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a world building hc that i always come back 2 for warriors is that the clans like to split up time frames into “eras” like how we do in the human world, and its usually defined by a leader name or something

pre-clans; usually called the pre-clan era, or the settler times. its called that when talking about the time before the clans were formed and back before warrior names were made.

first clans; usually called the star era. the name signifies when the founding leaders took the -star after their name and also is noted to be when the clans first were formed.

the time before the warrior code was made is called pre-code and the time after is called after code; the warrior code changed everything in the clans and speaking of before and after is something to note.

five clans era; this is talking about when skyclan lived in the forest, and was only really used by the cats who could remember skycan. after skyclan left, this era was forgotten, but it used to mean the time of peace in the five clan era.

omen era; the time when bluestar, tallstar, and crookedstar were born until their deaths - goosefeather coined this term. it started with mapleshade’s birth, ends at bluestar’s death - this is the time where omens began and when the dark forest started to manifested and is noted by starclan to be the start of the bad omen era due to so many future leaders having such horrible lives.

firestar’s era; this is obviously when firestar became leader, until his death - firestar really did change the forest and, in his respect, it’s basically worth noting that he literally created an era. 

lake era; obviously when the clans came to the lake.

time of peace era; this is the term that many cats in the current wc  timeline are trying to coin after the dark fforest has been defeated - obviously, this term isnt really holding up atm, but its worth noting that many cats are trying to make an era of peace here.

@revolutionaryduelist (in response to this post ftr but its long and theres enough long posts on my blog right now)

i mean, it is about making dirk soft and cute, because thats what i dont like, thats what ive been complaining about! you and i had been talking about dirks characterization for days (weve been doing it for months, honestly, i think the first time we critiqued each others posts was in fucking november?), and i figured we had pretty much reached a stalemate where neither of us is going to change our interpretation of dirk but we both have well-established arguments to defend them, so its ok. folks other than you and i didnt get involved until 1. you tried to call out jade over a joke about dirk being a stem major, and 2. i wrote a couple of posts (admittedly that sounded angrier than i actually was, because i really, sincerely am not offended or put off by Soft Dirk) about dirks appearance, specifically, and ended it by cracking a joke about the ongoing stem discourse which i guess was my bad for tying these two unrelated issues together, and now i guess its all tied up in a mess of miscommunication where were all using the phrase Soft Dirk to refer to different things and nobodys sure what anyone else is talking about

i think dirk is a lot more complex and morally grey than your reading of him gives him credit for, and you think that my reading of him as morally grey is miscrediting him with the actions of splinters he had no control over, but we have pretty much agreed to disagree at this point. its not my reading, but its a valid one, so its fine. when i started talking about Soft Dirk i was talking about how common it is for non-mlm to depict him as being conventionally attractive, and as a gay dude who is not conventionally attractive and who sees myself a lot in dirk character-ways, that id really like to see more art of dirk looking ugly and gross, because people with depression (hello!) often arent really able to take care of ourselves or keep up with our appearances. i want a gay dude with depression who is a more accurate depiction of gay dudes with depression. thats it, thats where im coming from on this matter, thats 100% of my feelings and motivations. which is why i got so wildly offended when people (specifically, non-mlm!) started saying Soft Dirk (which i defined as a feminine, conventionally attractive dirk) is more ethical or better than the alternative… you see where im coming from, right? you understand why i got so put off by this discourse, right?

im not going to debate on whether theres evidence of dirk being smug/elitist/a control freak in canon, because weve done it a hundred times already (i think there is, you think there isnt, and we both interpret exactly the same lines in wildly different ways). instead what im going to say is that posts about dirk being smug, including jades post about dirk being a stem major are, like…. jokes? they are jokes. sometimes people exaggerate characters traits for the sake of humor. like posts about rose shopping at hot topic and being a mallgoth even tho in canon all she does is wear a lot of black, or posts about jade wearing a fursuit and going to anthrocon even tho canonically shes a furry who hates fursuiting. theres definitely enough grounding for Smug Dirk for that reading to be valid (and theres enough grounding for Selfless Dirk for that reading to be valid too!) and thats why people make jokes about it

none of us are doing it because we hate dirk, i rip on him harder than anyone alive and i would fucking die for him, robbie and jade and everybody else who cracks these jokes does it because we fucking love dirk and almost always because we see ourselves in him and were being self-deprecating. we are gay (and, yes, some of are gay dudes, if that matters) and mentally ill and mean and gross and we dont take dirk seriously because we dont take ourselves seriously. that comic about jake calling dirk a dumpster and setting him on fire? was drawn by a dirkjake shipper! ive seen dozens of “i ship dirkjake but you have to admit that canonically it was abusive” posts. and yet youre trying to pin this discourse on dirkjohn people. the problem is insular, not from outside your clique; the call was coming from inside the house the whole time.

and one last note: wlw absolutely get a voice in discussions of homophobia, dude. theres a difference in how systemic homophobia affects us but accusing wlw of “talking over” you in discussions of homophobia, frankly, comes off as dismissive and tone-deaf. wlw get a say in what is homophobic and what isnt, wlw get to relate to gay male characters, and obviously this isnt a “wlw vs mlm” issue because im a gay dude and i disagree with you! youre more eager to ally yourself with self-identified cishet people who agree with you (im talking about the post you reblogged by ao3sburbanite, so as not to be accused of vagueblogging) while you accuse wlw and lesbians of homophobia (and i didnt want to make this an idpol issue since thats what i did yesterday and fucked up and hurt people but, like, youre the one accusing “wlw” of talking over you, dude).

On first watch I really liked 505. Some great dialogue and great Olitz moments. Little gutted we didnt see the date but oh well. Im gunna watch again later to take more in, but im guessing a fair few of you on here wont be happy. I am loving S5 so far!!

Obsessed with the Olitz residence scene to Marvin Gaye. It was so Dom/Sub and sexy and playful and interesting all at the same time. There was a parellel for me with this scene with 411, when Fitz has to secretly tell Mellie about the corruption in the White House and the kidnapping, but the level of intimacy and chemistry in 505 was on another level, but both related to west angola. On another note… Tony Goldwyns abs are a work of art, and Kerry in that nightie had me feeling all kinds of things, the two of them together are too much!!!

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The little snippet of them in the residence watching Edison on TV had me all in my fanfic feels. So domesticated and casual and in a weird way normal. It wasnt a heated quick moment, just them together. I love it sooooo much!!

A few people I was here for this week:

Leo Burgen - I LOVE HIM. He is such a great character, and I don’t know if  it is because Paul Adlestein plays him so well, but he was great this week.

The thing 1 and thing 2 comment had me weeing!

Patty Snell - she was hilarious, she had no fucks to give and put every one in their place. 

Marcus - For a second I thought he would be all about justice and go behind Olivia’s back but then I was like nah, not after last week he wouldnt. Im liking Marcus.

Cyrus was an absolute PSYCHO this week. He was a man possessed almost, it was kind of weird to watch. I find his character very frustrating but Jeff Perry does it so well I cant help but always be captivated by it at the same time. 

That scene at the end with Tony was phenomenal, both of them brought it and I loved the detail in what they said and the reality that they are family to each other in a sense. Obviously though this all came about because of the West Angola video so Fitz didn’t have a choice but I think Cyrus when he is on the inside will ALWAYS be there for him, more so than Elizabeth. Fitz noticing the detail from the book Liv got Cyrus was so special. The little intricacies in this scene made it so so special. Fitz all tearful had me clutching my heart.

The thing that worries me about this is how much leverage Cyrus now has. He holds Olitz in the palm of his hand essentially, with that video. If that is vouched for then they are done with. Cyrus has always loved to be the master controller but this will be a new sense of power and it is terrifying. A slightly comforting thought is that Olivia and Fitz know him very well, know his ways of doing things and as a team they are strong enough to hold him off. So ye, Cyrus has me on edge.

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Loved how this situation has back fired on Mellie and she has been shafted in a sense. She needs to be told where to go and be brought back down to whatever semblance of reality her brain is able to comprehend. Her slipping the ring is just another petty attempt to ruin them but she should know the brilliance of Olivia Pope and her team and understand that something like that would never hurt them. So ye, Mellie can keep trying and keep getting knocked back, Im here for it.

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Cyrus apologising to Mellie for bringing Olivia to the campaign. I was like?

If Olivia hadnt have come along you wouldn’t have even stood a chance at winning the election, regardless of defiance. So please stop. No FLOTUS, no COF. NOTHING. So im not buying that.

Side Note: Is Ella at some boarding school in Switzerland?

Edison Davis

I had been wondering when we would see him again, especially once the affair came out. It was a great political ploy to have him speak like that about her, but obviously behind the scenes he was anything but pleased. There was the obvious parallel with 211 and I am loving this from the writers. All these season 2 throwbacks.

He has a right to feel a bit peeved as he obviously did but back then, in the situation Olivia was in, telling the truth was never going to be the option. What did he expect. I do think she loved him at one point, or at least tried to. He was the only one I could stand her being with besides Fitz.

I also thought it was very brave of Olivia to go to him given she knew what he must’ve been thinking. She is ballsy this season and not holding back and I like it. She is also vulnerable at the same time which is endearing.

It was never going to be a happy reunion was it really.

Olivias Interview

Now I know a lot of you on here are gonna be mad like why did she say she never met him, its horrible writing for Olivia blah blah blah…

I actually thought it was very honest, truthful, emotional and vulnerable. Olivia has grown so much already in S5 it is huge. She is openly talking about her feelings and she is committing to her love. This just shows how willing she is to go with this and I am so proud of Olivia.

The way I see what she was saying is this; their love has had such a huge effect on other people that if she could have protected them from it or prevented them from it then she would have, but she couldnt, she couldnt help but fall in love with him. She has always been about saving people and being responsible for them and she carries the weight of her relationship with Fitz with that, but she isnt apologising for loving him. She is sorry for the surrounding destruction.

Im not so sure about her comment of her wearing the ring as being weak? Is she saying she couldnt fend off the strength of his love for her, or she was too far gone to try and stop it?

Anyway, I thought she spoke with enough emotion to connect with people without being melodramatic and with enough composure to speak with such candor.

Were people really expecting for Olivia Pope to be all fairytales, romace, oh he is my prince? That is not Olivia Pope. She has never been in to fantasy.

No comments on Joke or Elise this episode, did nothing for me or too me. They need to give Fooley some screen time. Im not even caring that Olivia keeps going to him, she needs someone outside of the immediate OPA and WH circle to talk to, so whatever. He is essentially her shrink and her delievery boy.

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Thats it really off the top of my head after one watch at 6am. Im sure Ill have some more thoughts about it during the week but all in all I thought it was really good.

Now onto next week:

Not sure how I feel about a proposal/marraige next week. I know it should have us all going fangirl mad but I dont want their love to be cheapened and brought down to the same level as Cyrus and Michael, his whore. I want it to be when they were ready and on their terms. A proposal from Fitzgerald will be a thing of beauty though, and if they get engaged and then dont get married then maybe that’ll sit better with me. But Fitz is not divorced and it doesn’t look like Mellie is signing any time soon, so is that even legal?

Anyway its a promo, so it probs wont happen but Im interested to see how it pans out for sure!!.

I will finish with some Olitz dom/sub:

And last but certainly not least……. Their bodies, their hair, their outfits (or lack of), their positions… and lack of boundaries.

Caught - Dylan Sprayberry Smut

Authors Note: i apologies if its not what you expected i promise im trying to get better aye lmao

WARNING: contains obviously smut / sex and swearing

Word Count: 930

Request: “Can Dyl Spray catch the reader playing with herself and the reader gets all blushy and stuff, but in the end he helps her out. Or something like that. Thanks

You walked around your room in nothing but your loose top and underwear. You must admit, you were feeling quite horny, and not just today but for a while now.

Dylan was out a lot, either shooting for teen wolf or out with the TW crew. Sure he would invite you to go hang with him and the rest, but sometimes you just wanted some time with him and you. Alone. Just you two privately.

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drafts i’m dropping

Ive deleted most that i have no muse for anymore or have a lot of threads with said person. Please note its nothing youve done. Obviously my mental health is really bad lately and im trying to get drafts from tyelko down from 53. maybe that will make me want to come back and write him. I also have at least one or 2 drafts saved from each of you.

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PSA, to address some things that have come up lately:


This blog is called “genderqueer positivity” for a reason. This blog is for genderqueer, nonbinary, agender, genderfluid, and questioning people. Binary trans people who are nb supportive are also welcome to follow and reblog.

Not everything posted here is positive like ~rainbows sparkles and hugs~. Sometimes it’s positive like “you have a right to your anger, your struggles are real, it’s okay to cry, you don’t deserve to put up with transphobia”.

I tag potential triggers as best as I can. If there’s anything I miss, please let me know. I can only post from the mobile app these days, but I’ll do my best.


This blog is obviously not called “cis positivity”. Cis people who are trans supportive and wish to learn are welcome to follow, but this blog remains first and foremost for trans people.

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anonymous asked:

How would the boys react if their girlfriend tells them she's pregnant and isn't sure if they want to be fathers or not?

Shu- You breathed out deeply as you saw the test had cleared. You were pregnant. You should have known by the morning sickness that started accoring about a week ago. You had to convince yourself to find Shu and tell him. What would he do? Would he hate me? Would he try to make me get an abortion? Will he just leave..? Tears stung your eyes and You entered his room where he was cleaning his violin on the bed. You sat down nearby, looking at the ground, “Hey, Shu… I was wondering.. Do you want to have kids someday?” Silence. He didn’t answer right away, but when he did, your heart shattered, “No.” You bit your lip sadly, “O-Oh.”
A week later, I was laying in my bed, trying hard to fight the tears from what I had done. Shu burst into the room minutes later, obviously angry, “Really? You try to break up with me through a note? What’s this about?” You couldn’t hold it back. You just couldn’t do it. “IM PREGNANT.” Shu frowned, “You are pregnant? *sigh* And that’s the only reason? Fine, we will go out and get stuff for the baby later.” “W-what?” “But you don’t want kids…” “I said kids. One kid is fine. I cant handle two or more. Too much work…” (Just wait until he hears about them being triplets..)

Reiji- “What do you think about kids?” You asked one day to him, but it wasn’t out of the blue. That’s all you been able to talk about, though he didn’t know the reason. “They are fine.” “So you would want your own kid someday.” “Yes.” “What about like- eight monthes from now…” Reiji glanced up to see if there was a trace of seriousness in your expression and he saw you were dead serious, “Eight monthes seems perfect.”

Ayato- (I had to make it funny im not sorry) Tears streamed down your eyes as you walked into Ayato’s room. You thought he needed to know right away, so minutes after you found out, you were on your way to tell him. “A-Ayato?” You whispered and he stirred in his sleep, opening his eyes. “What?” “I’m pregnant.” “Teh. Nice joke, now get back to sleep.”
**four monthes later**
“DAMN you are growing some weight.”
**two monthes later**
“You need to go to the hospital again? Fine. Jez, humans get sick so easy.”
**three monthes later**
“Here you go, it’s a girl,” the doctor said as he hande the baby to Ayato. He smiled and then a look of terror crossed his face, “Wait… You werent joking..?”

Laito- You actually didn’t have to tell him. You left the test on the counter accidently and he found it, knowing it must have been his. He saw how nervously you were acting all day, but said nothing at all about it until at dinner where he casually announced to his brothers and lover that he got you pregnant. The look or horror that crossed Reiji’s face when he found out he had another thing to take care of was priceless.

Kanato- You were crying all day and he was sick of it. He pushed you against a wall and growled, “Stop it! You are being annoying! Why ARE YOU CRYING?!?” “I-I’m pregnant, but if you don’t want-” Kanato frowned deeper and he tightened his grip on Teddy, “That’s what youve been crying about? Grow up, kids aren’t that hard to work with.” (Oh Kanato, if only you knew)

Subaru- He thought he had hurt you when you started crying out of the blue while you both walked hand in hand. He dropped your hand quickly and inpected you briefly before it killed you inside holding it from him any longer. You screamed what bothered you, including that you were terrified of him not wanting the baby because you did. He stared at your hands that covered you face. Why did this happen to you? To fall in love with such a monster like him.. He pulled you into a gentle hug and kissed your head, “We will get this all worked out, trust me, I want the kid. I am very happy about this.”

(Matt- sorry, I can’t focus right now because Im having an “episode”. So this is pretty much all shit..)

Change (Nash Grier/Jack Gilinsky Fan Fic)



The next day Bella and I took a trip to Ikea, with an empty apartment, consisting pretty much of just beds and a kitchen, we were in dire need of some furniture. We grabbed the credit card, car keys and handbag and set off to find some snazzy new pieces for the place. 

“Oh my gosh, this is TO DIE FOR, I need it.” Cried Bella while examining a zebra print lamp. “um, Bells, im not sure that’s the minimalist look we were going for?” I asked hoping to sway her away from the hideous lamp about to be placed in the trolley.  Pretty much so far the shopping cart was full of items for Bella, a flowery bed set, spotty mugs, a stripy laundry hamper and soon to be zebra print lamp. Whatever floats your boat Bella.  We turned the corner, listening to Bella rant on about why she just HAD to have the lamp, when we bumped in to a group of guys making a lot of noise.

“Oh, sor-“ i started, but realised the face I saw was familiar. “ry”

“Hey, Ava isn’t it? Hey guys, this is the girl I told you about from the beach” he said to his friends.

Told them about? What was there to tell? I was overcome with embarrassment. What if I had said the wrong thing? In the split second it took me to go through these thoughts in my brain, I somehow managed to reply.

“Oh hey, yeah jack?” Bella coughed obnoxiously by my side, obviously annoyed she hadn’t made such acquaintances. “oh and this is my little sister, Bella”

“Little but VERY mature” Bella added.

The guys laughed, “hey er, its pretty random seeing you twice in one weekend, how about I take your number and we can catch up some time?” jack asked. “from the looks of things, youre shopping for apartment supplies, so im guessing youre new here? We can give you a hand showing you round?”

I couldn’t help but smile at how kind he was being, he hardly knew me and he was offering to help us out. He’ll regret that when Bella has him carrying her furniture up the stairs to our apartment. But nonetheless I accepted his help and passed over my number.

 “I guess ill see you soon?” he said

“yeah for sure” I said, smiling at him.

 We got home from the store and I already had a text from an unknown number. It read:

 “Hey Ava, it’s Jack (from the beach)  us guys are having a little get together tonight at a friends house.  You should come? P.s Nash says, bring your sister. X”

I looked at the text and shouted down to Bella, who was bringing her various patterned bedroom appliances in from the car.

“you wanna go to your first LA party tonight?” I screamed

“HELL YEAH” she shouted back.

 We spent the remainder of the day getting ready and freaking out about our first night out in LA. Bella slipped in to a pair of high waisted shorts, white crop top, black belt and a checked shirt with some converse. She wore her long, blonde hair in a top knot on the top of her head and applied some natural make up. She looked beautiful, she always managed to pull of the cool look, something I never had the confidence to do.  I showered and stuck on some high waisted shorts, black crop top and my new kimono I was absolutely obsessed with. I wore my hair down, it had got so long since my last cut, it was almost at my waist and for shoes I slipped on some sandals.  When we were finally ready we examined each others outfits and we were good to go. We called an uber, something about these guys made me think this wasn’t going to be a no alcohol party, so I wasn’t going to drive.

Bella strutted her way up the front drive with me trailing behind. She rang on the doorbell and waited for an answer. It was Nash.

“Hey you made it!” he shouted, obviously intoxicated, but not too much. That fun level. Not the “I hate my life, I’m going to cry in to a pillow” drunk. “come in come in” he said as he ushered us through the door. “the guys are out back”

Bella led us out to the back of the house, where a large group of people were sitting drinking, smoking, laughing and chatting. To say it was intimidating was an understatement. This was terrifying. I looked around for a familiar face and saw, various internet “stars”, but somehow that scared me more. There was one person in particular I knew would calm me down.

“Hey Bella lets-“ I looked behind me, and Bella was gone, she was on the other side of the garden in a deep chat with Nash and what seemed to be Nash Jr, occasionally throwing her head back in laughter. She was a natural.

Just as I was admiring my little sister and her intense confidence I felt some strong, warm arms wrap around my waist. “fancy seeing you here? We seem to be bumping into each other an awful lot?” It was Jack. If he was going to be coy, then so was I.

“hey! Well, I had to turn down approximately 15 other parties, but yours just about made the cut” I said, with a flirty grin.

“well I feel extremely priviledged” he replied “I see your sisters settling in fine then?”

“yeah, she loves all this, lots of practice”

“and not you?”

“yeah, just not so care free as she is. Im the “responsible” one” I said.

“ahhh, I see. Well how about I help you have a good time tonight? After all that’s what I promised?”

 I made a mental note not to get too pulled in by this extremely attractive boy standing in front of me; I had important things to do this summer. A boy could not get in the way of that.

“of course” I smiled as he handed me a drink. 

Okay! so I’m trying my best with this. Obviously never written one before and I get way too excited when I’m writing it, because I know whats coming! But can’t give away too much too soon! 

Thanks for reading! I love love love feedback. So let me know if you love it..or if you hate it. haha. 

S x

also this is a side-note: in the real world you should try not to get offended if someone doesn’t understand what trans, pansexual, genderfluid etc means right away

after all not everyone has a tumblr or is taught about these things
so just explain politely when you can! but getting angry is silly ok
no need to hate someone for trying to understand something they’ve never heard of*

* obviously if they treat u like shit or harass you because of who you are thats not ok - im talking about innocent ignorance - which doesn’t always make someone a bad person

if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight

(alternatively titled spoopy muke smut) 

a lil note: so this is just kinda an experiment. im trying really hard to get back into writing (partially bc school) because ive been in like the biggest slump ever lately. im rlly rusty obviously and also i havent ever written proper smut before oops so i would really love feedback! enjoy some pumpkin flavored sin 


“Luke, I look ridiculous,” Michael sighed. Luke rolled his eyes. “It’s a Halloween party. Everyone looks ridiculous.” Luke’s navy blue costume hung perfectly on his broad shoulders and accentuated his already piercing blue eyes. His fake plastic handcuffs rattled every time he moved and all Michael could think about in that moment was getting fucked until he couldn’t walk. “I look like a fucking zebra.” he muttered. Luke moved in closer until his lips reached the other boy’s ear. “Listen to me, kitten.” He saw a shiver run through Michael’s body. “If you’re good for me tonight, you’ll get something back. Does that sound good?” Michael gulped and nodded his head. He remembered what happened the last time he wasn’t good. “Alright then,” Luke said. “Let’s head down there. I prefer to fuck you while you’re drunk.” 

Michael could only focus on Luke. He could only think about Luke’s hands running up and down his body; about Luke’s low moans and growls as he would thrust in and out of Michael. He needed Luke right then and there. Luke must have noticed his frustration. He flashed a smirk from across the room and smugly took a sip of his cup. A few seconds later, he glanced back at Michael and bit his lip. He was trying to tease Michael, and goddamn it was working. He finally went over to Michael and told him to be upstairs ready for him in five minutes. Michael happily obliged and nearly tripped himself running up the stairs. 

“You just couldn’t wait for me, could you kitten?” Luke chuckled. “I’m sorry, daddy. You look so fucking hot.” Luke slammed Michael down onto the bed and began roughly kissing him. “Oh god, Luke,” Michael panted. “Just fuck me already.” Luke tightened his grip on Michael’s arms. “Wait a little while kitten,” He breathed. He started moving down Michael’s neck, leaving bright red marks on his pale skin. “Mm, hold on a second baby. I need to grab a condom and get out of this goddamn costume.” 

“Kitten,” Luke moaned. “I’m not entirely convinced that you want me.” Michael let out a whimper. “I want you so bad,” he whined. “Luke please.” Luke’s hands slid up and down Michael’s chest. He loved teasing Michael. “I can’t take it anymore, daddy,” he choked out in a high pitched voice. 

“F-fuck, Michael,” Luke growled. “I’m already close.” Michael’s gasps and moans sent feelings of euphoria through Luke as he thrust in and out. “Faster,” Michael commanded. “I’m going as fast as I c-can,” Luke moaned. “I’m so fucking close kitten. So close.” Luke let out a muffled scream as he orgasmed, causing Michael to moan in response. 

“Alright, daddy.” he whispered. “I’m done. Was I good?” Luke laid his head on Michael’s chest and nodded. “So good, baby.” Michael kissed Luke’s forehead. “Do we have to go back downstairs now?” he asked. Luke laughed. “No, kitten. Let’s just lay here for a wile.” 


well that was complete shit hooray 

( calumisahoe muke-a-chu for u hoes)