im now warm


you know how sometimes you’re having a bad day or an okay day but then someone does something nice for you and you just smile for a long time?? i want to be someone who makes other smile like that

blue and gansey not being able to kiss is a narratively unsatisfying choice because the curse storyline has no tangible endgame and therefore loses its whole purpose. for me, the storyline was always about either gansey dying for good thanks to blue’s kiss or blue and gansey breaking the curse by fulfilling it. that seemed to be the only two rational outcomes and neither happens and that makes blue’s curse quite pointless, to be fair. all that build up in four books leads to literally nowhere because nothing changes, not the fact that they can’t kiss, not the fact that they still desperately desperately want to. gansey dies, he comes back, and nothing changes, and that just falls flat in my opinion. it makes their storyline feel really unfinished and incomplete, thus i am electing to ignore this for the rest of my life.

warm up ft. solangelo and the shirts piper buys for them. will is a massive fuckin’ dork and nico looks good in clothes that are not all black

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AMA AU Where Caddy idk lays on/cuddles Ian and Ian realises this may be the closest he'll ever get to feeling the warmth of the sun. Does he cry on the inside, the outside, or just go "Oh..."

Well first hes weirded the fuck out by it, because hes used to being cold and dead or literally hot to the point of burning (thanks sun), so it takes some getting use to with the warmth, but its not like he misses it- if the great big ball of gas in the sky could kill you the second you left the shade, you wouldn’t miss it either.

But!! Its pretty nice, being warm for once. (but you know about having to share the blanket with someone who has cold feet? Ian is liTERALLY THE WORST PERSON TO SHARE A BLANKET WITH. HIS WHOLE BODY IS COLD FEET)

(Worse part is he knows it and he will fucking cold-feet people to death)