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so i was thinking abt how the Reveal™ changes things (whats new) and im just. laughing so much. i laughed at this scene the first time round cause he sounds so pouty and offended and i thought that was because yeah viktor he has confidence in himself and just assumed yuuri would like it etc etc but now its even funnier cause viktor’s just going “you stripped and grinded on me and asked me to be your coach and i flew halfway across the world to accept the offer and???you dare????to look like you didnt enjoy it???????? i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now” im dying please send help


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anonymous asked:

do u ship hoseok x seokjin? i think i saw it on one of ur tags. i dont think i've ever heard of that ship, so what are u fav moments to convince me? :P

oh my god YES dsfdjghsdhg there are maybe 3 people who ship 2seok and i dont??? know why??? its lonely over here but we manage bc its worth it,,, anyway, 2seok are pure, soft boyfriends who are just full of love and mutual support; they have the best time together, laugh a lot and joke around all the time all while having rly gross heart eyes for each other.. so lets get into this (under a read more cause i’m Passionate and this is gonna get very long)

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The signs hearing the Devil is in town
  • Aries: dAddyyy!!!!
  • Taurus: *douses self in holy water and begins to do the nae nae while holding a cross* THE ULTIMATE FUCKBOY IS HERE??? IM READY
  • Gemini: HOLY SHIT. I MEAN--UNHOLY SHIT. *laughs and bursts into flames* aw fuck
  • Cancer: *lights candle* its pumpkin spice do u think he'll like it?
  • Leo: mmmmmmm yeah today's actually not a good day for me...maybe he can like come back on tuesday or something? i have a 4 o'clock with dracula and that boy REALLY knows how to suck the life outta things so i might be kinda pooped and stuff :/
  • Virgo: right on time. MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA *coughs* oh jeez im parched
  • Libra: ooooh he finna blaze it and it aint even 4/20 yet tsk tsk tsk
  • Scorpio: dat boi can dondemn me to an eternal damnation any day ;))) what's his kik? *changes relationship status on fb to "i <3 666"*
  • Sagittarius: *makes spoof twitter account called 'Seten' and cackles to self before getting scared and deleting it*
  • Capricorn: gr8 timing m8. im broke af...*pulls soul out from the deepest crevices of their body* how much can i get for this thing?
  • Aquarius: OOOH netflix and chillin with ma fave villain
  • Pisces: the only thing that's hellish here is ur outfit like gurl i know u like lucy or whatever this chick's name is but pentagrams are SOOOO 90's. like 1690's.
craig and those guys

you guessed it, more hcs

-ok so ive seen a lot of posts where craigs gang is mostly tweek, craig, and clyde but im here to tell you that jimmy, token, and occasionally kevin is part of the group too

-token throws the best parties ever! theyre not ridiculous and crazy but theyre still fun and relatively small and everyone has fun

-clyde and jimmy write jokes together!! craig always calls the jokes lame but he actually thinks some of them are pretty good

-token being the mom friend is so fake,, hes probably made clyde cry more than anyone else (not that its that hard to do)

-one time token had them all watch a madea movie, he couldnt stop laughing. everyone else was either sleeping or on their phones

-at one of their sleepovers, token and craig dared clyde to shave his legs and ever since he did the dare, clyde regularly shaves

-every halloween, jimmy clyde and craig always plan their costumes to match

-they have a movie night every friday and alternate whos house its at

-jimmy and token like comedies, clyde likes rom coms and action movies, craig likes sci-fi and often invites kevin over when they watch anything sci-fi, and tweek likes documentaries and musicals

-token and tweek are theater hoes.. craig and clyde try their hardest to get tickets to different plays

-token and tweek are in the drama club!! token does work behind the scenes and tweek loves to be on stage! jimmy also usually helps out the drama club with scripts and ideas! clyde, craig, and kevin are always there supporting their friends and the club!

-everyone makes sure to jimmy’s open mic night performances! they love seeing how happy he gets with he gets a good reaction from the crowd!

-token and jimmy are the band kids. they have band camp stories and everything. clyde and craig are also in band but not as into it as the other two are

-tweek always manages to get the drama club to work with the band so he can hang out with his friends more

-the boys all help tweek with his cramps in different ways! token probably has an older sister and always has ibuprofen ready, knowing just how bad cramps can get. craig keeps a heating pad at his house for when the cramps get too bad! he also makes sure the snuggle with his bf. clyde and jimmy usually gets tweek chocolates! they also just hang out with him to distract him from possible dysphoria 

-basically theyre a bunch of nerds who support each other and also love to do stupid stuff together

guera!! bratterrs!! glubs!! hope its ok to tag u guys!!

there is honestly just ONE SCENE that was missing that would have made the ending actually really good - 

a scene of everyone together, in the afterlife, happy and drinking and laughing, in the salvatore mansion. not just the brothers, but everyone. that was the closure needed here, that in the end, they’d all be together.

it’s implied, but it needed to be explicit.

JK - Treat You Better

Based on this video right here!

Please watch it if you decide to give this a read~

Jungkook x Reader 

Angst (Kinda), Fluff, Idek, Im trying TT.TT

Word count : 1831 (I kept typing)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |


I bite the inside of my cheek, looking away in anger.
This was the 9th time this month. This month!
Clenching my teeth, I felt like laughing at myself. This was what happened every single time.

Every single time, I would see him with someone else. Every single time we would fight, and I would break things up. Only for him to come back. The worst part was, he never bothered to apologize, never.

Complaining isn’t doing any good though, as I always let him.
I wanted an apology, but then he would start talking about the times he had insistently gone after me, every time I had left.
Or distracting me, by bringing someone or something else up.

It worked every time. Not because I didn’t know, or I was blind. No, it was because- because somewhere within me, I didn’t want to let go. I didn’t have the courage to.
I couldn’t.

Every time, I got mad, in the aftermath I would sit and think of the times he had helped me.

Thinking, ‘His behavior now, doesn’t change what he has done for me. Doesn’t change how long we’ve been together.’

And truly it didn’t, it didn’t change. But… I was lost. He knew me best, at the same he didn’t know me at all.
Sometimes it felt like he only what I had told him, not who I was.
He had never bothered to see me for myself.

It wasn’t like I was the only one getting jealous, Infact, could you call this jealousy?

He was cheating on me. I don’t even know if this is jealousy. He didn’t even let me talk to guys, he wouldn’t instantly interrupt and start a fight.

I don’t even know how he managed that.
I knew he cared for me, he would be the first one running when I fell, and whenever we fought he would tell our friends to look out for me, “She gets hurt, not me.”

At the same time… It bothered me, why was it me getting hurt? Why was it only me? Why did it never affect him?
It’s weird right? That I’m worried this time, when he has clearly cheated on me many times before?
It was because.. This time, and the last, and many times before this, it was the same girl.
Before, it had always been different girls, girls he never knew, girls he would leave and come back.

But this was different. I knew she liked him, and I knew he had liked her too.
They had been classmates in school, he had introduced me to her long ago, when she had decided to hate me. I didn’t hate, at least then. Now I certainly was starting to.

He had liked her, I knew he had, but then.. At that time, he had chosen me. It wasn’t me who had confessed, he had been my best friend. My confidant. But he wanted more, he told me that I was the one he wanted, and no matter who else attracted him, for that matter many people did, I would always be the one he returned to. That he couldn’t live without me.

Every time, before, when we fought and I had left, I’d always come back soon. But now, seeing them from outside the cafe laughing so happily - seeing how he gave her all his attention, he hasn’t done that to me for so long.
Somehow it all came crashing down harder than before.

I stepped forward to open the door of the cafe, but stop short.
I hesitated. Things had changed.. He had-he had started focusing on one girl. What he hasn’t even done for me, he was doing for her.

I turn away, and slowly walk down the street, without any destination in mind.
It was weird. Just few moments ago anger had been coursing through my head. But now, it was like I didn’t have the strength to be angry anymore.
Looking to my left, I see a park, wanting to sit down I start to walk across the road when a car honks at me. Turning me head I see a dark colored car, and a man in the drivers seat, his expression clearly very shocked.

Before I could take in anything else someone jerked me back hard. We both fell onto the road and the person who had pulled me back was panting heavily. Almost as if he had been running.

I get up, or rather, begin to get up but he pulls my hand.

“Are you crazy?! Did you not see the traffic sing?! Screw that. Did you not see the car?!”

I looked around at him annoyed, and was about to say something back when I realized- I knew him.
No more like, I recognized him from somewhere.

Jungkook? I had only seen him in videos, photos and stuff. As any other fan would have.

But no one else seemed to recognize him.

Well he could be a look alike.

“Why did you have to come be a hero anyway?”
I glared at him.
“What did you want to die or something?”
He glares back.
I felt a small smile tugging at the corners of my mouth but resisted the urge to do it. Seeing Jungkook glaring although was certainly amusing.

“Well not die.. But nothing like being injured to get attention back..”

But I knew that was nowhere near the truth. Honestly, I had just been spacing out. Literally who would die for a cheating bastard. Not me at least.

But nonetheless he seemed to buy it and thought that I was really sad. Depressed enough to think that.
And a little crazy too of course.

He took a moment to think before getting up and pulling me to the park.
We were starting to garner attention and this was the best possible timing. It wasn’t because of him though, rather any two people fallen on top of each other in the middle of the road… Well they would get attention now right?

He made me sit on a bench before promising to be right back and disappearing.

Looking around at the happy atmosphere around me, the full blast of why I had been dazed before returned.
Seeing happy couples made me think of my own boyfriend. But really, could I even call him that?
I put my head in my hands and just closed my eyes.

Few minutes later, I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder.
I looked up my eyes still adjusting to the sudden light. It was Jungkook, and he was holding ice cream.

“Uh.. I read somewhere that ice cream when girls are sad is good.”
A sudden bout of laughter started as I took the ice cream from him.
“What makes you think I’m sad?”

He looks at me and then slowly sits down next to me.

“Well happy people wouldn’t jump in front of a car right?”
But rather than questioning me, it seemed as though he was actually unsure, unsure what I could say to turn that against him he simply had made it a question.

“Well, if you’re too happy, maybe? More than that aren’t you worried that people will recognize you?”
He froze at that.

I gave him a sidelong glance seeing his eyes wide with surprise.

“What? Did you think I didn’t recognize you?”

Seeing him panic though, made me soften. I was an army. No matter how much of an attitude I had, I always had a soft spot for these seven. And even out of them, though I tried not to I always had an even softer spot for Jungkook.

“Yah, calm down, I’m not going to jump and start announcing it, or black mail you, or do anything for that matter. I have enough going on anyways.”

It looked like he took my words for face value and relaxed immediately.

“…I’m surprised you recognized me.”
He said after minutes of silence went by.
“What do you mean?”
I looked at him curious.

“Wouldn’t you generally recognize an idol walking on the street? Even if you are not in Korea?”
“I don’t think people would generally recognize me with the sunglasses and the mask I have on.”
Looking at him now I realized he was right. I looked away, a bit embarrassed.
He gave me a cheeky smile.

“Would you happen to be a fan…?”
I cleared my throat.

“No-Nothing of that sort! It’s because of work.”

That seemed to distract him enough. His eyes shining with curiosity, although they always seemed to shine, he asked, “Work?”
“Mhmm, I’m a director of sorts I guess. Music videos, TV serials, dramas, movies, anything with a story honestly.”
“Ahh, I see.”
“In fact, my next project is with you.”
“Ahh I see…”

“Wait what?”
I chuckle, “Yeah, my next project is with BIGHIT specifically with BTS.”
“So you’ll be working with the music videos for the next comeback?”

“That and, many things. I got contracted basically. Generally I freelance but I decided to make an exception. In simple words, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of me.”
He smiled. That smile which seemed so very cute, and a smile I had fangirled over many times. I looked away to hide my slightly blushing face.
“So… Why are you here Jungkook? Shouldn’t you be at the hotel? It’s nearly time for the meeting.”
“Yeah I know but it’s close anyway so I’ll reach- wait. How do you even know about the meeting?!”
“I’m psychic.”
His jaw dropped open.
“No way!”
I burst out laughing.
So cute.

“Who do you think they were going to introduce you to in this meeting?
It was supposed to much later and in Korea but since I was here anyway, and so were you guys, I requested to start work earlier.”

‘Well that and I need distraction from killing my boyfriend at the moment.’

The thought made me frown, turning my thoughts bitter again.
Jungkook looked at me carefully, he seemed to have observed the change in my mood.

Taking my hand he got my up and pulled me along with him.
“You don’t know the way to the hotel do you? Let’s go together.”
We talked as we walked to the hotel, and he told me about the concert experience here in Singapore till now.

On reaching the hotel I told him I wanted to go to my room to get my laptop before heading to meet the others.
His expression was fabulous.
I seriously couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were staying here?!”
Between gasps of laughter I told him that he had never asked. His priceless expressions were the best.

Still laughing I sling my arm around his annoyingly high shoulders. Or atleast that was what I was going to do but I ended up half hugging him because of him being ridiculously tall.
He blushed. I smirked, I see the blushy part of him was still alive and kicking.


Hehe xD Well, I hope this goes good! 

I’m continuing this of course, this is just part 1! I also have some FFs which I’ve written but never posted, but thats way too further in the future. 

For now I hope you like this! 

It is in first person, and rather than using ‘you’ I’ve used ‘I’. 

If there are any mistakes, please tell me! I’ll correct them asap. 


her eyes water a bit and she coughs out a half-hearted laugh, raising a hand to her nose in order to deafen the gentle sniffle that escapes without her permission. “no, no, trust me, i’m— okay, seriously. just a weird time for me right now.” raising a hand to her arm, zephyr rubs it gently, looking up at the other through wet eyelashes. “just missing a few things. but MATERIAL GOODS, right? ha, who needs ‘em? f-fuck the man!” it’s pathetic, her attempt to be herself, the ‘ herself ’ at least that she’s created in the last six years.

what the moon signs probably think about

aries: i will drive to mcdonalds at 2am to get chicken nuggets

taurus: i love my bed i worship my bed i connect with my bed on an emotional level

gemini: yes i did just hear a bang yes i am home alone yes it could possibly be satan coming to take away my soul yes i am shitting myself

cancer: i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now

leo: wow i have a pretty average and normal life like most people i sure don’t deserve this shit

virgo: everybody is looking at me and i really have to go

libra: do i hang out with my dog or do i go out and have a social life decisions decisions

scorpio: i know what u up to bitch

sagittarius: #BANTER

capricorn: fuck feelings

aquarius: really trying my best not to laugh at something that happened 3 months ago

pisces: hahahah ppl r funni

Today, I fucked up by making a joke at work.

I just started working at a sushi restaurant, after the last one I worked at got closed down. Another individual just started working there with me, about 21 I think (Im 18). So we were having a good time while closing for the night and singing some stuff together, and an idea came up. Another girl that had been working there is named Stacy. So I went ahead and asked without thinking ‘Stacy, does your mom have it going on?’ I turn around with this new coworker and we are both laughing until I looked at my manager whose eyes got VERY wide. Next thing you hear is 'My mom is dead’

Needless to say, we both got a talk about employee respect, especially to those who have been here longer.

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Hi, so I wrote a short drabble based on Julia’s @worknarry message to me last night. Here’s the link to what she’s sent me. This is the first time I’m gonna post a fic… forgive me. But, you know, enjoy?

Night two in Dublin has been done for a couple of hours, and Niall’s buzz after the gig has already died down. Louis and Liam nurse the beers in their hands, having a good laugh with the rest of the people who’ve come along when they announced that they – Louis, Liam and Niall – are going out for some drinks after the show. Niall, on the other hand, has finished his third bottle and settled down on a seat to take his phone out – already uninterested with what they’re talking about.

‘Heading home soon. x’ Niall types on his keyboard, and then sends to Harry. He doesn’t get a respond though, and just sends a quick message to Basil informing him that he’s heading home.

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I know that im not good with words or transferring what im thinking or feeling into words at times. But here it goes. Monty oum was my hero his passing hurts so much he was the one who taught me more the my father. He taught me to be myself and not care what others think be yourself. Dont let others push you around push back of you need to. Dont me scared to be yourself amd shoot for the stars. Hes given me laughs tears. I found more of my creative side becuase of his inspirating work RvB RWBY. I wish I could have been one of the lucky few to meet him or be the even luckyer few to have worked with him. I will forever miss him he will always be in my heart. He was my biggest hero.Rest in peace Monty Oum

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Daesung ruining my life:

Dae: sings “yeah” in a high tone

Crowd: *repeats*

Seungri: Yo bro I think you are (aren’t?) a good vocal trainer

Fangirl: TRAIN ME!

Dae: TA!

Crowd: TA

GD: Take your time

Dae: Wait..WAIT!

Seungri: *laughing*

Dae: TA!

Crowd: TA!

Dae: Ok Im done 

Seungri: no come on just say…first time here (in sydney) say something

Dae: They can’t do that

And that night Daesung became my bias :)


My friends top 4 million you mean.
This is kinda hard because I love them all so much. Anyway here you go:

10. Tup. He a cutie alright. He’s just doing his best. He’s so young and didn’t deserve any of this shit. None of them did.

9. 99 he comes together with the rest of Domino Squad m'kay?  Like gosh this brave man got me in tears many times IM WEAK. Him and Hevy ahh. And Cutup’s ridiculous laugh. Droidbait asdfghjkl

8. Echo. Nerd. This guy made me laugh several times with his good behaviour, and fucking cry when the thing happened.

7. Hardcase. I loved how much energy he had and his character was so great I cried I cried so hard.

6. Cody. I’m starting to like this dude more little by little. He’s growing on me.

5. Kix. Prettiest clone with the sweetest voice. Deserved better. Much better.

4. Gregor. I was in love first sight m'kay. I saw him and… /have to protect/. Also fucking sick commando armor. Those hips.

3. ✨Wolffe ✨ Need I say more? Actually yes this big grump stole my heart the moment he first rolled his eyes.

3.5 I forgot
Boba Fett since he’s not a trooper (and didn’t know if I should add him) but yeah here u go anyway son this place is for u

2. Fives. So many strong feelings here yes right here right I’m fuck. /cries Fives is so charming. Just. Everything about him is so good. Good man, I’d give him my whole pizza. And my whole life but whatever.

1. CAPTAIN REX. The love of my life. Man of my heart. My captain. My son. I’ve never felt this strong about a character since Boba Fett lmfao. Like I never draw fanart let alone post it and I just want to shower him with drawings becaUSE HE DESERVES IT. I’m in too deep man faaar too deep with this guy I’m so hghghghhhhhhh like DUDE stop being so lovely.