im on a boat in this photo

Did I ever tell any of ya’ll about the time I saw this attractive guy on a ferry??

Well I did once dudebro and I was like “hot diggy damn thats a fine ole studmuffin up in chillin back there” I decide to descreetly take a pic of him using the ‘im totes taking a selfie and not a reversed photo of someone’ trick
so I do that right, then before I can check the boat docks and yada yada yada

I check my phone later, for da pic….

okay im a little rough, but let’s zoom in….


Wait a minute……


Okay, so I was thinking, and why has nobody done an academia AU? Like the team as professors who share a building and a faculty room?

  • Jack is obviously the history professor.  He wear glasses and corduroy  or sweaters with elbow patches(he’s an old man lbr).  He’s a pretty mellow teacher, but he can get really worked up when talking or debating with students on certain topics.  For example, the erasure of lgbt identities in history.   He knows a ton of random and really specific facts, often about the development of sports during different time periods.(Because he is a nerd).   A lot of his students probably take his class just to stare because he’s hot(this includes both boys and girls).  And of course he’s really understanding with students with disabilities. (He’s also the adult supervisor of the photography club)

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Translated Jun’s diary in the Seek ver. of Boys Be as well! Since it’s not as long as The8′s, I won’t put it under a cut. (The8′s can be found here.)

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I felt so great on the boat!!! Whoo~~
The weather today was super super good too, ha…
It looks like we took a lot of photos. Thirteen little bees~ Keep rowing forward~~.
Beautiful lunchboxes, here I come!!! Wait for me!!!~~
Thirteen beautiful silhouettes……



B and I are finally officially the owners of a beautiful sailboat. I just announced that I got the bill of sale in an email today and a friend at work already went to buy us a bottle of champagne. 😆

IM SO EXCITED! This means that every weekend from this weekend until forever will be spent working on and then eventually sailing this boat and I’m TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT! Okay enough caps but yaaaay!! This weekend I’ll make sure to take like a million photos and post a few here.