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I haven’t lost control yet. The thing that i think will take people off guard is the direction that i’m taking and it’s not going to be logical… Trent Reznor, 1989


ship » Luke & Y/N

rating » PG

author’s note/warnings » y’all enjoy i spent 34 years on this 500-word lame ass story :-)

“Hey, wanna go to the boardwalk tonight? Venice Beach.”

It’s weird hearing that kind of offer from Luke; Y/N was used to watching him exit the door with another girl’s fingers intertwined in his. But she looks up from the book she’s been reading, nevertheless, and gives him a tight-lipped, small grin, despite the fireflies igniting flames in her stomach. “Sure,” she responds quietly, tugging her cropped shirt down as she stands up. It’s around four-thirty in the afternoon, and the sun is just dipping into the beach she can see from Luke’s hotel room.

“Aren’t you going to swim? The water should be pretty warm,” he asks gently, as if he’s talking to porcelain. She nods slightly, and goes to her room, practically slamming the door behind her. Leaning against it, she slides down toward the floor and lands with a silent thump as she contemplates the situation. Should she stay or should she go? Shaking her head, and without a second thought, she grabs her swimwear and tugs it on along with her shorts.

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I'd hang with u AN rose birb! I'll give her all acknowledgement. She can sit on my head if she wants!!!

omg that is so sweet of you. <3 i would love that so much. if you wanna come off anon and be friends id love that. im feeling really alone these days.

rose loves you too, and would love to sit and try and shag ur head.

she’s gross im sorry (this isnt rose but omfg this gif)

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You are my quinque.

i was tagged by callmecashton​ in this post / ask and i thought it would be funny to illustrate (i’m so sleepy rn today tho im sorry it’s crud) how much you wanna bet phil was trying to show off and then his helmet slipped down over his face smh

also my favorite highlight of this doodle:

by the way they ended up crashing 

{ credit to brosciles for the gif that has decided to betray me and not actually move but okay }

okay, guys. i need to get everything off my chest.

steo could turn into one out of these two things:
1) stiles’ personality pushing theo to actually become a better person.
2) theo yanking the psychopath out of stiles to drag him to the dark side.

or steo could remain a bickering and bantering pair that seems all too much like sterek.

god, theo is such a psychotic dick with so much psychotic problems. but im also so much steo trash it’s not even a joke.

with derek gone, i crave stiles gay loving. hence the reason i still ship these two like no tomorrow.

despite the fact that the way this is going would actually be theo turning stiles crazy again. this is what i want to happen:

theo’s original intentions are to turn stiles into a bad guy like himself. but then he ends up falling for stiles and his personality. he ends up loving all his flaws and how irritating he is. how stiles gets under his skin. he loves it all. and he finds himself falling for stiles. not being able to stop himself before it’s too late to. it already is. that’s when the guilt starts to settle in. he knows what the dread doctors are planning. he knows that stiles and his friends are going to get hurt. and it’s all partially his fault. and he cant do anything to save them now that all the cards have been set. so now he has to watch the life of the one person he’s ever come close to loving crumble apart.







alright everyone it’s time for me to start over-analyzing this weeks episode and I’m going to start off with the little interaction that we have shown in the gifs above. 

So here we have Connor in the hospital with his dad who seems to care more about his baseball career than anything else. That’s no shocker as he’s never really seemed to care about Connor’s feelings too much. Someone mentioned how all he cares about is the Connor that he wants/imagined him to be and I really think that’s true. His son is hurt and he wants to yell at him for acting like an idiot. And when he demands to know why, Connor breaks it to him that he snuck out for Jude. 

Then we have the first gif

I take this as Connor’s dad (I should probably start using him name tbh) almost daring Connor to say it. He’s daring Connor to try and say that he’s gay. Adam may be stupid but he’s not that stupid. Maybe he’s known. Maybe’s it’s not just that small touch that set things off. Perhaps Adam has known (or had a feeling) that his son was gay. But he thinks that he can “keep the gay away” with sports and other masculine things. Then Jude comes along and suddenly his rather stupid plan to keep his son straight is falling a part. He sees Connor wearing nail polish for this boy and maybe Connor goes home and doesn’t shut up about how awesome Jude is. And then he sees Jude comforting Connor and it’s the last straw. He puts his foot down and bans Connor from sleeping over at Jude’s. And of course he doesn’t want to put it in Connor’s head that he thinks he is gay because then that could help Connor realize he is. So he goes with the story of thinking Jude is gay. Basically, he’s been trying so hard to “keep the gay away” and now truth is about to come out and he doesn’t want to face it.

This bring me to the second gif. 

Just look at Connor. Look at how he sort of shrinks back after his dad asks that. He’s honestly so scared for what’s going to happen next. Connor has probably hears about how awful gay people are on a daily basis. For the majority of his life, I believe Connor has listened as his father talked down about gay people. He knows how his dad feels despite what he claims. And Adam seems to have two moods: cold and angry. I believe this isn’t the first time something like that has happened. Going back to the tent, just imagine Connor coming home and Adam finding out that he shared a tent with Jude. Getting angry and probably yelling, asking if anything went on. Connor insists nothing happened and sure, maybe Adam believes Connor when he says this. But this probably doesn’t stop him from telling him that he “doesn’t want to ever hear about him being with a boy”. This could explain why Connor calls Jude a little bitch and lashes out. Because he knows his dad would basically kill him if he figured out that they did anything. And here in the hospital, Connor knows what his dad’s going to think. He can already picture the argument because they’ve had a similar one before. But he already admitted to sneaking out to see Jude. And he’s not about to go back on that. He takes the dare. He tells him.

can you imagine how giddy and happy fitzsimmons will be when they reunite? like the awkward, unable to lie science babies pulled off the most out there, chance-taking scheme and fooled multiple super spies… all while going through a rough patch of miscommunication 

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