im nt good at this

tbh at this point I dont even care what nt I upset bc im not a Good Survivor like I used to be so fucking ashamed of things that I literally cant even control but im taking it all back. dont fuckin touch me without my permission. get the fuck out of my face if you make rape jokes. if you stay friends with my abuser despite what they did to me then we are fuckin done. dont even fuckin dare to tell me to forgive the ones who have hurt me. I dont have to sacrifice my mental health for your fuckin comfort.

i think im aromantic bc i havent been able to feel anything towards anyone since my ex. i really wanna be in a healthy relationship where we both support each other through our careers but im so void of any type of love other than platonic at this point. i might live the rest of my life alone or even die alone & it’s all me. just bc im so fuckin difficult and stupid

periidote replied to your post: okay last one: inaccurate and negative portrayals…

u can have abnormal mental illness or trans portrayals of u actually ARE those things but u aren’t BOI u gotta stop

i dont really agree with you. i am autistic and genderfulid and im very happy when nts/cis people make good hcs about charas i like. you just have to do some research and make sure that what you are putting out there isnt offensive but i dont see the point in policing trans/nd hcs



toni kroos or james rodriguez? - asked by lucasscholl

i found this in a notepad text on my desktop (on my laptop gdi not actually) and i do not remember writing it but i also agree with everything in it

ok but like nishinoya. i dont think ive ever talked about how much i love him. hes. hes so goddamn good and pure, guys. im. i do nt know. hes so intense and dedicated and i swear to dear god i love that about him and he’s so SINCERE adn and and iwoudl fucking die for this boy. ALSO, he’s really fuckig pretty, i think people need to acknowledge this more. like com E on N, he’s gorgeous. and hes also a huge dork, which is a goddamn bonus because boY HE WAS GOOD ENOUGH ALREADY. 10/10 would date, and i’m not even straight. that has to mean something.

lol this “not all neurotypicals are ableist and if youre Not Ableist you don’t need to unlearn ableism” tripe is really embarrassing like

neurodivergent people have to spend our entire lives unlearning ableism. physically disabled people also have to spend our entire lives unlearning ableism. both internalised and against others with disabilities we don’t share.

there is no way through hell or high water that neurotypicals/physically abled people have in any way transcended this at all.

what hurts even more is when it’s fellow neurodivergent/physically disabled people that are spouting this like. im glad you met a couple of decent nts? good for you? your few positive experiences do not a fucking rule make?

also this bullshit about equating harmful generalisations from oppressive groups with frustrated generalisations from oppressed groups is silly too like

“all NTs gotta unlearn ableism” isn’t some Great Slander. its literally pointing out that we are raised from birth in an ableist environment and it is a life-long commitment to unlearn all the harmful bullshit we grow up with.