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I love you all and you’ve been the people I can count on. But, there are times when things happen, and I’m sorry for whatever happens. 

You’re all like family to me. Thank You.

mossyseas  asked:

i love how koshiro looks so done with zoro's shit whenever oda shows us the crew's hometowns lol

everyone’s hometowns are throwing absolute ragers and then koshiro just prays to god every night to give him the strength to deal with zoro’s destructive ass every time the papers come around. the poor man is aging too quickly due to the secondhand stress he’s getting from just thinking about zoro. all these kids swarm him all the time asking about zoro and he just pities them all because they don’t know what it’s really like. his internal monologue starts with, “you fools. the green plague will hit you as hard as it has hit me.”

koshiro is probably just done bc zoro got lost on his way to practice and ended up becoming the demon of the east blue on accident

*zoro’s face is pictured underneath the headline*
*koshiro looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

So it seems there are two translations of this wonderful scene

I bet it’s about that Kirishima feels he is too weak or not strong enough. Like what if, because we got our blackhairedbby panel, something happened in the past where he couldn’t be strong either? (it’s probably that)

But then I get very dark thoughts, like what if someone was injured (maybe one of his parents or other family member) and he wasn’t strong enough to protect them? (maybe one of them died?)

anonymous asked:

i'm afraid that ezarel will stop teasing gardienne in the next episodes (if u're on his route). i mean, he betrayed her and she's mad and sad af... if he tries to tease her again, it will be a bit inappropriate ? :// it's sad because he was funny as hell ! i rly liked him as bitchy blue !

i feel like Gardy will have to be the one to make the first move if she wants to get back to the way they were before ep 13. the first meeting after the apology will probably be awkward af so maybe she’ll try to crack a joke and then Ez will follow up and then it’ll just. continue naturally. like Gardy would have wanted in *squints* ep 14.

of course, i don’t think things will ever be the same again between them. but i loved Ez as bitchy blue too and i don’t want that to change.

anonymous asked:

I think the world would be a better place if you ruled It!

“But, uhh…” Tix did her best to collect herself, and then continued: “To be honest….. I don’t think that I, uhm, would make a good world ruler at all… I, I mean.. Who would support and trust a leader who had no confidence in herself, after all…?” She had to look away to quickly wipe her eyes. She wish she could live up to all these high expectations others and herself had for her. But she couldn’t now, and probably never would.

Blind // Yoo Kihyun - 03

Blind Chapter Two/ Three

The next evening had arrived much too quickly for Kihyun.

His heart was pounding in his throat as they drove up the mountain as they did normally, except this time he knew it was for him and not somebody else. He’d always listen to Jooheon chirp about the revered mountain, notorious for leaving no survivors. Wonho said he was giving Kihyun a chance, but that was overthought most of the night.

Minhyuk parked the truck in the same spot he always did, only he was incredibly confused as to why they were even here.  The two boys got out from the truck, the others filing from the trailer. Kihyun looked off into the distance, to the sunset, his right hand fiddling his knife—he had to put up some type of a fight or they’d bust Wonho for telling him.  

The moment was serene as the sun warmed Kihyun’s face, his eyes closing for just a moment to bask in it before a hand wrapped around his left arm, violently swinging him around.

“What the fuck!” Minhyuk called, moving towards Jooheon but was quickly restrained by Shownu and I.M.

Kihyun’s quick right hand drew his knife, the spring assisted blade leaping from its cage as he swung his right arm up, the blade catching Jooheon just above the eye, the wound immediately bleeding profusely. In that moment, he thought of running. With Jooheon incapacitated for the moment, someone would have to tend to him, and none of the rest of them was fast enough to catch him. The only problem was the dangerously slanted and rocky terrain he would have to navigate to get away.

He caught Wonho’s eyes for a moment, they stared at him warningly. Kihyun almost stared too long but caught Shownu moving out of the corner of his eye, dodging a tackle just barely to step out of the way, his knife then catching on I.M’s hand before finally being subdued by Wonho and Hyungwon, the knife ripped from his hand. Kihyun’s eyes quickly darted around, noting Minhyuk unconscious before a dark blindfold covered his eyes, a rope sliding across the skin of his wrists so tight.  

“Mind explaining what the fuck is going on here?” Kihyun had to force himself to ask—it would have looked much too suspicious otherwise.

“You’re not in it for the long haul, Kihyun. You’ve become a problem and we have to get rid of it.” It was Shownu’s voice coming from his right but he didn’t dare fight, didn’t dare struggle, and didn’t even give the effort to turn his head to look in the elder’s direction.

“I’ve stuck by you for years, and suddenly you’ve just decided you’ve had enough of me?”

“You’ve been a bystander, Kihyun. It was a matter of time before you ran.” It was Hyungwon’s voice this time, too close to his ear.

“And we really can’t have that.”

Kihyun didn’t even know what to say, but he could feel the pit in his stomach settling for whatever strange reason. He just stayed silent, moving his hands to try and adjust the rope which felt like it was cutting off his circulation, bad enough it already gave him a nice burn.

“I see,” Kihyun finally replied in a low growl as they lead him to what he assumed was the clearing. His knees hit the grass soon after, the metal barrel of a gun pressed into the back of his skull and the pit in his stomach was back. Wonho said he had a chance—did he play him and BS through the whole thing?

“The agreement was the trees, Jooheon,” Shownu growled, grabbing the wrist of the younger boy and attempting to pull the gun away from him, but Jooheon wasn’t having any of it.

“That was before the little shit slashed my eye!” Jooheon yelled in response, shoving Shownu’s hands off him and the barrel was pressed once again into the back of Kihyun’s head, finger so close to the trigger it could have gone off at any minute if it weren’t for Wonho standing right there, taking the nod from Shownu to reach over and force the gun from Jooheon who was much too weak to defend himself against the much stronger older boy.

“You couldn’t live with the blood on your hands,” Hyungwon reminded him.

There was some shuffling in the grass, many pairs of feet moving around for the moments of otherwise utter silence that passed, nobody saying a word before a cold blade touched Kihyun’s cheek, to which he flinched slightly. “Happy hunting,” spoke a dull growl in his ear before the blade turned, “If she doesn’t finish you, the wolves sure will.”

A sharp sting on Kihyun’s cheek, a soft hiss falling from his lips and he could feel the warm blood trickle down his face to his chin. A few doors slammed; minimal words about Minhyuk spoken among the group before the engine turned over, choking as the vehicle pulled away, leaving Kihyun out in the middle of the grass, bloody, tied up and blindfolded. How long did he have to wait before he could get up to run? It didn’t matter, his pants legs were steaked into the ground—he wasn’t about to go anywhere.

He wasn’t sure whether to scream and yell for help, or just accept his fate and submit to the forest. Kihyun shifted his body a bit, trying to reach over to grab one of the steaks to see if he could pull it loose, the sun long set by now. Those steaks were in deep, rendering Kihyun unable to pull them out from the awkward angle.

A heavy sigh fell from his lips after he turned his face to wipe some of the blood from his face on his shoulder, still bleeding pretty good as he sat down on his feet. It was only a matter of time—the wolves could undoubtedly smell the blood.

More time passed, but Kihyun couldn’t be sure how long considering the blindness. He assumed awhile, just by feel and how hungry and thirsty he was getting. The crack of his neck echoed to himself as he tilted his head. For whatever reason, he wasn’t worried, wasn’t nervous until a soft pair of hands touched his cheeks, one very careful of his fresh wound. Then, and only then, did he jump.

“Who’s there?” he asked, slight panic tinging his voice.

“You’re one of them…” a soft voice trailed off.

You examined him; the cut on his cheek didn’t need stitches, thankfully. He was in need of water for sure and tending to his wrists.

“One of who?” Kihyun asked.

“The group of boys who always bring battered old men to my woods,” you responded, your thumb trailing across his chilled skin and over his dry and cracking lips which quivered under your soft touch.

“Y-your woods,” Kihyun stuttered.

“I feared this,” you said, tapping a foot on the ground, unearthing the steaks in his pants, freeing him.

“Yo-you’re the tr-trees,” Kihyun uttered almost inaudibly as the ropes fell from his wrists. “The stories Jooheon always told us were… true,” he continued curiously.

“What do you know of me?” you asked him.

“You control the forest. The nature, everything from plants to animals, earth to the weather, power limited to this mountain, to these woods; stark white hair and piecing ice eyes,” he described as your hands fiddled with the blindfold, untying it to bring it away from his eyes, which opened slowly.