”

“Chocolate?” Chat’s ears popped up at the suggestion. “I can have some?”

“Yes?” Marinette wasn’t sure why her partner was so excited at her recommendation. Was he not allowed to eat sweets often?

“What kind? Like, a chocolate bar, or truffles? Or maybe something dipped in chocolate! Or, because it’s almost Christmas, Orange-flavored chocolate that you can peel ‘slices’ off of?”

She bit back a laugh at the sight of so much excitement in the young man’s stature. “Yeah, okay. We’ll get two orange-flavored breakaway chocolate balls.”

His face light up and he sprinted to the candy aisle, leaving Marinette to follow him like a mother with her five-year-old son. “Milk or dark chocolate?” He asked, his arms filled with the seasonal chocolate.

“Whichever you’d like,” She said, “But you can only get two, and one of them is for me.”

Chat stood up after a few minutes, proudly holding out his selection- one dark chocolate and one milk chocolate. “Are these two okay?” he asked.

“Perfect choice. Shall we go check out?”

“Yeah!” He returned to his place at her side and waved at a passing child looking at him in awe.

“I bet you just made that kid’s day,” Marinette said, patting him on the back.

“You think?”

“If you go ask to take a picture with him he’ll be the most popular boy in school for a week.”

“I… guess. I mean, I never really thought of myself that way.”

“Come on, Chat. All of Paris looks up to you,” Marinette said, unloading the cart onto the checkout.

“Do you really think so?” He asked.

“What makes you question it?”

“I mean, do you think Ladybug views me in that light?”

Marinette froze with her hands on the onions. “What do you mean?”

“Do you think Ladybug looks up to me?” He unloaded the chocolate onto the conveyor belt.


Chat looked up at her in surprise of her stern answer and didn’t know how to respond. The cashier checked them out and they made their way back to her place in silence. He was on the edge the whole time, unable to tell if the quiet between them was uncomfortable or not.

“Here’s a spatula. If you’ll start the meat I’ll start dicing the onions,” Marinette said, handing him the utensil and the package of ground turkey.

“Medium heat?” He asked.

“Sure, sounds good. Throw some oil in there with it.” Marinette said, turning to dice up the vegetables. A few minutes later she heard an unusual noise and turned to see Chat on the brink of tears.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, suddenly worried about her partner.

“Nothing, I’m just… really happy right now. Sorry, I guess I’m a bit of a crybaby,” Chat said, trying to sniffle his tears back inside him.

“No, really, what’s going on?” She reached up to touch his face in support.

“Nah, it’s stupid.”

“I don’t care. Tell me.”

“It’s just… shopping for food together. Cooking together. It feels nice.”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess I’m just not used to this feeling.”

“And what feeling is that?”


Marinette froze at his bold choice of words. “Home?” She asked.

“I would imagine that this is what shopping with your family feels like,” he sighed, mixing the meat into the bowl and giving her a weak smile. “I think it’s time to start rolling them up.”

“…We need to add the soy sauce first,” Marinette said, unsure how to respond to his remark.

“…Do you plan on having a family, Princess?” He asked.

“As opposed to what?”

“Being a career woman,” Chat said, pulling out a wrapper and spooning the filling on it.

“I think… family would come first,” Marinette said, sealing the wrappers he filled with a beaten egg.

“It would be a nice life, wouldn’t it?”

“Cooking with your family each day?”


“…I think so too,” Marinette said, throwing the rolls into a pot of oil. “But Chat, you already have a home whenever you need it.”

“It doesn’t feel like home,” He sighed.

“I’m not talking about where you sleep at night, silly kitty,” Marinette laughed.

“Then… where are you talking about?” He asked, furrowing his brows.

“Here!” She pointed to herself. “Friends can be family too you know.”

“We’re… friends?” Chat said in astonishment, his eyes growing wide.

“Of course we are! I don’t make lumpia with just anyone, you know!”

“Friends…” Chat whispered, staring at his classmate. A warm fire flickered in his heart that brought a smile to his face. Perhaps this feeling of home wasn’t going to be temporary.


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hello! i'm very new to seventeen and the whole fanbase and i've learned their names only few days ago and i still mix them up sometimes lol. i wanted to know a bit more about the whole fanbase, inside jokes and the boys too :) i hope you can help me out a little and i hope that i'm not bothering you! have a nice day and thank you if you answer ♥ and if you don't have time or interest in answering this maybe you could recommend me a blog who would do so instead? thanks again ^^

ahh a new carat im bursTING

and dont worry youre not bothering me at all dont worry! I’m glad you ask me honestly!

So um i’ve known the boys since around 2013 lmao I saw a gif of mingyu and was like wHO IS THIS FIne SPECIMEN  but yk at the time he was just known as mr. wristband lmao rip *war flashbacks to watching seventeen tv at 5am without english subs*
but I’m pretty forgetful and some of these stuff were a while ago ;;;; im sorry ;; If anyone has more to add please reblog this an add some im sorry ;A;;;

Firstly, I recommend going through pledis17′s faq page, about page and member profiles it’s really helpful! Also go through their tags for official pictures, fantaken pictures, fancams, videos (including eng sub!) and a lot of their other content!

I also recommend looking at some fyeah blogs and their member profiles as well. I mentioned pledis17 above but there’s also: @fy-scoups@jeonghandata@joshua-data, @fy-junhui, @fyhoshi, @fyjeonwonwoo, @fywoozi, @fyseokmin, @fuckyeahmingyu, @fyeahthe8, @datakwan, @v-hansolchoi, @dinodata, @fyjihan

Obviously there’s more but those are the ones I tend to use the most!

The rest stuff is under the read more because it came up to too much im sorry ;A:;

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Bucky x Reader

this is contains major Civil War spoilers so do not read anything below this if you dont want to see them :))))

Requested by anon: Hey can I have a Bucky imagine where you were dating him before he went into cyro (at the end of civil war) and he didn’t tell you he was going in because he didn’t know how to and when he comes out he immediately goes to find you and explain

Word Count: 1,562

A/N: the italicized parts are flashbacks :D also, I’m shutting down requests because I’m at like 9 and I really wanna start this series I’ve been thinking about or the past month :/ plz dont hate me

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“Buck?” You asked softly, looking at him from the counter.

“Hm?” He responded, turning his head around so he could face you from the couch.

“Promise me that when this is all over, you’ll come home, okay?” You begged, setting the knife you used to cut his plum with down.

A small smile appeared on his lips. He stood up from the couch and walked over to you, enveloping you in his warm embrace.

“I’ll always come home to you.” He responded, placing a small kiss on your forehead.

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Kosie Fluff | Marry Me


PG | PG-13 | R


Kaden&Josie | Marry Me

“I like this. Being with you.” I mumbled, leaning my head on Kadens shoulder. He rests his head atop mine, and I hear the boy I love sigh with content.
“Me too. I could stay here forever,” He spoke softly, making my heart swell. I looked up at his freshly shaven face, moving my gaze to take in the increible sunset we had come to watch on top of Le Reculet, a small mountain in Vognes, France. We initially came to visit Ahren and Camille, but ended up staying an extra week to backpack around eastern France just to be alone with eachother.
I can’t get enough of him to the point where it becomes terrifying. Every word–every syllable that leaves his beautiful lips is as important as the syllable prior. It feels like some sort of obsession, but I can’t help it. He is my moom, my sun, and every shimmering star in the sky.
“Wow,” I sighed, watching the sun split in half between the sky and the earth.
“It’s beaufitul,” He kissed my hair, making me smile a little.
“You’re beautiful,” I commented and looked up at him. He slid his hand to rest on my neck and brought our lips together, kissing me lustfuly, speaking words beyond our capability. A picture perfect moment, the ones you find only in movies. Thats what it feels like with him. Magical. He feels like a love I never knew was possible.
“Josie?” I rested my head on his shoulder again,
“Yes, babe?” I asked,
He breathed audibly, “Sometimes I think that god didn’t let Kyle and Eadlyn fall in love becuase he knew that it would happen to us, you know? Becuase if they were married, we wouldn’t be able to do this. We couldnt be Kaden and Josie, or as Osten says, "Kosie”. We could only be Kaden, and Josie. And that comma makes a big difference Josie,“ He kept his gaze on the horizon as he spoke.
"Who needs comma’s? Am I right?” I joked, giggling a little at my own joke.
“Not the time for jokes Jo,” He exhaled heavily, using my kickname that belongs to only him “but fuck is your laugh really cute,” He smiled and nussled his nose into my hair before kissing my head and looking at the sunet again.
“Im really glad your sister banned Kyle from the castle,” I bit down on my lip, looking at our entertwined feet that lay stretched out in front of us.
“Me too,”
“I can’t beleive we’re going back in two days,” I mentioned, and after a few comfortably silent minutes of thinking about our recent adventures, he broke the silence
“Marry me,” He said nanchalantly, not taking his gaze away from the sunset.
“Im sorry, what?”
“Marry me, Josie,”
“B-but Kaden, we can’t. Not right now at least, im seventeen and thats really, truthfuly, way too early to get married. I can’t get married right now Kaden, I just cant. My dad would flip, and my mother would never forgive me. I love you, but I can’t,” I explained quickly, hoping I wouldn’t offend him. It was just way too early.
“Not right now,” He laughed, “I dont even have a ring–although I already know what yours will look like. Just, promise me we’ll get married? Whenever your ready, and you’re right, we are a little young, hell I can’t even make myself breakfast. But Josie, I really can’t imagine a life without you being in it. So, in the future, I would really, really like to marry you,” He spoke calmly, looking down at me.
I curled into his body, kissing the side of his chest “Mrs Kaden Schreave, I like the sound of that,”
“Mrs Josie Schreave sounds even better, in my opinion,” He giggled, biting down on his lip.
“I think your right, the future Mr Kaden Woodwork,” I laughed, nuzzling my head into his side.
He really laughed at that one, making me smile “Mr and Mrs Josie Woodwork,” he mumbled, then giggled again. I smiled, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. I was in love with the right person, and everything felt wholeheartedly right.

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can we talk about how brainwashed bucky just. accepts the order that hes gonna be 'wiped'? he just takes the rubber bit like its nothing like hes done it a thousand times

the third time i watched this movie i laughed quietly to myself at this point because a) so many jokes i could make (im sorry iM SORRY) and b) thats my defense mechanism against heightened emotions

i think its interesting because that’s literally the first and only time he shows any kind of defiance, and pretty much the first time that he shows any personality at all -  (altho, i will make an argument for his little interlude fight with natasha on the causeway, because you see a bit of swagger in him that you don’t see any other time. i could be reading too much into it but it almost looks like he’s showing off.) he holds pierce’s gaze, and he leans back, and he makes what should be a passive thing - being wiped by someone else - into an active participation in his own brutalization - allowing himself to be wiped. there’s a lot of blank space that needs to be explored here; how this wipe and how his conditioning was structured in the mcu, for example. it’s very obvious that he would have no trouble taking out the entire room if he really wanted to, but he doesn’t. why doesn’t he? how much agency does he have in his own actions? what is his inner landscape like? does he register that realistically, he doesn’t have to do this? or is there a kill switch programmed into his mind that he knows about? how much of this is survival, how much of this is ‘i don’t know what else to do’, how much of this is that he doesn’t even know that he has a choice?

it’s obvious that he knows how this procedure goes; he’s gone through it before and he knows what is coming. it’s as much a punishment as it is a necessity (which brings up another question, how much do they choose to wipe every time? it can’t be everything, because otherwise he wouldn’t remember the wipe. or maybe it’s the pain that embeds itself into his mind. anyway, a lot of questions.) and at this point, he’s like a child. he knows he asked the wrong question and he knows that he shouldn’t have said anything; he’s done something wrong - he’s not sure what but he knows that he needs to be punished and straightened out. but at the same time, somewhere there, the wall between the winter soldier and bucky barnes is beginning to crack. the winter soldier is a thing, he’s a gun with an empty chamber, but bucky barnes is a man. bucky barnes is the bullet. and in that moment, there is a sliver of defiance - not enough, obviously, but it’s there, which is why i think for that split second before he opens his mouth for the bite the air is so tense, and rumlow is watching him with his hand on his gun. they recognize something shifting in him, they notice that something is off. but the second he opens his mouth for the bite - no matter that he makes a point of actively participating in his own erasure - the air eases, and pierce walks away. they’re riding out a wave, waiting at the edge to see which way he topples. but the moment passes, and the attack dog lowers his head dutifully for the muzzle. but somewhere, inside, bucky barnes is screaming. bucky barnes remembers. 

Imagine : A Bad Ass Dylan

You were at school and it was your last hour. You couldn’t wait to get home so you could get some rest, you were tired and people pissed you off today.

Finally, the class was over but before you could leave, your professor called you.

“Yes ?” You said while you walked toward his desk.

You frowned your eyebrows when you saw Dylan was also there. He looked confused and so were you, you didn’t understand why the both of you were called by the professor.

“What are we both doing here ?” Dylan asked, showing how annoyed he was.

“That’s good you are asking this, it show you’re instere-”

“I’m not interested.” He cut the professor off which makes you not comfortable because you could never do that to a professor.

“Well, you don’t have the choice anyway. Since your grades are not really good, you will attend evening classes.”

Dylan laughed and you were still confused, you didn’t know why you were here.

“Im not doing this. And why is she even here ?” Dylan asked, not even looking at you which hurt you.

“Oh believe me you’re doing it and (Y/N) is here because she will be the one who will teach you.”

“What ?” You said without thinking.

“I’m sorry but I won’t change my mind until Dylan’s grades are better.”

“But-” you started but Dylan cut you off.

“What ? You’re afraid of what your boyfriend could think ?” He said in a cold and sarcastic tone.

“You can fight but not in this class. Now go to work.”

You gave Dylan a death glare and left the class. If only this whole thing was a joke !

“Im not happy to work with you too.” Dylan said, making you jump because you thought he left.

“I didn’t say anything.” You replied.

“Yeah, well your face did.”

“Shut up.”

You are pushed against the wall but not in a hard way. Dylan is in front of you, it’s almost like he was about to kiss you and you were holding your breath because you didn’t know what he was thinking.

“You better not say this again.” He whispered slowly, his hot breath caressing your cheeks.

“Or what ?” You whispered back.

He looked a little bit amused but you couldn’t really know because Dylan was the type of person who never show his feelings.

“Or I will be the one who will shut you up.” His body was almost against yours, his lips almost kissing yours and you couldn’t move. You could feel something in your stomach, something you never feel with your boyfriend.

“We sh- should get back..” You tried to speak louder. “We should work.” You said, pushing him away.

—————— At Your House

“For god sake Dylan, can you stop acting like you’re so damn idiot !” You said, completely upset.

“Someone is frustated here.” He said, a smirk on his face.

It’s been one hour since you came home with him and you felt like helping him wasn’t a good idea since he didnt want to be helped. Plus, you were sure he was intelligent.

“If your grades are not better, we will be stuck together and I fucking know you’re not an idiot so why dont you work ? What do you want ?!”

He was looking at you and it was so intense. You never see someone looking at you like that. He stand up and walked to you and he pressed his body against yours, making you gasp.

“Start with F, end with U.” He whispered in your ear before he started to kiss your neck.

Hey guys. This is me. Im the girl on the right in the military picture. My name is Laura and at the age of 16 I passed officer selection to go into the Royal Air Force. The only problem being that I am classed as Obese on the BMI scale meaning they have attempted to kick me out numerous times. Im now 19, 5 foot 11 and you know what, this message is from me to say, I’m happy

I weight 90kg.
Yeah thats a lot. I know thats not the greatest.
But i have ran a Half Marathon
I have ran a 10 mile endurance race with 12kg on my back in full military gear.
I am fit. Yeah I’m big. But I’m fit. I work hard to make sure that I can pass fitness tests and that I keep my fitness up because I enjoy doing it, as well as proving people wrong.

For years I have had people laugh at me. When I’ve entered cross country contests and had girls look at me and laugh. When I said that I wanted to go into the military when we had our careers talk and people laughed when they said it involves good fitness. 

However, I have finally hit the point where I am happy. I don’t care that my BMI is over. I am happy. I don’t care what people will say because I know I can now prove them wrong. Yes my butt still needs a size 18 (UK) jeans to fit it in but who cares? 

Yes losing a little more would be amazing. But i am loved for who I am. I have never had a friend that cared say I was too fat for them. My boyfriend from day one has said he will support me with what I want to do with my weight but that he loves me how I am now and that I only ever need to change for me. 

So this is a post to say, I’ve done it. Im happy. I don’t care. I run three to six miles a day. I passed all the military standards for the last 3 years.

So for everyone that has made a joke, a snide comment, or for anyone that still thinks I’m a fat ass. I don’t care :) the people who love me love me for me are the ones that matter. That’s the end of it. Yeah I still want to lose a bit, but I’m doing it the healthy way. No rush, little by little. 

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I sooo agree with your tags in your last post... The fan didn't mean to offend anyone and he acted a little bit exaggerated in my opinion

yeah im super annoyed at him right now. he and caspar have built jaspar as a brand, they call each other things like ‘my boy’ all the time. it was only a couple months ago that joe called caspar honey on their fake date. and just a week ago he uploaded a jaspar vlog called “worst date ever”, so for him to get angry at that girl for tweeting him something jaspary and saying caspar is his boy, was really out of line. the fan was joking. i doubt she thought joe would even see it. and the thought of her getting excited that her idol, her hero as she described him on twitter, just tweeted her, only to find out that his tweet was really rude/mean, really makes me upset. he shouldve just ignored the tweet. 

so idk. im really mad at him and in a bad mood bc of this whole thing. i just feel so so so sorry for that poor fan.