im obsessed with this girl


He’s lying in bed, highlighting a piece of work he doesn’t really understand for his English class. His headphones are planted firmly in his ear, softly playing beats into his mind as he tries to concentrate on the piece of 19th century literature in front of him.

The music turns on shuffle, the next song causing him to smile wildly as he remembered a certain short blonde dancing stupidly around his kitchen to the music. Just the thought of her made him completely forget his surroundings, wanting to be with her. He drew his attention to the rain that was tapping at the window and hitting the ground below it. The streetlights had become fuzzy, round balls of dim light in the midnight haze, the indigo sky clear of any stars.

A knock sounded at the very window, causing his attention to snap to the figure in the frame, just across from the bed he was resting on. Speaking of the devil, a Miss Maya Hart was shivering as he rushed to the window to open it. He smiled at her reckless spontaneity but it felt like it was slapped off his face as he saw her expression.

She looked small, her soaked hair clinging to her shoulders as she sniffled and climbed into his heated room. She wore a scared - or angry, he couldn’t tell- expression on her usually soft features which appeared harder than usual.

“Maya, what the fuck happened?” Lucas questioned, eyeing the vulnerable girl up and down, trying to decipher the best way to go about this.

“They know!” She said through gritted teeth as if it were obvious.

Knitting his eyebrows together, Lucas paused as he was about to pass her the blanket from his bedside. “What?” He asked, gently wrapping the blanket around her shoulders. She grabbed the blanket off of him and shook of his touch, shrugging her shoulders away from him.

“Riley and Farkle. They know about us. About you and me Lucas.” She whispered, her eyes meeting his as he looked on in confusion.

“And? So what?” He grinned, tapping her jaw with the pads of his forefingers. She lifted her chin off of his fingers, diverting his affection as quick as the speed of light.

“Maya? What’s going on?” He asked. She looked towards the puddle she was making on his bedroom carpet, the evening’s shower’s remains being left as a present of a sort. She thinks through her words, deciding that what she was feeling needed to be addressed, her heart racing at the thought.
She deeply sighed, her chest rising then deflating in a slow but sure rhythm.

“I can’t be with you Lucas. I can’t keep doing this - whatever ‘this’ is. I know we’ve always said that it’s just two friends. But friends don’t do what we do and you know that, I know that- Lucas don’t.” She interrupted herself as she snatched her hand away from where he was intertwining their fingertips together.

“I don’t want you to kiss me anymore. I don’t want you to hold me in that way that makes my stomach flip because I know that the feeling isn’t mutual. Lucas, stop lying to yourself and stop lying to me. Don’t say you need to if you don’t and stop calling me those names. We aren’t together, Huck. You’ve heard it from everyone, we’ll never work out together.” She was choking on the last few words, her voice a little hoarse from the lump forming in the back of her throat.

He’s not sure what to do. He doesn’t know what facial expression to wear, or what he should say. His eyes pull downwards, his forehead creasing as he looks as the tiny, soaking girl in front of him who just rejected every part of him he gave to her. But, he knows Maya too well. He knows that an insecurity in the back of her head nagged and nagged her until she truly believed that her best friend/ boyfriend/ friend with benefits didn’t love her, even though he told her 50 times a day.

It had kept her tossing and turning end on end of nights, doubts plaguing her thoughts.
It wasn’t that she didn’t trust him, she guessed it was she didn’t trust herself enough to let someone come that close and break down the barriers that she had spent her whole life building and guarding so carefully that even her sunshiney brunette bestie believed that was the real Maya.
And he begins to laugh.

This time it’s her time to look confused, looking up at the howling boy beside himself with laughter. She doesn’t understand. His laughter subsided and he took both her cheeks into his hands like he had only 2 years ago. Everything had changed since then, but his hand felt so familiar, like home after so long. Her breath hitched a little at the warmth between them and he began to speak, looking her directly in the eye (she melted just a little more than she would like to admit under that sea green gaze).

“Maya. I will always, truly, deeply love you. No matter what excuse you want to make up, no matter what you want your little head to believe, I will love you until all the nights turn to days and all the weeds turn to flowers. It’s okay to be scared, I’m freaking terrified to be honest with you, but you mustn’t believe what you or others tell you, okay? I love you, and that’s enough for us.”

Then he brings her mouth closer to his own and plants a soft, delicate kiss onto her smooth lips, his warmth passing through her as she felt her knees go weak.

He pulled away and she let our a little sneeze, but her smile was bright enough to light up Times Square. He wrapped an arm around her as they fell back onto his bed, pulling her closer so she could snuggle into him.

“Who told Riley and Farkle anyway?” He wondered out loud.

“Zay.” Maya hissed his name, squinting towards the ceiling as if it were the big mouth himself.

“Oh I’m gonna kick his flat ass real hard.” Lucas chuckled, tapping her on the nose as he rides to reach for his phone, dialling the mischief maker’s number. A voice picked up on the other end, undeniably Zay-like.

“Heyyy Man chill. I said do you wanna hear something about Lucas and Maya, they said yes! Not my problem dude, now let me get back to my soaps in peace - i don’t need y'all’s actual drama.” The pair chuckled as they heard him stumble across something in his room.

“Holy mother of God I can never get any peace around here. Good night lovebirds!” He sang joyfully.

“Goodnight Zay, I’m still gonna run your ass over though.” And with a small yelp from the other line, Lucas hung up, smiling at Maya once again.

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they will name chemical reactions
after your firestarter heart.