im ok with this tho

                                                    SO   THIS   IS   A      bit  c r a z y ,           right  ?          when  i  made  andrew,        i  had  no  idea  if  anyone  would  follow,           or  even  WANT  to  interact.          ALL   FOR   THE   GAME      isn’t  exactly  the  most  p o p u l a r  series  out  right  now          (      especially  as  it  was  self  published      &&      only  available  on  EBOOK  for  forever      )           so   i   had   no   CLUE   if   anyone   would   want   to   take   a  c h a n c e  on  my  ANGRY  SMOL.           add  to  that  a  visit  from  family,         constantly  being  AWAY  from  the  computer  to  look  after  my  grandfather,        &&    other  such  absences,         it’s  ASTOUNDING  to  me  the  amount  of  support  i’ve  received  already  for  this  blog.         i  want  to  thank  EVERY  SINGLE  ONE  OF  YOU  for  supporting  me  along  the  way.           truly,           you  all  are  a m a z i n g .           this  list  is  by  no  means  everyone,           just  some  of  the  PEOPLE  who’ve  truly  made  me  love  the  decision  to  make  this  blog.            i’m  SORRY  if  i’ve  forgotten  someone,           please  know  it’s  not  my  intention      &&      know  that  i  love      &&      appreciate  you  all  so  much  !

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ok so im swaying more towards anime at this point /,,/, even tho i told myself i would never be an anime blog (too deep in hell) but im still posting other things ,, so basically [ like or reblog ] or whatever if you post the following and ill 100%%%%% check u out and if you look through my archive and feel like we are similar blogs, ill follow u for sure

  • haikyuu!! (mostly !!!)
    • iwaoi
    • kagehina
    • kuroken
    • tsukkiyama
    • bokuaka
    • kyouhaba
    • (((those are my main ships but i also reblog/post general hq!! stuff (heavily relies on the aesthetics) ))))
  • boku no hero academia (welcome to hell amirite)
  • one punch man
  • free! 
  • art, photography or cute stuff ( i also post a bunch of aesthetics !!) 
  • random anime shit tbh
  • phan (dan and phil) makes its appearance every once and a while 


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Anyway i went out last night and some obviously straight guys were dressed in some random dress and were wearing wigs and everybody was laughing with them praising them for their “courage” meanwhile me a gay tried to have a good night so i dressed what my parents would say “normal” and some guy still poured a drink on me calling me faggot like… Made me think about how straights can have fun with things i could never dream to do and how deep is their hate for gays when they instantly identified a peer even though he was wearing non gender conventional clothes (from their point of view) but at the same time could see i wasnt one of them