im oddly okay with this


Come on, Raven. What stinks the most? That I tricked you? That I nearly wiped out your team? That everyone liked me better than you? Or is it that deep down inside you really believed I was your friend?

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i randomly started thinking abt namjin during the after party, being slightly drunk and still shaking after the show, and being to caught up in each other to give much notice to notice anyone else and lowkey grinding on each other and softly kissing each other's necks and im not okay

I’m just imagining, Namjoon standing in a corner, oddly quiet for someone who’s just won a billboard award and is now at some after party, western artists all around him. Jin walks up to him and asks him what’s wrong and Namjoon looks at him, looks around him, lets everything that has happened settle in. They came all the way to LA. They attended the BBMAs. They won an award. An award their fans voted for and nearly crashed twitter while doing so. They were surrounded by people they admire. His members nearly cried and the smiles on their faces spoke millions. So he looks up at Jin, never getting used to the fact that Jin looks beautiful at literally any given time of the day. Especially now, managing to look breathtaking whereas the fact that its been a long day is slowly showing up on his face. But he moves a little closer to him, and Jin is drawn in by how intently Namjoon is gazing at him. Not really paying attention to who’s looking or where they are, Namjoon puts his arms around Jin’s waist and brings him closer, and Jin lets him. He raises one of his eyebrows in question and Namjoon shakes his head and gives him a small smile, the one where only one of his dimples show up. Its been a couple of minutes of standing their in one position, in each others embrace and staring at each other, and its Jin that makes the first move. He lets himself relax a little, closes the gap between him and Joon by resting his forehead against his and closing his eyes. The music is still blaring in their ears. Mind and body buzzing. Their members are off god knows where. No doubt they’re getting looks (maybe not), but strangely, at the moment, it’s not all too concerning. 

…aand now im dying myself and @jayonthestreet will continue this (no pressure)

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Can I ask yellow? Thanks!

heyy of course! this took a while but

yellow: songs that make you oddly happy - okay im going through a phase right now where all i wanna do is listen to sad songs and find ways to connect them to my favorite characters coughstevebuckycough so yeah, oddly enough, these tragic and sad songs make me happy rn:

  • say something - a great big world
  • shattered - trading yesterday
  • hazy - rosie golan
  • hurts like hell - fleurie
  • in my veins - andrew belle
  • gotten - slash ft. adam levine
  • all i want - kodaline
  • hear your heart - james bay

send me a color!

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

okay honestly im just going to address this because oddly enough this is the most common anon message i receive and it’s so bizarre to me.  I get this message at least a week, sometimes more.  my theory on it is that people go to my ask box without a question and think for ten seconds to themselves about what they should ask and the woodchuck thing just pops into their mind.  it’s one of those collective consciousness hive mind things that cant be stopped