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yoonminseok 💕💕

  • big spoon/little spoon: yoongi and jimin switch up who gets to be the little spoon, but hoseok is almost always a big spoon
  • favorite non-sexual activity: listening to music, yoongi says its the only thing that can make the two of his boyfriend shut the hell up long enough for him to actually relax
  • who uses all the hot water: jihope~ they always shower together and spend too much time in the shower doing other things
  • most trivial thing they fight over: who’s shorter, yoongi refuses to admit that he and jimin are almost practically the same height and yoonmin always call hoseok a giant
  • who does most of the cleaning: hoseok, yoongi makes most of the mess tho
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: KING JIMIN REIGNS SUPREME OVER THE QUEUE
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: yoongi, tho sometimes he lets it go unattended for a few days just so that he has an excuse to cuddle up to his boyfriends at random moments during the day
  • who steals the blankets: y o o n g i !
  • who leaves their stuff around: usually yoongi but sometimes jimin leaves his stuff around when he’s sleepy or angry and hoseok is always stuck cleaning up after them
  • who remembers to buy the milk: jimin, hoseok gets distracted by sweet meat whenever he does the shopping by himself and yoongi only goes when he’s being forced to and still somehow manages to sneak in his favorite yogurt drinks by the time they’re at checkout even though jimin has no recollection how yoongi got those into the cart in the first place
  • who remembers anniversaries: hoseok! but yoongi wishes he wouldn’t since he claims that there’s no point until jihope are wining and dining him later that night
  • Who cooks normally? jihope. yoongi is banned from using the kitchen appliances that emit fire
  • How often do they fight? yoongi “fights” with jihope every day, but it’s not really fighting when he’s just whining about something he thinks is annoying. they’ve never really had an actual fight before
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? yoongi feels like his hands are colder since there aren’t two people to hold them and warm them up for him. hoseok does better than yoongi, but sometimes he’ll still turn, mid-sentence to tell one of them something only to realize they aren’t there. jimin would just whine to tae and blow up the groupchat asking if anyone’s seen his boyfriends ‘cause they mightve been kidnapped and he’s lonely and needs cuddles, yes.
  • Nicknames for each other? yoongi to hoseok: seok/seokseok/seokie, yoongi to jimin: minnie/jiminnie. hoseok to yoongi: hyungie/yoongoon, hoseok to jimin: jiminnie/baby/jimbles. jimin to yoongi: yoongles, jimin to hoseok: hobi-hyung/hobi/seok
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner? jimin and yoongi fight over it all the time while hoseok just enjoys the food, glad that he isn’t being expected to pay
  • Who steals the covers at night? yoongi! but it’s okay cause jihope like to cuddle while asleep so they’re always warm
  • What would they get each other for gifts? yoongi would get hoseok a ton fuck of cds by his fave artists and he’d get jimin new dance shoes. hoseok and jimin would both get yoongi candles and notebooks and cute stationary things. hoseok would get jimin a lot of jewelry and jimin would gift hoseok massages, home-cooked meals, and a new stereo for his dance studio
  • Who kissed who first? yoongi kissed hoseok first and jimin whined until yoonseok both just went for it and kissed jimin at the same time. it resulted in a very messy threeway kiss with a lot of “ow”s and giggles
  • Who made the first move? hoseok! he initially loooooved jimin but then yoongi came around and jihope we’re like “shit”
  • Who remembers things? yoongi does, but he tries to be nonchalant about it (spoiler: it doesnt work)
  • Who started the relationship? yoongi did. he knew jihope were an item by the time he met them, but the tension between the three of them was just too much for him to ignore so he sat those happy-go-lucky guys down and laid shit out on the table and well, two became three after that
  • Who cusses more? yoongi! but when hoseok’s startled, he curses enough to make yoongi blush
  • What would they do if the other was hurt? yoongi would just be bored and let hoseok or jimin handle and take care of whoever was hurt because he agreed to being a boyfriend not a nurse after all. hoseok would be frantic and his hands would not be still, he’d just keep fluttering about trying to figure out what to do. jimin would be really calm, but his hands would still shake the tiniest bit when he’d try to soothe whichever of his boyfriends injured themselves that time. all in all, they depend on one another to get through it
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guys help im hela trash i expect some fanfiction ok

(also 2/6 of loki’s children appear. nari, vali, sleipnir, jörmungandr where y’all at, yo daddy misses you)

Some late night Nico headcanons

-Nico’s hair is so dead it could match his personality. Like… it’s hella dry, but it works really well when he wants to style it out of his face with nothing but a loose string.

-Braces. Guess who has them.
(Okay but imagine Nico screaming as Hades tries to pull him out of the car towards the office)

-Will is the #1 bf
-he knws what his babe needs, and sometimes he can’t get it but he tries his 100% best
-they are angels
- will has baby hands but they’re hella steady and nico got the elegant piano hands but he always gets cuts on it
- nico getting flustered easily because kids these days are so completely different from back then
- “daddy…” “yo wtf” “im vegan…iM VEGAN”
- will having specific bandaids for nico whenever he gets hurt (they’re hell kitty)

- Awkward Hades
- hades just wants to be #1 dad
- protects his small children
- giving those weird as fuck nicknames to hazel and nico
- “hey dad.” “hey sack of pain and regret”
- hades watches will like a hawk
-nico notices
- nico being spoiled but he’s really uncomfortable by it
- “nico just take the credit card” “no.” “take it.” “noooo.”

-Nico in general
-he’s the type to eat a kitkat by just biting it
- he doesnt understand why everyones angry at him for that
-he sleeps with his jeans on??? Like??? Why???
- hates having dirty laundry on the floor but he has so many other things on the floor
-hair ties, pencils, papers, random small skeleton heads, books, and surprisingly a month old pizza

-Going back the braces Nico
-Has a lisp and it’s the cutest thing ever
-gets the black color so he can be edgy and say it matches his soul
-cries for ten days cause he can’t eat mcdonalds without hurting physically, emotionally, and mentally
- will gets cuts on his lips because whenever he a nico make out they get in the way
-he gets them off in 2 years man

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Since I can never seem to find enough reasons to ship this, do you have any Sabriel headcanons?


* Gabriel giving Sam the most fucking adorable nicknames such as Samoose, Samshine, Sam-a-lam, Samster, Samsung, Samlami… (I live for this headcanon ok dont touch me im emotional).

* Gabriel having the tendency to leave for local parties nearby in Kansas and always trying to lur Sam with him because he needs to go out and have some fun for once.

* Sam and Gabriel measuring their height and Gabriel being like “hell no!” and using his wings to ascend and make himself look taller than Sam, and Sam tries to catch him by his foot, telling him to come back down because that’s merely cheating but he ends up flying with the archangel instead.

* Sam finding candy wrappers scattered around the bunker in the morning that hold little messages such as “you’re a hot mess with bed hair” and “i love my little moose” and “you’re so cute that puppies and seals send post cards of you” which makes him smile while usually he’s pretty moody when he wakes up.

* Gabriel making breakfast for Sam at 7 am in only his underpants while swinging his hips to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frank Sinatra.

* Sam succeeded to persuade Dean into keeping a dog in the bunker and him and Gabriel taking such good care of the little ball of fluff, from grooming him to walking him out in the woods and even trying to give him a bath which usually doesn’t always end up well for them because the bathroom is entirely covered in foam but they still can laugh with it.

* Gabriel telling Sam stories about Heaven and laughing about it until 2 am while they’re in bed, cuddling each other.

* Gabriel shooting these corny pick-up lines which makes Sam cringe and drop his face on the nearest surface.

* Gabriel refusing to wear a suit when Dean asks it of him except for when Sam intervenes and tells him to do it. “if you really wanna come with us on this case because you can’t spend a minute of your day without me you will have to wear that fbi suit, gabriel.”

* Gabriel and Sam celebrating Christmas by trying to gather Cas and Dean together and hang a mistletoe above their heads but they keep failing because Dean knows whatsup after a while and… well, hopefully next year they will succeed.

* They also bake cookies and listen to christmas songs, watch movies ‘til late in the night and lie all over each other on the couch, and once Dean and Cas have fallen asleep on their side, they just begin kissing and giggling and Gabriel traces circles over Sam’s chest with his finger and Sam tells him just how much he loves him and that this is the best christmas just yet and everything is just fucking a-okay in the bunker. It’s a family.

* Sam baking cupcakes once in a while because he knows just how much of a sweet tooth Gabriel has. The cupcakes are always gone and Dean ends up 100x more pissed because Gabriel just grabs one and says “one for starters. i can handle only one.” but then just keeps grabbing them when the winchesters are busy and running back to his and Sam’s bedroom with all of them, leaving these crumbs behind on the floor.

* Sam being the big spoon and cuddling with Gabriel because he likes being kept warm.

* Gabriel stealing a brief kiss from a sleeping Sam who keeps mumbling his boyfriend’s name as he dreams to make him shut up.

* Sam and Gabriel stealing the impala for an hour with all of their windows open and music volume up while Sam drives, practically exceeding past the speed limits and Gabriel just sticking half of his body through the window to feel the wind against his face.

* (nsfw) The two of them fighting over something so small and stupid and ending up fucking against a pillar of the bunker or the kitchen counter or the map table in the main room holy fuck help.

* (nsfw) Gabriel not being able to shut his mouth but just constantly blabbering about how good Sam feels and how much more he wants and needs and moaning to the high-heavens (bottom gabe is slowly destroying my life im not even kiddIGN)


* Gabriel and Sam rolling themselves up into a sushi roll into the sheets and cuddling after sex.

* Gabriel and Sam being two fucking romantic saps and the rest can fuck off honestly

* Just Gabriel and Sam ok

Exo finding out about having twins
  • Suho: OH MY GOD...THERE'S GONNA BE TWO OF THEM? *squeals*
  • Kyungsoo: honey i promise you our babies will be fat and healthy
  • Kai: so implying that sexy time for 9 months?!
  • Chanyeol: DFJKGNDJKGNDKJGNDKJGNDFKJ *wraps self in foil* im gonna be a daddy im gonna be a daddy im gonna be a daddy
  • Baekhyun: Oh my gosh, babe! How should I introduce myself? *yo yo yo im yo daddy,...ah no... hi little ones im your*
  • Sehun: TWO mini versions of me? BRB PLANNING WORLD DOMINATION
  • Kris: they'll come out with paint brushes in hand
  • Chen: looool are you sure they're mine looool
  • Xiumin: im excited! seriously....a little me...two of them too...ah...<3
  • Luhan: chOKES TWO? TWINS? i CANNOT wait to go shopping for hello kitty bed sheets