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you may be cool but your not Ryoma Takeuchi AKA kamen rider drive himself at toyko comic con next to stan the freaking man lee THAT COOL

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you know just saying to the whole toku fandom yeah that just happened oh and FYI to stan himself PLEASE BRING KAMEN RIDER TO THE STATES PLEASE BRING KAMEN RIDER TO THE US IM NOT WORTHY IM NOT WORTHY I SUCK IM SUM so um yeah carry on.

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i met 3/5 today!!! i literally could not get any happier, today was really the best day of my life. like dinah remembered me and i got to hangout with her for an hour omfg. so i will be creating a summary post about what happened and i’ll post it soon but on my twitter i’ve tweeted things that happened

BNHA is a series long meta on what is means to be a hero and that’s… amazing

  • conversation about heroics vs. vigilantism vs. villainy 
  • what makes a hero and what makes a wannabe 
  • should heroes be celebreties or treated like firefighters? 
  • the commercialization and over glorification of heroes
  • what it means to realize that a hero is a human too
  • the next generation of heroes learning from an imperfect generation 
  • that being a hero might just only mean what side of the law you’re on
  • Being a good hero doesn’t mean you’re a good person

I could go on and on, but these are all topics that have been raised in the manga thus far and honestly in such a mature yet entertaining way. It doesn’t take away from the story, it doesn’t preach, it just raises questions and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions which is… literally all I’ve ever wanted