im not yet a drag queen

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Do you like any smaller queens that aren't really known? I like to check out new ones. <3

unfortunately since im not 21 yet and can’t get into clubs i don’t really know many local queens that aren’t really known but!! here are some of my fave non-drag race queens in general:

aquaria, ragamuffin, imp, eva young, cherry kills, charity kase, chloe waldorf, pearl harbor, olive d’nightlife, monarx ultra, soju, kandy muse, and  charli :)

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I'm so annoyed Taylor still is MIA had never said a bad word yet a tweet from VICE 3 years ago saying "gay men crown Taylor as their queen" are getting pressed and saying no we don't claim her white devil and I'm just like like OVER A 3 YEAR OLD TWEET YOU HAVE TO DIG UP TO TRY TO THROW HER NAME AROUND AND DRAG HER? For what reason? I swear this just shows how stan Twitter blindly hates her for no reason yet gives people who are actually problematic free passes.

im sorry i dont know what this is about 

isn’t it crazy how in past seasons queens have received sooooo much scrutiny for not being able to sew, and in this competition ginger (who has already won 3 challenges) has never even been faced with a situation where it truly mattered, besides the conjoined twin episode? 

like, where are the damn sewing challenges? look and aesthetic are incredibly important within the drag world. ginger presents the same, unmemorable type of look every week and then gets bitter when the fishy queens get praised. yeah bitch because they put time and effort into their aesthetic! 

A Seduced Reaction -- The Matrix Wingardium Leviosa of Slendermans

The third dedication to this week of Nostalgia

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Never send a human to do a fangirls’s job.

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This is my first time ever doing drag, I wanted to know what you thought since you were the one that directed me to Arda for my wig!

I didn’t get any makeup yet and I need more pantyhose to make them match my skin tone but this is what I have as of now.


It looks so great!!! Youre gonna be a sexy fucking queen wow .////

your hair is so nice im lad you chose a wig in the same color!!!!

also your panties are super cute 

so many people see a queen that’s fierce and go “why hasn’t she been on drag race yet OMG”. the thing is, not every queen aims to be on drag race. a drag queen’s validity is not proven by whether she has been on drag race or not, and im so tired of people making it seem that way. drag race isn’t the be all end all of drag, and just because one queen has been cast and another one hasn’t or doesn’t want to audition doesn’t mean shit.