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What kind of games or things do you like to do with Taehyung?💕 your blog is already looks so cute!

Video Shenanigans ft. Taehyung , Jungkook, & Namjoon

JK:   ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


This is the order I feel this scene is going to go in.

Magnus is buttoned in the first gif; not sure about the second, and the last we clearly see Alec is making quick work of them in his effort to relieve the man of his clothing.

I don’t want to be spoiled this early, but also I REALLY want to see a longer teaser to this scene. A little lead-up to this moment, perhaps?

NCT maknae line reaction to their GF/BF kissing them while they’re in the middle of talking


Anon: nct maknae line reacting to u kissing them while theyre talking?  

I hope you like this :-) you can find the hyung line’s reaction here:

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He’d laugh nervously at your sudden confidence. He was used to seeing you all shy and quiet around him so this definitely come as a surprise to him. Usually with skinship or kissing, he wouldn’t get that blushy but if it was ever sudden or unexpected, he would turn so red and shy and basically be so cute


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He’d probably get a little annoyed and pouty. He thought what he was talking about was interested and engaging, so he’d take your interruption as an insult in a way. Pouting he’d say: “isn’t what I say good enough?” which would only make you laugh and go in to give him another quick peck to shut him up all over again.


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Jeno would find it absolutely adorable and would tell you to do it again. You would kissing him quickly, him giggling after each one. Eventually you’d get tired and bored, then he’d get pouty and say that you shouldn’t have done it in the first place, teasing you slightly. If ever arose the situation where you were the one talking too much, be sure that he’d do it to you too.


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His face would drop suddenly, and he’d stare at you in utter shock. “You did not just do that”, he’d say lowly, shaking his head slowly. Standing up, he left the room and headed for the door, which made your face suddenly drop. You didn’t expect him to take it so seriously. You followed him through closely behind apologising and pouting, tears threatening to spill. He’d stop, turn around and then laugh saying that he was only joking. You obviously punched him hard in the chest for scaring you :-)


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Like Jeno, Jaemin would find it adorable and would beg you to do it again. You’d refuse cringing at his weird behaviour. Skin ship and kissing wouldn’t be a massive part of your relationship so him acting like that would confuse you. He’d resort to aegyo, smiling and cooing cutely at you until you finally gave in and pecked him again, making his laugh lightly.


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This boy would start grinning so wide. It’d impossible to wipe that smile off his face for the rest of the day. The boys would ask him what was so great but he wouldn’t tell them and just shrug his shoulders. He thought you were just so cute and adorable and that the action would so cute too awe.


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A gasp would escape his lips. He’d be very shy in your relationship so he would be shocked at your action. He smiled slightly, which made your heart jump slightly. Both of you would end up apologising at the same time which made you two blush again. There’d obviously be a short awkward silence until things got more comfortable and the conversation flowed again.


god these are all literally a year old by this point but this is from a super old tellius rolling girl pv i wanted to make from the old meme. my old laptop died and took all of my files with it though so i ended up dropping the project entirely :p

i still have these gifs and i’ve never really show them off though so!! here


illustration © attack on titan: lost girls by seko hiroshi

a very merry late christmas to attackthekilljoy! ta-dah, i’m your secret santa. i wasn’t sure what you wanted, so i hope this graphic isn’t too disappointing. i hope you had a great holiday!

1:23 am (peter parker x reader)

 hey guys!

so this is basically all kinds of things. a lot of fluff! i hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to check out the masterlist!



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i sighed, watching the tv screen in front of me as the movie ends. i had probably just watched the most boring movie of my life, and no i didn’t eat a gallon of ice cream by myself.

my dog is here too, pffttss..

as i got up off the couch, i heard someone knock on the window. i furrowed my eyebrows before cautiously approaching the window in the living room. i pushed back the curtains to see Peter standing on the fire escape, holding at his ribs. i quickly opened the window.

“what happened, Pete?” i asked as i helped him down into the apartment. he winced in pain as he moved. 

“i had a really bad fight with the Vulture tonight. i got him though, y/n.. i got him.” he said weakly, reassuring me. i looked at his face, cuts and bruises covering his smooth skin, which i adored.

“is it bad?” he asked as i looked at his face, i guess i had been staring.

“no, no.” i said,”just, uh.. a lot of cuts.”

he nodded.

“okay, let me look at your ribs.” i said and he leaned off the counter as i pressed the spider on his chest, making it fall till it got loosely around his hips. my eyes widened as a large, purple bruise covered the left side of his stomach.

“am i going to die?” he asked and i chuckled.

“no, Peter. your ribs are just bruised very bad.” i said and his face saddened.

“will i be able to fight again?” he asked as i wrapped some bandages among his very toned torso. i bit my lip.

“yeah, just not right away.”

“you know, if i’m turning you on right now you can just tell me.”

i looked at him, completely taken back back by what he had just said to me.

not going to lie, he was right, he was turning me on.

i looked at him,”i-uh-what?” 

he raised his eyebrows,”oh, well you usually only bite your lip when someone turns you on or if you’re confused. and there isn’t much to be confused about a bandage.”

i looked at him with pure shock on my face. i was truly speechless. 

how does he know that?

he slowly got up off the counter, wincing the littlest when he got up on the floor. he pulled me closer to him as his hands traveled to the small of my back.

“so, y/n.. do you want to give me that answer?” he asked and i reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him down to my lips. my lips met his and they molded together, fitting perfectly. his hands met my hips, pulling me against his body even closer, if that was possible.

his tongue ran across my bottom lip as my hands flew up to his hair. i let him in as his tongue moved with mine. he his hands traveled my body, stopping at my ass. he backed out of squeezing it before trying again, only to back out. i pulled away from him for a split second.

“Peter.” i said.

“hm?” he hummed.

“just grab my ass.” i said, my lips brushing against his before placing them back together. once again, i felt his hands travel down my body before stopping at my ass, grabbing at it. i groaned into the kiss, he smirked lightly.

“i’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.” he smiled at me before laughing.

“maybe you should’ve bruised your ribs sooner.” i said and he laughed before gently pulling me into him, kissing my forehead.

1:23 am: when i fell in even more love with peter parker. 

Ride (Pt. 4)

Pairing: Pre-Apocalypse!Daryl Dixon x Reader

Words: 2794

Genres: smut, fluff, angst

Warnings: smut, NSFW

Summary: Daryl remembers. 

Notes: first off, thank you so much for being patient! these past few weeks have been so busy for me and i have not had time to get this fourth part up (and finish it!), until now. i really hope it’s worth the wait. also im not really sure that Ride needed smut but whatever i wanted to put it in LOL well enjoy. please leave me some feedback and tell me what you think!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

credit to the owner of the gif above

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summer hot chocolate ♡


You are my quinque.


That’s Mizuki.. 

“I heard he injured his leg.. I wonder if it’s fine now.” 
“They say he has a pro contract already.” “Seriously?!”

Reaction to: Their s/o doing aegyo for a piggy back ride

Requested by: Chipmunk Zuho Anon

Rowoon: “Aahh really? You are pulling this? Jagi, you know I can’t resist your aegyo! You’re too cute!”

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(can someone pls make more rowoon gifs? I need to stop using the same ones, but there aren’t many)

Youngbin: “Okay, baby. Just for you!”

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Inseong: “Sure, baby”

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Jaeyoon: “Aegyo is gross…OkAY! I’ll give you a piggy back! But only for a little bit.”

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(okay so this gif doesn’t match but im using it anyway :P)

Zuho: He’s startled. He isn’t used to this. “Uh..sure”

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Dawon: “Will you give me one too?”

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Taeyang: He already offered you a piggy back before you even thought of asking gentleman fuckboi

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Chani: “What?”

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Hwiyoung: Uses this as a chance to show off his ‘’muscles’’ “Why do you want a piggy back when I can carry you like a royal?”

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I use this gif too much. 

-Ye Jin


if this doesn’t excite you then I have failed as the ryden cult leader

Nightmares (Kurt Wagner x reader)

Summary: Reader suprises Jonathan at NYU

Warnings: Its kinda sad? i guess

Word Count [NEW!] : 240

Request: Could you do like sweet cuddly headcanons and maybe ones about how he’d be with an S/o that has nightmares? -Kurt request anon Thank you!

  • Kurt was used to nightmares, so he never minded helping you with yours
  • he was a light sleeper so the second your nightmare started he could always tell
  • he’d first wake you up so you didn’t have to suffer any longer
  • he would first try to lead you in some breathing exercises
  • those never worked to calm you down, they just made you laugh because of how ridiculous he looked doing them
  • you two would just lay together and he’d rub your back using his tail
  • “Do you vant to talk about it?” for him it always helped if he talked about his nightmares, so if it worked for you he was willing to try it
  • he’d stay up with you all night if it made you feel better
  • if you guys stayed up, be prepared to go on a movie marathon and be exhausted the next day because neither of you slept
  • 3am trips to the kitchen are a must. you bake cookies and go through an entire tub of ice cream together
  • you guys would put on some music and sing as loud as you could, and there’s a good chance you’d piss off everyone trying to sleep
  • by the next morning you totally forgot about the nightmare because you had so much fun


Sorry this is kinda short! I don’t really know too much about nightmares, don’t get them often. I might do a part two, maybe with other xmen characters. If you want to be added to the tag list feel free to dm me! Requests are open, feel free to drop a request in my ask box. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine. Feedback is welcome and very wanted! Idk whats next im tired lol



Dear Tanis,

So it’s Friday, March 31st. And I’m not okay. My favorite blog is closing today. And I’m just not okay. This blog is the reason for my blog being here today. This blog is the reason I woke up some mornings. Because I knew there were still 38473838 stories I have yet to read. (Seriously that girl has written over 500 stories wtf) 

Those stories gave me advice and strength to keep going. I have no idea where I’d be without that blog. It literally is my life. I am in literal tears as I write this because I just won’t know what to do after today. That blog has stories that I still think of to this day. 

One of my personal favorites is the one where Joe is in a coma and the reader talks to him everyday. (Please, Wake Up

But I also loved Shoutout To My Ex, it was just so cute.


Out Of Place was so bloody adorable omg. Why can’t Zoe be my best friend. 

Divorced Birthday was also good. Even though I don’t have divorced parents, it was a good read. 


I honestly don’t think there’s one story that I don’t like on this blog. But those are just some of my faves.

I remember when I first found the blog, I was in shock as to how the masterlist had not one BUT two parts. (Now it has three wtf) I remember that I was determined to read them in order… then I clicked on the first one (1 Year. 12 Months. 365. Days) And I couldn’t do it. The very first story is one about how Joe died and I was like “wtf is wrong with the author”. 

So then I was like “I’ll read it backwards.” So I did. I started at Z and worked my way up. (Also those two smuts oml bless her) 

And about 3-4 days (i had already finished all of her stories on the masterlist) after I found that blog, the author took a break. And I was D E V E S T A T E D. I was a literal mess. I hated Tanis for a while (not anymore tho bc ur a smol bean and ily).

Then she came back after what seemed like a lifetime and I was happy again. I was getting two stories a day from my favorite writer. Some, that were even my requests. 

And then something crazy happened. 

Tanis noticed me.

If you weren’t here back then, I made a post called “Announcement” and she reblogged it adding her own wise words to mine. 

And let me tell you.

I absolutely D I E D.

I was freaking out. I screenshotted it and posted it saying how it was so shocked. 

And then something even crazier happened.

Tanis followed me.

You thought I freaked out before? Oh my god I was a mess. I was in tears, I was flailing on my bed as I texted Olivia and Sol. I wasn’t okay.

So then everything quieted down for a bit. I continued reading her stories. And she continued to make me a happy reader.

But then she posted “We Need to Talk” And my heart broke. I think I cried for a solid hour that day. I understood where she was coming from, but I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to handle it.

(Which is why I’m writing this)

So then I realized that I have to make the most of it. So I started not reading her stories. I saved up four or five so I would have some that I haven’t read after she was gone (she’s not dying omg why am i like this).

Anyways, that didn’t work. I read them this morning because I couldn’t NOT read my mom’s writing (lol).

So about a week ago I was just living life, scrolling through Tumblr. And then something hit me. Tanis was ending her blog in 8 days. Once again the tears began rolling. So I sent her an ask saying how sad I was and stuff. But it didn’t help. My favorite blog was ending and I couldn’t do anything about it.

And she continued to say that she’ll still have @tizniz and @thatchermaynardimagines . And I’m not gonna lie, my first thought was “fuck that. It’s not the same”. Luckily, I now know that it’s still gonna be the same person, just not in the same setting. And that took some time to wrap my head around.

I am NOT writing this to make Tanis feel bad. That’s not what this is meant for at all. 

This is meant for me to show Tanis how much she has changed my life. How much I’ve grown because of her. How much I’ll miss her.

So here it is:

I’ll miss you so fucking much Tanis. You have changed my life in too many ways to count. You made me feel loved and known. You made me cry (happy and sad tears). You gave me advice, through your stories and through the talks we’ve had. You showed me what an amazing writer looks like. You never gave up on me and you support me. You made me see a new point of view on life. You made me realize that life is so much more than I thought. And it’s worth living. You will always be my favorite imagine blog. Forever and always❤️ 



(here are some cute joe gifs bc im sad and he’s cute. hope it helps. bc he always helps make me happy. so maybe he can make you happy too. pls don’t cry. also sorry this is so long.)

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Just my occasional reminder that I am always looking for Dragon Age content to reblog.

Feel free to tag me or send an ask/IM with a link to content* you’ve created that you want to show off. It can be fic, art, meta, gifs, embroidery, whatever. Don’t worry if it’s a character you think I don’t like, I’ll still reblog. Also, if it’s OC stuff - backstory, art, again whatever, I want that too. 

No need to be a follower and no need to be nervous about whether your content is ‘good enough’. I want it all. 

*I may not reblog some NSFW stuff, but that’s a  post-by-post thing. 


#here we have one of the most unique female dynamics #on tv at the moment #two females and one of which is latina #who are both mothers of the same son #and yet people still complain about the ship #expressing that it’s ‘not right’ #or lacks the right chemistry #and I’m always at a loss for words #how someone could look at these scenes and still tell me #me a young bisexual #that thinking this ship is valid and important #is delusional and embarrassing #and that there’s nothing there at all #THE CHEMISTRY IS GOD DAMN THERE #these scenes have so much sexual chemistry I’m pretty sure my bi soul is on fire #and that’s not just me #other thousands think the exact same #and what makes the ship even better is that #ITS SO FUCKING UNIQUE #and instead the show is going with the whitest and most hetero route #even though they could literally do SO much with this relationship #the cards are laid out #the audience is there #and even the media is talking about it #you can stick with your boring and hollywood normative ship #but don’t tell me #a strong relationship that was explored right from the beginning #that could potentially be #a true love relationship between two women #and a son they both love who brought them together ON A SHOW ABOUT FAIRYTALES #is any less valid than the white straight hetero hollywood ‘girl loves bad boy who turned ‘soft’’ relationship #dont you dare


Clexa Jurassic Park AU 

Clarke’s an up and coming paleontologist who hopes to become one of the world’s first dinosaur veterinarians. Lexa works at a genetics lab and wants to go wherever the science takes her. Both are invited to participate in an elusive, all expenses paid internship program hosted by Jurassic Park. Each attendee is assigned a room mate to make their stay more comfortable. Unfortunately for Clarke and Lexa their interests couldn’t be more different. Clarke loves the animals and adventure and Lexa just wants to stick with the science side and take it easy. Neither is prepared for whats on its way.

Part 1/8 

(1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8)

( Thanks clarkegriffindork  for helping me get the idea off the ground& for the encouragement)

i tried tracking his face so i could get all the frames in one gif (bc SOMEBODY has to move all over the place 🙄) but i cropped too much off  and now it’s trash 🚮🚮🚮🚮 and i cant explain myself well but anyways i wasted my time like always and im going to go angry plank in bed