im obsessed with this movie and show

doublebubbletea replied to your video: badcharacterdesign: call me cynical but i think…

im really not trying to start anything but it kind of just seems like youre taking your own views and putting them onto a movie made (arguably) for kids? i dont really think they intended any harm with this film? im a bit confused. i would love you to expand on this so i can learn/understand more of your perspective (:

kids arent dumb

and they should also be taught to appreciate livestock animals from a young age or you get people who think cows/pigs/chickens are ‘gross and dirty’ animals with no thoughts

i bring my chickens to school/daycare to show children, its sad how much they dont know about them, but immediately they begin to obsess over them like any cat or dog. we live in a society thats extremely isolated from what makes our everyday life and food possible.

German TV series/shows

Hello, hello! Since you all seemed to like my posts about German movies, I wanted to share a few German TV series with you (based on series I like and/or I know) so you can improve your German by watching them. Have fun!

  • Doctor’s Diary (funny and cute, about doctors and nurses, almost all the characters are just GREAT, you’ll ship people so damn hard)
  • Türkisch für Anfänger (iconic!!!)
  • You are wanted (cyber crime)
  • Schloss Einstein (actually a show for teenagers, boarding school, I was obsessed with it when I was younger and I think it’s a good show to improve your German)
  • K11 - Kommissare im Einsatz (pseudo-documentary about crime stuff)
  • Niedrig und Kuhnt  - Kommissare ermitteln (like K11 but with so many people that you’ll ship with each other)
  • Wege zum Glück (telenovela, 4 seasons, stuff that your grandma would watch but it is fucking addictive!!! also the villain is SO fucking good and cruel!!!)
  • Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast (basically Orange is the new black of the 90ies in Germany lmao)
  • KRIMI.DE (a crime show for kids/teens but it’s very nice!)
  • Simsala Grimm (animated, about fairytales, it’s so cute!!)
  • Verliebt in Berlin (romance, drama)

Sometimes I wonder how normal people manage to not get obsessed about…literally everything! Im in love with at least 23729 bands, books, tv shows, historical characters, movies…idk stones?
I mean how do they…live? How can the even breath without wanting to talk about those things 24/7? God that must be so boring.

kitty dad headcanons

okok I love making headcanons so here ya go;
— kit first brings up the subject of kids and ty agrees once he sees how happy the idea of having a kid makes kit

— they ask alec and magnus for advice with adopting a shadowhunter child and where to find one who has possibly lost their family in a war like Rafael

— they end up finding a little girl who had lost her shadowhunter parents

— kit notices that ty seems a little choked up and realizes why

— the little girl looks similar to livvy

— they discuss names because the little girl doesn’t remember her name, they hesitantly decide to name her after their late partner in crime, olivia (similar for livia)

— kit is the really cool dad who decides to sneak cookies in the middle of the night under olivia’s bedroom door

— ty figured out and decides to sit at olivia’s door one night, catching kit holding the cookie jar red-handed

— “they’re for me i swear i was uh just gonna say goodnight”

— ty just laughs and decides that they can all have some cookies but just this night

— olivia likes to sit in ty’s lap when he reads or when he’s doing some research on his computer. she likes to also sit at the computer and pretend to be like him when he isn’t home

— kit catches her one day and olivia says “im pretending to be like daddy”

— ty got her obsessed with sherlock holmes because he likes to read it to her at night with the exception of changing around some words

— she loves auntie dru so much and kit makes sure dru doesn’t kidnap her to watch any horror movies

— kit snags a tv for olivia so she can watch kiddy shows after all the begging and questioning when she saw an ad for dora

idk that’s all I got for now bUT AHHHHH

ID #63884

Name: Maddy
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Looking for an internet bestie or penpal.

i have posted on here before and found some great penpals!

Interests- Fashion,Photography,design, cooking.Pretty much anything artsy! I love thrift shopping and plant shopping and im obsessed with designing my room.

Music- Ariana grande, JB, Troye sivan, The 1975, Ed sheeran, Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, Shawn Mendes,One direction,Lany, Jason Mraz etc. I’m open to any artists that you suggest!!

Movies- Romance is by far my favourite, as movies such as The sisterhood of travelling pants, another cinderella story, Monte Carlo are all favourites of mine!

Tv shows- Riverdale, Gilmore girls, The vampire diaries, 13 reasons why, Gossip girl, Teen wolf etc.

Preferences: 16-19

about me:

~hi, im megan, im 17 and i live in canada
~my hogwarts house is slytherin (although ive gotten gryffindor in a couple quizzes)
~im going into my last year of highschool
~ive been a vegetarian for a while now and the goal is to soon go vegan
~whenever anyone asks what i want to be my go to answer is oncologist but i honestly have no idea
~english is my first language and id say im at beginner level in french
~i made this tumblr last week
~i also have a b&w multi fandom blog


~drawing & painting, which are things ive been trying to get back into lately
~playing the ukulele (i only started teaching myself this year)
~i watch so many tv shows but some of my current favorites are: skam, the 100, game of thrones, sense8, the x files and stranger things
~ive been obsessed with harry potter since i was like 8 and ive probably seen each movie 50 times no joke
~i love music and will listen to almost anything my spotify is megan_rabesca
~my room is filled with books even though i dont read as much as i would like. i love the hunger games series, harry potter, the lord of the rings, the raven cycle, sherlock holmes and the red queen. in terms of genres im a huge fan of sci-fi, fantasy, history, adventure and i love the classics


~world history
~advanced math
~biology II
~biology III

my goals:

~stop procrasting (!!!)
~create good study habits and take better notes
~getting into a university that is good for me and preparing myself for it
~start and complete my first bullet journal
~make new friends through this blog

studyblrs that i love:

@bio-shmio @emmastudies @studyblr @studylustre @studyquill @equaticns @studytherin @studyfeather @brinumstudies @studentsandlattes @moonshinestudies @stvdybuddies @inteqrals @journalsanctuary 

if youre a studyblr as well like or reblog this so i can check out your blog!

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what are some good movies to watch? some with m/m pairing would be nice. it seems like u watch a lot of good movies so I thought I'd just ask u! ^^

I can’t tell if you’re wanting movies that just include m/m pairings or if you specifically want gay themed movies with m/m pairings but I’m going to just list the first one so if some of these aren’t “gay enough” for you, sorry. I’m not putting them in any sort of order:

1) Shelter (one dude think he straight one dude know he not… fall in love……….)

2) I Killed My Mother (angsty teen hates his mama… Also happens to like boys…….)

3) The Way He Looks (from a short film they turned into a movie cuz everyone loved it. Blind boy falls in love with another boy. Does other boy fall in love too?? Who knows… Watch the film)

4) Lilting (not sure if this is a spoiler but maybe don’t read this in case if it is: boy dies, boy leaves behind his boyfriend, boyfriend visits his dead boyfriends mom and forms a bond with her)

5) Boys (two dudes on a track team together… Have the hots for each other… One is !! NOT GAY !!…. Yes he is.)

6) Velvet Goldmine (weird ass film… It’s lowkey about David Bowie and Iggy Pop… Ewan McGregor is in it and he’s the love of my life so… Yeah)

7) London Spy (it’s a show but watch it… You’ll fuckin hate me afterwards but trust me it’s amazing) 

8) Queer As Folk (U.S.) (also a show but can’t get any more m/m pairings than that) 

9) Beginners (stars Ewan McGregor… Guys father comes out as he is dying… Lots of flashbacks in this film.. Amazing movie. Ewan trying to do an American accent.)

10) Any Day Now (two men fall in love… trying to raise a child together while the mother is in jail. they wanna adopt the kid. Sad film don’t watch it if you’re looking for a pick-me-up)

11) Philadelphia (tom hanks is playing a man dying of AIDs. He tries to sue his former employees for wrongful termination for firing him because he had HIV… Two gay men in love with absolutely no physical affection besides a slow dance…. Thanks Hollywood)

12) I Love You, Phillip Morris (starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Two guys fall in love in jail. Based on a true story. Very wild ride lmfao..)

13) Prayers For Bobby (based on a true story. Teen is raised in a strictly religious family. Realizes he’s gay… Slowly accepts it while he’s supposed to be “getting better” with prayer and such. I don’t wanna spoil the film but there is something potentially triggering in here involving suicide… Just a heads up)

14) Brokeback Mountain (starring Jake gyllenhaal and Heath ledger. Two southern boys fall in love in the 60s. Both get married and start families with women but keep coming back to each other on secret trips)

15) Weekend (boy meets boy for what is supposed to be a one night stand buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it wasn’t)

16) Ludwig II (starring Sabin Tambrea. Based on the life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.)

17) Shameless (U.S.) (a tv show… Used to be good… Went to shit and I won’t watch it anymore but yeah)

18) Seashore (two dudes go to this beach house because they’re on some sort of mission that never gets fully explained???)

19) Sense8 (tv show again. really good and there’s more lgtbq representation than just the m/m couple Hernando and Lito)

19) North Sea Texas (personally I hated this film but maybe you’ll like it idk)

20) Latter Days (Mormon guy struggles with his sexuality)

21) Edge Of Seventeen (teenager growing and accepting himself)

22) Free Fall (two cops like each other. one of them is kind of in denial and has a gf and a baby. And yes one of the guys in here is Wolfgang in sense8.) 

23) Geography Club (secret club for lgbtq youth at school they named it geography club so no one would wanna join. main character is a gay boy who accepts he’s gay pretty early in the film but doesn’t want everyone to know… he falls in love with a football player)

24) Pride (idrk how to describe this movie? but Andrew Scott from Sherlock is in here) 

25) Kill Your Darlings (based on a true story? Or like based on actual events? anyway Daniel Radcliffe’s character kinda falls for Dane Dehaan’s character… Yeah I don’t really know what to say about this film without spoilers so..)

26) Looking (tv show. gay friends all struggling with stuff involving gay male relationships and other parts of life)

27) A Single Man (college professor isn’t handling the death of his partner well and wants to take his life. ppl who love him try to help him)

28) Hit The Floor (tv show. Honestly have no idea what the show is actually about I don’t even think it’s that good tbh buuuut of course I watched for the m/m pairing because im always thirsty for lgtbq+ rep)

29) Shadowhunters (tv show… Acting isn’t very good but you know *shrug emoji*)

30) How To Get Away With Murder (again, a tv show… Sorry)

31) Suicide Room (you thought I was gonna write a list and leave out this poor representation that everyone was obsessed with in like 2011? Wrong!)

32) Were The World Mine (don’t know wtf this was… Wouldn’t ever watch it again… But I’m tryin to give u what u want here man)

33) Another Gay Movie (gotta love when there’s a movie super obnoxious and showing off every single gay man stereotype… or hate? can never tell…)

34) Kiss Me Softly (short film because why the hell not… Clinging to whatever sort of representation we can possibly find rn)

35) Dare (ANOTHER short film because whyyyyy theeee fuuuuck nooooot)

36) In The Flesh (even if you don’t watch anything on this list, watch this fucking show. Main character is a zombie he’s also gay but the show doesn’t revolve around him being gay BUT they don’t drown out his sexuality either. Very VERY good show. It got canceled so there’s no real ending to the story which is INFURIATING.)

37) Holding The Man (based on the memoir of Timothy Conigrave. tells the story of tim and his husband and their relationship of 15 years and their life living with hiv. very sad movie, just a warning) 

38) 4th Man Out (this is a comedy about a dude who comes out to his very straight group of bro-dude best friends lmfao. they try to help him find a bf)

39) Fair Haven (guy comes back from a gay conversion camp and ! surprise ! it didn’t work.. he’s still gay.. still likes his ex bf)

40) Bridegroom (documentary about a guy who struggled with no legal rights when his partner died because they couldn’t marry.)

41) The Falls (two mormon guys were assigned on a mission together… yeah)

hope this helps!

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IM SO FED UP WITH MY FAMILY they’re always asking me why im obsessed with koreans? like I didnt know it was unnatural for someone to find a group of artists that they really like and get into the fandom? They’re always calling BTS chinese girls too and constantly mocking lines in their songs and im over it. Other than that it’s the regular gross stuff kpop fans get from people. Any thoughts on how I could deal with my family being so close-minded and rude? ALSO: I DIDNT MEAN TO BE NEGATIVE SORRY

my family does this all the time too and I get so upset alsdkjlfa then they’ll say they’re joking and I just :// they also say I’m only into koreans now ??? as if I have some weird fetish ?? and that isn’t the case ?? and it makes me feel uncomfortable. idk what to do with my family either other than correcting them each time they say something (they haven’t done anything like that in a while tho) and hopefully they get it across their mind~

sleepover saturday - send me anything!

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Im obsessed with mabel amazing work!!! do you know any movies/tv shows similar to it? i need more creepy fairy tale atmosphere in my life

Thank you so much! Here are some movies:

- Pan’s Labyrinth, for a modern-day fairy tale in the true tradition of fairy tales: bitter, beautiful, gruesome, unkind.

- The Orphanage, for its cruelty and the feeling of call-and-response; how the heroine has to solve the riddles before she can reach her heart’s desire.

- The New Daughter, which isn’t perfect, but which has some very interesting folklore elements.

- The Haunting, from 1963, for a house that’s out for blood.

- The Handmaiden, for women who love women, different iterations of truth, and coalescence.

- Candyman, for more interesting folkloric reverberation.

- Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, for the meanest faeries.

- Stoker, for moldering family homes and terrible family secrets.

- Coherence, for all the different versions of ourselves.

- The Cell, for inner archetypes (it’s a nonsense film, but beautiful and completely enjoyable).

- The Babadook, for monsters with mutable shapes.

Films we haven’t watched, but which at least seem tonally similar to Mabel:

-The Hallow (Irish horror movie? Faeries?!)

- Tale of Tales (Italian fairy tales!)

2 year Fisher-versary

My fellow dear Miss Fisher fans- as both the con, and my 2 year anniversary of lovin’ this show- I wanna say a few things

1-HAVE FUN AT THE CON!!! Say Hi to Anthony and Travis for me!!!
2-Thank you for including me in the Miss Fisher fun- it makes me happier to know Im not the only crazy gal obsessed with Phryne Jack and co. And its so much fun fawning over the whole thing with you guys!!!
3-YES- I’m more in love with Nathan Page as I was two years ago-
4-Essie Davis will always be a queen!

And 5- Happy Birthday Princess Charlotte!! Started this show on the day she was born- two great things happened that day!!!

PS- LETS KEEP THE FUN GOING- THE MOVIE ; just a little bit longer- perserverence!!!!!

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im watching victorious rn and its the ep where they go on a game show and get destroyed by the punishments or whatever BUT one of the questions was "in the movie The Scissoring..." and jade legit went YES ? YESS??? YESSS S ? AND I WAS LIKE THATS SO FKCN GAYYYYDHSB

the fact that jade’s favorite movie is called The Scissoring and shes obsessed w scissors says a lot about her its true

Y'all...We're Getting More POCs on Once...Yay! 🤗🤗🤗

Guys, I just need a few minutes to discuss how happy this makes me.

I’ve always felt weird, being a 26 year old Young Black woman who loves this complicated and fucked up show called Once Upon a Time. It’s even weirder for me because as a kid, I didn’t like fairy tales. To add to the irony: I was scared as FUCK of characters like The Evil Queen, Maleficent and Rumplestiltskin as a kid.

When I was little, my mom loved Disney so much that she literally tried to buy all of the Disney films on VHS thinking I’d like them too and that we’d watch them together. And she almost did, until my dad realized I literally gave NO fucks about Princesses (shout out to you daddy!) I think the only movies they could get me to sit still and watch as a kid were the ones about animals (The Lion King 1 and 2, 101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Book, Fox and the Hound, Bambi, All Dogs go to Heaven). I liked the Little Mermaid, not because of Ariel, but because of the underwater aspect (I LOVE the sea, well, swimming actually but, you get my point). I also enjoyed a few Pixar movies as well (The Toy Story series and Monster’s Inc)

The first Disney Princess I watched, wasn’t even an actually Disney Princess. The first Princess that engaged me was Pocahontas, and she was loosely based on history. The next Princess I liked was Anastasia (and she wasn’t even Disney!) but I’m a history nerd so I wanted to know all about the Romanov family (I still love the sad and twisted history of the last Royal Family of Russia).

The first real Disney Princess I watched and enjoyed: Mulan.
I could dig her because for the first time I saw myself in a princess; not as a COC, but for her feisty spirit and her tomboyish ways (I’ve always been more of a guys girl than a girly girl).

I didn’t get a Black princess until I was 18 turning 19.
Let me say that sh*t again:

For me, that was important; not only was Tiana a Black Princess she was a brown skinned princess from the south who was poor but knew how to hustle. I was all here for that! Yes, I know all about how the original film was super racist but then again so was the south in the 1920’s and 30’s. Again, Tiana reminded me of myself and she somwhat representatived my culture; I literally live 2 hours away from New Orleans. Hell, my hometown is the birthplace of Mardi Gras! I could dig Tiana!

Anywho, I didn’t really enjoy a Disney princess again until Merida. I liked her, she was spunky and sassy and lived up to her movie’s name…brave.

Elsa was…she was just okay for me(though I do love Idina Mezel).

I’m currently obsessed with Moana; I’ve seen that movie at least 5 times or more at this point.

Its 2017 and Disney is continuing to become sdiverse in its shows-Doc McStuffins, Elena of Avalor, Im gonna go out a limb and say Sofia the first. Most Disney Channel shows have at least a Main, if not a lead, POC…I know all of this because I nanny a 9 year old boy and a nearly 2 year old girl; the television practically LIVES on Disney and Disney Junior.

So for me, having Once cast 3 WOC on top of Lana Parrilla’s BRILLANCE as Regina, I’m super happy about that! I also LOVE Dania Ramirez so I know she’ll be amazing as Elena. I haven’t heard much about the other two women, but I expect them to CRUSH it as Queen Shuriki and Tiana.

I know OUAT is mostly Whitebred in terms of its viewing audience and I know there’s a HUGE inhouse fight about LGBT representation, but for one second can y'all just let the POCs who still watch the show have this moment? It sounds selfish but as a WOC and one who is queer but identifies as straight, I see more racism and nonsense from this fandom than I’d like to, because yes the LGBT fandom of OUAT has racist ass tendencies (you can be a member of a minority group and still be racist and or have prejudice bigoted beliefs; your marginalization and bigotry are not mutually exclusive). Also if you’re Black, Latino, or Muslim and you live in America, you already know this country don’t give two shits about you. So I’d really love it if this show I have a love-hate relationship with would let me enjoy this fictional win.

Because I’m getting real tired of seeing people be called racist because they’re happy Once is getting more diversified instead of drooling over which of the other two Non POC actresses are potential family for Killy, (because this show is all about him and CS 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️😒) and how one of them or both of them are the genetically perfect virginal savior White power child of Hook and Emma…Ima pretend that didn’t sound as problematic or as racist as it did when I typed it.

So please, let me enjoy this, lemme celebrate this moment, okay?

Tag meme?

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what’s one thing you wish you had the time for but don’t?

Haircare. Learning how to groom and style your hair is super important in most Native American families, and mine is no exception. My grandma always made sure I was washing/conditioning correctly and my father sat down to brush my hair 100 strokes EVERY NIGHT, so for most of my life my hair has been very long and very healthy. Of course… when I turned 16 I went through my rebellious “cut my hair short becuase im #edgy” phase and now that im in college I dont have the time/money to take care of my hair the way it should be, but I’m really hoping I will get back into the ritual of it all when Im a bit older!

what’s your favorite type of tea?

Im team hot cocoa thanks lol

dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or neither?


candles or christmas lights?

I have sting lights EVERYWHERE around my bedroom so christmas lights all the way.

you’re on a ten hour flight. what book do you bring?

”Spinning Straw into Gold” by Joan Gould (read this if you can its INCREDIBLE)

what’s one thing you look for in a friend?

hhmmmmm, I like honesty above all. When people start going behind my back/telling lies/playing games I drop them so fast lol.

what movie do you watch when you’re sick?

Howl’s Moving Castle <3

what do you love about yourself the most?

I’m good at making others feel comfortable/welcomed! I’ve always been an empathetic person, and I like to know everyone around me is being taken care of, which is probably why so many people jokingly call me “mom” lol.

what kind of a tagger are you on tumblr (no tags, tags for organization, uses tags to scream, etc.)?

I have a few specific tags I use for finding certain posts, but I usually dont tag ships or what show/movie/video game a post is from. Occasional yelling if im re blogging a gift or something by a friend.

what book series were you obsessed with in middle school?

I was a Percy Jackson nut (and still am!) 

leave a cute baby animal gif <3


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Your questions!

  1. Ice Cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt?? Favorite flavor?
  2. What do you do on your “down days”?
  3. Stomach, back, or side sleeper?
  4. What was the last thing you watched on youtube?
  5. Which fictional character would you want to be stranded on an island with?
  6. Whats your favorite way of treating yourself on a budget?
  7. If you could finish one thing today what would it be?
  8. Name one video game you will always come back to.
  9. What was your archetype in school? Were you the popular kid? The funny one? The Naruto-runs-down-the-hallways type?
  10. How often do you change your blog theme?
  11. Post a selfie or a picture of your pet. Or both!

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idk if you're still invested in this ship but if you are PLEASE MORE CHARLOTTE AND HENRY HEADCANNONS (from henry danger) plsss i'm begging

just 4 u anon and bc u asked so nice ill do more 

ur so cute come off anon so we can talk abt this ship more pls im so lonely 

- charlotte loves horror movies but henry hates them. They compromise so that when they see a scary movie they have to go watch something light hearted and fun like a kid’s show or cartoon. 

- i am obsessed w the idea that after a school dance or something charlotte’s feet hurt so badly from the heels that henry tries to carry her bridal style only he isn’t strong enough so he just gives her a piggy back ride instead

- a frequent date spot is them going to the animal shelter and just playing with puppies 

- one time on henry’s birthday she tried to make him a pasta dinner and like she nearly burnt down the house so instead they raided their local 7/11 and after eating 3 packs of combos, a liter of diet pepsi, airhead extremes, and a frozen pizza they fell asleep on the couch. henry recalls it as one of his best birthdays. 

- HENRY LOVES TO TAKE SELFIES and charlotte is camera shy. there are at least 30 selfies where his arm is around her and he’s sporting a huge grin where charlotte is putting her hand over the camera or ducking out of frame. 

- they probably are always making stupid bets like henry will be like “charlotte, bet you I can eat 40 fries in 2 minutes.” and Charlotte has to be like, “No, you will literally throw up.” 

Get to Know Me

>Tagged by @nottodaay Thank you! (Also, apologies for unfollowing you just a few mins ago. I have clumsy fingers 😂)

Rules: Answer 30 questions and tag 20 (I’ll probably just tag as many as I can)

Nickname: Sandu

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Sagittarius

MBTI Type: Mediator; INFP-T

Height: 5'3

Time: 5:15 p.m

Birthday: 18/06

Favorite bands: Damn, this is gonna be one long ass list; Fall Out Boy, MCR, Green Day, BTS, Exo, The Who, The Smiths, Guns N Roses, and a lot more I’m probably not remembering right now.

Favorite Solo Artists: David Bowie, Ed Sheeran, Gerard Way, Marina and The Diamonds, Halsey, Panic! At the disco and Agust D (don’t know if this one counts but let’s just say it does.)

Last movie watched: Wonder Woman (I’m still in love)

Last show watched: Waterboyy

When did I create my blog: sometime back in 2014

What do I post: I wish I knew *deep sighing* but mainly Harry Potter, Yuri on Ice, BTS and other miscellaneous shit.

Last thing I googled: BTS Bon Voyage S2 cause why not?

Do you have other blogs: Nope. Side blogs aren’t my thing. I like to overwhelm my followers with my latest obsessions.

Do you get asks: Occasionally (pls send me more im lonely lol)

Why did you choose your url: Satire

Followings: 418

Followers: 456

Favorite colour: Black and light blue

Average hours of sleep: 3-4 (my body clock is fucked up beyond repair)

Lucky number: Don’t really have one.

Instruments: Guitar (I started learning quite recently so yes, barely)

What am I wearing: Shorts and a tank top

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1 (Can’t let them monsters get to me)

Dream Job: There’s a part of me that would love to pursue music and a part of me that wants to be a writer, but I’m trying to be realistic.

Dream Trip: Japan and Rome

Favorite food: any kind of chocolate and pizza (why is this even a question?)

Nationality: Sri Lankan

Tags: @thefallenclairvoyant @secretduckkryptonite @otoko-no-tsuki @tenacious-tortoise @seokjinschopsticks @catch-the-ghost @demonwolfkid @artsiey-looniiey @siriusly-trash @charonkatharsis

“dont make pennywise a gay character bc he kills children and is based off o–”

everyone knows this like i get it, dont do it and the meme should have stayed dead but coudl yall quit writing…novel length posts about this and getting LEGITIMATELY upset over it? like. just. move on. 

why are yall so obsessive with. everything. why is there discourse. about. everything. every day. why cant a movie or show or game come out without you gremlins having to start shit. 

lukawolfsims  asked:

your current "obsessions"? (tv shows, movies, books, what have you)

thank u for asking!!!! <3 <3 my current obsessions areee

- Anything true crime!!! I’ve been reading true crime, watching true crime, even listening to true crime podcasts. I’m not that intense about it though i just love hearing it…if you’ve ever heard the my favorite murder podcast thats kinda what i’m like

- I can’t stop drinking cold brew lmao

-im obsessed w/ blender and making cc god make it stop

honesty hr

i find it really hard to summarize who i am and what/who i love in my description box so if you follow me, you’ll find : 

  • my babes (selena gomez, lana del rey, emilia clarke, carlson young, taylor swift, nina dobrev, kit harrington, paul wesley + other celebrities i love)
  • tv shows i obsess over (game of thrones, the vampire diaries, orphan black, grey’s anatomy, degrassi, pretty little liars, scream, glee, the office, friends, etc)
  • movies (especially harry potter, but i love disney and a million other movies too)
  • mental health stuff (posts about bpd, positivity, self-care, but nothing that could be considered graphic or upsetting)
  • lotta normal memes
  • get to know me meme  – favorite fictional characters, movies, celebrity crushes, etc
  • aesthetic stuff
  • my posts for dailykatherinepierce – i’m a member, i love it

idk i just wanted to make an actual post describing the bulk of my blog and what’s mainly on it. it’s kind of all over the place