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shiverbound  asked:

First off I need to tell you that I LOVE your work. Not only does it fulfill many fangirl dreams, but it's also really well written and edited,very few errors, so kuddos on that! Second, I was wondering if i could request a drabble of Cas and Lys hanging out and Cas discovering that Lys likes Candy and being happy for him (Everyone assumes they'd fight over her, but what if they didn't?) Lys seems the type to smoothly tell Cas she's no ironing board, so Cas teases him about it, but thats just me

Ahh thank you! Note: Im using a laptop with a different keyboard I am not used to, so if there are errors, please excuse that!

Castiel and Lysander took turns fiddling with his notebook as they walked down the empty sidewalk. It was the first time in a while that they have hung out, and they both felt nostalgic. Three anecdotes and four jokes later and they’re flipping through the pages of Lysander’s notebook, in search of old, scrapped lyrics.

‘’Oh damn that was so f-’’ Castiel stares at the page he lands on, his eyes squinting towards the chicken scratch. ‘’This is new.’’ He says, reading the love lyrics curiously.

‘’What is?’’ Lysander doesn’t care enough to see what he’s reading, but instead looks out at the skyline jutting through the blaring sunlight. His neck was damp with sweat, and he mentally cursed himself for wearing such heavy clothing. 

‘’Um, Lysander.’’ Castiel stops, which causes Lysander to peer at him curiously. Castiel has seen every corner of his notebook, except for pages Lysander has ripped apart when he was most vulnerable. There was nothing Castiel could have possibly seen that would make him stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

With a devious smile, Castiel looks at Lysander. ‘’I never imagined  you to be so..’’ Castiel trails off, glancing at the page. ‘’creative?’’ 

‘’Wha-’’ Lysander reaches out to take the notebook, and his eyes widen at the page he had seemingly forgot to rip out of his notebook. As usual, sloppy doodles fill the page,but what truly catches his eye are the lyrics sprawled in thick black marker. Words declaring his attraction for Candy, among other things. He hits his head with his palm. He had written this in a brief moment of desperation, it felt like the emotions were going to kill him if he had not written it down somewhere. He had rushed, hence why he had forgotten to throw it out.

‘’Oh, god.’’ Lysander says. What if Candy had seen this? The many times she had found his notebook, was it possible to not have stumbled upon such crude words? She acted no different, plus this was such early on in their friendship that maybe she had never peeped in these parts of his notebook. 

And Castiel. Castiel had confessed repeatedly to Lysander that he liked Candy and was actively trying to pursue her. Oh great, what a good friend he is.

Stifling a laugh, Castiel pats him on the back. ‘’ That could be a hit.’’ He teases.

Lysander frowns. ‘’You seem calm for someone who had just seen this.’’ Lysander looks everywhere but his best friend’s eyes. He was embarrassed, hot and confused. He had betrayed his friend, especially for not telling his own best friend his feelings. Every time he tried he couldn’t seem to make himself do it. 

Castiel shrugs. ‘’I’m not surprised, ironing board is annoying but likable. I had a feeling.’’ Lysander stares at his best friend oddly, but a wave of relief engulfs him. 

‘’Plus, if she gets you to write more lyrics like these, then be my guest.’’ Castiel wiggles his eyebrows and they continue to walk down the street.

Lysander realizes something. ‘’Ironing board?’’ He says slowly. 

‘’Yeah.’’ Castiel laughs shortly as if thinking about the joke. ‘’It fit’s her.’’

‘’Castiel,’’ Lysander mumbles. ‘’Candy is no ironing board, I can tell.’’ He averts his gaze.

‘’Hahaha!’’ Castiel hits him hard on the back. ‘’A creative perv, you my friend, keep getting better and better.’’ 

‘’Ah, be quiet.’’ With a smile they continue down the street, Lysander allowing the redhead to continue throwing jabs. He knew nothing could tear their friendship apart, not even a girl. It was them against the world. 

Sorry this was so bad, this keyboard is just so annoying! And if we want to be creative, please put what you think was written in Lysander’s notebook. It would be hilarious.