im obviously trying to get notes

if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight

(alternatively titled spoopy muke smut) 

a lil note: so this is just kinda an experiment. im trying really hard to get back into writing (partially bc school) because ive been in like the biggest slump ever lately. im rlly rusty obviously and also i havent ever written proper smut before oops so i would really love feedback! enjoy some pumpkin flavored sin 


“Luke, I look ridiculous,” Michael sighed. Luke rolled his eyes. “It’s a Halloween party. Everyone looks ridiculous.” Luke’s navy blue costume hung perfectly on his broad shoulders and accentuated his already piercing blue eyes. His fake plastic handcuffs rattled every time he moved and all Michael could think about in that moment was getting fucked until he couldn’t walk. “I look like a fucking zebra.” he muttered. Luke moved in closer until his lips reached the other boy’s ear. “Listen to me, kitten.” He saw a shiver run through Michael’s body. “If you’re good for me tonight, you’ll get something back. Does that sound good?” Michael gulped and nodded his head. He remembered what happened the last time he wasn’t good. “Alright then,” Luke said. “Let’s head down there. I prefer to fuck you while you’re drunk.” 

Michael could only focus on Luke. He could only think about Luke’s hands running up and down his body; about Luke’s low moans and growls as he would thrust in and out of Michael. He needed Luke right then and there. Luke must have noticed his frustration. He flashed a smirk from across the room and smugly took a sip of his cup. A few seconds later, he glanced back at Michael and bit his lip. He was trying to tease Michael, and goddamn it was working. He finally went over to Michael and told him to be upstairs ready for him in five minutes. Michael happily obliged and nearly tripped himself running up the stairs. 

“You just couldn’t wait for me, could you kitten?” Luke chuckled. “I’m sorry, daddy. You look so fucking hot.” Luke slammed Michael down onto the bed and began roughly kissing him. “Oh god, Luke,” Michael panted. “Just fuck me already.” Luke tightened his grip on Michael’s arms. “Wait a little while kitten,” He breathed. He started moving down Michael’s neck, leaving bright red marks on his pale skin. “Mm, hold on a second baby. I need to grab a condom and get out of this goddamn costume.” 

“Kitten,” Luke moaned. “I’m not entirely convinced that you want me.” Michael let out a whimper. “I want you so bad,” he whined. “Luke please.” Luke’s hands slid up and down Michael’s chest. He loved teasing Michael. “I can’t take it anymore, daddy,” he choked out in a high pitched voice. 

“F-fuck, Michael,” Luke growled. “I’m already close.” Michael’s gasps and moans sent feelings of euphoria through Luke as he thrust in and out. “Faster,” Michael commanded. “I’m going as fast as I c-can,” Luke moaned. “I’m so fucking close kitten. So close.” Luke let out a muffled scream as he orgasmed, causing Michael to moan in response. 

“Alright, daddy.” he whispered. “I’m done. Was I good?” Luke laid his head on Michael’s chest and nodded. “So good, baby.” Michael kissed Luke’s forehead. “Do we have to go back downstairs now?” he asked. Luke laughed. “No, kitten. Let’s just lay here for a wile.” 


well that was complete shit hooray 

( calumisahoe muke-a-chu for u hoes)