im obsessed and i dont care


“im like.. plastic trash for my favorite show”
“what does that even mean”
“it never rots”

was this already done?

dolph is my fucking son, hes a good boy i dont care if hes some hitler copy cat hes way better than that man like

hes so talented?? in art? did you see that dog painting?? go d hes a true artist

hes so pure n good god bless this child i only wish for him greatness and for his wishes/dreams to come true

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Do you ship jalec cause you hate Malec?

Hi! No, not at all.

I don’t ship Jalec because I hate Malec, nor do I feel the need to hate on Malec to justify my love for Jalec.

I don’t even particularly hate it, to be honest. I’m just not feeling it. I mean, I started watching the show because of cute Malec gifsets (I think it was around the time 1x07-ish was airing on tv?), and I’ve said this a thousand times, by the 4th episode I was like ‘’da fuq? Where did all this Jalec gloriousness come from? Why are these two in love? Why is nobody talking about this?’’ And that’s how my Jalec love started, all their backstory and angst and Alec’s unrequited love but also Jace’s heart-eyes-that-I-still-don’t-get made them my otp.

Pretty soon I did start disliking Malec cause back in season 1 Magnus was acting all entitled to Alec and there was that cringeworthy moment with Alec asking Magnus what he wanted in return for helping Izzy and Magnus said ‘’you’’ and like…ugh. But no, I don’t hate them. I think they’ve shaped up to be your run of the mill insta-love, and on that front Clace is worse (Clace makes me cringe, tbqh). And the writing for Jalec itself has been horrid at times. Like with the fact that Alec can feel it when Jace cuts his hand but Alec could be facing a troll and three Balrogs and Jace would be mooning over Clary. But then you get Jace doing everything in his power to reach sleeping beauty and ~bring him to life and…yeah. Shitty writing all around.

If we’re gonna look at the writing I think every shipper can find a gazillion reasons to ship their otp and a gazillion reasons not to. It’s just that kind of thing :P (Which makes me so mad cause I love the actors and characters so much and the show could!be!so!great!).

Therefore, I just happened to love Jalec before Malec even had a chance with me. Even though I started watching the show for Malec in the first place. And right now I’m okay with Malec (’’i’m okay’’ = I tolerate it cause well, they do have a lot of issues - it’s just that everything in this show has issues aka bad writing, so I can’t really base my dislike on actual canon cause actual canon fucks everything up, pretty much), they’ve been kinda okay this season, but it’s still insta love and needs sooo much development, whereas Jalec already HAS all the development in the world and the writers just aren’t doing anything with it - until they remember to re-enact Sleeping Beauty and kill us all, that is.

signs as things from my diaries

Aries: fuck me in the ass!!???!!!!!!! i dont care!!???!!!

Taurus:  i want a punch buggy bcuz i condone violence

Gemini: kylie from the 2nd grade ruined my life

Cancer:  i wrote that in invisible ink bcuz i dont want my mom finding out

Leo: the only reason i havent killed myself is because im awesome

Virgo: die antwoord makes me feel pretty

Libra: i hunger for justice… always

Scorpio: maybe its because im obsessed with murder

Capricorn: i think i might be a lesbyen?


Aquarius: it just occurred to me theres a world outside of tomblor dot hell


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mm okay ik you may not relate bc you dont rly like ships but god BIGGEST pet peeve is when im reading a fic bout an izuku-centric ship and the author uses baku as a plot device to cause shit like bitch!! baku legit wouldn't care about whatever the hell izuku is doing because believe it or not, he doesn't obsess over everything izuku does!! stop mistreating his character like that!!

well, i can always relate Bakugou being mischaracterized

and yeah, i can see how that would be annoying. Bakugou really wouldn’t give a shit about Izuku finding a love interest or romance or whatever. the only time i can see it ever bothering Bakugou is if 

1. the romance was completely distracting Izuku from his training, thus making him noticeably weaker, thus making Izuku less worthy of All Might’s powers, and of being Bakugou’s rival, and completely wasting Bakugou’s time. (how DARE he fucking waste what All Might gave him???? after all that sacrifice, after all the goddamn HELL Deku put him through to keep getting up no matter how much Bakugou pushed him down, now Deku’s gonna WASTE IT ALL ON SOME DUMBASS ROMANCE????)

and 2. if Bakugou was interested in the person Izuku was having a romance with. only he wouldn’t actively do anything, he’s probably just sulk angrily to himself b/c this is just ANOTHER thing Deku is fucking beating him at, just fucking great. He isn’t upset by this at all. nope. not one fucking bit, thank you very fucking much. he says as he goes to train and destroys an entire 20ft wall out of pure explosive anger

plus i kinda just dislike seeing characters being used as a plot device without much care for anything else about their personality/likes/desires/etc


Your shadow follows me all day
Making sure that I’m
Okay and we’re a million miles away

im so tired and i dished this out as fast as i could because i’ve been wanting to draw it a while. i’ve been seeing pining keith everywhere and i was like WHY NOT STUFF MY AU INTO A PINING KEITH DOODLE and here we are. btw im kinda obsessed with 80′s mullet keith and lance lmfao


they know and they re so tired…….

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I'm writing a story and I could use some help. In the story there are two friends, they're really close almost like brothers. At the end of the story the main character finds out his friend has actually been doing awful things (stalking, threatening him and people he cares about, etc.) How can I give the readers subtle hints that the one friend is obsessive/possessive of the main character And how can I write that the protagonist kind of over looks him or takes him for granted?

Okay! Becmfore i start im obviously gonna tag this one for triggwr warnings: warning for abuse. Both physical and mental. Manipulation. Isolation. And depression! Be careful guys,i dont want to harm ir trigger anyone!

Okay, do all the stuff you just told me they do; the stalking, threatening, and isolating them.but tone it down a little. Make it smaller on the paper,and larger off. It’s not uncommon for abusive traits to slip by unnoticed if you do them them a certain way. If you do these things, but play it off a bit like they are doing it to be nice. Then your character would never know. In my experience, there are a few signs of abuse that if done a certain way, can be disguised as love.

1. Control. Controlling your partners life, and their schedule down to every last detail. All the whens, whys, what’s, where’s and who. Things like planning out their weekly schedule and not letting them be around other people. There is a huge difference between “sweetheart, can you do some grocery shopping tomorrow? We are out of a couple things.” And “honey, I’m gonna have you go to the market down the street tomorrow morning at 9 am. I need you back by 11 no later. I’ve made out a list of everthing you need to get.” There’s also a difference between “I know you had plans today, but I’m not feeling well. Could you stay home with me?” And “I don’t want you to go hangout with them. You don’t need them. Stay here with me. I’ll be so hurt and lonely if you leave.” The second ones don’t have to have controlling or abusive undertones. Unless you make it clear with other abusive like actions. Their are people who like to be precise and punctual and orderly. The difference is the intention, and the build up of everything they do.

2. Isolation. A common thing in abusive relationships is for the abuser to try and isolate their partner so that they have no one to rely on but them. And isolation can be as subtle as things like “I don’t think they’re good for you. They are a bad influence on you, they’ll help you get no where in life.” Or “why are you friends with them? They have never done anything for you and look at everything you do for them.” Making the other people in their lives seem like the villains. And usually leaving the victim with no one but their abuser. Making it harder to see the relationship clearly and hard to break away.

3. Guilttrips. “I don’t know what I’d do if you ever left me. I’d probably die without you.” This is a big one. Guilt tripping someone into staying with you, making them fear what could possibly happen if they left you. This can be used really subtly as ‘what would I do without you?’ Can be dropped casually and often.

4. Need to know and often pushing the limits for that knowledge. Pushing someone out of their comfort zone just for them to admit something is a huge no-no.

5. Demanding. No longer asking for things. But expecting them and demanding them. A form of control. Demanding someone do something,demanding their attention, demanding their presence repeatedly and without the others consent or care can definitely be abusive.

The big S word


Now, the tumblr-esque thing is to make any character from any fandom something on the homosexual spectrum. Dont get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with it, Imma big old gay. But honestly I dont think ALL the brothers are gay. 


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what’s one thing you wish you had the time for but don’t?

Haircare. Learning how to groom and style your hair is super important in most Native American families, and mine is no exception. My grandma always made sure I was washing/conditioning correctly and my father sat down to brush my hair 100 strokes EVERY NIGHT, so for most of my life my hair has been very long and very healthy. Of course… when I turned 16 I went through my rebellious “cut my hair short becuase im #edgy” phase and now that im in college I dont have the time/money to take care of my hair the way it should be, but I’m really hoping I will get back into the ritual of it all when Im a bit older!

what’s your favorite type of tea?

Im team hot cocoa thanks lol

dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or neither?


candles or christmas lights?

I have sting lights EVERYWHERE around my bedroom so christmas lights all the way.

you’re on a ten hour flight. what book do you bring?

”Spinning Straw into Gold” by Joan Gould (read this if you can its INCREDIBLE)

what’s one thing you look for in a friend?

hhmmmmm, I like honesty above all. When people start going behind my back/telling lies/playing games I drop them so fast lol.

what movie do you watch when you’re sick?

Howl’s Moving Castle <3

what do you love about yourself the most?

I’m good at making others feel comfortable/welcomed! I’ve always been an empathetic person, and I like to know everyone around me is being taken care of, which is probably why so many people jokingly call me “mom” lol.

what kind of a tagger are you on tumblr (no tags, tags for organization, uses tags to scream, etc.)?

I have a few specific tags I use for finding certain posts, but I usually dont tag ships or what show/movie/video game a post is from. Occasional yelling if im re blogging a gift or something by a friend.

what book series were you obsessed with in middle school?

I was a Percy Jackson nut (and still am!) 

leave a cute baby animal gif <3


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Your questions!

  1. Ice Cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt?? Favorite flavor?
  2. What do you do on your “down days”?
  3. Stomach, back, or side sleeper?
  4. What was the last thing you watched on youtube?
  5. Which fictional character would you want to be stranded on an island with?
  6. Whats your favorite way of treating yourself on a budget?
  7. If you could finish one thing today what would it be?
  8. Name one video game you will always come back to.
  9. What was your archetype in school? Were you the popular kid? The funny one? The Naruto-runs-down-the-hallways type?
  10. How often do you change your blog theme?
  11. Post a selfie or a picture of your pet. Or both!

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Hey I wanted to tell you that Im SO GLAD youre drawing so much Relativity Falls in the past time! That AU is my absoulute favourite but sadly it doesnt have so much fanart like other AUs... I have tons of headcanons! Do you have some?

inheritingthank you!! makes me happy seeing people enjoying it. it’s funny that relativity falls wasn’t one of my favorites but look at me now i’ve been obsessing about it for like a year. and share them! i crave relativity falls…

BOI IF I HAVE HEADCANONS. i have so much stuff but im always too lazy to write it down. i dont post as near as i wanted about this au. i wish i could draw it all. ok grab a drink and some snacks this gonna be long.

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Dangerous Woman

Moonlight: do you HEAR those fucking strings no stop im not ok

Be Alright: fucking bop LIKE DO YOU HEAR THAT BEAT ??!??!

Into You: the breathiness im dead rip me fave no words asdfgh

Side by Side: bish do i even need to say anything other than fUCK ME UP

Let Me Love You: ari you genius


Leave me lonely: no wait this is my fave song hOLY SHIT THE VOCALS

Everyday: kinda wanna Hoe™ tf up u feel me? 

Sometimes: ari ur a genius

I dont care: i have no words she makes swearing sound so beautiful


Touch it: holy fuck im crying tf 

Knew Better/ Forever Boy: damn right theres nobody like u omfg

Thinkin Bout You: most beautiful song about masturbation ever???? im crying

I don’t think I’ve ever felt romantic attraction.

I have this weird step above friendship that i sometimes put people into and i love them but not romantically, just a lot.

And i also have the more obsessive love with the person i feel im dependent on at the time… But that’s different too.

But i dont think I’ve ever loved anyone romantically. I know I’ve definitely pretended to….

Like i don’t want to date or anything, because what can a date give me that i good friend couldn’t…
And i think about getting married, but honestly it’s more fueled by the idea of spiting my parents and getting to wear a nice dress.

In reality, i just want to cohabitate with a bunch of friends (i dont care if they are couples or anything) and get some pets, and help to foster kids that i meet through work and just all generally love and support each other.

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Unnamed person: I dont care what you do, ship your ship, write your stupid fics and draw your comics, Im not policing...but it better not be adultery or disrespect their families or spouses. Write what you want except these things that upset me but remember Im not policing. Don't you dare draw Bob rejecting princess goddess queen daughter of God himself its ooc. By the way I'm not obsessed with your ship ok. Also dont all tell me what I cant and can do stop policing me you obsessed losers.

“i’m not policing anyone but if fanart doesn’t portray orih*me exactly how i want to then i’ll start shit with the artist and act like a whiny brat!!!! but i’m not policing!!!1!”

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Falsettos/book of Mormon au thing kinda where Marvin is reincarnated as self obsessed Mormon posterboy Kevin Price and Whizzer is reincarnated as bubbly district leader Connor McKinley ,

Fuck I need to draw that.
But. Does that mean. A Whizzer Brown that tries to turn it off like Connor does or is it an openly gay ‘I dont care what you think of me’ Whizboy.
Like, I totally get the image of Marvin as Price but give me more info on Whizzer please Im actually curious

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Hi FYI tom has recently become my mental boyfriend im obsessed and don't have self control (dont even care at this point ngl) so tnx for existing and having this blog to feed the addiction and to answer your q about planning instas if we're looking cute and I def do anyways I ❤ you and your blog


(thank you very much for your compliments!!! you are so kind!!!)